Marie's Venom

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I chose her as my personal maid and I chose her to heal my scars. Marie became a habit, a routine She became a drug and I was an addict Marie became a venom slowly destroying me. My venom. "Marie, you taught me why hurricanes were named after people." ------------- What Andy wants is to push Marie's bottoms, to bring out the worst of her. But behind his cruelty, he just wants to learn her hidden secret of happiness. What Marie wants is to bring out the best of Andy, to show him the light, to learn what made him the person he is. Tough, cold hearted, ignorant. And to break his heart in the process. ------------- I chose her as my personal maid. And I chose her to heal my scars. Her past didn't ruin her the way mine did. So I wanted to break her halo. To be her only hope to see the light. But before I knew it, Marie became a habit, a routine. She became a drug and I was an addict. Marie became a venom, slowly destroying me. My venom.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

I walked out of the shop with my hand inside my pocket to hide the bracelet box.

My mother’s birthday is coming soon and the least I want is to have her getting mad at me for not getting her a present.

I chuckled at how much of a mommy boy I am.

“I’m sorry”

I didn’t notice that someone bumped into me until I heard her voice. I looked at the girl in front of me as she quickly walked away.

She had the kinda height that is between short and tall, small figure hidden in a pile of coats. Her dirty blonde hair was under a blue scarf.

Her eyes were a sad shade of hazel or blue, I don’t know a mix of both maybe, and they were red when they met mine. Was she crying?

Not that I care anyways.

Well yeah, I do care. I care about everything I see and get overly possessive even over people I don’t know. But when I get to know them, I get bored.

I shook my head and walked to my car and drove back home. Mum will be happy when she sees what I got for her.

I can already imagine her smile. Wide showing her yellowish teeth. She’s old but never is tired of giving orders, shopping, insulting me, telling boring jokes that I somehow manage to smile at.

“Good morning Andrew” I heard my mother greet from the dining room. I walked her way and kissed her forehead “You’re home early” she smiled and mentioned for me to sit beside her.

“I don’t have much work for today so I decided to take a day off and spend some time with you” I answered sitting on the wood chair.

“It’s great to know that you still make time to spend it with me” she smiled again and took a sip frok her coffee “Magdalene, bring Andrew’s breakfast”

“You’re always my priority, mum” I said and took a sip of her coffee.
“Get your hand off of my cup you little mess” she laughed.

“Thanks Magdalene” I said as our maid placed a plate of toast and coffee in front of me.

“You’re very welcome, sir” she turned to my mum “I have about seven girls contacting for the offered job”

I quickly looked up at her almost spilling my coffee “Did we offer a job?” She nodded and my eyes drifted to my mum. She sipped on her drink “Yes, I’m looking for a maid”

“But we have two already” I argued “and a cook.” She moved uncomfortably on her chair “she’ll be your personal maid, Andrew.”

My mouth fell in an O shape “Why would I need a personal maid? I surely know how to take care of my own self” I rose an eyebrow “and my room is always tidy”

“Don’t you dare argue with me Andrew Biersack!” her voice was firm and her eyes piercing. I immediately stopped talking and stood up “I’ll be around the house, call me if you need me”

I started walking towards the door when her voice made me stop “I’ll need you to be here by five”
I turned around “Sure, I’ll see you then”

I wore my boxers as soon as I walked out of the shower. I worked out for two hours straight to get rid of the work stress. I remember how I used to go for a run almost twice everyday, I found that it’s an escape from the real world so I ran as if my life was holding on to it.

I glanced at the antique clock I had on my wall. It’s nearly five. I put my black jeans on and a loose shirt and walked to the living room balcony. That’s where I always find my mother.

“What is it you nee-” I froze where I was when I saw her sitting in her wheelchair and a group of girls sitting on the longue coach in front of her.

“Oh, Andrew, come” she patted the chair next to her for me to sit. I did as told and studied the girls’ faces.

They were like clones. Brown or platinum blonde long hair, light colored eyes, a shocking shade of red lipstick, tight dresses like a second skin on them. It sounded like my mother actually offered a stripper work not a maid’s.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know the address”

I immediately turned around when I heard the soft shaky voice. I heard this before. The apologize, the same tone of voice.

I looked at her as she stood in the door’s frame. The same faded eye color, the dirty blonde hair, the pile of clothes. My eyes widened when hers met mine but she didn’t make a reaction.

“It’s okay, sit down please” my mum gestured for her to sit but I never took my eyes off of her.

She moved painfully to the coach as if her coat was too heavy for her and her skinny legs too weak to carry her weight.

