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What the fudge and crackers

“Paris.” He informs me.

“What? I thought we were going the meeting? I am really not prepared. My laptop and other files are back at the pool house or the condo.” I say not knowing where my stuff has headed. What is this guy doing?

“Would you rather stay in New York? The meeting is in Paris” He simply replies

“Uh-no. but-” I say not being able to hide my happiness. This is incredible. I’m actually going to Paris. Me, Angela Morley. But I thought the partners are form Italy? Why Paris? What the heck, I love Paris, just go along Angela.

“Don’t worry Angela. You’ll have everything you need when we reach Paris.” He says gleaming right at me. What is he up to?

“Ok. If you say so.”

“I know so.” He says again. He is really unlike his usual character.

" So, relax cause we’ll arrive in eight hours. You better rest.” He says

After a light conversation, about family and friends, and dinner Robert excuses himself to the backroom then the Flight stewardess handed me a blanket and a plush pillow. I stowed away my belongings and reclined my seat and hugged the pillow close to my person and quickly dozed off.

A sudden drop of the aircraft woke me; I waited till my eyes readjust to the brightness of the interior of the plane. I fix the pillows, the blanket and myself, I look up and saw Robert staring at me.

“How long have you been there?” I asked in slight annoyance.

“Long enough.” What does that mean? Did I talk in my sleep? I try to recall my dream but non-comes into mind. I guess I was safe.

“Are we almost there?” I ask getting that excited feeling again. I was going to Paris. The place I dream to visit and now it’s becoming real.

“About 30 more minutes.” He says looking at his watch

“So, about the merger what do you need me to prepare?” I ask

“I already had Maxine, email it for me.” He says and I feel this pang of uselessness

“What is it?” He asks probably seeing my disappointment

“It’s just that I usually send you what you need. I feel like I’m not doing my job.” I say embarrassed at the sign of jealousy.

“Angela, I keep you because you are very efficient, useful and you have initiative than the other assistants that I have encountered. You don’t need to worry.” He says as we were served breakfast.

As I was sipping on some orange juice I looked out the window and there it was Paris, not in pictures but in reality. The rays of morning sunlight glimmered throughout the city, Minutes from now I can see the sights even just a glimpse, smell the Parisian air and taste their delicacies one by one, that is if we’d get the time but who cares? I’m in Paris!

“It’s so beautiful!” I gushed

“It is, isn’t it” He says looking out the window and I saw a glimmer of wonder in his eyes. It’s amazing how a man who has been traveling the world still is in awe of the place.

The plane taxied into the runway where a black car is waiting for us. The plane came to a halt and Robert and I unbuckled our seatbelts as the stewardess opened the aircraft doors. Robert walked ahead as I followed; before we went down the steps the flight stewardess said their good-byes to Robert who graciously accepted them. The girls blushed in glee when I passed them by.

“Have a pleasant trip Ms. Morley.” One of the stewardesses says

“Thanks, I say.”

I look out the city, my heart skipped a beat and for a short while. The morning breeze is cool and the sun kissed my skin with its delicious warmth. I closed my eyes and breathe in and the bliss of happiness came over me.

“Angela, we need to go.” Robert calls out.

I hastened my steps and meet him as he held the door open.

“Sorry, I just got carried away.” I say in a goofy manner, I just can’t hide my glee.

“Its alright Angela.” He says

The car made its way out the airport and eased out unto the street. I couldn’t help to be in awe of the sights unfolding before me. Even the buildings looked so elegant and pristine. I watch the people walking on the streets, the cars passing by, I just wanted to roam around this place and experience each street and corner; savor its richness.

As if I haven’t had enough sights to see, the car pulled up unto a black-gated building, The Shangri-La Hotel. The door opened and Mr. Sleigh offered his hand for me to take, that weird electric connection is still very present, I would have thought it would fade or maybe I’d gotten used to it. I scuttle behind him as he leads us to the huge lobby and unto the front desk.

“Good morning Monsieur Sleigh.” The Hotel manager greets him


“So Monsieur Sleigh, La suite Shangri-la has been prepared to you specifications, Alfred will bring you up to your room.” Philippe says in a French accent. I always find it nice when the French speaks English, its so endearing. Wait, only one suite?

