His Riches (a short story)

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No matter what anyone said, Anya hadn’t married her husband for his money, but she had definitely stayed because of it.

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Chapter One

It was rather easy for anyone to say she was only with her husband for his money, Anya would easily agree with them, she was still with him for his money. They have only been married for four years and already she knew they were both sitting on a ticking time bomb. Their marriage should have ended about a year ago when she found out he cheated but she hadn't let go and the reason could indisputably have been the fact that her husband was undoubtedly rich.

Growing up poor, and not always having the basic need to survive, taught Anya a lot of things, one, was not letting go when she found a channel to have everything she ever wanted, and two, it wasn't like the men out there were any better. If she ever did divorce her current husband, there was no way she was getting married again. She was done with all things love.

One thing she could easily justify was that she hadn't married her husband because of money, though it had certainly helped. She had married him because she had been madly in love with him. He was everything she wanted in a man and they had been married 8months after meeting each other. She didn't think it was quick, he had been her only rock and she had certainly been very reliant on him emotionally, that was probably why it had taken her so long to heal from the heartbreak.

Anya had lost her parents at age 15, her dad had been in an accident that killed him on impact and her mom hadn't been strong enough to take the loss of losing her husband and had taken her own life two days later, leaving a heartbroken teenager, who didn't know her left from her right. Anya stayed in foster care for the next three years completing her high school education with flying colors, which allowed her to get a government-funded scholarship to the university. She hadn't made any friends so it had been quite easy to leave without looking back. In foster care, everyone looked after themselves, Anya had been grateful for the house she had been placed in, unlike other foster homes she heard of, the old couple she had stayed with didn't abuse them or punish them unnecessarily. There were set rules that had to be followed each day, they weren't hard or unreasonable, to get a bed sleep, and food to eat twice every day, you need to do your assigned house chores, arrive home before 8, do well enough in school and avoid making noise inside the house.

They were simple rules, to Anya anyway, but a lot of teenagers found them hard to follow and were booted back to the orphanage. Anya ended up being the only child to stay the longest with them. Anya had always been an only child, she was used to being by herself, and having constant meals a day was a beautiful thing to Anya. Her current situation was a lot better than the previous one, what had been heart-wrenching was that she didn't have her parents with her.

By the time Anya was in the university she was used to being by herself, however, she began making friends by then, not lifelong friends but they liked her and she liked them too. She dated about two guys but the relationship ended before she graduated from the university. She had gotten a full-time job in the same company she did her internship and worked there for two years before going to another company as an executive assistant to the CEO, the pay had been way better than her previous job. And that was where she met her husband, William Burke.

William had to have been the most handsome man, Anya had ever had the pleasure of seeing, and she wasn't sure if it was love at first sight but it had been pretty close to it, and it didn't help that he seemed to feel the same way. Anya soon discovered that he was the son of the man she worked for, Ethan burke. Anya and her new boss had a fairly good relationship and she couldn't risk it going sideways for any reason, much less a man who seemed like the biggest player she had ever met.

While it hadn't been easy, she steered clear of William when she realized who he was. Though; he hadn't left her alone, he would flirt and continue to ask her out despite her constant rejections. She liked William, a little too much, and was undoubtedly drawn to him, but Anya couldn't jeopardize her job for a Man, no matter how much she wanted to. Anya didn't know much about him and honestly believed he was a playboy who just wanted to sleep with her, and even though William worked under his father, he headed a whole separate arm of the business, so she didn't get to see him a lot and whenever she did, he was always trying to get her to go out with him. Nonetheless, she had been able to maintain her decision but it hadn't been for long.

About three months after she met William, she had attended a dinner with him, she had gone on behalf of her boss and ended up sleeping with him, and no matter how much she tried to tell herself it was a drunken mistake, it hadn't been. The fact was Anya had wanted to sleep with him so badly that it had been a little too consensual. It had been the most wonderful night, he had taken her to his apartment and had taken good care of her body, they had dinner in between and they had talked, laughed, and made jokes, Anya felt like she was on cloud nine, and if she hadn't been sure before, that night confirmed how much she was in love with this man.

They had finally slept in the early hours of the morning, wrapped in each other's arms. It had taken Anya a lot of gentle movement to untangle herself from his arms and quietly leave his house. The work of shame wasn't new for her, but it was particularly painful this time. At that time, the particular reason she had let herself have sex with him was so she could get him out of her system once and for all but that had been a big fail because as she made her way home that morning, she couldn't help but wonder how she had gotten to the stage of feeling that much for him. Anya had also hoped he would quit flirting with her and just leave her be.

Two weeks later, she got a summon to her boss's office first thing that morning, when she got there both father and son were waiting for her, William readily told her father, he wanted to court her, and right there his father had given the go ahead and Anya was stunned speechless. When she had later confronted him concerning his maneuver and how she didn't want to date him, he had simply said he could request for her to be transferred to his department, saying he would love to see her every day without fail. Anya had been horrified, she couldn't think of anything worse than working closely with a man she was in love with. So she had agreed to his cocky request, and they had gone on one date, then two and three, there was the dating, and then eight months later she was married to the most wonderful man in the world, or so she had thought.

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