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ForNever (Book One)

By LynetteFerreira All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 24

He laughs amused. “One question at a time.”

I start to walk down the hall to the lounge and he follows me. When I sit down on my usual seat, I swing sideways on the couch and then I pull my knees up in front of me. My toes burrow into the gap between the seat and the armrest. I fold both my hands around the mug because although it is a beautiful late spring, early summer’s day with not a single cloud in the sky, I feel a chill.

He looks at me apprehensively where he sits across from me. He leans back into the chair and he holds the mug up across his chest, with his other arm casually draped across the armrest. He starts talking hesitantly, “Magic is basically the control of the environment around you.”

“But, what does it have to do with the day you saved me?”

“You need only two things to perform magic, the spell, and the object. Usually the spell involves an incantation or chant that has to be repeated over an extended period of time, but when you say something repeatedly and you believe it, it does eventually come true, doesn’t it?” He looks at me questioningly.

I tighten my lips while I consider this and then I nod my head in agreement. “It does if you say it long enough.”

He smiles slowly. “I believe these days new age thinkers call it affirmations.”

I chuckle loudly.

“Then you need a strong believe that everything and anything, in other words, the object is merely energy. Minuscule little elements of bouncing and bopping energy particles and atoms.” He smiles slowly, as he looks across the room at me. I can see the mirth glitter in his eyes. “If you practised to harness this energy you could change a white rose into a red one. It is in you, in all of us and anybody can use it if they believed strongly enough. After years and years of practice, you would be able to shape anything to the way you want it to be without using repetitive chants, all you need is to believe. Obviously, you should never try to jump off a cliff and expect to land safely because it took me years and years to hone my skill, to actually believe as strongly as I do today. It takes dedicated practice and discipline.”

I ask in disbelief, “So I did hear the metal crunch when the car knocked into you? I did feel the impact. It was never my imagination?” I answer my own question, “With magic, you shaped it back to the way it was supposed to be. There were dents and scrapes on the car, but you fixed it, just by thinking it?”

I look across the room at him, as my mind whirl and reel in disbelieving panic. With lightning speed, my mind builds pictures in my head from scattered images, which at first seem unrelated, but now when they are placed next to another, they fit perfectly, like puzzle pieces. A whole lot of information scattered in various parts of my memory comes together to form a picture, albeit there are still a lot of empty, unfilled spaces.

I ask tentatively, “And you? Why did nothing happen to you? I felt that car slam into you, I felt you brace yourself for the impact.”

I see him shift uncomfortably under my gaze and self-consciously he replies, “The car never really touched me. I imagined us in a large impenetrable bubble.” He stares at me silently and then he says softly, “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

I shake my head in denial. “Can you control people?”

“We are not supposed to.”

“But you can?” I am sure Jayden is using his skills on me, because why else would he have such a profound effect on me.

There is a knock at the door and I jerk with fright when it resonates through the quiet house.

Frowning as I get up, I wonder aloud, “Who could that be?”

I open the door and find Jayden on my doorstep. He is wearing a black T-shirt which practically moulds to his body and I cannot help it when my eyes scan his broad chest and shoulders.

He smiles sexily. “It’s just me—again.”

Kieran steps out from the lounge into the hall and he asks, “What do you mean, again?”

I open my mouth to explain that Jayden was here the day before, but as the first word leaves my lips, Jayden glances at me reproachfully while he says to Kieran, “I am sorry to interrupt your love-fest, but you said five and it is five now.”

For some reason, I want to tell him there was no love-fest, but I decide to let him believe what he wants.

Kieran puts his arm around my waist affectionately and I look up at him as he explains, “Jayden is here to pick me up. I didn’t feel like walking home.”

Together we step down out of the house, and Jayden turns around to walk to the car. After he gets in the car, he peers at me through the wind-shield. He looks at me deep in thought, while his fingers tap on the steering wheel with, what looks like, agitation.

With Jayden’s eyes smouldering into me, I feel uncomfortable when Kieran turns me in his arms and hugs me close to him. He touches his lips softly to mine. “I’ll see you tomorrow at school, okay?”

Softly I reply, “Okay. So are you a witch then? I was also wondering why you told me that story about the girl and the two boys. Is it related?”

He smiles affectionately. “Always so many questions, but I promise, I’ll tell you everything eventually. I do not want to frighten you.”

I laugh forced. “As if telling me that you can shape things to your will, is not scary enough.”

“It’s not. Not really.”

He lets me go gently and then he walks to the passenger side of the car. When he opens the door, I hear The Script floating out and I wonder if I should download the entire CD to my music player.

After they drive away, I go inside and then I turn on the TV.

I lie down on the couch and I stare intently at the TV, while I try to focus my mind on it, trying to change the channel without using the remote control which is lying on the far end of the coffee table—nothing.

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