Love Planner

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Jealousy, Flirting and rage

It’s been two weeks and it felt like I was going to make it through, especially with Riley there to cheer me up with the best comfort food. Maxine, Scarlet and I grew closer as the days pass. Everything is in its place except for Robert who has been gone for two weeks now, I guess the soon to be partners needed more convincing.

“Angela, are you ready?” Riley comes in from the glass doors

“Yup, let me just finish.” I say as I send the last email and log out, grabbed my bag from the closet.

“What?” I asked as Riley was looking right at me

“Oooh, Nothing it’s just you look very different, more confident.” He says admiring me

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s go buy some expensive food in that new place.” I say

“Expensive, you’ve robbed me for the last two weeks, with your special discount.”

“I’ve told you we could eat in a tasty sandwhich shop, My treat.” I say cheering him up.

“That disgusting abomination shall not reach my lips.” He jokes

After lunch I went back to the office with a huge smile on my face and a belly full of food. As I was ridding the elevator, Scarlet texted me that Robert has arrived, It may have been the seared tuna that I ate or butterflies but my emotions made my stomach into a blender. Arriving at the office floor I started to pull myself together before entering the foyer to Robert’s office.

“He was looking for you when he came in.” Scarlet says looking quite concerned and my mind races, Has there been a problem? