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ForNever (Book One)

By LynetteFerreira All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 36

I jump with fright when I feel a solid hand wrap around my arm. My heart pounds in my chest wildly. As I open my mouth to scream, I see Jayden’s dark, brooding eyes in front of me. He leans into me and his eyes narrow slowly.

I swallow the yell for help and hiss softly, “Jeez, Jayden what do you want? This is my room!”

“I only wanted to see you. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“This is just weird; you know? You cannot just come into my room at night. It is bad enough you can ‘sense’ me, but now you are levitating into my room?” I turn away from him toward the window. “It’s not right, and you shouldn’t be here.” I look out the window and tell him, “You have to go.”

I feel his hands rest on my hips. He leans into me and I feel his chest press against my back. He says softly next to my ear, “I am not going to kiss you, I am not going to try to influence you or take advantage of you, I only want to talk.”

I stare out at the night. Peculiarly, I do not want him to move away from me. “We can talk in the day.”

“Not really, tomorrow you will see Kieran and then I will just be a distant memory again.”

Swiftly I realize what he is saying is true, because no matter how fast my heart beats, or how I lose my breath or how Jayden makes my knees feel weak, whenever I see Kieran again, it is as if Jayden does not exist.

Determined I move away from him, and when I turn to look back at him, he captures my eyes, imploring me to let him stay.

With a soft sigh, I sit down on my bed, and I pat the space next to me, indicating for him to sit down.

He sits down and the mattress sink in under him.

I smile faintly. “So what do you want to talk about?”


He scoots back and sits with his back against the wall, his feet hanging over the edge of the bed. I push myself backwards until my back is against the wall as well and I am sitting next to him. He shuffles closer to me until our shoulders are pressed together against each other. We talk softly. He tells me about the things he did and experienced during the three hundred years he has been alive, and after a while, it does not feel weird anymore that he has lived so long. He is still human, still living and breathing. Instead of thinking of him as strange and creepy, I actually start to feel sorry for him. I cannot even wrap my head around the idea of living that long.

Later, he says, “It is almost pumpkin hour. I better go so you can get your rest.” He moves from the bed and I follow him.

It feels hilariously funny walking him to the window, instead of to the front door and I cannot help giggling.

He smiles widely down at me as if he can read my mind, and then unexpectedly he turns to me. He does not touch me, but he stands close. He leans down and involuntarily my eyes drift to his lips.

With the back of his index finger, he traces a path from the corner of my eyebrow to the corner of my mouth. It feels as if I am going to swoon. My lips tingle and then I moisten my lips.

His lips move into a smile, and embarrassingly I realize he must have noticed that little, unintentional action of pure, unadulterated desire to be kissed by him.

I step away from him mortified, and I cannot look at him directly. Without a word, I pull the lace curtains away from the window.

He asks amused, “Aren’t you going to be polite and ask me to come again?”

I gasp horrified. “No!”

He climbs over the windowsill and then I watch him hover in the air in front of my window.

My eyes dart up and down the road. “Jeez, what if someone sees you?”

“They won’t believe their eyes.” His eyes glitter with mischief. “I can only leave after you have given me another invitation.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

He crosses his arms against his chest. “I can stay here all night.”

“Fine!” I insist, “At least let me know next time when you will be coming, it is only good manners—as well.”

“Touché.” He laughs softly.

I start to close the window. “Good night, Jayden.”

He salutes me, tilting his head sideways, “Good night, fair maiden.”

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