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Scar of Past

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Sometimes, in life there are events that you can't stop from happening. It's just like the sun and the rain. You can't stop the raindrops from falling on the ground. You can't stop the sun from setting either. In life, not everything is controllable. In life, not everything you want will happen and be yours. In life, there is no certainty. Childhood friend, first crush, first love and the greatest pain.What will happen if their worlds cross again?Is there a chance for them this time?Will their Scars was enough for them to continue their story that was ended a long time ago.

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Chapter 1

Sometimes, in life there are events that you can't stop from happening. It's just like the sun and the rain. You can't stop the raindrops from falling on the ground. You can't stop the sun from setting either. In life, not everything is controllable. In life, not everything you want will happen and be yours. In life, there is no certainty.

"No! You're not funny" I was about to turn around but Astrid quickly grabbed my arm. She made me face her again. "You're a kill joy, look at Gea. Oh! She looks stupid" she laughed and pointed at Gea who enlarged her nostrils to look funny. I was almost biting my lips and tongue just to stop laughing. I 'll be going to pay them five hundred peso bill if i laugh. Five hundred is a shame.

"Gea, make it bigger! It's five hundred, hey!" she cheered her. It's a good thing this cafe doesn't have any customers, and the people who work here might see this girl as unprofessional. Especially she's boss. Like a wild animal that has escaped from the forest.

"That's enough, it's not funny" i said.

"No, there's nothing like that! You're laughing oh....Oh! I can see your teeth." she came to me and pointed at my face. I made a poker face.

"Yshel, please laugh" she pleased.

I shook my head and sat down. I opened my laptop to continue my work. I saw the entry of three female students, so Gea returned to the counter.

Meanwhile, Astrid sat in front of me with her son.

"May i look at you homework, baby"

"Wait, mommy"

Astrid scratched her head as she waited for her son. "Mommy, the teacher said to give the meaning of love"

"What?!" Astrid, almost a shout.

I winced and looked up at her.

"Love?! You're just a Grade 3, what kind of homework is that?" she took the notebook and read it. After a few moments, I saw the notebook in front of me." Yshel, you know better than me when it comes to love."

"What me? Are you the pi—"

"Most beautiful?" she cutted me.

"No.You have the most collection of men" i answered.

Her eyes widened and quickly covered the son's ears.

"Hey, What .....man?! You're really bad"

"It's true," I raised an eyebrow. I heard her mutter a curse.

"Baby, don't listen to your godmother's nagging" she whispered to her son. I glared at her. What are you telling your son.

I focused myself on my work. I am a wedding organizer. I am currently taking care of the wedding venue of my clients, I still plan to go tomorrow in case it might be canceled.

"Go to ate Gea and she will teach you baby" I heard Astrid say that to her son. I didn't see Sixto's reaction but when I looked up at him, he was right there running to Gea at the counter. I followed him with my gaze, Sixto showed and gave the notebook to the girl. Gea said something but I didn't hear. I looked back at Astrid.

"Oh?" I asked her when I saw the way she was looking at me.

"What now?" she asked back.

"Why are you looking at me like that? What are you thinking?"

She frowned."Ah....Don't pay attention to my eyes. Maybe it's just a bad trip especially since you didn't give your five hundred"

"You look like money..." I grimaced and turned to Sixto."Why don't you look for Sais and tell him that you have a child—"

"What the hell?!" It cut me off."Don't even mention that man's name. Besides, I don't need his money" she said.

"Is that why you're asking me for money?"

She rolled her eyes."Damn it, is that how you think of me?"

"Why? Isn't it?"

"You're stupid" she stood up and went to the . I laughed and shook my head. It didn't take long before I said goodbye to go home. Even though I'm old, I still have a curfew at home.

"Seven two" I stopped entering when I heard my brother's voice. "You are two minutes late my dear queen" he said glancing at his watch.

"Stop it" I replied and continued to enter. I was stunned when I saw mom and dad in the living room.