“La suite Challiot for Ms. Morley, and Philippe it would be best if her suite floor is closer to mine.” Robert instructs and Philippe looked confused when he saw me, but didn’t want to argue so he immediately processed Rob’s request.

The rooms had to be prepared so I excused myself to head to the comfort room. I enter and I was greeted with a beautifully decorated interior that complemented with the whole place. I look myself in the mirror and I took a few moments to check out the damage of my outfit, thank God there wasn’t a huge damage because I have no extra clothes. Good thing I didn’t put too much make-up cause I would surely look like a raccoon. After applying a new coat of lip-gloss and powdered my face, I headed out.

I headed unto the lobby still admiring the elegance of this hotel. When Robert saw me coming, he stands.

“Your key is being processed right now, you should freshen up before we head out. Be ready before 10. I’ll call you.” He instructs

“Ok.” I say then he turns his back and heads to the elevator.

I texted Maxine while I was waiting. I once again asked her for all the files that I would need for this trip and to call me right back. It’s been hours and still no email. Minutes later another bellboy approaches me and brings me up to my room. We reach the Challiot suite. The Bellboy swings open the door and leaves me saying,

“If you need assistance miss, you only need to call.” As he hands me my key.

“Merci.” I let out in a hushed voice, choked up with awe.

I was greeted with the fresh scent of linen, the creamy motif with flowery touches of the living area looks like a dream. The motif continues to the bedroom that is over looking the city with the Eiffel tower prominent in its view. I checked my phone and still no messages from Maxine. Giving up I placed my belongings in the credenza in the room and head out the living room to appreciate the view. Playing La Vie En Rose in my head made the moment more spectacular. The city was so beautiful with the lovely weather setting the mood, everything was perfect, and it ached me that I wouldn’t even be able to explore the place.

I went in the bedroom to prepare myself, I opened a door hoping to find the bathroom, and instead I found heaven. The walk in closet gleaming with new things, shoes, dresses and accessories, I almost ran towards the front desk to declare that I was in the wrong room before I get imprisoned in this foreign land, being accused of stealing when I remembered what Robert had told me I didn’t need to worry. I could get used tot this.

I run my fingers through the clothes and marveled at the sight of the shoe rack filled with wedges and heels. Everything looked so beautiful; I didn’t want to touch them. Before I get caught up I decided to take a bath and freshen up.

After a couple of minutes, I have laid out a respectable office work clothes for me to wear. Deciding to look presentable for Paris. I was a bit jet lag but My excitement in being in Paris is bubbling inside me giving me enough energy to go on.

Applying make-up and doing my hair, I was in the most beautiful lingerie that I would never personally pick for myself, in a silk green bathrobe that almost look like a warp around dress and my new favorite nude heels. The stylist really went overboard with the clothes. I could live here forever.

I was about to put on my choice of clothing when there was a knock on the door. Seeing that I looked decent and the robe I had on looked like a dress, I went ahead and answered the door.

“Coming.” I called out as I opened the door with the chain still stuck to the hole to look who is at the door.


“May I come in?” He asks

“Um, sure.” I say unlocking the chain to let him in.

As he entered the room he turned to me with wonder in his expression. He looked laid back wearing a pinstripe button down polo and khaki pants. Is this how he dresses for a business meeting?

“Since you’re dressed up should we go?” He asks and I look at him in confusion.

“Um- Rob, I’m in a Robe, and uh- is the meeting supposed to be in casual attire?” I ask in really confused.

“You are? I thought you’re wearing an evening dress?”

“Uh-it’s the morning. Why would I be wearing a- haven’t you seen anyone wear a robe? Don’t answer that.” He really is a peculiar guy. I guess he hasn’t seen the girls in a Robe, Why would they be in them?

“As I was about to say the meeting has been canceled and I have never been a tourist in Paris. So I figured since we’re here we should go sight seeing.” He says


“Change into something casual. I’ll wait here for you here, if you don’t mind.” He proposes as he walks to the sofa.

“Uh- What?” I manage to say still precessing the situation.

