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Boss's secret baby

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Cassandra was late for work and she prays she doesn't get fired after two months of working at Rodriquez International when she had come for her interview that friday morning her boss Scott Smith had been very friendly and she had gotten the job.Although he might be her boss,the big boss the one who owns the entire building had his own executive suite a few floors above them and currently he was away on business,some say he was very uptight, strict,no nonsense type of man,other's say he was formidable, sexy dangerous and ruthless.So far she hasn't met him but it's clear from the way the women talk about him that he's good looking and a playboy it's also a good thing she stays far away from such men they were way out of her league,besides man these days prefer tall slim women not the ones with curves and who is short like herself.When she reached the tall glass building where she was working she quickly rushed past the downstairs receptionist towards the lift that would take her to her floor.Alex had been very fussy this morning and when she had dropped him off at the daycare a few blocks from her apartment he had cried so loudly it had broke her heart she had held him for a few minutes and left making her way to the subway station where she took a train,on her way to work the train got held up by another cargo train.The pinge of the elevator brought her attention back and she stepped out on her way to her desk she bumped into Emily Mr Smith's personal assistant.

"You late."She whispered to her.

"I know.I got held up,I hope no one noticed."She smoothed down the front of her plain black skirt,it has seen better days she thought

"Mr Smith hasn't arrived yet but the big boss has and he wasn't too pleased about finding your desk empty."

Oh shit!She's fired for sure."Where is he?"

"He left.I've gotta go now."She quickly made her way over to her desk it will only be a matter of time than she'll be called into his office and told her work here was done.Their floor was quite big with floor to ceiling glass windows surrounding them,she loved the black marble tiles that was on the floor they were beautiful and one could see they cost a fortune,after all it wasn't everyday one get to look on the floor and see your face the cleaners were doing a fantastic job in keeping this place spotless.The rest of the day was quiet and slow and she's dreading the moment when her boss was gonna call her into his office,clients came and went.She was busy sorting through some mail when the desk phone rang and it was her boss Mr Smith.

"Miss Miller can you please come through to my office."He told her.

"Yes sir."She put the phone back on the receiver and stood up,his office was down the hall,knocking softly she heard his voice say come in.She nervously opened the door and stepped inside.

"Sit down Miss Miller I'll be with you in a moment."She complied and sat down in the chair that was infront of her.Mr Smith was married and looked to be in his late thirties,on his glass desk was two photographs one of his beautifull wife and the other of his two kids.There was a lounger near the window with a small table in the middle.A coffee machine was situated in the one corner,and a few gallery photo's were hanging on the wall of different artist.She nervously twined her fingers together in her lap the suspense was killing her and her boss wasn't saying anything.

Oh lord don't let her get fired she needs this job especially since Gwen has moved out last month."You weren't at your desk this morning."

"I'm sorry Mr Smith it won't happen again,the train took a bit longer than usual today."

"You take a train?Don't you have better transportation."

The train was cheaper and she needs to save as much as possible. "That's what I can afford at the moment."

"Mr Rodriquez wasn't happy about seeing the front desk empty he wanted me to fire you and I refused,these two months that you've been here you've done a great job and I don't want to let you go.I'm happy with your work I hope this won't happen again."

Mr Rodriquez really wasn't messing around from now on she'll have to be on her toes and make sure she never comes late again Mr Smith saved her butt this time next time she won't be so lucky again."I promise sir it won't."

"That will be all Miss Miller."She stood up and when she was at the door he called her back."I understand you have some mail for Mr Rodriquez."She did see some with his name on it when she had sorted through them Emily normally takes them up to his office but on her way in she hasn't seen Emily.

"Yes sir."He held out a file to her.

"Can you please take this up to his office along with his mail he's expecting it.I send Emily out on an errand and he needs this file now."Great now she's going to meet the big bad wolf,the man who fired her,he will not be pleased when he discovers she is the one

who had came late this morning.Taking the file from Mr Smith she left his office and went back to her desk,where she took all the mail that was addressed to Mr Rodriquez.Maybe she should send someone else to do this,when the elevator arrived to take her to the last floor her heart began to beat faster inside her chest.

Emiliano Rodriquez was standing and gazing out the window of his office building he really didn't have a great week,his mother just had a heart attack she was okay but it still gave him a scare she was resting at home with the private nurse he had hired for her.And her words keeps on haunting him.I'm not getting any younger Emiliano I want to have grandchildren and see my son get married is that too much to do for your mother.He dragged a hand through his black hair,he wasn't the type to get married and have kids he loved his playboy lifestyle,no commitment or attachedments.He knows women only sleep with him for all his money and for what he can give them.They are no different from those who sleep with men and get paid for it,he enjoys having women in his bed and if they throw themselves at him he takes.He trusts no one and nothing in this world everyone looks after themselves and will do anything to get what they want and he's learned from a young age not to expect anything from anyone.His reputation precedes him and anyone who knows him know not to mess with him or rub him up the wrong way.He has just come back from a business trip in Italy and was exhausted he needs rest but knows he won't get any.He was waiting for the financial file that Scott has send with his assistant and she still hasn't showed up,he hates people who aren't punctual he still can't understand why Scott had went against him firing the new receptionist who hadn't been at her desk this morning.

What if he had been a client or customer that needed information about the bank and what it offers,it was very unprofessional and that's not now he runs his bank.Where was this woman he has to leave,he walked over to his desk and called Scott.

"Where's the file I asked for?"He said down the line impatience clear in his voice.

"I send Miss Miller I thought she has given it to you."He heard the other man say.

"Who is she?"He asked.

"The receptionist.I send Emily out on an errand."

No wonder Emiliano thought she was scared he was gonna fire her and that's why she hasn't showed up yet.He saw he has another call."I'll call you back."He muttered and ended the line."Nicole."He said,she was his secretary.

"There's a Miss Miller here sir she said Mr Smith has send her."

"Send her through."He put the phone down and stood up.

Cass softly knocked on the door and heard a male voice say enter she slowly breathed in and out before opening up the door and going inside.The office was two times bigger than Mr Smith's a beautifull wooden desk was near the window with a black leather chair the wood looked to be hand crafted.Two chairs was facing the desk,a whole lounge set was on her right side and on the coffee table that was in the centre was a chess board.Not far from it was an espresso machine with every thing you might need to make coffee or what ever you might like to drink.She saw a black suit jacket was draped over the back of the black leather chair.

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