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He Loves Darkness

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Bet! It was supposed to be just a harmless bet! But Andreana never expected a simple bet to turn her life upside down. Sweet, simple, next door girl Alexa just turned 18. On her birthday party in a bar, a dare was thrown at her by her friends.. She just had to kiss a random guy in that bar. What's the big deal?! If only she knew, that random guy was not random at all!!! The notorious Mafia king, Angelo Diemel, could easily be considered as the most dangerous human ever...

Romance / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

precaution: Mature scenes ahead.

'Mmm.. Angel! Don't stop!" Lexi moaned loudly in pleasure, her legs clutching around a strong manly waist as her body moved rhythmically with his strong thrusts.

"Oh baby, I won't! I can't.. Ugh!" Angelo fastened his pace, his passion for this beauty lying beneath him driving him mad.. Still maintaining his fast pace, he moved his lips crazily over hers like he wanted to feel her every breath, every shudder. When he realized, she is again coming closer to her release, his pace turned slow, thrusting in and out of her body in a slow rhythm, his lips lazily roaming all over her pink skin.

Lexi couldn't take this frustrating pace any more, she arched her body up to reach her release but in vain.

"Oh, Angelo! Faster, please!"

"Yeah, baby? You want me to go faster?" his lips restlessly feathered kisses all around her face, but still maintaining that low agonizing pace.

"Yes, Angel! Please!", Lexi grabbed his strong butt to make him go deeper! She couldn't take the wait anymore.

"Then say it, baby", Angelo pulled her panting mouth into his, kissing the life out of her. "Tell me who do you belong to?"

"You! Only you!"

"Tell me you are mine! Tell me you will always be with me! Always!" Angelo increased his pace, hitting home everytime he entered her body.

Lexi's every cell was awake with the intensity of the release that was storming to get out. She hugged him tightly with whatever little energy she had.

"I am yours! Always yours! Always- aah!"

Lexi shuddered fiercely with her release as she felt him release his load with a growl. She felt boneless and lay powerless beneath him. After some moment, Angelo gathered her in his arms and put her head on his chest.

Tired as hell, Lexi opened her eyes slightly, her gaze directly coming in contact with the black scar on his face. He was hugging her tightly in his arms, his eyes shut, his chest rising and falling sharply with post coital pleasure. A smile adorned her lips as she stared at him with full adoration. Slowly propping herself on one elbow, she kissed softly on his scar. Once, twice, again and again...

Although he still didn't open his eyes, Angelo's face lit up with suppressed smile. He grabbed her head and pulled her lips in for a passionate kiss.

"What were you trying to do, my heart?" he asked after having his fill of kiss for the rest of the night while resting his head on his muscular arm.

Lexi raised her brow in mock exasperation,

"Was trying to kiss your beautiful face, duh!"

A hearty laugh rang around the room as Angelo's eyes lit up with amazement, he brushed his nose lovingly with hers,

"So, my love finds me beautiful, huh?"

"For the one hundred thousandth times, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!"

Angelo again broke down into laughter as if he had just heard the decade's best joke.

"Others might differ with your opinion, my sweet."

"Hey!" Lexi punched him with all her force only to be welcomed with pain.

"Aah! Why are you so hard and rough everywhere? Even punching you hurts!"

"Sorry, sweetheart. Let me check.", Lexi stared at the beautiful man before her as he massaged her small fist with his fingers and kissed them better. Her eyes unknowingly overflowing with tears,

"If only they could see you without your mask of cruelty, they would know how gorgeous you are."

Angelo turned his gaze slowly to her face, his smile vanishing from his lips like it was never there,

"Oh my sweet, that's where you are wrong. The point is, if they saw me without my mask, They wouldn't be alive to see the next sunset."

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