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Next (Book 2 : Second Chances)

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Nicole White would never let herself feel that again. That soul deep connection that destroys everything in its path. Instead she keeps everything and everyone on the surface and moves on to the next thing that catches her eye. Until Nolan Chance burrows his way in.

Romance / Erotica
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There were few things Nicole “Nick” White loved more in this world than the sensation of being thoroughly fucked while her panties dangled from one ankle, legs in the air, hair fanned out on her pillow and the sheer inability to form a coherent thought.

This was exactly how she hoped the night would go when she went to the bar.

The music had been obnoxiously loud; it almost propelled her back out the door after she stepped in. The place was crowded too but she didn’t mind that too much. She hadn’t been to this bar before, but the fates had decided it was time, when she stepped off the bus and the heavens opened up. There was no way she was going to race three blocks in the pouring rain to go to the bar she intended to drink in, when there was a perfectly fine bar right there across the street.

She was surprised by the decor. From the outside she thought it was going to be a standard neighbourhood bar but instead it was a deeply rooted western saloon, complete with massive leather bound steer horns mounted over the bar. As she wove her way through the crowd of people who seemed strangely at home in plaid shirts, worn jeans, boots with heels and stetson hats, she wondered how this enormous crowd of cowboy loving drinkers ended up congregating in Madison, a small town outside of Chicago.

The crowd at the bar was three people deep, and she was beginning to regret not going to the other place. Especially when she caught sight of herself in a reflective mirrored sign on the wall advertising “cheap feed at the general store”. She had put this dress on when she thought the clientele would be wearing less leather. It was a mint green strapless dress with a cinched waist and a flared skirt that barely covered her ass. Paired with her four inch heels she stood at over six foot and felt incredibly out of place.

Usually when she went to a bar it took a moment or two before some eager and brave man decided to offer her assistance in getting her drink but in this bar she felt invisible. She mentally went through her wardrobe and wondered what she had to wear to this bar if she ever came back and was lost in thought when someone bumped into her back and sent her flying into the back of another person, who in turn fell onto the back of someone else.

The abrupt chaos caused a scuffle to break out as everyone took umbrage to everyone else and before Nick could square up and declare her innocence someone grabbed her elbow and pulled her out of the fray. She kept watching the crowd grapple with each other as some people tried to break it up and others weighed in with flying fists when her momentum was pulled up short and her face planted into something tall and hard.

She blinked a few times to adjust to what she was seeing then tipped up her head to see a man half smiling, half scowling at her.

“You ok?” he asked as his eyebrows slowly rose the longer she stared at him.

His eyes were chocolate brown and seemed to shimmer but she wondered if that was just the light.


“You almost got your head knocked off.”

“I didn’t start it!” she declared and suddenly became aware that she was pressed up against this stranger’s chest, her hands gripping the side of his shirt, his hands on her elbows holding her in place.

He chuckled and the sound was like a balm to her frayed nerves. She pushed herself back and he didn’t try to keep her in place. She dusted her hands off the front of her dress then looked him up and down and realised he wasn’t wearing the western uniform everyone else was.

“You’re not a cowboy.”

He chuckled again and she felt warmth bloom in the pit of her stomach. “No. I don’t think anyone here actually knows how to ride a horse.”

“What is this place?”

“No idea.”

“Why are you here?”

“I suspect the same reason you are.”


He nodded and she noticed how he kept his eyes fixed to her face. At first she wondered why he hadn’t checked her out. This dress was made to be checked out. How it clung to her breasts and moved just enough to make you think it could drop any moment. Or how the skirt swayed when she walked like there was always the chance it would reveal the bottom of her ass cheeks.

The scuffle at the bar got shut down by a barman banging a wooden spoon off a metal pot and Nick turned to see everyone disperse. She turned back to the stranger to see his eyes lift to her face and she smiled. So he had checked her out, she just hadn’t caught him.

“Looks like the coast is clear,” she said with a nod towards the bar.

“You still want a drink?” he asked.

She smiled, it was almost a smirk. This might be a record for her, she thought. “You have a better idea?”

This time he didn’t hide his interest as he let his eyes roam down as far as he could see then back up to her face, though they lingered on her breasts and then her mouth first.

“I can think of a much better idea.”

“I’m game.”

He smiled and it was like his whole face transformed. He had a charming suave look about him but that smile made him look predatory and it caused a shiver to rattle up her spine. He moved his hand between them, lifted his hand, palm up in invitation and wiggled his fingers to encourage her to take it. Nick took it without hesitation and followed him.

Less than thirty minutes later, he was buried balls deep inside her, pounding hard as she lay back on her bed and he stood against it, his thighs shaking the mattress. She was still wearing the dress but he had pulled the top down over her breasts when he kissed, licked, and bit on them before she took a condom out of her purse and rolled it down over his leaking cock.

He moaned and groaned so much she was afraid he was going to be a two pump chump but he was really surprising her. He changed the pace and the angle at will, just when she was getting used to him, and starting to reach for her own release he pulled out, gripped her hips to turn her over then pulled her ass back to get her onto her knees.

