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There Should Be Roses

By D..L. Williams All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Humor


Lester Blum and Albert Smith are best friends, octogenarians living out their twilight years in a total care facility which Lester calls, "Stalag Sun City." On the eve of Lester's sixtieth wedding anniversary he and a reluctant Albert plot to escape from the home so that Lester can take roses to the grave of his late wife. Along the way they are mugged, arrested, and they meet Mary, an elderly woman who lives in cold luxury with a family too busy to appreciate her. Together the three of them lead some frantic retirement home employees on a pursuit through San Francisco to a cemetery in Oakland. There, a hospital administrator learns an emotional lesson about love, compassion and the wisdom of years and, two young nurses begin their own journey of lifelong adventures together.


Once each day, only for a moment, San Francisco is dappled gray. It happens on the edge of dawn when the fog-snuggled city and bay are caught in perfectly balanced hesitation between faltering night and the sun splash of morning.

Lester never missed it. And, when the moment was gone, its illusion banished by color and form, he never failed to thank God for the honor of its witness and to bless Him good morning.

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