Why am I paying so much attention to a stranger?

Because you only pay attention to strangers you foolish boy.

I turned my eyes away from her and on my mother instead “so what am I here for?” I asked.

“To choose your personal maid yourself”

I inhaled a great amount of oxygen to keep myself calm. I switched my eyes between the girls and they were smiling gracefully at me, except her.

She was looking down at her hands playing with her fingers. Her nails were, unlike the other girls, unpainted. The pale color of her skin covered with some red lines amd circles that promised pain.

“What’s your name?” I couldn’t help but ask never taking my gaze away from her.

The room went silent as everyone looked at her. She looked up confused “I didn’t know you were talking to me, I’m sorry. My name is Marie”

She apologizes quite too much, I see.

“You’ve got the job, Marie” I said “Sorry ladies, the door this way” I stood up, gestured to the door and walked back upstairs.

I heard heels clacking and doors being closed. I chuckled to myself as I entered my room.

I don’t need a maid but maybe it won’t be bad after all. A little change can hurt nobody.

You’re just happy because you enjoy the girl’s face features.

Yeah, I can’t argue with that.

I took off my shirt and jeans and replaced them with shorts to make myself comfortable.

I layed my body on the bed and turned the Xbox on. I heard footsteps outside in the corridor then saw the door swung open revealing Marie.

Her eyes widened and her voice was trembling as she spoke “I didn’t mean to, I just didn’t find my room”

I adjudged my position so I was on my left side with my head on my hand “You can make this your room if you want, I’d appreciate a company” I smirked.

Her eyes widened even more and I held a laugh. Her reaction is definitely something you have to see before you die.

She shook her head that turned into a fleshy red color “Uhm I-” I cut her off not wanting to embarrass her anymore “Want me to show you the way?”

She nodded and I jumped out of bed “follow me young lady” I said imitating my mother’s voice. She held the hem of her coat firmly to avoid doing anything awkward and followed me.

“Here is Magdalene’s room, she works here too” I said showing a door on which was written Magdalene.

She nodded so I continued “and this is yours” I pointed to another one in the furthest corner. This corner used to scare me when I was a child. It’s dark, where you can’t see the sun shine. The window next to it in the end of the corridor has never been opened.

May god help this girl to survive here.

Marie’s POV

I slid my hands inside my coat’s huge pockets. I rolled my eyes at the sound of my stomach groan.

How much money do I still have?

I took out the few pieces that were in my pocket. These can’t buy a bottle of water, what am I supposed to eat?

I desperately threw my head to the back and closed my eyes, inhaling the sweet smell of lasagna leaving the open doors and windows of restaurants.

Hopefully, I’ll get a lunch if I clean the dishes for one of them. And, if I’m lucky enough, they’ll let me sleep there for the night. I really don’t feel like going back to my father’s place.

I opened my eyes and looked forward but black filled my vision as I hit a hard body.

I successfully kept my body straight up instead of falling on my butt. My eyes watched the man standing in front of me as he looked at me.

“I’m sorry” I apologized and hurried away from him. I should open my eyes more often while walking.

I pushed the wood door of an old restaurant and walked in. I felt a couple of eyes watching me as I moved and stopped once I reached the cashier.

“Hey, how can I help you?” she smiled widely at me waiting for my order.

“Uhm, do you need someone to wash the dirty plates?” I stuttered. I could see that she’s going to reject me so I posed my hands against each other in a pleading way “Please, I need the money”

“It’s a good day, isn’t it?” a man said putting his keys on the hard surface of the countor making a clacking sound.

“It is, sir” the woman smiled “Barbara was here about half an hour ago. She told me to give-” The man groaned rudely making her stop what she was saying “Barbara and her damn plans”

I awkwardly cleared my throat breaking the silence and making them turn towards me.

“I’m sorry” the cashier spoke “we don’t need someone to clear the dishes”

“but-” I started but the man broke my sentence “Kelsey, why don’t you check on that woman over there?” she nodded and walked away leaving me alone with the man.

He waited for Kelsey to be far enough from us then turned his attention to me “so you need money, eh?”

I shyly nodded and was ready to leave the restaurant and move to the next one when he grabbed my arm “I need someone to wash my dishes” his gray eyes were bright and his voice deep “and maybe clean around the house too but that’s up to you”

I bit my lower lip thinking about what he was saying. This may be the only way to have a meal for today and probably tomorrow.

