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ForNever (Book One)

By LynetteFerreira All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 48

After Jayden leaves, I decide to go down to the kitchen. I am starving and so thirsty, it feels as if my tongue is stuck to the top of my mouth.

I am surprised to see my mom sitting by the kitchen table. “You are up late?”

She smiles up at me. “Not really. It is only half twelve now.”

I glance up at the kitchen clock against the wall. For some reason I imagine it to be much, much later.

Turning to the kettle, I ask her, “Do you want a cuppa?”

“I have one.”

“Okay,” I say as I check the water level in the kettle and then switch it on. I clatter in the cupboard to get a mug.

I glance at her over my shoulder. “How was your girl’s weekend?” I turn around to face her fully when I notice a warm flush spreading up her neck and into her cheeks. For a split second, I wonder if I really want to know the details.

She smiles mysteriously, and for a very small, brief moment, my heart stops beating in my chest when I see a sparkle in her eyes. I exclaim, “Mom! No!”

She laughs embarrassed and the flush spreads across her entire face and disappears into the roots of her hair.

I turn toward the counter again and I finish making my tea, while composing myself as much as I can.

With my teacup, I walk to the table and I pull the chair across from her away from the table. As I sit down, I fold both my hands around the mug, and I look up at her nervously. In amazement, I whisper, “You met someone?”

She denies it at first, but as I persist, she eventually confesses.

As I watch her and I see a light glitter in her eyes, the look on her face, her happy smile, I realize love is mysterious, and nobody will ever know why we fall in love with one specific person and not another. Never will anybody know why sometimes love does not last into forever. Every now and again, although we cannot bear to live without another person, because the love we have for that person burns like fire in a mystical cavity located in the general location of our stomachs, we will outgrow them, whether they make us feel safe or reckless. We are each our own person and so we have to ultimately find our very own individual destiny. Each person who enters our life and plays an important, pivotal part, no matter how brief, helps us along the way to our future.

She tells me, “I knew David before I knew your dad, but he went away to study abroad and I suppose he met new people, broadened his horizons, while I stayed here and I grew into another direction.”

“So did you love this David a lot?”

“I thought I did, but then I met your dad and I fell in love with him.”

“I always believed you could only love one person with whom you want to spend your whole life with.”

“Oh, Heather. There are different kinds of love, and from each of those loves we find something that is important to us.” She smiles widely. “I think, you think too much, and sometimes you should just listen to your heart and not argue with it.”

I stare past her meditatively, as she continues, “When I saw David it was as if that old magic and chemistry between us sparked back to live.” She sees I have stopped paying attention, so she says encouragingly, “Anyway, how can I try to explain something I don’t even really understand myself.”

There is a moment of silence and I take a sip of my tea. It is warm and sweet and finds the right spot.

She says jokingly, “You must have had an all-nighter last night with Shannon. When I got back this afternoon, you were dead to the world.”

This reminds me how tired I still am and then I struggle to stifle a yawn. “We did stay up half the night, and if I don’t get back to bed now, I will never get up for school tomorrow.”

I get up from the chair and then I leave my mug in the basin.

Walking back to her, I see she is lost in her memories again, there is a small smile playing on her lips.

I sigh inwardly. Not so long ago everything was simple, now I am dealing with magic, witches, immortality, and my mom and dad both moving on with their lives and I am stuck in the middle of all of it

I bend down to her and kiss her lightly on the top of her head. “Good night, Mom. I would say sweet dreams, but I see that will happen anyway.”

She gasps insulted, and then she says, laughing easily, “Good night, Heather.”

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