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ForNever (Book One)

By LynetteFerreira All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 47

When Jayden walks through his front door and after he closes it behind him, he does not expect to see the sphere of blue energy flying toward him. He feels a tightening in his chest and he does not have time to react when the ball of electrical pressure hits him with full force against his upper body. He feels his feet lift off the ground as his back connects with the wall behind him, cracking loudly under his weight.

Dazed Jayden steadies himself, ready to deal with Kieran.

Kieran is standing across the hall, staring at him angrily. “What have you been doing?”

Jayden smiles stunned, as a frown pulls his eyebrows together. He sees the ball of energy in the palm of Kieran’s hand grow larger and larger, and he braces himself by constructing an invisible wall of defence around him. He demands, “Kieran! Stop this.”

“You promised. I cannot believe I actually trusted you!”

Jayden smiles sarcastically. “I have done nothing. I have not convinced her to love me, and she will still choose you, your mother has made sure it would always be like this. Heather wants someone to make her feel safe, and unfortunately you seem to fit the idea she has gotten into her head.”

“Then why do you keep going there?” The ball in Kieran’s hand is growing larger and larger.

“All we do is talk. Are you not going to grant me at least this one little thing?”

“No! Stay away from her. If it was not that I needed you, I would have destroyed you as soon as you walked in.”

Frustrated Kieran slings the ball of energy at Jayden, but the unseen bubble around Jayden only shudders and the blue ball of energy disintegrate into a million sparks of static electricity.

Angry, Jayden follows Kieran down the hall to the kitchen. With his palms facing forward, he sends a pulse toward Kieran, which lifts Kieran into the air. Palms up, he pushes Kieran against the ceiling and he says through gritted teeth, “I will talk to her. You forget, time and time again, little brother, if not for you falling in love with her after she was already betrothed to me, your mother would never have gotten the idea to curse all three of us.”

Kieran hisses down from the ceiling as he twists and then frees himself from the invisible hold Jayden has on him. He lands gently on his feet and then he runs toward Jayden.

As he reaches Jayden, he jumps and then he tackles Jayden to the ground. Jayden is physically stronger than Kieran and after several minutes, he has Kieran pinned to the floor.

Holding his hand tightly against Kieran’s neck, and his knee pushed into his ribs, Jayden leans closer to Kieran’s face. He sneers, “She has already decided to choose you! Are you deaf? Instead of wasting your energies on fighting me, you should be looking for a spell breaker. Stop acting like an idiot.”

Kieran says angrily, as he tries to push Jayden off him. “I have found it.”

Jayden sits back and lands on his backside. Flabbergasted, he asks, “What?”

Kieran sits up and rubs his hand against his throat. “I have found the spell breaker.”

Confused Jayden exclaims, “So why did you not say so?”

“I was so angry with you, I lost all rational thought.”

“Well get over yourself. What are we supposed to do?”

Kieran sits back against the cupboard behind him. His ribs feel tender and he can still feel Jayden’s fingers burning into the skin around his throat. He looks at Jayden triumphantly as he says, “I found it, and when I read it I could not believe I had not thought of it myself.”

Impatiently Jayden sighs loudly. “So must I strangle it out of you?”

“At Newgrange, the best known of the three great Irish passage tombs, there is a roof box situated above the passage entrance. At dawn on the winter solstice and for a few days before and after, a shaft of sunlight enters the chamber through an opening in this box on the roof. The sun then travels through the entire length of the passage, in perfect alignment.”

“The winter solstice is still six months away. The shadows are getting hostile toward Heather, and it is as if they are not interested in waiting for her to choose.”

Annoyed Kieran cries out, “Because you decided we should tell her everything, when I told you we should not.”

Jayden gets up from off the floor and lifts himself to sit on the kitchen counter. He looks down at Kieran on the floor in quiet loathing.

Kieran continues, “Anyway, we are not waiting for the winter solstice.”

“I don’t understand. You just said...”

Kieran interrupts him, “I was explaining to you the significance of the chamber and the passage. For the spell to work, we have to do it on the opposite day. The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, while the summer solstice is the longest day. Obviously, the perfect alignment of the passage with the winter solstice would mean it had significant religious meaning for whoever built it originally.”

Jayden exhales frustrated. “We are dealing with Black Magic here, Kieran.”

“I know! Just listen, will you? So, if it had a noteworthy positive importance on the twenty first of December, it stands to reason that on the twenty first of June, it would have a negative importance, thus if the one day was for pure and good, the opposite would be for...”

Jayden says softly, “Evil, immortality and malice.”

Kieran smiles slowly. “Exactly.”

Jayden scowls, as he says, “The summer solstice is a little more than a week away.”

“And the reason why we do not have any time to waste, the reason I was angry when I was looking for you and I realized you weren’t here, you had gone to Heather’s house.”

Jayden dismisses him irately. “What are we supposed to do? How is this going to work?” He feels a trepidation build up in his chest. If this works, she will choose Kieran and it will be over. He would have to carry on without her until the day he eventually dies, without the option of ever making her choose him again.

“I will have to speak to Heather.” Kieran looks at Jayden pensively, and then he adds hesitantly, “With this spell, the curse will be broken. However, there is no guarantee Heather will survive it, and if she does not, she will eventually come back again but we will no longer be here.”

Jayden narrows his eyes and then just because Kieran is irritating him beyond measure, he lifts his hand and swipes the air above Kieran. Kieran flies through the air, then bounces off the fridge. He falls down onto his hands and knees.

Slowly he gets up from the floor. Jayden can see Kieran summoning up the energy and power in his body to pummel Jayden.

Jayden smirks as he slides off the counter. “I suggest you stop.” He turns and walks out of the room.

Jayden is walking up the stairs to his room, when he hears Kieran yell from the kitchen, “Stay away from Heather!”

Kieran had made Jayden’s existence miserable over the last three centuries. Every time Jayden thought Heather would choose him, and the curse would at last be broken, Kieran had somehow managed to get Heather to choose him.

In the past, they fought each other many times before. In a duel, a hundred years ago, somewhere in France, they shot each other simultaneously, the bullets penetrating their hearts at the exact same time. They stood up laughing and walked away, because there were other times when they had each other’s backs. Kieran has never had to save his life, but then again, they are immortal, in the sense of eternally undying, no matter what.

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