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ForNever (Book One)

By LynetteFerreira All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 37

The moon is waning and the house is quiet, so while Jayden is out of the house, Kieran takes the opportunity to perform a spell of his own. A spell he has performed many times before, to prevent Jayden’s romantic attentions to have any effect on Heather.

He sits cross-legged in the centre of his room and with an ink pen, which he has had since the seventeenth century, he writes Jayden’s name on a piece of old parchment paper. He peels the clove of garlic, which he brought upstairs with him, slowly and then he wipes it across the name on the paper unhurriedly, deliberately. He folds the paper, and then he slides it into an envelope. He leaves the envelope lying at his feet before he picks up the purple candle.

He lights the purple candle and for a moment he stares into the flame meditatively. He picks the envelope up again and then he holds the candle at an angle over the envelope. The purple wax drips onto the envelope, and he seals it.

He holds the envelope to his forehead, and then he chants, “Jayden, I bear no malice, hurt or ill. Release Heather from your will.”

After a long time, when the chant is imprinted into his subconscious and a part of his mind will repeat the spell all by itself, he slowly removes the envelope from his forehead and then he holds it over the flame of the purple candle.

The flame licks at the corner of the envelope until the flame grows bigger and engulfs it. He holds the envelope between his fingers until it disintegrates into ash.

He pinches the flame of the candle between his index finger and his thumb, and with a hiss the flame dies. He sweeps all the ashes together with his hands and then together with the candle he goes outside to bury it.

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