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Flying Unicorns

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Not coming from much, Madison Gentry has struggled her entire life. A single mother, living paycheck to paycheck she attempts to conquer the challenges life throws at her like putting food on the table, and keep a roof over her and her sons' head. Always having to had work since the day she was 14 and landed her first job, she finds herself having to temporarily work under her boss', spoiled, cocky, son, Kai. He represents everything she despises, born into wealth with the company handed to him, he doesn't know or appreciate the value of a dollar like she does. From day 1 Madison and Kai easily find ways to butt heads, showing their disdain for one another but as the animosity builds ,so does the attraction along with a chemistry that can't be denied. Will these two ever give into their desires or will they just end up killing each other instead?

Romance / Erotica
Mariah Sinclair
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


"Beep, beep, beep, beep," my Alexa loudly chimes off at 5:30 am. I ignore her annoying pangs for a couple of minutes and let her echo through my bedroom walls because I know if I shut her off, I will fall back asleep.

"Alexa, shut up!" I yell out but she is apparently deaf because she doesn't stop blaring in my ears.

"Alexa, Shut up!" I bellow out once more in hopes that she's got her hearing back because I'm sure my neighbors in the apartment next door don't appreciate dealing with my big mouth and her overbearing alarm this early in the morning.

She hears me this time. This means I need to get up.

I should have set the time a bit later since I don't have to drop Jake off this morning to the sitters but I didn't want to take the chance of messing up my daily routine or forget fixing her back to my regular schedule. The last thing I want to do is look like an irresponsible screw up in front of my new boss on his first day not that I really care about Kai Scott's opinion of me, but I am a professional and his father is my true employer.

Mr. Scott needed to take a leave of absence to tend to one of his other offices for the next 6 months, leaving his spoiled heir to oversee operations at the main branch of Networking Solutions, the main branch where I have been employed for the last year.

I've never met or seen Kai before. I've heard he is handsome, well-educated and has spent the last year traveling and partying around the continental US without a care in the world which has me already harboring a strong disdain for him. He's spoiled and great looking which is never a good combination. Instead of putting in the hard work like most of us, he's been off galivanting from state to state, throwing away money he didn't earn. My parents never had much, so I had my first job when I was 14. I'm 28 now and I'm living paycheck to paycheck to cover my apartment, my car, a school loan, daycare, and every other expense needed to get by in today's society while trying to raise a 3-year-old by myself.

I roll out of bed heading straight to the bathroom. Even if my alarm hadn't woken me up, my immensely small bladder eventually would have. My son's big ass head made sure to shrink that sucker up during pregnancy. After 10 hours from when my water first broke, I wouldn't dilate past 6 centimeters because his head was too large, forcing the doctors to have to perform an emergency c-section.

I don't usually take a shower in the mornings but I'm going to today, even though I already did last night. It's always nice when you can start the day fresh. I usually have to deal with getting Jake ready and off to the babysitters while trying to fight my way through traffic going in two different directions. The sitter being one way, the office of course in the opposite. The woman watching him is all I can afford so when she moved, I found a way to adapt by getting up earlier and dealing with an almost 2-hour commute.

I decide to blow dry my long, charcoal black hair and wear it down since I also have time to style it once I'm out of the bathtub. Most days I just tie it up in a bun, so I don't have to deal with it but not today. When my hair is done, I go through my closet. The office is business casual, more casual than business, letting me keep my choice simple by grabbing a pair of boot cut jeans and my yellow cable knit sweater.

I only wear eyeliner and lipstick with some gloss not liking that caked make up look a lot of women seem to prefer so I end up ready for work with an hour to spare.

I go into the living room and plop down on the couch turning on the television after grabbing my quick breakfast from the kitchen. A peach, that I decide to eat at the sofa. I can't really afford to get too comfortable because I know I'll have to leave soon. The knowledge of this has me distracted. Instead of focusing in on a movie or show, I keep looking to the small round clock on the wall every 2 minutes. I try playing on my phone, but my short attention span won't allow it as my adhd kicks in. After 3o minutes of boredom I get up, toss the half-eaten fruit in the trash, grab my purse and keys and head off to work.

Traffic is horrendous. I'm 10 minutes away from the business park my office sits when it starts to clear up. The lane on my right is more open so I go to switch into it when some jerk on his blood red Kawaski street bike comes out of nowhere trying to cut right in front of me.

