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ForNever (Book One)

By LynetteFerreira All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 41

I walk through to the kitchen and the lights are dim. As I come around the corner, I see something from the corner of my eye. At first, I dismiss it as a shadow, but then I notice it is Jayden and Candice.

He is leaning with his back against the counter and she is pressed closely to him. His one arm is around her waist while his hand is pressed up against her back, between her shoulder blades, holding her to him tightly. His other hand is under her blouse and I can see he is making small caressing movements on her back with his fingers. It looks as if his eyes are closed, but as I stop next to the island in astonishment, his eyes look up at me, past her head. He continues kissing Candice, as his eyes fill with amusement while he looks at me. I can only stand there.

I get a hold of myself and I turn on my heels, rushing out of the kitchen.

Shannon asks, “And the juice?”

“I thought I saw a ghost.”

Kieran looks up from the DVD player, but I tell him, “Don’t worry, just need to gather myself.”

I turn back to the kitchen.

When I walk into the room again, they are still kissing. Honestly, how long can it last?

The glasses are in the cupboard behind Jayden, so I ask politely, “Why don’t the two of you go up to your room, Jayden? I have to get the drinking glasses.”

Candice moves away from Jayden, but he pulls her back into him. As he glares at me, he kisses her determinedly.

I hear her moan and it feels as if something in the pit of my stomach twists. Hurriedly, I turn away from him and I take three glasses from the basin. I start to rinse them under warm running water and then without looking back at him, I open the fridge to get the juice. I keep my back to him as I pour juice into the three drinking glasses, and when I walk out of the kitchen, with the three glasses tightly pushed together in my two hands, I concentrate hard on not dropping them.

I have seen the action movie before, so when Kieran suggests we go up to his room, I agree.

He takes me by the hand and we walk up the stairs. I notice there are only two rooms upstairs and a bathroom.

We walk into his room and he falls down onto his bed, folding his arms under his head. I sit down on the edge of the bed.

Looking down at him, I ask, “I thought you said your parents are in Spain, but this house has only got two rooms?” As I talk, I realize I already know the answer.

He smiles up at me alluringly. “Yeah, actually the witch who put a curse on us, was our mother.”

I frown and he laughs. “She wasn’t yours and my mother, but my and Jayden’s mother.”

My frown furrows deeper. “So, your mother was a witch? She was a real witch and not just an innocent accused of being a witch. Why would she do this to you?”

“She knew we both loved you, and she wanted to punish you, severely, after you accused her of being a witch at the Trials.”

“Why did I accuse your mother though? I feel awful now.”

“They were going to put you on the pulley until you confessed or gave up the witch who was supposedly making you do wicked and immoral things, so Jayden convinced you to say it was our mother. We thought she would escape with a spell, and we thought she would get out unharmed, but after they put her in the pulley until she confessed, there was no more fight left in her.”

I realize this is probably why Jayden looked so downhearted when he was telling me about the pulley on the train that day. It happened to his own mother, and it was ultimately his fault she was there in the first place. Jayden chose to protect me, rather than his mother. I feel the guilt weighing down on me.

Kieran continues, “I really don’t know what happened, all I know is she used her last strength to put a curse on all three of us, instead of saving herself.” He smiles slowly while he wraps his hand around my arm. He says softly, “Come here.”

I lean down toward him and softly I let my lips drift over his lips.

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