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ForNever (Book One)

By LynetteFerreira All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 38

While we sit on the grass in a circle during lunch break, Shannon suggests, “Let’s have a movie night.”

Kieran glances at me inquiringly and I shrug non-committal. I have not had the opportunity yet to speak to Kieran about his story and the choice I am supposed to make. Every time we have been together since the weekend I spent at my dad’s house, we have been surrounded by people on the train, at the station and at school.

Kieran offers, “We can have it at my house if you two can get there.”

Dermot says eagerly, “Only if I can sleep over.”

Shannon agrees, “Me too.”

“Okay. You can both sleep over, if you aren’t fussy about where you have to sleep.” Kieran nudges me playfully. “Are you also coming?”

“I suppose, I could.”

He looks at me thoughtfully, and then he turns back to Shannon and he asks her, “Know any girls you can bring along to keep my brother entertained?”

She thinks for a moment, and then she giggles as she says, “Candice.”

Immediately I exclaim, “No, not her.”

Three pairs of eyes look at me simultaneously. Dermot laughs as he says, “Why not? She will keep Kieran’s brother well entertained, and she isn’t shy at being friendly if you know what I mean?”

Shannon turns toward him abruptly. “Dermot McIntyre, how would you know this?”

He shrinks away from her, laughing loudly. “It is only what I’ve heard.” He leans closer to her and he pulls her into him. “You are all I need, sugar.”

She shrugs his arm off her shoulder as she grumbles incomprehensibly.

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