“Go on. I’ll wait.” He insists and I find myself wracking my mind out as to what to wear.

The closet was full of many things but none of which was a pair of jeans.. The lucky part of it was the stylist had provided me with cute Keds sneaks, so I picked the most conservative sundress that I could find that matched the shoes and took out a small brown leather backpack then quickly looked at the mirror and checked if I looked ok. I was going to wear wedges but as Robert told me he wanted to be a tourist, I couldn’t walk around in wedges and have fun. So this is all he gets. I have got to meet his stylist. I’m going to have a word with him, but I guess I couldn’t blame the stylist after all he’s been doing this for all of Robert’s dates, I guess they always had a preference. Who am I to complain?

Finally done packing my stuff, I head out, the door. Robert looks at me funny, as if he was going to laugh.

“Sorry, I took so long. I was faced with the labyrinth of clothes in there; this is all I could come up with. Colin didn’t really leave me with any other choice, it was either this or a ball gown.” I quickly explain before he could ridicule me.

“Angela, Relax, you look great. but aren’t you suppose to wear something form fitting, sparkly and be in high heels?” He kids around.I guess I’m the first girl to go out with him with nothing too extravagant with attention seeking outfits. This is the first time I saw him show some humor. He laughs and it’s a glorious sound.

“You’re hilarious. I’m not wearing heels when you plan to be a tourist. You know I sometimes worry about those girls you hang around with. They’re just setting the bar of dressing-when-seen-with-Robert-Sleigh too high.” Saying slightly annoyed but how could I hold my annoyance when he smiles so kindly.

“You worry?” He says looking surprised.

“Don’t flatter yourself Mr. Sleigh.” I say dismissing whatever thought is playing in his head. I couldn’t let him think Thay u think about him often.

“Well, You’re the first girl I ever saw to dress the part.” He admires and I blush in his complement. WOW two compliments in one conversation.

“So where are we going?” I say not even bothering to hide my excitement.

“Come on.” He says as he grabbed my wrists and I once again keep up with his fast pace.

We rode down the elevator and head out the lobby, with his hand still holding my wrist. A car was already waiting for us. We hopped in and the next thing I knew I was in front of an ivory gate with gold embellishments and beyond, I could not believe my eyes, it was the magnificent Palace of Versailles. The place I dream to visit, with its wide gardens and intricate interiors so lavishly decorated. I’m giddy and excited I could faint.

“Come on.” Robert pulls me onto the grounds of the massive palace.

“This is incredible! You haven’t been in here from your travels?” I ask, wondering how he could pass this up.

“I couldn’t consider to bring one of my dates to this palace, unless I own the place.”

“Man you have got to date girls who has cultural knowledge apart from the best clubs in the city.” I slightly mocking him, hoping this will not get me fired.

“Yeah, I guess. I never really got time to get to know them well.” He looks at me with that playing dumb look.

“How could you when they’re too distracting to look at.” I say but what I really meant to say was- how could you get to know them well when you’re busy unbuttoning, unzipping or just plane ripping clothes apart.

He muses with my comment but before he could talk, a tour guide steps in front of us and escorts us in.

“Hello, I’m Pierre, I’m your tour guide this morning. We follow and enter we did in the most amazing palace you’ll ever see. I imagine how Marie Antoinette felt when she first stepped in these halls, wondered if she was scared, giddy or was just stomped with awe like I was.

We toured the palace, the library was most fun for me, I love books especially old ones. The hall of mirrors, all I can say and seem to have muttered for the whole trip is. Incredible. The restorations were impeccably done and breathe taking. I took pictures of where I could take, and sneaked photographs of the places where I wasn’t supposed to take.

“Beautiful isn’t it.” I hear Rob behind me as I was focusing in the fine details of the mirrors.

“Just-exquisite.” I sighed. as I looked at his reflection in the mirror.

“Glad, you enjoyed the tour.”

“Are you kidding? This might be one of the best days of my life.” I say in a grateful manner and he gleams right back at me.

The tour guide leads us out the back where the vast gardens spread out before us. I stopped and breathed the fresh air and just smiled at the beauty of it all. Then we were lead to bicycles. Uh-oh. Bicycles.

