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Chapter 6

I got up earlier than needed the following morning, in part due to nerves as well as to be able to say goodbye to Rebecca properly. We hugged for a long time, and she told me that she’d be regularly calling to check in, as well as offering for me to feel welcome to call her.

I made sure that Carmen was all set for her day before we left, getting her into the back seat as I smiled at her. She had her hair in a fancy braid thanks to her aunt and a pair of jeans with a flowered t-shirt. “Ready to go?” I asked as she nodded and looked into my face. I went to get into the driver’s seat and started the engine of the SUV, pulling out onto the curvy road carefully. It was a gorgeous drive, and I smiled as the radio softly played while Carmen sat quietly in the back seat. I didn’t expect her to accept me entirely right away, but I did glance into the rear-view mirror to see her looking at me with a soft smile. I dropped her off at the front doors and watched her until she was all the way in the building, feeling possessive over the child. Once the school was quiet, and I knew that all the kids in class, I was the last person to leave. I knew that I had five hours until I needed to be back and wondered what to do in that time.

I almost felt guilty for having the free time when this was my job, but I knew that I would be the one to pick her up if she got sick or something else happened. Nick would be there in severe cases but I’d be the main one in charge, and that was a part of my job duties.

I was getting in the car when my phone rang, seeing Mom’s name as I giggled. I was so caught up in the activity this morning that I forgot about visiting her, answering as I assured her that I was on my way. I left the school, looking over to make sure that I remembered the afternoon routine before leaving.

I spent three hours with my mother, crying when I first walked in. I didn’t realize how much I missed her until she was hugging me tightly. We finally parted and made our way to the couch where she made some tea, and we caught up. She listened to the details of my job, nodding, and smiling as she told me how well-liked Nick was in the town.

“What about his wife? I got some sense that his sister wasn’t crazy about her,” I said as Mom took a long sip of her hot tea.

“Melanie wasn’t an overly friendly woman,” Mom told me as I matched the name to the face that I’d seen on Facebook. “I don’t think that a lot of people knew her well, though I’d never fault her as a mother. She seemed to be committed to caring for Carmen, and you say that she’s a happy little girl.”

“Yes, she is. I can tell that she’s getting used to things, but she’s always been sweet to me. I think we’ll be good,” I replied as I looked around the house. It was small since it was just her now, but quaint with a beautiful, distant view of the water. It felt cozy, and I settled into the chair as we continued to talk until I left to get back to the school. I was early, knowing that I needed to do that until I started feeling comfortable and sat down against the tree as I looked at my phone.

The bell rang, and I stood up, brushing off my clothes as I moistened my lips. I was more aware of the looks that I got when Carmen approached me, the curiosity from the other moms. I just focused on her little face as she hugged my legs again and walked with me to the car.

Carmen told me all about her day as we drove home, opening up more as I smiled. We got back to the house and did homework before we took a walk together, making it home in time to start dinner. Nick got home early if he was working locally, usually by six from what he told me. I had already selected roast chicken and vegetables for tonight and set about getting the prepared food ready as Carmen asked if she could help. I let her make a little salad, chopping up vegetables for her that she added into the bowl.

Nick walked in and looked around, meeting my gaze when I looked up at him. “How was your day, baby?” He asked Carmen as she ran over to give him a big hug.

“It was fun, Daddy,” she gushed as he looked at me again. She told him all about school and how we did homework before getting dinner ready for him, making him smile as I started plating everything. I grew up with a mom that prepared her husband’s dinner, and I blushed as I looked down at the plate that I’d automatically fixed for Nick. “Oh, my goodness,” I said as he came in to pull some milk from the fridge for Carmen. “My mom…she used to make a plate for my dad, and I just did that. For you. I’ll take this one,” I offered as he glanced at the generous helpings of food with a slow grin.

“That looks good to me,” he replied as his brow raised. “I don’t think that you’d consider poisoning your boss, would you?”

I blushed deeply as I shook my head quickly, well-aware of the fact that I never fixed a plate for Sean. He was always rushing about if he was home at all, which was very telling to me now. “No. Never,” I stammered as he took me in with sharp eyes, reaching for another plate that he fixed for Carmen. The helpings were smaller but healthy, and I laughed as I watched him take both to the table. I got my food and walked over as well, seeing a bottle of wine and two glasses.

“I figure we could both use a little relaxation and if we’re not going anywhere, I don’t see a problem with wine with dinner. I have a cellar with some good bottles, something that Rebecca thoroughly enjoyed while she was visiting.” Nick seemed to sense my hesitation before he cracked a smile and poured the wine for us.

I made dinner every weekday night that we were all home, something that Nick seemed to enjoy. He didn’t travel for a month and a half, giving me time to become aware of his habits. Nick was not a man that slept a full night, working and spending time with Carmen until she went to bed much of the time. He worked out in the evenings in the basement if we didn’t get to talking, in which case Nick woke up at five thirty in the morning to make the effort.

I worked out a lot when Carmen was at school, though I did go down in the evening before I saw Nick in there. I didn’t disturb his time, but I couldn’t help but to watch him in his low riding work out shorts and bare torso. I stayed longer every time I knew that he was down there, admiring his muscled body as I crouched around the corner to look a little longer. Nick was perfect, not ready to step onto the stage in a bodybuilding competition but very fit.

All the while, I got closer to Carmen by the day and loved our time together. She was giving me real hugs after a couple of months and seeking my opinion on things in her life, making me realize that she missed her mom. I was always there for her and in the process, Nick. I fed them and tidied up when any mess was made. I started to consider the house my home and cared for it as such.

I noted that Nick seemed to be focused on work and his daughter. There were not the late nights with the guys or even a trace of a woman, making me respect him. Carmen didn’t need to see her dad with another woman for quite some time, and it seemed to be the three of us night after night.

I wondered if he’d marry again someday as I watched him with Carmen or even as he worked out at night. I was addicted to him as the weeks passed, finding my sexual need again after I’d watch him and return to my floor too desperate with a desire to remain there, at least until I slumped against the wall after some time and masturbated to the sounds coming from the gym.

I went on my laptop to order vibrators from online sites, as well as dildos and various other toys that were offered. I found quickly that my hand wasn’t enough as I continued to spy on my boss, applying the various toys into my life to quench my growing lust.

I felt like a hormonal teenager every night as I went upstairs to pleasure myself. It was exciting to do it near the gym as well, fueled by the sounds of music as well as the weights. That was reserved for nights when I was confident that he’d be in there for a while and I couldn’t make it to my room.

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