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The Runaway Omega

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A bet with his friends forces Alpha Kieran walk into an underground auction of Omegas. He’s just got one thing to do, sit through the show and walk out of there when the show ends, but that’s the problem. He can’t take his eyes off this female Omega on stage that seems to need his help. Myra’s life so far as an Omega has been nothing but full of hardships. She’s been abused and treated like an object. When she’s sold off to an Alpha, she expects to be treated in the same way because Omegas aren’t supposed to have a say where Alphas are concerned, but what happens with this particular Alpha is different? What if Kieran is hell-bent on not just thawing but claiming the Omega’s heart? 

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


My first thought being in this place was, what the fuck am I doing here?

This is the last place I wanted to be, but I’d lost a bet with my best friend. He knew how much I hated places like these where Alphas often visited to flaunt their wealth and status.

I wasn’t one of them and my obvious distaste for the place was a form of amusement to my peers and they made it their mission to torment me.

It was an auction for Omegas.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad bit curious about it, and this was a perfect opportunity to see what the fuss was about.

For wealthy Alphas such as myself, nothing in this world is unattainable, and it’s because of that the Alphas abuse their power and have little to no regard for the weak. Betas worked for us, but the Omegas were far lower in the hierarchy, turning them into a target and in this world where Alphas far outnumbered the Omegas, they had no chance of survival.

I wasn’t at this auction to purchase an Omega; I’d only thought of observing the place, have some drinks, maybe talk to some other Alphas and fuck off to some other club to brood in peace.

The female Beta sitting behind the desk greeted me cheerfully, appraising me secretly. The Alphas had a certain air, and they carried differently so everyone was able to tell them apart, I was no exception.

“Your name, sir?”

“Derek Howard.” I lied; I wasn’t going to give her my real name.

“Mr. Howard, Are you here for the Omega auction?”


She pulled out a document and placed it in front of me. Her long red plastic nails tapped at it, “Would you please fill up this form?”

“I’m not sure if I’m going to buy an omega.”

She didn’t need to know that I didn’t plan on buying anyone and that I was only here because I had to keep my word to my best-friend if I didn’t want to be made fun of.

She plastered a professional smile, flashing me her ample breasts through the thin fabric of her red blouse, “It is still mandatory to fill the form.”

I guess there was no harm in doing it.

I filled up the form and handed it to her. Apparently, I had to also pay the entry fee which wasn’t cheap.

There were colorful masks kept beside her on the table.

I pointed at them, “What are those for?”

“If you’d like to stay anonymous during the bidding, you can have one of these.”

I picked the black mask with a golden lining, “I’ll take it.”

* * *

As I stepped into the club, a man dressed in a suit ushered me towards a private table. All the tables in the room were occupied by Alphas who were dressed in business suits and ladies in gowns. Most of them were hiding behind masks, and a minority of them hadn’t bothered to put them on, either they had nothing to lose or they liked the title of a certified debauch who bought omegas for entertainment.

I had a perfect view of the stage from where I was seated. The place demonstrated shameless opulence with the crystal chandeliers, leather décor and expensive liquor. The patrons taking part in this auction were only those of high-standing, others weren’t allowed. Looking at this place, one would never imagine that it was nothing more than a place for self-serving Alphas to bid on the weak.

A waiter approached my table with a bottle of Moet & Chandon, worth of over six thousand dollars, I could tell by looking at the label.

He was a beta.

Betas usually served Alphas professionally, and now some of them were able to keep white-collar jobs if they were intelligent enough.

“I did not order the Champagne.”

“It’s a complimentary drink for all of our guests, sir.” He said politely, pouring a generous amount into a flute. “I hope you enjoy your evening.”

The MC welcomed all the guests and introduced himself. I planned to stay for an hour and leave. Two assistants rolled a golden glided cage onto the center.

The lights flashed onto the stage showcasing a male omega dressed in minimal clothing. He was a lanky man with tawny hair and brown eyes.

“Ladies and Gentleman, introducing our first Omega. His name is Leon. Not only is Leon a perfect cook, but he’s equally good in bed. I can assure you he will be an excellent slave or a partner for any lady or gentleman. Bid starts at five-hundred thousand dollars.”

“Six hundred thousand.” A lady called out from the crowd.

“Six hundred thousand going once, going twice.”

“Eight hundred thousand.” Another Alpha on my left yelled.

“Eight hundred thousand going once, going twice…and sold to Mr. Gibson.”

There were a few more Omegas brought on stage which were sold at a high price, each of them with good qualities. I wasn’t paying attention until they brought a petite brunette head on stage, her hair framed her oval face, and green doe eyes were filled with fear.

The other Omegas that they had been sold were confident, this one in particular wasn’t. She was shy, and it seemed to me like she was forced to be in this situation which begged the question.

Was it possible for them to kidnap some omegas for this auction? Perhaps those that were sold to them by their families?

She remained glued on stage, did not attempt to look up, not even when the MC droned on about her. He seemed to be trying to sell her too hard. There was one thing that caught my attention, the word ‘completely submissive.’

She appeared to be scared, and not someone who was here at her will. Perhaps she had decided to sell herself at the auction for money, or betrayed by her family, whatever the case was, an unprotected female Omega was a lot of trouble if left alone in society. Omega’s either needed a strong Alpha by their side who could protect them or at the very least give them a decent life.

Most of them had a hard life. When the Omegas went into heat every once a month, they released pheromones, a powerful scent that attracted the Alphas which in the case of an Omega, it can be lethal. Omegas have been abused, kidnapped, raped and treated like filth only because Alpha’s couldn’t control their urges. The government naturally sided with the powerful and the Alpha’s continued to be the savage beasts that dominated the world.

The Omega on stage raised her eyes and looked straight at me before she looked down.

She was beautiful with chocolate brown hair, green eyes and a round face. She was small but well-endowed, curvy was a word more suitable to her. Most other Omegas that they had brought on stage had a perfect hour-glass figure, but this one didn’t.

“Bid for Dove starts at three hundred thousand.” The man smiled at the crowd, “Any takers?”

I was surprised when no one took part in the bidding.

“Three hundred thousand going once, going twice…”

“Three fifty thousand.” I called out.

I mentally kicked myself for doing that. I felt embarrassed that no one was doing any bidding on her and jumped to her rescue, maybe I shouldn’t have done that, but there was something I noticed in those brown eyes that I couldn’t ignore.

A plea for help.

“Three fifty thousand going once, going twice…”

“Sold to Mr. Howard.”

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