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ForNever (Book One)

By LynetteFerreira All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 26

After a dinner of pizza, Jayden asks Kieran, “Did you tell her our mother was the witch who put a curse on us?”

“No. Obviously not. She would be appalled if she discovered I have lived for over three hundred years and I am actually a sorcerer by birth, a descendant from an original Witch”

“Does she know the story you told her was about her?”

“No. She is starting to put the pieces together though, and I would prefer it if she did it slowly by herself.”

Kieran opens his computer and then he clicks on a new link, one he has not opened before.

Curiously, Jayden asks, “So she knows, I am the one she has to choose to make this stop?”

As the web-page opens, Kieran looks up at Jayden. “No, she does not and you won’t tell her because we have an agreement.”

It is an elaborate web-page with a lot of texts, and soon Kieran is engrossed in what he is reading.

Jayden walks out onto the patio into the cool, crisp night and he sits down on the swing. He rocks himself back and forth gently. He considers despondently that the clues they were both following up today was worthless and did not help them to find a spell to break the curse.

After centuries of trying to convince Heather she should love him, she has always ended up choosing Kieran, although originally he was destined to marry her.

Why, though?

Is it because he always assumes she will realize she loves him without him having to tell her he loves her first.

Is it his pride getting in the way?

Sometimes he wonders if she really did love him all those years ago, and this is possibly the reason why she now never chooses him. No. He always denies this. He knows she loves him; he can see it in her eyes when she looks at him.

He should tell her.

Even though Kieran is younger than he is and he feels an instinctive obligation to keep him safe, it does not mean he should always stand back and let Kieran have her, while he implores her with unspoken words to love him.

Distracted Jayden walks past Kieran, dangling his car keys on his finger.

Kieran looks up from his computer preoccupied. “Where are you going?”

“For a drive. Why? Do you want to tag along?”

Kieran looks at him suspiciously for a long moment and then looks back at the computer screen. “Buy milk while you’re out there.”

Jayden’s reply is the slam of the door and the roar of the car engine. Jayden does not intend to buy any milk.

When he arrives at Heather’s house, he stops the car angled across the driveway and then he gets out of the car determinedly.

Only after he knocks on the door, does he realize he should probably not be here at all

Firstly, her mother will not be impressed and secondly, what if Heather chases him away?

He breathes a sigh of relief when he sees it is Heather opening the door. The light inside the hall silhouettes her.

She frowns when she sees him, and then she glances across her shoulder to the upstairs landing. While she turns back to him, she steps out of the house. She pulls the door closed behind her, but keeps her hand on the handle. She whispers, “It’s late. What do you want?”

Unsure of himself, he steps away from her. He decided to tell her he loved her. He was going to tell her the complete long story dating back to Salem. He knew she probably would never believe him, but he had to try. However, now he has second thoughts and considers maybe it was not such a good idea, at all.

“What do you want?” She asks again.

“I wanted to know, um, if Kieran told you about magic.” He could think of nothing else to say.

She frowns deeply, the furrows edged into her forehead. “Yes, he did and so what, it is not such a big deal anyway. I am sure he fooled me with the trick he performed with the rose, and he made it all up. You cannot change things around you with just a thought.” She stops her monologue and then asks, “Hey, don’t you want to lend me your CD. I tried to download it, but my signal is so slow tonight.”

“Which CD?”

“The Script”

Smiling amused, he asks, “You like their music?”

She smiles back. “I do. Weird isn’t it, you and I have something in common.”

She has the feeling he wants to say something, but the moment passes.

Walking behind him, as she follows him to his car, he stops abruptly. She walks into him just as he turns around to her. His hands wrap around her arms instantly as her palms push against his chest instinctively.

She looks up at him questioningly. “What are you doing? I thought you were getting the CD?”

Silence. Everything is weirdly quiet.

She insists in a hushed tone, “Don’t use magic on me!”

He smiles seductively as she tries to pull away from him, but he holds onto her arms more determinedly. “I thought you didn’t believe in magic, and besides, I am not allowed to use magic on people. I do not do black magic.”

She hisses, “You are. I can feel you trying to influence me right now.”

He smirks suddenly. “Is that what you believe? Do you think that weak feeling you get in your knees when you are with me, is me putting a spell on you?”

She gasps insulted. “I do not get a weak feeling in my knees when I am near you. In fact, I cannot stand you.”

They step away from each other in shock.

Immediately she apologizes, “I did not mean it.”

He steps further away from her, dropping his hands from her arms. “Well, if that is the case, I am afraid you may not lend my CD.”

Turning away from her, Heather realizes she does not want him to leave, not like this.

To be honest, she does not really know how she feels about Jayden. He is exciting and thrilling, and he does make her knees weak whenever she sees him.

Kieran though, feels safe and the day he held her in his arms after she told him her sad, sorry story about her mom and her dad getting divorced, she felt protected by him.

“I am sorry, Jayden.”

His back is still turned to her, and he shrugs his shoulders as he pulls his car door open. “Too late,” he says. “No CD for you.”

She sighs exasperated. “It is not about the CD.”

He climbs into his car without another word. Looking across his shoulder, he backs out of the driveway, and he does not even glance in her direction as he drives away.

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