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Mannequin and Mischiefs

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Evangeline White- known in her college as Evangeline Martinez is determinedly desperate and desperately determined. She has finally gotten her legs functioning again after years of being bound on chairs and beds. Now she’s determined to let nothing hold her back from her dream of enjoying her first ever real college experience and earning her formal degree in fashion designing. Everything is going well until an assignment in her sophomore year brings her desperately in the mercy of the quiet and intimidating Greyson Wallace. To her advantage, he owes her and it is now time to collect her debt. With more than enough demons to torment him, Greyson doesn’t need to add the beautiful green-eyed she-devil’s name in the list. He is dead set on graduating his college without any interactions with anyone other than his best friend until she comes to him with the most absurd demand- to be her mannequin. Fortunately for her and unfortunately for him, Eva has a number of mischiefs up her sleeves that might land both of them, and more importantly, their hearts in trouble. It leaves him wondering which could be worse for his sanity- being her mannequin or keeping up with her mischiefs.

Romance / Humor
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Author's Note

A big welcome with my sincerest thanks to everyone who chose this book!

If you’ve read my first book ‘Pride and Promises’, you might share my excitement to some extent as this is the story of our favorite girl, Eva.

You might also be well aware that this is a complete work of fiction and this author’s imagination (which can be dangerous so I’ll try to be careful in filtering my imaginations and giving you just the enough dose). Which also means that, anyone found copying my works will be subjected to my devilish wrath. Of course, it is utterly, unreservedly and unconditionally coincidental if any of the events/ characters match with those of your real life, which would be a rarity, trust me on this.

This story mostly revolves around Eva’s college, FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) which is in New York City, close to New York University. I’ve done some of my researches but I still apologize in advance for the differences you might find between the story and the reality. I am in the liberty of adding my own imaginative descriptions on the real places so why not use it?

Now, if you haven’t read P&P, I would advise you to read it before moving to this one. (Note that this is purely for your benefit and I am in NO WAY advertising my first book here *coughs*) But it’s okay if you decide to read this one first. It can be read as a stand-alone as long as you don’t need much of a background.

Now I know only a handful of you have actually reached this part while the most are already halfway through the next chapter. I thank all the lovely people who read this lovely author’s note. I hope you’ll enjoy whatever I have written!

Please don’t forget to vote and whatever you do, DON’T hold back on your comments- good, bad, funny, sad and everything!

Happy Reading!

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