"Why are you late?" dad asked me.

"I hung out at Rsirchafee, but it was only for two minutes...." you guys are very oa. I want to add that but mom might just throw a plate at me if I say it.

"Gosh! Don't believe that. Maybe he's dating" the freaking animal interjected from the side.

Mom looked at me in shock. "Is it true? You've moved on to Iko?!"

"Mommy!" my eyes widened.

"It's really a laugh trip mom" David laughed from the side. He was holding her stomach as if he was going to die from what he was doing.

"Sheila" dad looked at mom."I'm sorry child, your mom didn't mean it"

"Sorry child, mom just slipped" mom stood up and smiled. She walked towards me."I'm just surprised.....So, is it true that you're dating someone?"

I almost dropped my laptop when I heard that again. I looked at dad to ask for help. He immediately got it, he nodded and invited mom upstairs. Mom apologized again and went up the stairs .I was left in the living room. David went to the kitchen. When he returned, he was holding a plate and a glass of water.

"Eat that, my dear queen" he laughed as he put the plate down. I glanced at it.

"Are you kidding me David?" I asked and pointed to the empty plate and empty glass.

"Why! I took your plate and glass, You take your rice and dish!" he ordered me. I looked at him intently. If only I could have thrown the plate, I would have thrown it at him.

"Put that away, I won't eat it"

"Weh? First time, did you lose your appetite?" he took the plate and dishes."Why?" pretending to be a question, he turned to me." Is it because you heard brother Icarus' name—"

I picked up a stone from mom's burning plant next to the sofa and was about to throw it at David but he quickly ran to the kitchen. I got up. and took the things to go upstairs and sleep.

"You, sir. Where do you want the location or theme?" My client's boyfriend thought for a moment.

"I would like a church wedding, but my wife wants a beach wedding"

I turned to my female client. "Ma'am?"

"Yes, eh. I want a beach wedding" she smiled.

"Whatever she wants, that's what i will follow" said his future husband as he hugged the woman.

I stared at them for a moment. They were fun to watch. It made me wonder if I would ever experience this. Will I ever experience love? Or marry the person I love.

I don't know. Vague.

There is a part of me that urges me to look for someone else, but a louder voice tells me, No more. I also don't know if the next person I will love will be the same as my love for him. Because until now, it is difficult I can still get out of him.

"babe....Miss Yshel is infront, it's embarrassing" I smiled at the woman and showed the different types of flowers.

"It's hard to choose!" my client laughed."Are you Miss Yshel, if you are getting married.....What flowers would you like to put in your bouquet?"

"I don't know either" I laughed and took the rose that was a different color.

Red roses symbolize love, passion and respect. White roses symbolize innocence, purity, and worthiness. Pink roses symbolize happiness, romance, elegance, admiration, and sweetness. While coral symbolizes desire and enthusiasm.

"When you get married, will you handle your wedding?" I thought for a moment then shook my head.

"I still don't know" We both laughed. After a while, he decided to have white roses and pink. They only had a few guests. The wedding was also simple. But the important thing is, they were happy. It was the first time after we finished the meeting. I had lunch because they were free.

After that, I decided to hang out at Rsirchafee. I suddenly craved Astrid's coffee. The weather is just right and cloudy today, it's nice to have coffee.

"Hello!" I put down my things when i saw Sixto running.

"Godmother! Godmother! Godmother!" He raised his two arms. I smiled as I picked him up. I closed my eyes because my back bones seemed to crack. How come, this boy is so heavy!

"It's okay baby" I put her down and quickly patted her back."Oh my gosh, you're heavy.I need to get an x-ray"

"What, Yshel. Are you old?" Astrid came to us laughing. She gave a glass of ice cream to her son.

"You are the old one because you have the child" His eyes widened and looked at me.

"Get out of here Yshel!"

I took my things and joked."Yes! I'm really leaving"

"Get out!" Astrid cried because she laughed at the end. She marched towards me and pushed me backwards before she pushed me towards the door. It's like we lost our brains because of what we were doing. Sixto is talking to Gea that's why she doesn't notice us.

