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Would your husband notice the mole in that special place? Would he notice the small tattoos? The scent of your perfume? The smell of your arousal? The taste between your legs? Mrs.Tress tells the story of Kacy and James. A married couple whose relationship is anything but ordinary. After years of secrets and lies, Kacy has finally had enough. If James doesn't want a Wife, she'll give him a Mistress--on her terms. This unexpected turn of events sets off an incredible journey of discovery, in which Kacy must figure out who she is willing to be for her husband, and who she needs to be for herself. Will Kacy learn to embrace the taboo of her situation and come to terms with her own deep-seated desires? Through intense and compelling characters Mrs.Tress unfolds a thought provoking exploration of the power of love. Most importantly, the courage of vulnerability and self-empowerment.

Romance / Drama
Yvonne Miller
4.9 11 reviews
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Being in love for 10 years takes unbelievable strength and a bond to survive the trials and tribulations. There is always the ups and down, the arguments over petty things, but also the love, the silliness, joking around. Trust is a big one but did I trust him all this time? Yes, and I was a damn fool but am I being a fucking hypocrite? Also yes, my husband has had a mistress for the last 6 months and it’s me.

How does he not notice? Wouldn’t you notice if your husband or wife made a change? Changing the color and cut of your hair? Wearing contacts to hide the beautiful green hazel eyes because they have become dull due to the fact you noticed him pulling away.

The longer he stayed in the office, declining our lunch dates at the office saying he’s in meetings. When he enters our master bedroom to shower and barely sleeps in our bed I’m alone four nights of the week.

He thinks I don’t notice the young sweet perfume smell that comes from him. It’s Beth’s smell no she isn’t his personal assistant’s nor is she even someone who works in the office.

Beth is a woman who works at an exclusive club and a “friend” of mine tells me he comes in for a dance and he always wants her. She can lie to me all she wants I know she’s been fucking my husband and soon I will be doing the same.

Background on the stud, that is my husband, he is a powerful man in all things, he’s rough in the boardroom as much as he is in the bedroom. He has done things to my body and soul that I have never experienced and I don’t think I’ll feel anything as powerful as him.

That was until he started cheating on me with Beth… now we don’t have rough sex like before. Nope, not one bit we pretty much have gone vanilla and a wham bam.

Deciding that I’ve had enough I made myself invisible about 8 months ago and he hadn’t noticed anything. The late nights I’m gone, the fact we only say good morning and see you later. While he completely dismissed me only to catch his wanted attention when I was there he noticed me.


“Another one handsome?”

She winked at me with her beautiful chocolate brown eyes and dark raven hair. Her figure was quite small but the curves on her body were oh so delicious. No tattoos were visible on her perfect porcelain skin from the very skimpy outfit she had on and she had no ring. From what I could see she had always worn long black soft silk gloves.

“How about a dance? Later? Hmm?” She walks around me, her arm coming over my shoulder sending shivers over my body. She felt familiar but I couldn’t place her.

She bends over rubbing her tits on me and walks away seductively but doesn’t look back to which Beth comes over and sits on my lap claiming stake.

“Hello, big boy.” she whispers into my ear, biting my earlobe and tugging it softly with her teeth. Usually she would give me a stiff one but I couldn’t take my eyes off the new girl.

“Who’s the new girl?” Taking a sip of my drink while she slips her hand over my dick trying to see if I’m hard and then pulls away. “Her name is Sky and started a few months out of the blue. At first she worked in the back, a very shy girl then all of a sudden she showed up dressed and ready to work the boss didn’t even hesitate. She brings in alot of high clientele. If you want her you need to book in advance.”

“Hmm… be right back.” I headed to the bathroom needing to take a piss and when I came out there she was standing against the wall one of her legs hiked up and her arms crossed. As if she was waiting for me.

“Hello again handsome.”

Just the look in her eyes underneath the red light in the hallway I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She walked to me, her hips swayed side to side with her small figure in front of me but before I could place my hands on her waist one of the guards came in.

“Don’t touch the girls.”

She smirks at me and slips me a black card. I cocked an eyebrow at her and then walked away while the guard eyed me. I show him the black card in between my thumb and pointer finger. He nods and leads me into a room with people waiting, chatting and drinking. The lights flicker and it seemed like everyone knew what to do. Taking a seat near the stage that lit up with red.

There she was… standing in front of a chair in a black lacy outfit she strutted around while the men and a few women howled for her but her eyes were locked on mine she slowly made her way to the front of the stage pulling the chair behind her she crouched down pointing to me and everyone turned to who she was pointing at, I walked to her and she pulled my collar roughly her lips close to mine she turned my head and whispered in my ear and I nodded and met her on the stage.

She pulls my tie and I follow where she leads and then pushes me down on the chair and I could tell you now I have no idea what she has planned but I’m already excited if you know what I mean my dick was hard. She’s looking down at me and then slowly walks backwards, almost hitting the pole in the middle of the stage just in front of me.

She leans back on the pole and flips up on it, her legs wrapped around and bringing her upright and she twirls effortlessly then landing in a split on the floor the people around are throwing money, she crawls around the stage smiley and flirting with her other clients and I felt a surge of anger flare through me.

It’s like she forgot I was here, that is until she smirks and crawls on her hands and knees to me her hands slide up my thigh pushing them apart looking down at my hard cock making a tent out of my pants getting pretty uncomfortable.

She bites her lip and presses her tits to my cock teasing me then showing her ass to the audience shaking it while her tits were in my face. I had to grab the side of the chair to not touch her. I was not about to be thrown out of the club after finding her. No way in hell was I going to fuck this up.

“Don’t you want to touch me, handsome?” she turns around grinding her ass on me letting out a groan. “Fuck, you have no idea.”

Her hands grab mine and she pulls them and glides them over her body only teasing me grazing a thumb of mine over her hard nipple or brushing over her pussy and I could feel the heat coming from her. She drops my hands and I put them back where they were.

She sits on my lap and grinds her pussy on me and I couldn’t help but cum in my fucking pants and she smirks at me and I knew that lap dance was over. She stands up and walks away from everyone leaving me on stage when another client of hers looks at me.

“Well gentlemen and ladies that was Sky! Have a great night!”

“Don’t you have a wife to get to James?” Ah, the rival Adam. He is always in my business and I know he is in love with my wife. I smirk at him and chuckle. “Who knew we’d be matched again first in love with my wife and now Sky is gonna be my next conquest.”

His jaw ticks and it looks like I hit a nerve but to which one? I wasn’t so sure so I bid him goodnight and went to find Beth to get another round off while thinking about Sky.

Sky… she is gonna be my addiction.

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