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Charlotte's wish

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Samara has not found it easy to be a single mother in a town where people are old-fashioned. Where everyone looks down on her as if she were less than them. The best thing that has happened to her is her daughter, and at last, she will be able to have her candy store that will open next Christmas. Jack was ready to propose to Samara when he had to leave. He did so not because he wanted to leave, but because Alicia, the mother of the woman he loved, made him see that he had nothing to offer her. Now he's back and looking forward to seeing what surprises Santa brings him for Christmas. Charlotte, at her young age, has noticed how people treat her mother differently, just because she is single. She is determined to change that, so she comes up with an idea: what if this Christmas she doesn't ask for a gift for herself, but one for her mother?

Romance / Drama
Lilith Moon
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While listening to her mother sing, Charlotte drew while sitting on the kitchen floor. Samara’s voice as she baked cookies inspired her to create a different drawing. The drawing showed a girl and a woman next to a Christmas tree, while a man opened presents next to them. A sigh escaped from her without taking her eyes off the drawing; that was how she wanted to spend this Christmas. However, she knew it wasn’t possible when she told her mom that she wanted a dad, and she became sorrowful. Therefore, she decided to keep it; she would show it to her friend Caitlin. She was sure she could tell if a dad looked like that while giving gifts; besides, she was the only one who understood her desire to have one.

Charlotte had a grandfather who loved her very much, but she thought he wasn’t the same as a dad. Grandpa Frankie was her mom’s dad, not hers.

She was putting the drawing in her backpack when Samara spoke to her.

“Did you write the letter to Santa yet?”

Charlotte shook her head. She hadn’t remembered until her mom asked the question. She eagerly stood up and pulled out a notepad to make her request. And, she began to write her letter asking Santa to bring her a bike that year; hers was already too small, and she needed one to fit her. She remembered her drawing when she was in the middle of the letter and had a great idea: what if she asked for something else, and for the Three Wise Men, she asked for the bicycle? Without thinking too much, she crumpled up the written paper and took out a new one, where she wrote down what he wanted most for Christmas. Minutes later, when she finished her new letter, she left the place where she was sitting and went to Samara. She asked her to put it inside an envelope and put it in the special mailbox they had for special days.

Samara took the sheet of paper and, without looking at the contents, demanded that she run for a bath. But, when she saw that she had been obeyed without complaint, the contents of the letter caught her attention. Charlotte always protested when it was time for a bath. She fiddled with the paper between her fingers as her daughter kissed her on the cheek and then ran off, bubbling with happiness. And as soon as she was alone, she opened the paper to read its contents. She hoped that whatever was written on it was within her financial means. Seconds later, unshed tears filled her eyes as she read each line.

To Santa from Charly

Dear Santa. I have been good this year. Well, I think so; I’ve tried to be on my best behavior. My grandmother has told me that I deserve whatever I ask for. I wished for a bicycle because the one I have now I can’t ride anymore, but I changed my mind, and this Christmas I wish for a daddy. I want him to go with my mommy to the places the adults go and take me out for ice cream like Caitlin’s daddy does. Not only that, but I wish he would ride a bike with me as Marcos’ dad does. Well, that will be after Christmas, when I can order the new bike.

I will leave you cookies under the tree that my mom promised to make for you.

A kiss


Samara took a napkin and wiped her face so as not to leave traces of tears. She didn’t want her daughter to see her cry. Not only that, she took a deep sigh and headed for the small library she had in the house. She took an envelope out of the desk drawer she had in there and kept the paper inside it. She plopped down for a few seconds in a chair, trying to remove any trace of what she was feeling before returning to the kitchen to finish dinner.

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