Nick gripped the sheets and pushed back onto his cock but he slid into her slowly causing her to moan a low elongated sound that rippled from the base of her throat. She cried out, wanting him to go harder, faster, needing him to ravage her.

When they left the bar, they made out against the passenger door of his car. When they were driving she groped him over his trousers and was just reaching for the button when he parked outside her apartment. He fondled her breasts as she fumbled with the keys and his hand never left her ass as they walked up the two flights of stairs to her apartment.

When she got the door open he pushed in after her then slammed her against the closed door, dropped to his knees and ate her out right there in her hallway. The memory of that orgasm made the next one rush to her convulsing core.

“Fuck, yes, right there!” That didn’t sound like her voice but she felt the rumble in the base of her throat.

He gripped her hip with one hand and reached around to pinch her nipple with the other and she clenched around him. He cried out, his grip tightened and he rooted himself into her as he came. His throbbing cock spasmed against her inner walls, prolonging her own orgasm that shuddered out to her very extremities and made her lose her grip on the sheets. She fell to her stomach and he came with her, his arms wrapped around her torso, his forehead pressed between her shoulder blades.

“Jesus…” he muttered, his words hot and panted against her over heated skin.

“Yeah…Jesus,” she agreed as she struggled to catch her breath.

She felt him kiss her shoulders then a trail down her back as far as he could reach as he pushed off the bed and stood up. He put his hands on her ass and pushed his still hard cock into her in a slow rocking motion taking it out more and more until finally they disconnected. She tried not to hear him sigh but couldn’t help a slight whimper of her own.

She heard him pad across the room in a staggered shuffle as he pulled up his trousers and pulled off the condom. He left the en suite bathroom door ajar and she heard him use the toilet, then the taps running before he came back. She opened her eyes and watched him walk towards her. His top was gone, she thought she discarded it somewhere outside the bedroom, and his trousers were open, barely clinging to his hips but for the grace of god.

When he sat on the side of the bed and lifted his leg to open his boots she pushed herself up and stood by the end of the bed.

“Um…what are you doing?” she asked.

“Taking off my boots.”

“No need. I’m good.”

He stilled then turned to face her. She had walked across the room and pulled a t-shirt from a drawer then slipped it on. It came down to her mid thigh and was way too big for her which made him wonder if it was another guy’s shirt. He glanced around the room, taking in what he was way too busy to notice earlier but there were no other signs that a man lived here.

He looked back at her and watched as she shimmied out of her dress then tossed it on a wooden rocking chair that was already overburdened with discarded clothes. She ran her hands through her hair, thick brown wavy locks that hung just past her shoulders then quickly tied it up into a messy ponytail.

“You want me to leave?” he asked. He had been hoping to snuggle in and give his cock a chance to recover from that last mind blowing escapade so he could take her again.

“Yeah, I’m good for now, thanks though,” she said as if she was dismissing a door to door salesman of unwanted trinkets.

He stood up and turned to her but she avoided his eyes and instead hurried past him and went into the bathroom. There was no mistaking the sound of the lock snicking into place and he chuffed a surprised laugh. Perhaps the mind blowing portion of the evening’s entertainment was one sided. He bent over to tie the lace he had half opened then moved through the apartment to find the rest of his clothing.

His t-shirt was over the back of the couch. His sweater was on the floor by the kitchen, his jacket was in a heap by the door. He dressed as he moved then hovered by the door wondering if he should go back and say goodbye. He hadn’t even asked her name, and she hadn’t asked his. He thought it was hot but now it felt irresponsible.

She used the toilet, washed her hands and face then brushed her teeth. She thought of taking a shower but before she did that she wanted to be sure he was gone. She knew better than to take a man home to her apartment. It was always hard to get rid of them after the fact. Getting out of their places was always easier. But he lived way across town and she was much closer. At the time, when her hand was caressing his hardening cock in the car it seemed like a good idea.

Nick opened the door slowly, and saw the bedroom was empty. She tentatively walked out to the hall and noticed the trail of his clothing they had left in their wake earlier was gone. She peered around the corner to peek into the kitchen but it was empty too. With a sigh of relief she raced to the door, put the chain lock into place and turned the bolt then puffed a breath up her face and chuckled.

Definitely a record she said to herself as she started back towards her bedroom but her eyes snagged on something that brought her up short. The notepad on her fridge she used to remind herself of what groceries she needed had an unusual scrawl across it. She cautiously moved towards it, knowing full well what she was about to read but not really wanting to possess the information. Curiosity though was a bitch.

She ripped off the top page and held it close enough to reach then sighed. Written in an oddly beautiful cursive script that still looked bold and masculine was his name and phone number. No added note like “thank you” or “call me”, just the facts.

“Nolan Chance,” she read and she traced his name with one finger then smiled before she crumpled up the page and tossed it into the trash.

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