Billionaire Daddy & Nanny

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Chapter 8

Once Carmen was bathed and tucked in, I noticed Nick headed into the basement dressed for a workout. I gave him a few moments, fighting the urge to go and watch him just for the simple fact that I missed him so much. I had listened for a bit before I walked down the stairs and around the corner where I could look in to see him running on the treadmill, his chest glistening as he moved steadily. I remembered what he’d said over the phone and wondered why he was happy here now, apart from having a nanny to help him. I stared at him for a long moment before he turned his head, making me hide against the wall so that he wouldn’t catch me.

When I could, I ran back up the stairs with my heart pounding after I made sure that he wasn’t looking. I went into the kitchen for some water, jumping when I heard someone clear their throat. “Why did you leave?” Nick asked as I looked at him with wide eyes. “I have known that you watch me for a while now, Celia. I hadn’t said anything because I was trying to fight my feelings for you, but now…I can’t. Seeing you care for my daughter the way that you do and how much you love her makes me want…makes me want something that I shouldn’t. Seeing you watch me in the gym makes me want something that is probably so wrong.” He stepped towards me as my eyes slid down his broad chest and defined abdominal muscles slowly, hungrily. I was sweating, and I slid a hand into my hair to push it away from my face, knowing that I was a hot mess after the day.

He left me in the kitchen that night, going back upstairs as I heard the water turn back on. I downed the last of the water in the bottle and dropped it into the recycle container as I took a deep breath. I saw the invitation in his eyes before he turned to leave to go to his room and the bulge in his shorts. My nipples hardened against the soft cotton of the shirt, and I ran my hands up, cupping my breasts as my body ached with need. I could just go upstairs and take care of this myself and save any uncomfortable situations in the future.

My heart told me to do just that, but my pussy was throbbing. I was ready for Nick, and I stumbled forward towards his room. I could still hear the water as I pushed open the door, looking around the massive room with desperate eyes.

At some point, Nick saw me watching him in the gym. He didn’t say anything to stop it, making me wonder what else he knew about. Did Nick know about the way I made myself come in that small space, biting my lips so I wouldn’t moan aloud? I wondered if he recognized the scent as he left, knowing that it could only be me?

I heard when the room went silent, standing there as I heard movement in the bathroom as I held my breath. I had time to leave as the seconds ticked away, but my bare feet remained in place. If he walked out of that door and saw me, I knew that there would be no turning back. While our conversation had been brief in the kitchen, there was an intensity to it that I couldn’t deny.

The door swung open, and Nick stepped into the room with a towel wrapped around his waist, his hair damp as it brushed his forehead. He looked up, meeting my wide eyes as he slowed his pace and walked slowly towards me. Nick didn’t take his eyes away from mine as he moved, finally reaching me as he held my face in his hands and kissed me hard. The weeks of pent up frustration were released as he found the part of my lips with his tongue, driving it inside to meet mine as I whimpered and reached up to hold onto his shoulders as my knees weakened.

Nick kissed me until I was breathless, his lips and tongue making me forget my own name. “I smelled you in that little hallway. I smelled you and knew that you were touching yourself, Celia. Do you know how hard I jerked myself off when I got back to my room after that?” His voice was low against my mouth as I opened my eyes to look at him. “I’m going to close and lock the door. I have a monitor, so we’ll know if Carmen wakes up, but until then I want you on my bed. I want you naked and touching yourself.” Nick walked away from me, making me stumble back as I felt my lips and looked at the bed. I turned and walked towards it as the door clicked and I lifted my shirt slowly as I sucked in my breath. I dropped it on the floor as I slid my pants down, relieved that I showered earlier. I was a sweaty mess before that.

Nick walked across to the dresser and clicked something on before I felt him walking towards me. I crawled onto the bed, willing to do anything for this man as I made my way to the pillows. I turned slowly and faced him, keeping my legs together for a moment as he let his eyes pass over my body. My nipples were hard, and he licked his lips as he paused to look at them, making slick heat trail down my thighs. I parted them, dropping back as I slipped one finger across my chest to tease the pebbled peaks while my other hand moved against my hot folds. “That’s it. Find your clit for me,” he said as he stared between my legs in the light from the lamp on the nightstand.

