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Why is love so hard by faith M

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Okay. This story is about love. Its between vivian and ben. Ben left vivian five years ago and dated this rich kid and got married. He then met vivian five years later and vivian was working for him. He was treating her nice and they even had sex and had a baby bit vivian couldn't pass the first trimester the babu died. Tune in and I will share more

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

It's been 5 years now. I think of him every single day. He was my first love but yea, that's life; we lose some and gain some. I opened my eyes slowly and felt sick. I rushed to the toilet and threw up. Yes we got wasted yesterday. It was me and my two friends.

My name is Vivian Marcus, but you can call me Vivi. I am 25 years old and I work at a fast-food restaurant. I currently stay with my roommate Kathy.

I slowly went to the bathroom. I really need a long cold shower

Kathy: Here's your concussion, girl. Just close your nose and drink.

Me: Kate, I am still in the bathroom. Leave it by the kitchen counter. I will drink it.

Kathy :No no. You have to drink this now. It will definitely stop the vomiting and you will be fine soon.

Me: Who has ever said no to you, Kate?

I took the drink and closed my nose and took one sip.

Me: It's so bitter.

I tried rushing to the bathroom but she held my hand

Kathy: No, babes. Swallow it now or I won't show you what I got."

I swallowed and looked at her.

Me: What do you have, Katherine? I am not playing with you. Don't tell me i drank this concoction for you to lie to me. Spit it out now.

Kathy: Chill, babes. Chill. So, I read your mail.

Me: Kathy that's private. How many times do I have to tell you to leave my mail alone?

Kathy: Chill, Vivian Marcus. Relax. So I read your mail and it says "Dear Miss Marcus. It's my great honor to tell you that you have been accepted as the new receptionist at Warr..."

I heard the news and fell down before she could finish, and it was lights out for me

Chapter 2


By Faith museka

Chapter 2

" Vivian wake up" . I splashed water on her face and she wasnt responding . What todo now?

Hie am Katherine zulu. I am vivian's friend and roomate. Am 24 and i am currently "not working " but yeah i do get cash a lot from my men. I mean all four of them help me financially. So i was reading vivi's letter from this company that sells jewellery and before i could finish she fainted.

Me: "vivi wake up ". I gave hr a hot slap and she was up.

Vivi: "Like wat the fuck kathy " holding her left cheek.

Kathy : "u fainted before i could finish reading the letter but girl u got the job " she screamed and hugged me tight and started sobbing " Vivi not now ah ah dont cry. Why are u even crying when u got the job"?

Vivi:" These are tears of joy dumbass ". I got the job, amma show them tomorrow . Am going to be the best receptionist ever

Kathy : ncow. Let's get u something to wear tomorrow at work.

Vivi: i dont have money and u know that kathy

Me: When u have me u should just chill i will order something online for u and u will be looking like a million bucks tomorrow at work babes.

Vivi: Thank u love i owe u big time.

We ordered few clothes online and yeah i have to spoil my friend she has no one .


Its 4 am now and i have to be the first one at work i quickly take a shower and wore my new clothes looked at the mirror for 2 mins

"you got this Vivian " i wiped my tears and fixed my makeup, took my bag and car keys then went out.

Me : vivian u got this. Show them wat u made of . Momma didn't raise a loser" i said those few words of encouragement to my self and drove to work. I got there and i was told to head to the CEO' s office for a few formalities. I knocked and i was ordered to come in. It was this man facing the opposite direction swinging his chair.

Me: excuse me. My name is ..........

Him :"Vivian marcus. I know who u are " He slowly faced my direction and what i saw Brought back painful memories . He has changed from last timr i saw him. He's now muscular , tall and obviously handsome .

Him: miss vivian its a pleasure seeing u again" he said smilling like a kid who just got candy for dinner

Me :"Uhm its you" tears rushed down my face. If i had known its ur company i wouldn't have taken the job at all.

Him :Too bad u did.. Nice to see u again vivi

Me:its miss Marcus at work Ben . I mean Mr LUNGA.

BEN: Yeah right. So i need u to sign this and i will show u were u will start to work".

I quickly took the pen, signed the papers and went out, he followed me and showed me my desk and he made this nasty comment.

Ben: "vivi u look so thin , dont worry that will change since u working for me now and yeah lets keep things professional no one has to know about me and u and our horrific past " he winked.. "see u later beautiful"

I took a deep breath and sat down. So Ben is the EX, my first love he broke my heart 5 years ago . He left me for this rich kid and they got married and i was left alone.


Hie am benson lunga am 28 and i have known vivian for like 10 years now. We dated for quite a long time and then met Anisha, my wife. Anisha was in love with me and obsessed so to get me forever her dad decided to leave his money for me in exchange i marry his child. He died 4 years ago and i can say i am a millionaire now but am not happy in my marriage anisha is just something else i love her as my little sister but not wife. I miss vivian i eish i could hug and tell her i did this for the money and fame but she wont believe me because i dumped her in high school in front of all our friends . So it is wat it is but since shes working for me now i will make things right.

Ben: "Oh boy" vivi is hot. My phone rang and it was my dawg JJ

JJ: my man. You won't believe wat i just saw

Ben: A thick chick bruh

JJ: Nah am done with huns bruh. Bafo sikhuluma so ngikhanyele this gusheshe 325 bruh am buying it now thid one is mine

Ben: hahaha my friend . Vivi is back

JJ: wat do u mean by "back" are u guys together? Ben awulaleli ndoda, tshiya lentwana ivaye.

Ben: relax ndoda shes working for me and i told her to keep it professional because boy if anisha finds out she will flip.

JJ : lets hope so we don't want u six feet under meh bruh.

Ben: Relax and good bye Jay

JJ: Bye ben and be careful.

Why is love so hard. By faith museka

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