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ForNever (Book One)

By LynetteFerreira All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 56

Kieran waits until it is dark and the moon is starting to rise on the horizon. The night before he came to scout the area and to see how many security guards watched over the monument, so now he knows when it is the right time to make his move.

He walks through the spongy grass across the fields toward the structure he can see in the distance. He climbs through the fencing and squirms through the shrub hedges. The moon is bright in the sky when he reaches the white luminous stone structure.

He looks around nervously, but there is not another human being in sight. He levitates up to the top of the monument and then he walks up the slight incline to the top and centre of the structure.

With his black handled knife, he casts a circle. He visualizes a golden chord emanating from the sky and slowly, gradually he draws a line in the air with his knife until he is standing in the middle of the circle he created around himself.

He walks toward the northern end of the circle and then he consecrates the ground by sprinkling salt on the ground, he moves along to the most eastern point and he lights an incense stick, which he pushes into the ground. The smell of jasmine soon fills the air. When he reaches the southern tip, he lights a silver candle and places it onto the ground and finally, when he reaches the western tip, he sprinkles rose water, letting it rain down onto the earth.

He moves around the circle again, and all the while, he keeps the one thought in his head, the thought that the curse will be broken and the promise of him and Heather being able to be together.

He stands in the southern quadrant of the circle and he rings the brass bell in his hand nine times, signifying the beginning of the ritual—nine being the number of completion and perfection. He walks across the circle and places the brass bell on the ground in the north. He turns and walks to the east. The stick of incense has burned itself out by now, and he pulls it from the ground and places it in the pocket of the long black trench coat he is wearing. He places his black handled knife on the ground, and the moon reflects off the magical engravings covering the blade.

He starts to move toward the southern part of his circle, and here he places his wand, made from the wood of the magical Ash tree.

When he reaches the western point, he places his silver ritual cup, filled with pure water, which he had left for twenty-four hours in a crystal container, letting it stand in the sunlight and the moonlight, which followed thereafter.

He returns to the centre and then standing with his hands outstretched to his side, his head thrown back and his face turned up to the full bursting moon, he starts to murmur a soft, mesmerizing incantation. He ignores the shadows, which have gathered and were now watching him curiously.

Thousands of crows turn the grass around the perimeter of the monument into a shimmering sea of black glimmering feathers. The crows congregate in haphazard groups, but their heads are all directed toward Kieran. Their gleaming, black beady eyes focus on Kieran’s every move.

The moon rises higher and higher into the night sky as he continues to murmur softly, and then with a sudden quiver in the air around him, the crows all fly into the sky as one. The noise is deafening and they block out the glare of the iridescent moon. The hundreds upon hundreds of black birds flapping in the air around him turn the night dark.

Curiously, his eyes follow the crows and he watches them fly away toward the east. Multitudes of crows fill the horizon.

Then he feels it. There is a shift in the air around him, which knocks him off his feet. He falls down onto his hands and knees.

Despondently he lowers his head between his arms as he feels rage fill him to the core. He feels his spirit go numb and his soul go cold as hatred fills his heart.

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