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Droplets & Swirls

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Fleur, a 17 year old aspiring ceramist who's following after his.. Dad... Helps his mom in her flower shop by selling his stuff. Juuime an aspiring singer who preforms small gigs time to time with his band. Fleur thought he could live happily with a crush on Juuime as long as they're together. Fate seems to have other plans.

Romance / Drama
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Fate is a funny thing.

" Fate? Hah!! Humour. . .*hic*. . humour me. . with those fibs. "

" They're not fibs. I think fate is truly real ! "

" Yeah yeah. " Chugging his sinful drink then slamming it onto the table sent it mildly shaking, " Pour me another!! Quick Quick Quick!!! " Fleuri 's abrupt stand almost sent him toppling over, finding unknown strength to keep himself upright.

Arabella rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath complete opposite to Cherie's amused persona. " Fleuri, I'll advise you to sit down. "

" What!? "

" I'll advise you too— Ah forget it. " Waving off the other who's body began to dance to the music. " This music, terrible music may I add, is deafening. " His voice of opinion got a nod from the other attendant in a form of agreement.

" You believe fate is real! Don't you Cherie? " Arabell tuned to Cherie for his opinion. Their already close proximity made it easier to hear each other than it was to Fleur on the other side.

" I don't know.. Until I've experienced fate I'll believe it but till now.. " Cherie sipped his drink and allowed his sentence to mingle in the dense air. Arabell's defeated sigh was enough to know Cherie got his message across. Motioning his head to Fleurs direction," Ask that one again when he's not.. " A twinge of interest sparked within at the sight of Fleuri chugging a whole bottle of booze ( Arabell & Cherie swore they didn't see a worker handing it to him) in one swoop.

" Drunk... Right okay !! " He clapped his hands in signification it's time to leave. " I think it's time for us to leave. " Getting up, Cherie propped his arm around Fleurs waist, and the other took his hand to wrap his shoulder.

" What!? *hic* No.. No! I'm not done—! "

— It's led Fleur to many unfortunate events in his lifetime.

" Arabell, you go get the check me & Fleur will be waiting outside near the bus stop. " Cherie took needed action Fleur didn't like. Shamelessly voicing it only to be ignored. Nodding to her given orders, Cherie along with Fleur left the bar littered with drunken - most likely - underage teens.

A smile immediately broke out onto Cherie's freckled face once he remembered how sweet fresh air was. " Fuck *hic* you. . .you. . moran. . . " Fleur who didn't share his satisfaction began to wither in hopes to be released.

" Cherieeeeee !! " A groan fell from Fleurs mouth as it's final push were the tightness in Cherie's arm.

" Stop moving ! I'm just gonna quickly phone Juuime to collect your drunk ass. " Miraculously, Cherie's wishes were immediately obeyed. To which he scoffed at. " Even in a drunken state you're still down bad.. " He dialled a number into his phone and proceeded to grant Fleur's desire, releasing him to go and lay down on the Bus bench.

" Hey Juuime! It's Cherie and— Yeah.. I would ask how you'd known but it's becoming a frequent thing. I'll text you the bus stop location. Thank you ! "

" Juuime… "

— So it'll be understandable to belive fate was a stupid fairy tale thing.

" Don't worry Fleur. " Consoled Cherie. " Your ' boyfriend ' will soon be here. "

" Man!! How I missed this fresh air! " Arabell inhaled as much air her lungs granted her just to exhale dramatically.

" That's what I was thinking just a second ago !! " The two friends clicked their fingers in sync to appreciate their shared satisfaction. To be ruptured by the honk of the bus parking to collect their destinationated attendants.

" Awh man! I was just getting used to this air. " Huffed Cherie. Arabell crossed the distance between her and Fleur and knelt in front of him in order to make her voice more heard of.

" Okay Fleur, me and Cherie's bus are here. " She wasn't sure if Fleur was conscious or not after a drawn out silence passed. Her assumptions withering when Fleur muffled a broken ' Okay. ' A gentle smile drew her lips. Such a lightweight Arabell stood shaking her head.

" See you on Monday! " Cherie waved, hopping onto the bus as Arabell toggled behind.


His numbing body shivered in response to the frigid wind hustling by. Distant sounds of motorcycles, road traffic, blaring music, conversation amongst people, people speaking, people speaking. . . someone speaking— " Fleur !! "

—But for every obstacle Fleur has overcame led him to you.

" Stop screaming !! " Instinctively he pressed his cold hands to his ears.

" I've been trying to get your attention for a while now dummy. " Warm hands caressed Fleurs dishevelled hair in such a gentle manner as if not prying to mess it up beyond extent. Fleur took great pride in his curly, visually healthy long hair, spending hours perfecting it. If anything affected his mood would be his hair. If it wasn't perfect just the way he likes it a sourness would seep into his behaviour. Therefore, only special people were granted permission to touch his hair. And those were few people.

He sighed contently against the touch, melting slightly into it. " You should do that more often.. " The hand stilled immediately and Fleur's eyes flew open. Juuime was knelt right in front of him. His hand tangled in his hair. Juuime was here.

Juuime?!? Fuck fuck.

Despite his dazed head fogging up his judgement a blaring realisation rackage through his head making Fleur aware of his mislip.

" Juuime! *hic* You— You got here fast..! " He laughed stiffly hoping maybe maybe it'll prevent the rising awkward tension. Slowly sitting up he braced himself to see Juuime's repulsed face… not a smile?

" No need to get awkward with me, Fleur. " God, he wanted to kiss that smile away. Discarding the thought quickly as it came. " We're friends. If you want me to play with your hair more often I'll gladly do it. " Juuime reassured. " You know what they say, drunk words are sober thoughts. " He lightly squeezed Fleurs cold hands, encapsulating warmth within their touch.

" Please.. stop talking.. " Murmuring in crimson blushes and dazed state. If he continued any further he swore his heart will go into cardiac arrest. This whole scene was so embarrassing for Fleur. Laughable you could say. With Juuime having to see his drunken state numerous times and him embarrassing himself countless times in this state—


" Let's get you home. " About to carry Fleur same way Cherie had it weren't for his protests.

" Please, don't— don't carry me like that. My legs will give out. " Fleuri warned to avoid possible complications on the journey home. Expecting to be carried piggyback style, what he didn't expect however, was to be lifted in the air.

" Juuime!? " His friend was carrying him as if he weighed nothing. Not only that, he was holding him in a bridal carry.

" You said your legs will give out. " He began to walk. " So this will do. "

" You could've carried me piggy back style? '' Fleur craned his head to rest on Juuime's chest. Thanking whatever Divine for the nightfall darkness shielding his inevitable blush.

" We've already began walking Dear Fleur so you're just gonna have to manage. " An urge to protest deflated havin' came to a point of there being no need drawn out useless scandal.

If it weren't for that day.

would meeting you be called fate ?

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