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Rejected, But Survived

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“No Rue, you cannot be my mate! I reject you! How can the moon goddess even think to mate me with you? You are just too weak” Riley Sullivan said to Rue with an unrecognizable expression on his face.  Her name is Rue. She had never met her parents, nor did she know about her wolf. Her parents left her at the borders of the Blue Moon pack when she was barely six months old. Since then, Rue got stuck with the pack which abused her just because they believed she was a low-born Omega. Rue watched her entire life crumble under her feet when Riley, the only friend she ever had in the pack, rejected her. Stuck with the pack that never made her feel at home, a pack that she never truly belonged to. To make it worse, Riley openly disclosed his reasons behind treating Rue kindly. He became her friend only out of pity, seeing Rue as worthless and powerless as the rest of the pack did. Riley made it quite obvious that he would rather choose any other she-wolf who would guarantee his position as the next Alpha of the pack. Rue felt betrayed and ashamed. She lost her hopes not only for the pack but for the entire world. Broken, she decided to end it all. Death would be better than the shame, better than going back to that place but the tables had turned out differently along the way, as she is awakened to the most beautiful face of being mated to an Alpha king, who helped her find her r

Romance / Drama
Elizabeth Moore
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Chapter 1

Rue ‘s POV

My whole body felt joyful as I made my way to Riley’s room after finishing all my work for the day, Riley Sullivan has been my only friend in the pack, despite all the evil eyes that I have to worry about all day every day, he stayed with even when his friends didn't want to. I have always been tagged as a stigma that followed me. It has been more than a year I turned eighteen and I have still not seen my wolf nor shifted, no one has been able to tell me who I am but everybody assumes I am an Omega since I was left to die in front of the Blue Moon pack eighteen plus years ago, including me, that is the only explanation that makes sense. No one would have discarded me if I was in any way useful to them, No one.

So, to have a Beta friend is more than I could ever wish for in a place where I feel useless and unwanted.

I counted my steps as I bounced in anticipation of what’s to come. Tonight was going to mark the end of my troubles, the end of my worries and the end of my shame and the beginning of new things. I am going to be forever free and after tonight I will start to feel a little sense of belonging. Just as it should have been, I will be a normal pack member. Riley said he loves me, and he is going to be with me forever and tonight would be a prove of that. I am going to give my all to him tonight. Now that I have found out that he is my mate is making me even extraordinarily happy and I can almost not contain what I am feeling.

Let me introduce myself, I am Rue, yeah just Rue, with no surname. I have never met my parents, I have been told... Or should I say I have been mocked numerous times about being dumped by the gate of the pack on a cold day and the Alpha at that time could not just bare to turn a baby away in the cold, but maybe it would have been better if they had turned a blank eye and allowed me to die at that time if they knew they would not take responsibility of taking care of me fully, then I would not have lived through all the pain and sadness I had to go through trying to prove myself to the people that have written me off completely as a mere slave.

Don't get me wrong, The alpha at the time tried his best, and now I'm grateful that he didn't give up on me.

It would have been a really good thing if he was still the alpha now but he died pretty early due to a very rare disease that killed some of us.

“Hey where are you bouncing to?” Alexis dragged me from behind turning me towards her, I was not concentrating enough to have seen her coming towards me, if I did I would have tried my best to avoid her, she never lets me rest, always one thing to complain about.

“Alexis” I greeted her in a frustrated tone. Alexis is one of Riley's friends and the daughter of one of the high end officials who has never hidden the fact that she hates me so I try my best to avoid her any time I see her coming toward me, today was not just my best time of doing so.

“I asked you a question! Where are you going? Have you finished the chores from the pack kitchen?” She said, looking down at me in her five foot nine to my five foot six.

“Yes Alexis! I have done everything that's asked of me today, I have completed my chores” I rolled my eyes in frustration. she blinked her over-dolled-up face as my answer caught her unexpectedly, probably because it usually takes me a lot of hours to finish washing all the plates used by the whole pack and still help make dinner. But I planned this earlier and I worked faster that I have ever done at washing plates, also making a deal with the cook, Mr Pat that I would help him with the next day’s lunch and dinner instead of tonight’s dinner helped me a whole lot, and thank goodness I didn't need to roll myself at his feet before he gave me the permission.

“This early, are you sure?”

“Yes I finished early because I have other things to do today “

“Another job? Are you working for money? Do you have someone who is paying you? Is that why you rushed the chores you were given today? Did you even do them well? What about dinner? Is it not your turn to help out? I am going to tell the Beta in charge about what you have done, you wrench. And I am going to make sure they beat you up or even lock you in the dungeon!” Of course I have jobs that pay me some little coins that I go by, but I am not about to tell her that. And her threat would do nothing to stop what's going to happen with me and Riley this night.