“These are yours for the day, feel free to roam around the palace grounds, visit the other buildings the estate has to offer.” Pierre explains

“And before you head off I’ll escort you to the Versailles’ village market where you can buy food for your picnic at the far end of the Grand Canal where Louis the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth has marveled at the beauty that is Versailles.” He continues.

“Mm. Food.” I say staying out of character again. Ugh- compose yourself.

“I knew you’d like that. Come on.”

“What’s wrong? You do know how to ride a bike don’t you?” He asks.

“Well-yeah, but bikes don’t agree with me. I always manage to fall.” I say hesitant to hop on.

“Come on, the terrains is relatively flat I’m sure you’ll be alright.” He encourages me and so I mustered up courage and rode. A few minutes after my fear was gone especially when I saw the market full of food and drinks. The smell of it all sent shivers to my spine.

We reached the market and oh the glorious food was there. Chicken, fruits, wine and cheese! This is unbelievable; I have died and gone to food heaven. We parked out bikes as the tour guide waited for us. Rob and I explored the market; he bought a blanket, some wine, cheese and bread. I on the other hand gathered fresh strawberries, fruits, chocolate and small sandwiches.

“Here let me get that.” Rob says, as he was about to pay for my splurges of food.

“No, no. You got cheese and wine and chicken. I will pay for this. I won’t take no for an answer.” I say practicing being stern and he backs off. As I was done paying I turn around and saw him holding a stem of white rose.

“If I can’t buy you dessert, I got you this.” He says being all charming. He’s really what’s happening here?

“Thanks. Come on.” waited quickly taking the rose and raced him back to the bikes to distract myself from over thinking. After we gathered our feast and placed our goodies on the basket, we head off to the gardens.

We pedaled through the picturesque walkways; I on the other hand stopped quite a few times taking pictures. I took a picture of Rob and he caught me.

“Hey. I didn’t sign a release form for that.” He jokes.

“Whatever.” I say, he parks his bike as did mine and took the camera from my hands.

“Go on, I’ll take a picture of you. Go.” He says pointing behind me.

“No.” I fought back but he just kept on taking pictures. I finally grab hold of the camera and took it from his clutches and took more pictures of him. When I was done-

“There we’re even.” I say and we both laugh as we head down the far end of the canal and settled by the grass, parked out bikes beside us. Robert held the packages as I set up the blanket, arranged the food nicely and started to sit.

“No shoes on the blanket Mr. Sleigh.”

“Oh, we’re back to that Ms. Morley?”

“I’m sorry. Rob. ” I corrected myself

We started eating; he prepared the wine while I prepared the sandwiches. We exchanged and then started to eat. Said a small prayer and bit the sandwich. I was in heaven. Rob handed me a slice of cheese. The combination of the cheese, nuts and grapes was divine. Wash it down with wine and I was in the state of bliss. I looked out the palace and was just in awe. If I had a place like this, I don’t know what I’d do.

“So if you didn’t go about the city how did you know about the bike tour and stuff?” I asked as I ate the strawberries and chocolate.

“Well, Riley told me once, when he visited this place, but I never got to come. He’s the one that gets to go on adventures.” Roberts says, I feel really bad for him, he just needs a fun time and I’m determined to do all I can.

“Next time you go on a date in Paris, you should seriously consider this place. This could be perfect.” I say leaning back on my elbows marveling at the palace fronting the Grand Canal.

“I doubt it.” He says mimicking my move


“Well first, we are riding on bikes, nature will ruin their outfits, second this food won’t be appreciated especially when we have to buy them in the market. Third this place is not exclusive I didn’t have to pull out a lot to have this picnic. I honestly think you’re the only girl that I’ve come here to Paris with,who appreciates this trip.”

“Exclusive? We have VIP access.” I say waving at him my pass and he laughs. He really needs to be like this all the time and not be so stern.

“Where do you go exactly when you date here?” Curiosity struck me

“Yacht down the sienna river, Exclusive dinner at the Eiffel, Private parties, exclusive dinners where they don’t eat much if I may add. Shopping.” He looks at me

“Where do you meet these girls? they really enjoy that? I think I’d die of boredom. Why spend time indoors when Paris is richer outdoors?” I ask while giving him comical expressions.