I groaned as I parted myself, finding the hard nub as I stroked it firmly. It was hot enough doing this hidden by the gym, but Nick’s hungry eyes watching my every move made me want to come right now. “Nick,” I breathed as I jerked, feeling the pressure release deep inside of me. I cried out as I came in pulsing waves, feeling someone sit on the bed. My hand was tugged away, and I felt his mouth wrap around my fingers as I opened my eyes to stare at him. Nick was eating the juices off my hand like a starving man before he tugged the towel away from his waist. He was hard and so big, making me moan as I felt him push me back and kiss my stomach. His cock nudged my leg, making me jerk as I felt his finger slide inside of me.

His teeth were on my nipples, biting and tugging as he slipped a second finger inside of me. I rocked against him as he moved to the other breast to do the same, sucking hard as I whimpered his name. “Nick, I need you,” I told him as he pulled away and stared at me. “I know that this is probably wrong, but I’ve wanted you for a while now. I can’t stop.”

“I haven’t wanted a woman this way for some time,” Nick told me as he pulled his hand away from me and took a breath. “You’re beautiful, and there’s compassion in you that even Carmen couldn’t deny. That made me want you even more.” He kissed me, and I tasted my sweet juices around his lips as he claimed my mouth. “Are you on something?”

“I am,” I replied as he nodded and spread my legs apart and dropped between them. When he slid inside of me, I hoped that we could work out this sexual tension between us, putting it behind us with just one night. He moved slow, letting me get accustomed to his size as our lips met clumsily.

I slipped my arms around his neck as he filled me, pausing before he pulled back and thrust again. My body wrapped tightly around him, clinging to his cock as he fucked me earnestly. He slipped a hand between our bodies, stroking my nipple as I arched my back. I met his hips with my own, feeling him deeper inside of me as I clung to his back, scraping my short nails down his skin as he moaned my name.

Nick pushed my legs back as he took me harder and deeper, growing inside of me as I felt him drag across a part of me deep inside that made me cry out. “Nick,” I gasped as I flooded him uncontrollably, feeling him jerk one more time before he cried out my name. Nick dropped gently over me as he kissed me again. “What the fuck did you just do to my cock?” He whispered before doing it one more time. “I’m going to pull out of you, and all of that heat will come right out.” Nick breathed in deeply and moved slowly as I closed my eyes. I gushed all over the sheets, feeling overwhelmed by something that I’d never done before as he pushed up off the bed.

Nick moved to get the towel, tucking it underneath me carefully as he looked me over. “I haven’t met a woman that squirts in quite some time. That might be worth keeping you in my bed tonight,” Nick said as I blushed. He was naked above me, flaccid as I looked at his body for a moment. I’d never felt so exposed in my life.

“What about Carmen?” I asked softly as he grinned.

“We’ll set the alarm to get us up before she needs to. If she needs to stay home sick tomorrow, we’ll be here together to take care of her.” Nick dropped onto the mattress beside me and pulled the blanket over us. I tucked it around me and met his gaze as he looked at me for a long moment. “I’d like to think that this was just for tonight, Celia. I know that we’re both aware that this has been building for a few months, but I don’t want to flaunt it in front of Carmen. If this continues, it’s just between us for now.”

Nick pulled me against him, tucking me close to his body as he stroked my tangled hair. I fell asleep like that, waking to the alarm and his mouth between my legs. I was weak as he climbed over me after my release, taking me deeply as I moaned his name. I stared at Nick as he walked into the bathroom, bringing a washcloth to clean me up. He told me that he was going to make some coffee and kissed me before he left the room.

I knew that Carmen would be up in about forty-five minutes, so I quickly dressed and grabbed some coffee before we went to check on her together. Carmen was still sleeping peacefully, and Nick felt her skin gently as he stared at her.

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