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ForNever (Book One)

By LynetteFerreira All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 9

Jayden decides to walk into the village. Kieran left early to go to school and he is bored with the only three channels on the TV.

While he walks through the narrow streets, Jayden wonders if they let Kieran into school and if they accepted him as a student there. Although Kieran is only sixteen years old, the wisdom and insight, which you only acquire after many, many years of living, shine brightly in his eyes. The things his eyes have seen make them look older than the sixteen years he is. Many times, he himself has caught a dull glint in his own eyes, which would not fit a typical eighteen-year-old boy.

According to Kieran, a person can find anything on Google, so with the help of this search engine he is sure they will find a way to stop this going-in-circles continuously. He cannot bear it anymore that Heather has never reached the age of seventeen. Her life always stops at sixteen. Her soul must be so tired by now, and the only way Jayden could possibly make his decision of not convincing her to love him worthwhile, is to make sure she ends up happy. History has proven again and again that she will not choose him, so what would the use be of trying?

He walks through the village and then he starts to cross the pedestrian bridge toward the modern mall on the other side of the river. He imagines he sees her, but he dismisses the idea. How many times before has his mind fooled him with a vision of her? He continues looking at the girl walking toward him, and then as she comes closer, she looks at him for a brief moment. Immediately he recognizes her. She looks different, but he recognizes her eyes—the windows into her soul.

His eyes light up and a grin tucks at the corners of his mouth. He stops and holds onto the railing of the bridge. As she walks past him, he turns and leans with his back against the barrier. He watches her walk away and a small smile curls his lips amused. She looks pretty with her black hair-do. He wonders if Kieran even recognized her with that pink jacket and midnight black hair. Her grey-blue eyes are still the same though, and her rosy cheeks are flushed from the cold wind.

He wants to follow her. He wants to start a conversation with her, the urge so strong it pushes him away from the railing. He takes a few steps and then he remembers he is not supposed to do this. He is not supposed to get in the way of Heather’s future, the possibility that this time she could eventually turn seventeen. He made a promise to Kieran.

He starts to feel as if he is losing against fighting to go after her, so he breathes in deeply, and no longer in the mood to buy anything, he walks back the way he came through the centre of the village and he goes home. He has always only endured his existence in the times when she has been somewhere else other than living.

When he gets home, he climbs up the stairs to his room. Irritated, he looks around the room. Typical of Kieran to choose the bigger room and now Jayden is stuck with the box room.

He pulls his laptop from the heap of clothes in the corner of his room, and then flopping down onto the bed, he opens up the computer. Clicking on the Internet icon, Google automatically loads as his home page. He types ‘Curses’ and clicks the search button.

He is working his way methodically through the links, when he hears the door open downstairs. He calls, “I hope you brought dinner.”

“I did. Chinese.”

Jayden grunts as he moves the laptop aside and gets up off the bed. He is sick of Chinese, but he is hungry, so he goes downstairs to the kitchen anyway.

In the kitchen, he looks at Kieran for a moment, taking in his dark mood. “I take it things didn’t go as you planned.”

“She was not at school today, and I stayed there all day in case she would come. After school, I even walked all the way to her house. Nothing.”

“Maybe she decided to take the day off.”

Kieran sighs frustrated. “I said she was not at home.”

Shocked Jayden glances up from the brown paper bag and stops searching its contents to see what Kieran bought. “You knocked at her door?”

“I did. I do not know what is wrong with me. I need to see her.”

Amused Jayden wonders, “If she had opened the door, what would you have said?” Kieran shrugs, while Jayden continues, “You should really learn to be patient, brother.”

Not sure if he should mention it, Jayden takes a container from the bag and walks toward the lounge. He says casually over his shoulder, “I saw her today.”

Kieran stops dead in his tracks. “What?”

Jayden turns toward him and he smiles. “I said, I saw her today.”

“When? How? Did you speak to her?”

“Today. I walked past her. No.”

Kieran takes a container from the bag and then following Jayden into the lounge, he sits down on the chair. “I don’t understand.”

Jayden smiles amused. “She probably just took the day off. She didn’t know of your plans, you know.”

“I know. What does she look like?”

Jayden starts, “She is, um.” He almost says beautiful, but considers after their agreement it is probably not such a good idea. He finishes his sentence, “Pretty.”

Kieran frowns deeply as he puts a fork full of food in his mouth.

Jayden leans back onto the couch. “This couch stinks. When are we going to get a new one?”

Distracted Kieran says, “Whenever you want.”

Jayden flips through the same three channels and irritated Kieran insists, “Just choose one, will you?”

Jayden looks back at Kieran, his eyes intense as he looks at him. “Hey, are you jealous?”

“No. Just upset.”

“I googled curses and spells today.”


“About one seven two oh thousand results in zero point two eight seconds.”

“Anything we can use?”

“I did find a Lemon Uncrossing spell, which is guaranteed to break any curse. I do not know what Dragon’s blood is though, so I’ll have to look it up later.”

“Maybe you should be more specific in your search, rather than searching curses and spells. This curse is genuine and I am sure cannot be broken with a lemon.”

“Do not forget the dragon’s blood.”

Kieran grumbles unhappily, “I suppose we can try it, what harm can it do?”

Jayden smiles faintly. “There you go. You get to know Heather tomorrow at school and then we can ask her to perform a curse breaking ceremony with us. By the way, her hair is as black as the night.”

Kieran exclaims, “Black? Since when?”

Jayden laughs. “I don’t know since when, but it is black.”

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