“I meet them at clubs, private parties, premiers and yes they love anything expensive and exclusive. I think they always expect so much from me. Knowing who I am is a plus for them.” He says looking slightly fessed up.

“Well, then create a new identity and move.” I suggest and laughter starts again.

I was eating my delicious strawberries when my phone rang. I excused myself to take the call.

“Max?” I say

“Angela, where are you?” She asks with extreme curiosity in her voice

“Well I’m at the palace of Versailles. In Paris. Cause get this the meeting was cancelled, but I still need you to send the files for me to review.”

“Angie, what are you talking about? there’s no meeting, I checked twice. Wait- You’re where? with Robert? oh-my-god! You do know what this means right?” She teased

“What? Come on Max. Don’t look into this. This is not- I’m going to have to call you back.” I say really irritated.

“Ange- wait-”

NO MEETING?! Then what the fudge and crackers! Right. I march up the blanket and sat.

“Who was that? If you don’t mind me asking.” Rob starts

“Well, Rob. That was Maxine. I asked her if she could send the files I needed for the meeting. But she was just surprised.” I throw Robert a what-did-you-do?-look and he smiled at me all coy like a child who has been caught.

“Oh. Don’t play cute with me Mr. Sleigh.” I scolded

“Ok. There was no meeting. It was just an excuse. Wait- you think I’m cute?” he says his face lighting up. This situation is so weird, I’m mad, annoyed and really have the urge to laugh at the way Rob is finding excuses and throwing unusual facial expressions at me.

“Don’t you change the topic. What did you mean excuse? So what exactly are we doing here in Paris?” I ask so confused he sits quiet as if formulating answers first time I ever saw Robert speechless.

“Well? exactly?” he goes and then stops, and I give him an annoyed look

“Well. I knew telling you that we had some work to do you’d jump and go. Paris, because I recalled you haven’t travelled here. So I figured I could bring you here since I did win you in the auction and I should be courteous to actually go on a date with you.” He says and I’m stumped. All this for me? We’re on a date?

“You- you didn’t have to bring me here. The auction says a date not win a trip to Paris. You really didn’t have to do this; I was set that night and you could have gone on a longer date with Ms. Victoria. Riley offered to hang out, I mean - it’s no biggie.” I say exasperated after my short speech the smile on his face rubbed off. Darn it why didn’t I just say Thanks.

“I’m Sorry. I am grateful but this is too much we could have gone and eaten at a fish and chip shack somewhere.” I tried to divert from the situation. Please say something. I look at him slowly changing his mood back.

" That’s just it Angela. It wouldn’t be as great as this.I bought you away from Riley, I couldn’t do the same things you and Riley do it wouldn’t be just as great. You’d be able to compare what I do with how Riley would in the situation and I don’t know if I could measure up. Plus he told me if I wasn’t going to move fast he would. I couldn’t let him, he doesn’t do serious and he might-” He looks far to the horizon. and Mr. Robert Sleigh does serious? Darn it, Riley.

“Rob you don’t have to be responsible for me, I get it you’re protecting me from Riley, but honestly Riley and I were just pals. We’re goofy and crazy. You don’t have to believe him or even worry about anything. I feel really bad; this travel thing is too much Rob. You could have asked me to dinner if it’d satisfy your conscience, besides the auction thing wasn’t a big deal, if it wasn’t for a charity I would be against it but seeing the charity thing is more than me, it was all worth it. I’m really sorry.” I assured him. When I get home Riley I will grill you alive and chop you into kebabs.

“Angela, you don’t have to say sorry. I wouldn’t come to Paris if I knew you didn’t like it. We’d be in Hawaii now if you didn’t say you wanted to visit. It’s not my responsibility or conscience. I just wanted to hang out with you just like you do with Riley. You seem so relax and have fun with him around.” He says. This is unbelievable. He sort of kidnapped me to hang out? Why go the extra mile he only needed to ask.

“This might be unorthodox. I usually know what to do when it comes to women. But I have no idea how to even start with you.” He says.

“Well, a simple question would do.”

