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ForNever (Book One)

By LynetteFerreira All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 17

Turning away from Kieran toward the door, a movement from the upstairs window makes me look up and into the dark, brooding eyes of Jayden staring down at me pensively. Hastily I look back down, pretending I did not see him.

When we walk into the house, Kieran smiles thoughtfully and then he lets my hand go after he gives it a gentle squeeze. He says as he walks down the hall, “I am going to ask Jayden to take you home.”

I hear him go up the stairs. Awkwardly I walk to the lounge and sit down in one of the chairs.

A while later, they both come walking down the stairs and Kieran comes into the lounge to call me. He holds my coat for me while I slip my arms into the sleeves.

As we wait for Jayden in the hall, Kieran stands close to me and keeps his arm draped over my shoulders. I slip my hand around his waist and I stand on my toes so I can whisper in his ear, “I am sorry for interrupting our kiss, but I keep imagining I can see things.”

He turns his head toward me, smiling affectionately.

I am about to touch my lips to his again, when Jayden comes back into the hall, jingling his keys with a dismal smile.

We walk out of the house one after the other. As I stand next to the car, I notice Jayden pull the door closed behind him and then he pushes against it once to make sure it is locked.

Kieran opens the back door of Jayden’s charcoal black Audi and I slide in. He motions for me to slide across and as I do, he sits down next to me.

I say quietly, “You haven’t really explained anything, you know?”

Softly he replies, “I promise I’ll tell you everything.”

Jayden gets into the driver’s seat in front of me, and he grumbles softly under his breath, “Now I am a taxi.”

He starts the engine and his CD player loads The Script. The music plays softly from the speaker behind my head. I love The Script.

Kieran takes my hand into his and wraps his fingers around mine. As he glances at me, he leans into me and he kisses me softly on my cheek.

I smile at him in return.

When we stop at a red traffic light, Jayden glances back in the rear view mirror at me. His dark brooding eyes pierce mine pensively. He grins when I glare back at him defiantly. Weirdly, every traffic light we get to between their house and mine is red, and we repeat the silent battle between us until we reach my house.

I notice the glimmer of the television through the curtains hanging in my lounge window, and I get out of the car with a soft sigh. Kieran gets out of the car on the other side.

As I walk past Jayden’s open window, he says my name softly. The sound whispers in my ear.

I stop and turn back to him. Kieran walks around the car hurriedly and stops next to me, wrapping his arm around my waist protectively. I lean into him naturally.

A hard edge forms around Jayden’s lips when he asks sarcastically, “Has Kieran made you the empty promise of keeping you safe yet?”

I feel Kieran stiffen next to me. He says angrily, “Jayden!”

Frowning I look from Kieran to Jayden. Kieran gently pulls me away from Jayden and then with his hand firmly in the small of my back he guides me toward my front door.

He says apologetically, “Ignore Jayden, he is angry and disgruntled.”

“It’s okay. He doesn’t bother me.”

Kieran takes my face between his palms and then pulling my face slowly, tenderly toward his, he brushes his lips fleetingly over mine. “Good night, Heather and I will always keep you safe, it is not an empty promise,” he says seriously.

“Good night, Kieran.” Somewhere deep inside I know he will.

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