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L am cursed

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How or why life was so cruel to him he does not know. Did he do something wrong in his last life or what. Reas the eldest twin of the Kunias family hated by his own mother she keeps him at arm’s length like he got some diseases. Maybe it’s his eyes that his mother hates the most he remembers how she never looks him in the eyes and she would curse him about them call him the devil spawn. When he things that maybe death will embrace him only to find out that the is a force that is stopping him from dying. Will he find a way to kill himself or will him finale except the fact that even death does not want him. *************** After living his childhood in misery finale when he is 20 years his mother comes to him and asks of only one little favor if he still respected her. Lianas Couy the only daughter of the third richest men in V country had come of age to court and she wanted him to do the owners in order to strengthen business relations. we he be able to fulfill his mother’s only wish or will he follow his heart as he falls trap to the storm that enters his life on the every same day. The person who had saved his life five years ago Ronny Mias the man he still had scores to settle with.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Living in a big palace does not always mean your life is amazing. My life is good example of that.

My name is REAS KUNIAS l am one of the Kunias twins but being the oldest l am not the most loved. L sometimes wonders to me if I and Darling are really twins or if we even belong to the same mother or not. My mother Elizabeth kunias hates me with passion. It is truly understandable how the heck a mother can have different affection for her twins because she adores him so much that l sometimes get jealous but l know l can never have her love so l suck it in .ever since l was a child all l remember about my mother are her insults sometimes even beatings and from my father indifferent nothing more. He would see her beating me and just ignore it like its none of his business so l just considered myself orphan. Pain is now a part of me or can l say my friend partner and life

One may ask me why not just commit suicide but to tell you the truth death hates my very being. L have tried to kill myself so many times in my 15 years of living have tried to commit sluiced 20 times and this is the 21 time and if l don’t die then l quit even on death.

Standing at the age of the Abaret bridge l look down and see the sparkling water that l will drown me in “l hope this is the last time l am doing this “l whisper to myself. Letting go of what’s being holding me down l let me fall and let death embrace me. With my eyes closed l can feel my self-losing conscious is this it am l my finally going to die be ride of all the pain. Even though dying l feel so happy it like l can’t wait my wish is finale coming true. “Tsk my dear what do you think l will let you die how many times do l have to tell you this” what the fuck that voice l again why can’t you just let me die “Ahhhhh” everything becomes black. Talk about bad luck mine is the worst.

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