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In His Game

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A short story about a young adult who finally moves away from her toxic household, only to end up in the hands of a dangerous, powerful man. No; he wasn't a mafia but he could have been. He was just an ordinary man, who loves a game. No one's dares to try him of they wanted to keep their life. However, everysince he met her. This game of hard love began and he soon realizes he couldn't win. Will he quit it when it gets out of his control?

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Chapter 1- Leaving

Note to readers: You can imagine these characters however you see fit.

Elora was a young adult of age 19. She had a difficult life behind her, and has a bright life ahead of her. (Or so she thought). That's why she wasn't hesitant once to leave her home of chaos in search of a better life. As she emptied her closet of belongings, and took soft sneaking steps around the house to grab her valuables; Elora was glad about her first adult decision.

She didn't want to wake anyone ofcourse. It was still dawn, but the sun was raising faster by the minute. Thats how it felt. She knew her mom, dad and even brother would try to make her stay if they knew he entire plan; and that was the last thing she wanted. To stay.

Elora took a seat at her corner desk, counting the amount of bills she has to support her on this journey to make a better life.

"Shit. This isn't going to be enough for a month." Elora whispers to herself before putting away the money. Only $1000 she managed to save.

In minutes Elora took her luggage quietly downstairs to the front door, but before she left, she needed to say goodbye to her little brother- Evan. Hence, she headed down the creaky halls and into his room. She found Evan already sat awake on his bed staring out the window.

"Hey Evan...you're up." She whispers walking over to his bed with a smile to hide the pain.

"Yeah.. i- I was waiting for you to leave. Are you going to work? Why so early?" He asked looking at you with his innocent, sleepy eyes.

"Um..yeah..you could say I'm going to work. Well, I'll be staying at work for quite a while." She notices as Evans' expression change to confusion. "But I'll be back. I just have to do alot of work before I do. But don't worry I'll message and call. Especially now that you're 10 and knows how to use the laptop like a pro." She jokes, making Evan smile.

"How long are you gonna be for?" He asked after a few seconds of silence.

"Over a few months. I'm not sure how long. I got to get going though. The bus will be here any minute. I love you sooo much Evan." Elora hugs her brother tightly, kissing his forehead before she stands. "I'll call and message. Remember that." She reassures him before leaving slowly, her eyes watering.

Elora made her way to the door, but as soon as she stepped out she heard her mothers voice- Sheila.

"Running away so soon Elora?" She says as she leaned against the door frame in a robe.

"Mom. Not this again. I'm leaving and if you or dad try to stop me..Again. I will call the police." Elora replies in annoyance. "I'm not staying here anymore. I'm gonna go make a life of my own-" Before Elora could finish, she's cut off.

"YOU REALLY THINK...you'll be something Elora. Elora..you'll be nothing without your family. You aren't smart like your brother, your aren't pretty like your cousins...for f*cks sake...your aren't even interesting. But you'll be back once you realise all of that. That's if someone doesn't take advantage of you and throw you in some river in a body bag." Sheilas' hurtful words stab Eloras' heart like a knife everytime. It wasn't new, she always pulled Elora down, but everytime it pained her.

Elora doesn't waste another second looking at her mother's face before leaving and She wasn't going to wait for her father to call her a wh0re and force her back inside to stay.

Elora made it to the airport without any difficulties, and took the flight to New York city. She didn't know exactly where to go once she landed, but she did book a hotel room for the first few nights there.

Next Elora would apply for a job until she can get an actual apartment. Following that, was pursing her dreams of being a presenter. She knew she was good at public speaking, hence the career choice- to be able to present projects for people, presenting in meetings for bosses, presenting whatever she could get herself to present. It wasn't the best career, but that's all she ever knew she could do.

"Thank you very much." Elora said to the man that handed her, her luggage.

"You're very welcome ma'am."

"Wait..quick question, is there any restaurants near by?" She asked only realizing she hasn't eaten all day and night due to nerves. Her head was secretly spinning and she could feel her body shutting down.

"Yes..just around the corner. It's a breakfast and dinner joint. You won't miss it." He kindly replies.

Elora smiles her goodbye before making her way there; but all of a sudden, everything starts to blur. She stops in her tracks, holding her head for support, waiting for the blur to pass, but it only does when someone speaks.

"Miss..are you alright?" A female voice asked from beside her. Elora nods but it was clear she wasn't alright.

"You don't look it my dear. Come..I'll take you to sit." The woman goes to help Elora but she doesn't like the idea of bothering others.

"Oh..no its fine..just- just a-"

Elora could not get her sentence out before the woman takes her to a round table to sit. The restaurant was just opposite to her, it was obvious from the sent.

"I'll grab you a cup of coffee..or tea?" The elderly woman asked, and Elora can feel her senses coming back.

"I'm fine. Really. Thank you.." Elora fails to stop the woman from giving her assistance, because the woman walked away and came back minutes later with both a tea and coffee.

"You chose. I'll have the other."

"Thank you?..Coffee please." Elora replies, feeling ber eyes water.

"Then coffee it is my dear child." The elderly woman took a seat before her; but her smile fades when she notices Elora crying.

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