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ForNever (Book One)

By LynetteFerreira All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 18

As Jayden and Kieran drive away from Heather’s house, Kieran turns toward him angrily. “I thought you said this time you would not interfere. I thought you specifically said you were tired and you will help me to find a way to break this curse. You are supposed to back off.”

Jayden settles deeper into his seat. “It was before I saw her again and what have I done anyway. I have not touched her and I have not even spoken more than two words to her.”

“What was the whole, did he tell you he will keep you safe thing? Why don’t you just tell her everything and then scare the living daylights out of her.”

Jayden sighs loudly. “I cannot help it if I love her. She is the only one who makes all of this worthwhile. This long life I have lived will only have any meaning once she is mine—as it should be, Kieran.” He leans across and turns the volume up on the CD player. “I love this song. Anyway, you seem to be making a lot of progress. She is basically ready to tell you she loves you, so I suggest you find that spell breaker fast.”

Kieran heaves a long sigh. “Also,” he says as he slumps back into the chair. “The spell breaker I thought would work last time, after I went to see that senile old witch, will no longer work.”

Jayden says surprised, “Why not? You said it was sure to work, if we could have gotten her over the threshold of her house before the shadows got to her.” He smirks. “Although, you never know when she will decide to tell you and you cannot keep her imprisoned in her house.” He mumbles softly, “Actually not a bad idea.”

“The witch told me it will only work if it is a loving, caring home. If her mom and dad love each other, because then love will conquer the shadows—basically like the curse, true love will break it.”

Jayden tightens his lips as he considers this. “Her mom and dad do not love each other?”

Dismissively Kieran says as he stares out the window to his side. “They are getting divorced.”

“Well, brother, if you can recall, we have already dismissed that idea as not useful.”

“I was considering it as an alternative, in case we cannot find anything else.”

Every traffic light is green between Heather’s house and theirs.

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