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Curious what's coming next? Wanting to know what ideas are running through my head, what stories im planning to write? Wanting to help me make a new world for you to enjoy? Then come read these thrilling ideas! This will be a collection of story ideas I have pending in my head! Depending on all you readers this might help me to decide what ill be writing next! And it will help me in creating fun and more interesting stories. Help me come up with ideas and plots or get hyped and support the next big story! Vote and comment on your favorites and they might be next!

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

LTF (Spin-off) Symbiotic


Alien, alienxhuman, 18+, survival, romance, love, etc...


Main Characters:
Elazar from (Last to Fall)(ML)
Kora from (Last to Fall)(FL)

summary/basic rundown:

This is the story of the female Kora. Convicted of wrongful murder and sent to the planet of xanadis alone to die, join this spiteful yet loveable human female as she fights tooth and nail to survive on the hostile planet of xanadis. With no hope of ever returning to krosa kora learns just what it takes to survive against alien plants and monsters of all kinds. But just as she's run out of luck she meets a alien native that changes her life for the better. But all that bitterness and hatred she's dirtied her plate with isnt just going to be washed away by some big alien man's massive hands... Right?

Elazar, a warrior at heart is a man of great strength and kindness. He is known as one of his tribes strongest men, yet despite this all his attempts to court females in the past three years have failed. It's a privilege and the greatest honor to have a mate and sire a child but no females of his kind have been receptive to his offerings due to his reclusive nature and scared face. For months him and his tribe have heard rumors of these creatures known as humans falling from the stars. They are aggressive males of a strange race and cause trouble everywhere they go. They show no respect for the xandisian race or nature of the planet. His people consider their mere presence a nuscience and a bad omen despite only one or two of them ever seeing them before.

But recently elazar has notice something strange near their territory. Strange tracks and evidence of tools not made by any tribe he knows of. He is curious as to what could be lurking in the forests despite his tribe mates telling him to leave it be. One night he makes a discovery as he finds a strange being caught in one of his traps, injured, starved and on the brink of death. Elazar makes the choice to release the small being and nurture it back to health. He's heard many things about humans, many bad things. And although this small creature shares some similarities to the stories, there's also many differences.

One of them being that this human was unlike any others...because this one was female.

Side notes:
This is a (Last to fall) Spin off telling the story of Elazar and Kora and how they met! This takes place months before the events of LTF and may or may not tie into LTFs story im still debating on having Azlita involved in this story cause I dont like adding other main characters from another book into current stories (FTR is a exception)

If you would like to see this story or have any ideas PLEASE comment and vote! Let me know your thoughts and ideas! I could really use some ideas for this story/plot so anything helps even a title name lol! Anyways thanks y'all for the love and support! I'll update this summery further once I get some ideas or new information, such as when it will be coming and what will be added!

(more information coming soon)
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