“No I am not going to another job! “ I snapped at her, I will not allow her intimidate me.

I continue “...The dinner is being made and I'm sure it's going to be done anytime soon. Stop jumping into conclusions and go see if your brother needs help with his diaper again” I knew she thought that information was a secret and not many people know the issue about her grown brother and his inability to control himself when it comes to relieving himself. But I needed something that would make her back off and not delay me any further. I was looking at the path that leads to where I just need to go to get to the corridor that leads to Riley's personal room and I will be off to this whole mistreatment.

“Can I go now you are delaying me?” I could see some of her friends coming far end behind her and it will only add to what's already happening if they meet us there together, they are probably going to eat or just going to hang around the pack’s large dining before dinner. Either way, I don't want them to see us here talking together.

“I am sorry, but I gave to go” I said as I started to make my way out of her presence.

She didn't allow me go, she held me back and it was so hurtful this time.

“Where are you going?” She asked sternly and unrelenting. My words must have hurt her so deeply that she wanted to hurt me right back.

“I am not telling you that”

“Oh I know, everybody knows! You are going to meet Riley again! We all know he has been playing you! Telling you the exact things you want to hear. I can assure you that he is going to use you and then dump you like he should have a long time ago now”

“Why would he do that? Riley loves me! Unlike you lot. He loves me and he sticks out for me, anything that happens between us, is none of your damn business!” I said with so much seriousness, I was not going to let her spoil the rest of my day.

I just left her there and made my way out of her presence, this time I didn't need to be polite.

I know Riley would never dump me or make me look bad in front of his friends. Alexis must have said those things to get back at me for my words to her, either way, I'm going to take it off my mind and not let It affect our night together. . .




When I got to Riley's room, he was already waiting there for me, but I knew that something was different immediately I saw him. His bold smiled turned to smirk and then back to the smile I first saw, but there was no way I would have missed the quick changed. He should know that I'm his mate now since he has seen me but since he is not talking about it, I will just let it be, maybe he has not found out yet, I have heard of some mates found out that they were mated before the other. Maybe ours is like that too. I wanted tonight to be special, if he has not noticed it, it might be because it has been written that way. So I didn't mention us being mates to him, Let tonight be without any of that. I thought he would tell me and be excited about it, but since he does not even know it yet, then I will just leave it be.

Knowing he is my mate even makes tonight worth it to me, I have vowed that I am going to give my virginity only to my mate because then I will be able to give my all to the person who would revive my fate. And I'm more than happy that my mate is none other than my friend Riley. His masculine room felt even cozier today, his bed looking extra tempting, but through the temptation, I was hesitating to move from where I stood away from the door.

“Come here Rue. Are you going to stay there all evening?” His voice sounds so strong, screaming masculine all over it even though he was just two years older than me.

I moved to the sound of his voice, like it was pulling and directing my brain functionality.

“Hmmm…hmm… I’m coming” I said shyly and I kept moving closer to him.

This is going to be my first time so I know it’s natural for me to hesitate and feel nervous but it is also going to be with the person I trust most in the universe.

He met me half way to him and immediately dragged me in for a kiss.

“Hmmm” I was not sure if that moan was from me or from him but it didn’t matter, I was enjoying it so much, I wanted to be lost in his touch, in his caress.

He fumbled across my breasts as he kissed me, I never felt anything like it.

“I am so glad I’m finally doing this with you, I’m happy I’m spending the rest of my existence with you Riley, you are going to change my life forever” I said between kisses but he never replied he just continued kissing me which I thoroughly enjoyed.

“I. . . “

“Shsshhh” he placed a hand on my lips to stop me from talking further. He went ahead to remove my chemise dress and then with whatever hand he removed everything else I was wearing and was taking me to the bed. He laid me down, the proceeded to remove his own clothing while looking at me the whole time he took everything off and for once I was not shy of my nakedness, he is the one who will own it now anyway. He has told me all over and again how much he loves me and he wants to be the one I give my innocence to, but I just couldn't help but think about what Alexis said to me earlier.

“Wait!” I said as he tried to penetrate! I thought he would tell me things that would help me relax or things he might know to help.

“What?” He asked, Sounding a little impatient.

“Can you tell me something? Anything to take my mind of the pain! I have heard that it is somehow painful “

“Don’t worry, we will be done before you know it”

“But still? Tell me something. Something you know I would like!l” I insisted.

“I love you?” That sounded like a question to me and it was pretty hurried, I would have queried him but he was already penetrating inside me, and the pain swept the words away from my mouth.

The whole thing ended just as quick as it started and it was nothing like I have heard about sex but maybe it would get better, this is only the first time.

It didn’t take long before sleep enveloped me . . .

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