"Let go of me, what are you!" Astrid laughed. She let go of me before going to the counter. I followed her. "I have something to tell you" she whispered.


"loan" she smiled sweetly.

"loan you ass" i rolled my eyes.

My phone vibrated so I took it out from my bag. I saw a text. I opened it.

From: handsome


I frowned because of the name of the registered number. When I remembered, I didn't have anyone named like this in my contacts. I clicked the number. When I saw that this number was familiar, I quickly changed the name and I replied.

To: David


From: David

mom said you will eat here later,,,,,, go home,,,,don't be late, i'm the boss so don't make me wait(●´∀`)ノ

My face was wrinkled while reading my brother's text. I put my phone at the table and didn't reply anymore.

Astrid turned to me with a frown. "Yshel" she called me. I looked up at her as an answer. "You've gotten ugly these past few days."

"You're ugly every day" I sighed as I turned my gaze to Gea and Sixto.

"It really hurts when you talk like that" I looked at her.

"Wow, coming from you." She opened his mouth, shwe would have spoken if the door had not opened. My smile grew bigger when I saw who it was.

"Wally!" Astrid's eyes widened and quickly ran towards her friend. He greeted her with a big smile.

"Silly! What are you talking about, Wally? I am Wendy" he secretly looked at Sixto then laughed.

"Stupid, it's the same," said Astrid, who still had a big smile.

"Godfather!" Sixto's cute voice echoed the whole cafe. I saw Wendy's face turn sour as she turned to Astrid. He elbowed her.

"Hey, Why isn't he used to calling me godmother and not godfather yet?!" Astrid laughed then shrugged her shoulders.

"How is our baby Sixto?"

"Hey!I said his name is Rainier not Sixto" said Astrid.

"But he likes that name. Sixto!" Wendy said while smiling, as if hinting at something.

"His name is Rainier!" Astrid shouted.

"But mommy" Sixto pouted."I like the name Sixto.

"It's impossible baby"

Wendy stood up smiling and came over to me. "baby," she laughed. I elbowed him and laughed too.

"Mommy.....Can I change my name?"

And since there were no customers yet, we hung out at the counter.

"What would you change the name Rainier to? It's nice, isn't it?"

"But I like the name Sixto...."

"It's not possible baby" Astrid kissed her son's fat cheek. Meanwhile, Wendy laughed looking at her mother.

"How about the name Sais—"

"What?! It's even more impossible" Astrid interrupted immediately. Wendy and I both looked at each other and then laughed. Wendy was so happy that I almost fell off the chair because of her shaking me. Astrid lifted her gaze in our direction. She raised her fist and glared at us.

"Do you want mommy to be angry?" Sixto shook his head. "Then stop complaining about your name. Rainier Astro Lagonzaga, that's your name. Get it?"

Wendy giggled.

"okay mommy" Astrid nodded and hugged her son.

"Don't listen to those people."

"Who? To godmother and godfather?" Sixto asked innocently

"Your ugly mother is just kidding, baby."It's Wendy.

"Who's ugly?" asked Astrid.

"You" Wendy said.

"You're ugly"

"You're uglier"

Astrid looked at me and pointed."Yshel is uglier"

"What did you say?" I straightened up and then approached her. I stopped when the door suddenly opened. My eyes widened and I gasped. I moved a step backward. I also felt Wendy and Astrid stop. They probably feel what I am feeling by now.

"Good afternoon sir!" Gea greeted them. "The fvck?" I heard Wendy's curse at my back. My heart beat faster when they both walked towards the counter. I almost gasped when our eyes met. T-this....This is fucking ridiculous! What are they doing here?!

"good afternoon" I quickly looked at Astrid. She stopped wiping Sixto's back because of these two, while Wendy remained shocked.

"Mommy its raining" Astrid slowly looked at her son. It didn't take long because she also looked back at the two. I looked outside and saw that it was raining!Fvck.

