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ForNever (Book One)

By LynetteFerreira All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 42

Kieran and Heather are lying on their stomachs, propped up on their elbows, next to each other on his bed and Kieran is making a play-list for Heather on his laptop.

Heather hears Jayden downstairs tell Shannon and Dermot they can sleep in his room. She hears Dermot and Shannon come up the stairs noisily and then she can hear them whispering softly until they fall asleep.

Everything gets quiet.

He turns his face to her and asks, “Where is your music player?”

“Downstairs in my jacket pocket.”

“Get it quickly, so I can download this for you.”

She leans into him and softly she touches her lips to his. She feels his lips smile under hers.

“Hurry back,” he says.

She pulls herself up and then she stumbles over him and off the bed.

Jayden looks up toward the ceiling despondently as he hears the creaking noise coming from Kieran’s room.

It is pitch dark downstairs and Heather feels her way down the stairs by tracing her fingers along the banister and then the wall.

She sees a strange blue light coming from the lounge, so she walks closer to investigate. She looks past the door and she sees Jayden sitting on the couch. He is holding his hands, palms facing each other in front of his face, while blue streaks of electricity jump between his fingers, backward and forwards.

Unintentionally she takes a deep breath and he instantaneously drops his hands as he stands up. He is standing in front of her, even before she exhales.

She hisses softly, “What are you doing?”

“I am bored, why? Would you like to entertain me?” He says, barely audibly, and she has to lean closer to him to hear. While he glares down at her, he frowns as his eyes narrow slowly.

“So where is Candice then?”

“Sleeping,” he answers her dismissively.

Accusingly Heather insists, “What if she sees you playing with magic? She will run her mouth off to everybody at school.”

“I will just put a spell on her to forget. Simple really. I think I would still have her love me though, everybody needs somebody, don’t they?”

She avoids looking at him as she steps past him and then she walks to the kitchen to get her jacket.

He follows her, and when she turns back to the door with the jacket in her hand, he is standing between her and the door.

“I am sorry about your mother,” she says apologetically.

Wretchedness flashes across his face. “Kieran told you?” She moves to walk past him, but he says, “Wait.”

She turns back to him. “Kieran is waiting for me.”

“When my mother cursed us, it was not to punish you, but it was to punish me only. She knew the truth, and she knew my heart. She knew how much I used to love you, and so she made it so you would always choose wrong as well because I betrayed her.”

“No, Jayden. It happened so long ago, you should let it go,” she says sympathetically.

He smirks sarcastically as he looks down at her. “We do not all have the luxury of forgetting each time, over and over again.”

Heather looks up at him insulted, and then she hisses, “Go back to your girlfriend. Leave me alone.”

“She means nothing.”

Heather says over her shoulder, “You could have fooled me.”

She walks away and he watches her. He hits the soft, fleshy side of his fist down onto the counter and he wishes with all his heart that this wretched curse could be broken and he could just move on without her.

Heather contemplates his words as she walks up the stairs and the fact he said he only used to love her, meaning he does not love her anymore.

When she gets back to Kieran’s room, she climbs over him and settles in next to him again, lying on her stomach, with her elbows propping her up.

She hands him the music player, and she asks him cautiously, “So who am I supposed to choose? Obviously, I would want to choose…”

“No, Heather. Do not say it. Not yet.” He says urgently. He turns onto his back and then as he pushes his arm in under her chest, he moves himself until he is lying half under her. She leans down slowly, with a smile on her face, and his hands come up around her shoulders as he pulls her down to him gently. Just before their lips touch, he says softly, “I want you to say it, but I am so close to getting a spell breaker. We need to be patient.”

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