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Beyond The Eyes Of A Commoner

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A morden story with a bit of Fantasy. A mixture of Ancient and Modern lives.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

I was running as fast as I can, bare foot that my feet started aching because I was running in a gravel road. The villagers were still chasing me and I kept on repeating the same thing over and over again. "I didn't do it please believe me I didn't do anything, im innocent. " The villagers kept on shouting. "You don't belong to this village, go away you deserve to die, you are a killer! We can't live with someone like you" I was so hurt that people got to think like this about me. I kept on running until some villager threw a stone on my head and I fell down. I tried getting up but the villagers caught me and started beating me up so brutally. I kept on asking for forgiveness while there was nothing I ever did. My body was hurting and I was bleeding so much. I could not feel my head and my right arm. They stopped beating me and took me into a car. They drove a long distance till they finally arrived to their destination. They carried me out of the car and threw me in some forest and left me there to die,moaning in pain. I won't lie I was scared, I stayed at the same position the whole evening because I couldn't move an inch. It hurt so bad and my whole body was numb. It was now dark, so dark that I couldn't see clearly, my sight started to get blur, I felt my soul leaving my body. I wasn't ready to die but it felt like it was the best solution. Just then, I heard sounds of horses approaching my direction. I didn't care of whatever happens to me anymore,im good as dead. I think it is best if I go and join my father. Just then and there, the lights went off.

Hey people, I am the palace maid, well was. My parents gave me the name of Nomthandazo Ngwenya, born and bred in Sikhanya Kingdom. I have no one, I'm alone in this world. My Mother died the day I was born, so says my father who raised me and made sure I have everything I need. He used to work at the palace but then died when I finished my Matric. I could not further my studies because I didn't have money to pay for my university fees. I found a job at the village's palace and worked as a Maid. The Queen didn't like me a bit,I don't know why,she tried by all means to make me the bad person. Sometimes I usually think it's because I was clever than her daughter at school. There is this day I will never forget in my entire life,when the Queen's Son was found dead in the morning. I was the one who was looking after him so everyone said I killed him. The Queen decided that I should be banned from the village. The whole village heard the news and the Queen told them to escorts me out of the village and go far away from it and they first needed to punish me and dispose me somewhere to die. Welcome to the story.

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