“I thought about it but then it took you almost a year to start calling me by my first name.” He shrugs

“6 months.”

“That doesn’t make a difference. All I want is a fighting chance, to get to know you a little better. So why don’t we pretend that I’m just a guy, backpacking and we met on the plane. I helped you with hotel accommodations because you lost your wallet in the airport.” He explains animatedly.

“Really a stranger paying for my hotel wouldn’t I be “TAKEN” and be auctioned off?” I say adding my usual humor to avoid this awkward agreement

“You watch way too much movies ok, we’re friends and were backpacking.”

“Backpacking? Really? We stay at the Shangri-la.” I pointed out.

“Ok not backpacking.”

“It doesn’t matter, I can’t do that. I know you already.”

“Not all about me. President of my fan club.” He teased. I give him a shocked face. How does he know I think of myself that way? Oh no did I talk in my sleep? Before I could quiz him about my sleep talking, He stood up quickly grabbed him bike and paddled fast away. Did I say something wrong? Before I panicked and chase him, he turns back around casually paddling over back to me. What the heck is this guy doing?

“Hi. May I join you?” He asks As he parked his bike in the same spot.

“Uh- sure.”

“I’m Robert Alexander Sleigh. You can call me Alex. What’s a beautiful girl like you doing in a place like this alone?” He asks me, acting as if he never met me. That’s his line?

“Well, I’m not alone- ” I decided to play along.

“Boyfriend?” He acts as if he was about to stand

“I’m actually here with my boss, but he left me alone, so I decided to enjoy my trip.” I say

“Stupid boss.” He says. Will he really do this?

“Do I get the privilege to know whom I’m conversing with?” He continues, he really is charming

“You’re funny. Rob. I get it.” I tell him, so we could get back to reality.

“Who is this Rob person? Is that your stupid boss?” He banters

“You are crazy.” I say laughing. He has this expression in his face that’s too adorable for me to get mad with.

“So, could I get a name?”

“Angela. Happy?” I say so over this role-play.

“Extremely. So will you do me the honors to hang out with you today?” He asks grabbing the glass of champagne.

“Fine. Alex. Yes.” I say giving up to his charms. I can’t fight it he’s to darn cute.

“Good, could you lend me food? I’m famished looking at your scrumptious meal.” He says in an old fashioned tone of voice. Now I get where Riley gets the idea.

“Are you going to talk like that the whole time? Might I suggest dropping the old- courteous manner of speech and be the real you? I thought the whole reason for this is that we act like who we really are?” I bombard him with questions

“Come on know, you don’t need to be hatin on me.” He kids in his gangster persona that made me laugh so hard, I almost spilled my drink to my dress.

“I’m sorry, but I am like this theatrical, obnoxious, crazy, guy to be completely honest I haven’t been myself for quite sometime now. I am fun too, Angela.” He says as he lies back on the blanket with his arms folded to a makeshift pillow.

He looks so relaxed and pleasant. Holy guacamole, I can’t believe this. I, Angela Morley, get to see who Robert Alexander Sleigh really is. At the state that we are in, I’m finding it hard to suppress my feelings towards him.

“What’s up with you brothers do you have that in your gene to talk like we were in medieval times?” I ask as I picked on the cheese and grapes.

“oh so Riley played that on you huh? Well. My mother used to speak to us like that when we’d play in our summer home that looked like a castle, when we were kids. It kind of stuck to us until we got choose to use it to pick up girls. Believe me it works.” He says reclining himself up with his elbows.

“Yup, you’d know all about that.”

“Nope, I haven’t done this in so long. this manner of speaking makes me remember the old days when I had no worries and was just a regular guy. This is the buried forgotten me.” He says and fell out of character. He really does miss his mom. That is so endearing and special in everyway possible. Oh Angela how are you going to get out of this alive?

“Well, talk away. Since we’re here your speech is very appropriate. Kind sir.” I say gesturing like I’m a Marie-Antoinette movie, and he laughs. Music to my ears.

“Shall we head on to your friend Marie-Antoinette’s hamlet house?” I ask as I see the other travelers pack up to head to the estate.