“I’m Jake” he said reaching for my hand to shake. I quickly took my hand out of my pocket and shook his “Marie”

“My dad told me that if I were born a girl, they’d name me Marie” he giggled “Anyways, it’s nice to meet you” I smiled politely “so, should I start now?”

“Yeah, just follow me”

Regret and paranoia started filling my thoughts with every step we took. What if he’s some psycho and wants to take advantage of my organs?

We walked outside and he led me to a small apartment. My eyes wandered around the place examining every furniture there.

“The kitchen is over there” he pointed out to a closed door in the corner of the house. I walked there leaving him behind.

I turned the door’s knob and swung it open revealing a king size bed, a wardrobe and a small table. A bedroom.

No way.

My eyes widened and I quickly turned around to run away but he blocked my way with his hard chest. He pushed me roughly so I fell on the bed.

A smirk played on his lips as he unbuttoned his blue blouse and throwing it on the floor. I grabbed a lamp that was nearby “Back off or I swear”

My threat didn’t seem to frighten him, probably because my voice came out shaky, he let out a loud laugh “oh, dear Marie, why would you clean the dishes when you can do something else more pleasant and gain more money?”

I held my breath and lifted my arm up in front of me “Back off” I crawled on my knees backwards with every step he took until my back hit the wall.

“Loosen up a bit, Marie” he grabbed my ankle and dragged me under him.

Do something Marie, think fast.

I clumsily pushed the lamp upwards and hit his face. He yelled in pain and moved to the side.
I guess this lamp helped after all.

He covered his face with his big hands and rolled his body in a ball. I took this as a chance to escape and that’s what I did.

I ran outside without looking behind me. I didn’t stop until I came back to where I started earlier. The restaurant.

I let out a sigh of relief and sat on the cold ground of the street and let my tears roll down my cheeks. I’m not ready to go back home now, Casper isn’t exactly the kind of person I’d call a dad.

I wiped my eyes with my coat’s sleeves and got on my legs again. I have to find a work.

Walking in the crouded streets, my eyes came down on a publicity paper that was stuck on a wall. I took a closer look and read ‘In need of a personal maid, contact us if you think you are responsible enough’ and then, right in the corner ‘PS: It’s for Andrew Biersack ’

Who may that man be? Well, he must be so rich to need a personal maid.

I hid the paper in my pocket after memorizing the address. I fixed my messy hair and put my hands back in my pockets. It was a long way to the ‘Biersacks Palace’ but I can’t afford a taxi right now so I have no choice.

After what seemed like an eternity, I came to a huge building. It looked very new, like it was finished today. Too new in a strange way.

“Hello, do you need any help?” a man that was standing in the front of the metallic gold door said.

I held out the paper of the job offer to him and he studied it carefully “oh, you’re here for the job. This way” he led me to the entrance and I thanked him.

I pushed the door and saw a couple of well dressed girls sitting on a coach, a woman in a wheeling chair and a young man beside her. He looks familiar but I can’t remember where I saw him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know the address” I said and the old woman told me to come in.

I caught the man’s eyes a couple times staring at me and it made me uncomfortable so I stared at my fingers to avoide his gaze.

I didn’t pay attention to what they were talking about and before I knew it, my mind drifted away.

I was about to get raped a few hours ago, I may not find where to spend the night and will probably starve.

What a beautiful life.

“What’s your name?” I heard the sweet but manly voice of the guy sitting with us say.

Suddenly, silence filled the room. Why is nobody answering? Is he talking to me? I lifted my head up “I didn’t know you were talking to me, I’m sorry. My name is Marie”

“You’ve got the job, Marie” he said “Sorry ladies, the door this way” he then stood up, and walked away.

The old lady kept telling me about what he likes and what he doesn’t. How he wants his breakfast and how he likes his bed to be made.

She told me about the payment which was impressive and how she’s going to move away for some days.

The night fell quickly and I had to go find my room on my own. Alone in this castle. Yep, my life is definitely beautiful.

I wandered around and finally came to a closed long door. It was quite inside so I assumed it was my room.

I opened it and my eyes widened when they landed on the young man from earlier.

His hair was messily pushed to the back and his long half naked body on the bed.

“I didn’t mean to, I just didn’t find my room” I said with my usual scared voice.

He rolled on the side with his head on his hand “You can make this your room if you want, I’d appreciate a company”

My eyes widened even more. Another rape attempt? No thanks.

I shook my head “Uhm I-” but he cut me off which I’m thankful for “Want me to show you the way?”

I nodded and he did as promised.

I thanked him and entered the piece. Small but will do the work.

At least I won’t have to stay with my stepfather at ‘home’

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