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ForNever (Book One)

By LynetteFerreira All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 46

I wake up in my bed and wonder how I got here, when I hear a rustle in the corner of my room. I sit up quickly, my eyes still half-open.

Jayden appears at the side of my bed and in the light from the street lamp in front of my open window, I see him smiling down at me sadly.

He asks softly, “Are you okay? I have been worried about you all night.”

Sitting up completely onto my pillow, I lean back against the wall and pull my legs up to my chest. I ask confused, “What do you want? How do you keep getting in?”

He laughs softly. “The latch on your window is broken. You should have it fixed.”

“How did I get in my bed?”

“Kieran brought you in. He got your keys from your bag.”

“Why did I not wake up?”

He shrugs. “You were out for the count.”

Then I remember his infatuation with Candice. “What do you want, anyway? Where is Candice?”

He sits down next to me on the edge of my bed and he folds his arm around my pulled up knees. “Heather, are you jealous?”

I click my tongue. “No!”

“I know Kieran already told you about magic, but do you really understand magic is the momentum of needing or wanting something and of finding the focus for that need?” He looks at me absorbed. “To visualize or to find a ritual until finally the power reaches a climax and is released into the cosmos.”

“Ugh. I have a headache and I am not interested in magic right now. I have a hard enough time dealing with all this darkness that is surrounding me all the time and it is starting to impair my vision.” I look at him defensively. “I am sorry.”

He leans closer to me, his eyes focus on my mouth, and his finger touches my lips. “You do not know how many times I have wanted to tell you, but then I always end up saying nothing.”

I frown. “I know what you want to tell me.”

He looks from my lips to my eyes unsure.

“I have already figured out that you want me to choose Kieran. I know Kieran loves me, because he tells me and he shows me, so I know it will be the right choice and you do not have to tell me. He is the choice I am supposed to make so the curse can be broken.”

He sits back, shocked. “No, Heather. No. What makes you think I am telling you Kieran is the right choice?”

“Last night, you told me you only used to love me, so obviously you are not the one I loved before the curse and you did not love me until you were cursed to love me.”

His eyes tighten and he looks into my eyes deeply. “I wanted to hurt you, just like being with Candice was meant to hurt you. How do you think I feel every time you choose?”

“How do you feel?” I scoff. “You should feel fine, because I keep choosing you and that is why it keeps happening. I am supposed to choose Kieran. He feels right. He makes me feel safe.”

“You think feeling safe is more important than loving someone, to feel attracted to someone?” He laughs sardonically. “To feel weak in the knees?”

“Weak in the knees love do not last?”

He asks stubbornly, “How do you know?”

“Ugh! Why can’t you just tell me? It will make everything so much simpler.”

“It is not supposed to be simple.”

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