"Wendy....Yshel you stay here" she said softly and picked up Sixto. Even before we could answer, he quickly picked up his son and stood towards the extra bed in the back. Wendy and I looked at each other. I would like to call Gea but she still doing something. Annoying!

I kicked Wendy to ask what their order was. I kept quiet and sat down. I busied myself with my phone. I messaged Astrid.

To Astrid:

Come back here. Why did you leave?

"What's your orders misters" Wendy politely asked. I looked up slightly before returning my attention to the phone.

From: Astrid Send them home.

To Astrid:

They're costumer.Dumbass.

"Boring" I whispered and scratched my head.

"It's been a while Yshel" I gulped and immediately closed my phone. I looked up at the two of them.

"Sais....yes.Its been a while" I laughed a bit and then shifted my gaze to Icarus to see his reaction. My heart ached when i saw his normal reaction. I keep tweaking myself. What am I acting like? He doesn't really remember anything.

"How are you?" I glanced at Icarus again. He's smiling while talking to Wendy.

"I-im fine. You, how are you?" Sais closed his eyes as if he remembered something.

"Damn....Yshel, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to—"

"It's alright." I smiled and turned to Icarus. Sais was silent. He invited Icarus to a table. I blew out air before looking down at the phone.

To Astrid: He doesn't really recognize me anymore.

I bit my lower lip to stop my tears from falling. Why is that? Why does life seem so unfair? I think he's happy. Why can't I be happy too? Why is it so hard to get out of him? Why .....Why is it so hard for him to love?

From Astrid: Send them home. Tell them i'm closing early.

We've been apart for a long time. Years without communication. He doesn't recognize me. He has a different life. His life is different. I need to plug it into my mind. He doesn't need you anymore! He's happy. He's happy without you .Without me.

"Yshel" Wendy suddenly called me.


"I'm peeing"

"Go pee" He slapped one of my arms.

"You're really stupid, aren't you? Of course you're here first"

"I don't want to!" I stared at it.

"Alright....I won't be long" he said with difficulty. "Hurry up" I begged him. Their coffees have already been given. They won't bother me anymore. That's fine.

From Astrid :have they come home?

I blinked and typed a reply to him.

To Astrid: Why didn't you come out to find out? I adjusted my seat and looked up.

"What the hell?!"

I froze in my seat when I saw Icarus approaching me. I felt like I was short of breath as he crossed the road approaching my seat. I quickly looked away when he was in front of me. I tried to act busy. I held the My cell phone looks like you have a text. I really stood by what I did. I didn't speak, I didn't look at his direction. I just focused on the fake text.

To Astrid: Hey! Feel free to reply


I bit my bottom lip when I noticed that Wendy took a little longer in the cr. I would have liked to follow this case.....

"hey" I tried to calm my heart when I heard his voice. Damn, Yshel. You shouldn't be like this. Darn it!

"Yes..." I smiled a bit. My hands seemed to be shaking.

"Are you embarrassed?" when I looked back at him, he smiled a little. Heck. Also, embarassed? Why should I be shy? What reason?!


"Oh right!" he chuckled. I blinked and secretly grabbed the counter. Freaking hell! Where is Wendy! I looked to the left and saw him come out with a tissue in his hand. When he saw me, he quickly ran towards me. He was surprised to see Icarus in front of me. I started to put away my things.

"I'm leaving"

"You will get wet from the rain." Wendy said as he glanced outside.

"I will reconcile."

Wendy's face hesitated to nod. I faced Icarus.

"I go first."

He just nodded and said the order to Wendy. I immediately wiped the tears that ran down my face when I went out. I walked trembling to the waiting shed to take shelter. I hugged my laptop and my bag while crying non-stop. Does it have to be this way? Fvck, I have regretted so much. There is no day and no night that I did not regret my decisions. I thought this would be good for us.

But what I did was a big mistake. I was wrong.

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