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The Truths Heart

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Ella falls for local businessman Luke Connor for a million dollars, She wondered if she was in love. She knew he had something to do with her brother's murder, but how? Ella's brother is in prison for a murder she knows he didn't commit, and she knew she would take every stand to help her brother. For his father to calm down over the whole husband scenario. But once Ella became entangled in Luke's world, she fell in love with him faster than she anticipated. Despite her romantic relationship with Luke, Ella realizes that Luke was involved in the murder of her brother. But increasingly profound in the life of money and wealth. Ella attempted to hide the truth from Luke, but by doing so might cost her the rich happy life she always wanted, but is wealth worth losing the love she had always wanted?

Romance / Fantasy
Amy Kirby
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Ella, the moment will come when you meet that one person to whom you will come to settle for all of eternity with.' I watched very carefully as I sat on the couch in the middle of the room trying to

avoid revealing my true identity.

Standing at the entrance to my sitting area, my father gave me a very disapproving look. Because he left me feeling uneasy, I almost sat upright. My rose-colored nose, with

the most diabolical pink lips, was shaking. It was the definition of how I felt. I knew at that point what this discussion was about, and my rose-red cheeks fell into a fresh leather line and I said, "Are you

serious? Why is this more of this nonsense? " Son sooner or later you will need to get your shit together. You're approaching thirty, he said passively. The gold-plated dangly

bracelets on her wrists clicked together with each step she made. Her black hair was tied into a mess giving her an all-around messy hairdo which at that moment in time made her look as if she hadn't

brushed her hair in several months. At the age of 25, anyone should know this by now. Twenty-five isn't close to thirty. Your mother and I were happy to be married at the age of

twenty-one, he said openly. I'm sorry sweaty but this goofing around nonsense needs to come to an end. Because all these scandals are starting to ruin our family name. So what you're telling me is

that I'm the problem. And now is the time for you to start thinking about your future and your future family. Someone is going to need to take over the family business someday. He just kept pressing on.

As I began to sit up straight I began to think to myself at least I had everything to reproach him with. " Then why do you keep expecting me to just marry the first guy that comes my way at any given

moment and to be madly in love and to start having babies? I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it just doesn't work that way. Honey, there are so many men out there that would be interested in you. Dad if

that was the case I would have found him by now but obviously, it isn't meant to be yet. Michael's son has been yearning for you since he was five. He's your cup of tea. Very good looking. Dad, I'm sorry to be

the one to break it to you but legally arranged marriages don't seem to exist anymore in this country. This is 2015, not 1765. I'm sorry dad but I don't want to marry just to keep our affairs in check. Let

me guess you desire a marriage based on love, compassion, and trust. You may want those things now but you might not in the future. All those things don't always come to work. That's not what

you're asking me to do either. Almost everyone knows that wealthy people marry into other wealthy families to make sure their wealth is kept. I'm sorry sweetie but this is how we keep our

company safe. I came to realize arguing with him didn't get me anywhere. I'm sorry father I'm just not ready for that kind of commitment. He closed the narrow distance between us, hovering over

me in a very intimidating way. I have raised you for the last twenty-five years. I'm just asking you to pay your dues to help the family stay afloat. I plan on getting married, but I'm not quite ready

yet. I replied strongly. Things have been heading downhill for quite some time. I mean we are considered the famous Hiltons, so we have to live up to that. What in the hell is going on? There is no

alternative in any of this our happily ever after will not begin if you cannot find the right person. You will leave me no choice but to seize your apartment and your car. You can't do that. I own both my

car and my apartment. You can't threaten me with my things. My dad smiled in a very cruel way. At that very moment, I felt this shiver pouring over my spine. Do you think I can't find another way out

of this? I jumped off the couch, placing my hands directly on my set of keys. Just hold on a minute."

Why? Isn't this a bit hasty of you?" I'm gonna need some serious time

to think this over. You can't just

waltz into my home and expect me to agree to this. Why do you seem so exhausted? You can thank your brother for all of this. A massive brick of anger came over me.

Possibly I bit my lip a little too

firmly, just as difficult as clenching my fists so hard I dug into my skin. Don't let yourself see red, I finally told myself. He was just trying to get me to give And he has always known where to hit me where it

hurt the most. Your brother wouldn't have given me so many issues. Could he stoop as low as employ Luke against me? I said rudely. " This is your call, Ella. " I promise ill find someone but it's not

like I ever really had a choice. I needed to hurry up and come up with a solution. And I needed to do it quickly. " So will you? " yes" good. "However I would at least like you to grant me one year. His eyes

became narrower. One year? For what specifically? I want the chance to find that person for me instead of him being picked for me. When the year is almost over if I still haven't found anyone then I

suppose ill marry whomever you choose. But it just seems that you don't think I'm capable of doing this on my own. Just please allow me to expand on my own to see who is all out there. The room was

morally silent while my dad was contemplating my offer. All of a sudden I began to feel the sweat drip down my face. If only he would hurry up and accept my proposition, Then I would have

more time to figure out what to do about the ultimatum he had just given me. If he didn't... I don't know how I would react if he used Luke against me as some kind of leverage. Only one? Finally, he had

said. Only one year? I'm only giving you one year to find someone he authorized. But not a day longer. When your time begins to run out, You will return to me with the man you have chosen and I'll decide

Whether or not he will be suitable to be married into the family. If you fail to do so, you will then marry any man I may choose. And of course, I knew there would be strings attached. " okay" I Accepted

it knowing he'd get what he wants no matter the consequences. I had taken whatever I could get. I was able to get it. The lines across her forehead ceased to exist and she smiled. " Great you can keep that

car. make sure to arrive at work today because there is someone I need you to fire. " I understand looking at his boots as he turned away from me and began to walk away. The moment he left I

crumbled onto the couch, I could feel the pain the moment my head began to explode. I never understood the reason behind his wanting me to marry. I was always satisfied with the way I lived my

life-completely lonely and surprisingly happy. I have never had any type of serious relationship for that matter. And even if I felt the need for one of those things I'm sure I could find

someone to partner with at that local diner. But for the time being, I need to find someone to make my dad completely satisfied. It's not that I have the physical appearance to make anyone want to do it. I had

been on the cover of numerous covers of many business magazines. Even with my politeness and my lovely personality, I knew I was always a good catch. And if that wasn't clear

enough I'd show them who I truly am. If only money could wash all my troubles away. But money also doesn't buy happiness. However, I was struck by it. The plan was straightforward from the very

beginning. Just knowing that I have to find a man to pretend to be in love with for 365 days. And then right before meeting any of my family. And not being able to do anything else to being heartbroken.

That way I won't have that feeling of being forced to marry someone I'm not truly in love with. Then hopefully he will let me remain unmarried until I'm truly ready to be with someone. I'm sure my

father wouldn't want to be the cause of his daughter's constant sorrows that would be too easy for him to accomplish. I managed to smile at myself for making adjustments to my jeans. Let the

pleasure begin, I thought.

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