“Yes but first.” He grabs my camera, sits infront of me and motions for me to pose As he points the camera at us.

We went on the rest of the tour, taking pictures and being all goofy. Both relaxed and unbothered. As the afternoon shown it’s glorious pink and orange skies, Robert and I started to head back to the hotel. When we reached the hotel Robert offered to take me up to my room.

“Rob, I’d like to say thank you for the fun tour of Versailles. I really loved it.”

“So was that a good date?” He asks

“That was a date?” I teased and he looks shocked and speechless and it makes me laugh.

“Kidding. It was a step up from your usual dates.”

“I’m glad you had fun.” He says being all awkward. How is this guy so smooth with the ladies? And be so shy and unsure, maybe the girls do all the talking or not.

“So. I forgot to thank you for the suite, but honestly you could have just given me a regular room. I would have been fine. I mean I have a living area in a city where I don’t know a couple of people to invite and sit on my living area.” I say as we kept walking.

“You’re welcome. You don’t have to worry about it Angela. You’d have to get used to it, I could have placed you at the regular rooms but those rooms are far away from my floor. But if you feel uncomfortable, you can always come join me in my suite.” He casually says and I was left speechless.

“Not a chance Mr. Sleigh.”

“I don’t mean anything by that, Angela.” He starts to laugh I guess my face gave away my thoughts.

“I meant, I have a few spare rooms in my suite, and if it makes you feel better to stay up there than in the suite, I could let them move your stuff up and -” He continues

“You have spare rooms? What for? Does a guy really need a huge space?” I cut in completely amazed at his lifestyle, luxurious but unnecessary.

“Well, I get your point, but I rarely let loose and relax and when I do, I want the best of everything. What’s the point hard earn money if I don’t get to spoil myself once in a while.” He says. He does make a good point.

“Plus, the top floor offers me a breath taking view. Later we could come up if you’d be ok with that.” He shrugs

“Later? What do you mean?”

“You better get changed.” We reach my suite and we stand by the door.

“Change? Why?”

“We’re going out to dinner. We’re on a date, remember?” He reminds me again. This is just so weird having to hear him say that.

“Can’t we just wear these clothes?” I ask him; surely my outfit is fit to eat dinner in a restaurant.

“Well, this restaurant has a strict dress code and is much more formal.”

“Does this dinner require a gown?” I ask

“Not too formal Angela. A cocktail dress will do, or maybe that green silk robe you had on earlier. Either would be best.” He says throwing at me a weird expression that I have never seen before, ever since we got to Paris his persona has changed from composed and stern businessman to teasingly cute and playful guy.

“Can’t we just stay in our clothes and eat in a diner instead?”

“I thought you loved food and this restaurant has one of the best food in the world.” He counter offers

“I know but I never know what to order in the restaurants you go to but I love the food. If I could, I would order the entire menu.” I joke

“Well, that’s no problem. I can always order for you. As always.” He says

“Well, it makes me feel like a child but you do have good taste When it comes to food and you never just let me eat salads.” I say giving up.

“You’re not like most of my dates. They on the other hand eat salads and fish but you eat like a man. Now go change.” He chuckles. I do not eat like a man.

“You are hilarious, I have never been on a date where I had to make a couple of wardrobe changes. I feel like Royalty.” I say as I open my door and head in giggling at our weird conversation from the silk robe to me being a man.

“Ok. So if this is a date. I just want to make certain. This isn’t like one of your dates right?” I ask him hoping he got the hint so I wouldn’t have to explain it.

He looks at me funny, like he’s analyzing my sentence, and just when I was about to explain he finally got what I meant and he smiles.

“No, Angela. It definitely is not like one of the dates that I have encountered. I’ll wait for you at the lobby.” He says quickly leans in, kisses my cheek and walks towards the opened elevator door and disappears.

I, on the other hand, have frozen on the doorway touching my cheeks where his lips have been. Sweet soft kiss planted on my cheek. I can’t believe this! I’m having a date with Robert. Wait I couldn’t what the heck am I doing? But this is different, we’re two people who just met. After convincing myself I close the door behind me and rushed to the walk-in and searched a dress one wears to a formal dining restaurant. I’m screwed.

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