He almost loses control of his bike as I watch him catch himself, throwing one foot to the ground for leverage with his hands firmly gripping the gears, trying to steer them from falling. He situates his bike directly in front of my silver 4 door Corolla, forcing me to stop.

I place my gear into park and step out of my car highly aggravated, throwing my hands up in the air, "What the hell?! Why do all you guys on bikes think you can drive however you want?" I scowl with my voice raised an octave. Motorcyclists are all the same. They fly around on their bikes exceeding the speed limit, weaving in and out of traffic like they are immune to the laws of the road.

He kicks up his kickstand getting off his bike and starts walking towards me. He's wearing a thick designer bomber jacket with a pair of jeans and boots. I can see underneath his black leather gloves on one wrist his watch is Versace. Perfect, fucking perfect, he's some rich arrogant douche.

"Look beautiful, you cut me off," he speaks calmly, removing the helmet with both hands exposing his chocolate brown hair, crystal blue orbs, and handsome model good looks that are covered by short stubbles of a beard that only assist in accentuating his flawless face.

His striking good looks almost throws me off guard, but I detest people like him. He probably thinks he's better than everyone else because he's got money and is attractive. That's why he drives like an ass. He also thinks he can throw a woman compliment and have them melting in his hands, "You cut me off and beautiful, really? Guys like you are all the same." My eyes squint giving him a sour expression.

"What do you mean by guys like me are all the same?" His husky voice raises taking offense from my statement.

Most of traffic has been driving around us but one of the cars from behind honks, "We didn't get into an accident and were holding everyone up. I don't have time to keep arguing with you, I need to get to work." I do have time, but this conversation is a waste and were sitting in the middle of the road blocking cars.

I toss my hair over my shoulders with one hand, whisking my head along with my body in the direction of my car. Turning my back to him, I walk towards my vehicle.

"Wait," I hear him call out and then his hand grabs onto my wrist, stopping me in my tracks. He still has his gloves on but even through the thick leather, I immediately feel a hot flash take over me that makes my pulse race.

I jerk my arm back, breaking out of his hold, whipping my body around so we are standing face to face only inches apart. His strong sensual cologne lingers up my nostrils as my breath becomes ragged, taking in his alluring scent. I was afraid he would be able to feel how his touch had my pulse racing when he had me in his hold but now, I'm completely exposed to him as I fight for air with my heart pounding against my chest. Somehow my body is betraying me unable to ignore the physical attraction I'm feeling for this stranger.

"What?" I ask, rolling my eyes attempting to disguise my lust which is really hard considering his eyes are captivating. They're a striking cerulean blue that has me mesmerized, almost hypnotized by his gaze.

"Why don't you let me take you out sometime? I'd like to know what you meant by guys like me are all the same. I think you have the wrong impression of me. I can tell by your heavy breathing that your just as attracted to me as I am to you."

I laugh and point up to the sky, "Do you see flying unicorns shitting rainbows?"

He looks up in the air to the clouds briefly than looks back to me bewildered when he realizes what I've just said. "What?"

"That's when I'll go out with you. When unicorns fly and shit rainbows." I turn around and return to my car hopping back in the driver's seat. I give him one quick glance before pulling off. He puts his helmet on but not before looking over to me with a devilish grin, nodding his head in defeat.

I smile back as I pull away.

Finally, I arrive at the business park 10 minutes later. I get off the main drive and turn into our parking lot. "What the hell?" The same red Kawaski that just held me up in traffic is sitting, situated directly in front of my building. It's the only vehicle in the lot since I'm there early. There's only one office in that building, the office I work for.

I park my car besides it, grab my belongings and get to the main entrance. The security system has already been deactivated along with the front door being unlocked.

I don't have an office. My desk sits directly in front of the door. Mr. Scott's office is to the left down the hall only a few feet away and within eyesight of my work area. I place my purse down beside my chair and get seated. I don't have to look up to know who's sitting in Mr. Scott's office, but I do anyway. He's staring directly at me with the same look of astonishment I have on my face.

I watch as he pulls back from his rollaway seat. He stands up and makes his way over to me. He's no longer wearing his jacket. He's in a gray Henley that hugs his well-built upper frame. From the contour in his sleeves along with the large bulging masses that fills them, I'm able to see how well defined he really is. I was warned that he was handsome, but I wasn't prepared for panty soiling hot.

I never let our stare break. He arrives at my desk hovering above me while I remain seated, "So you must be Madison?"

I sigh letting out a deep exhale, "and you must be Kai?"

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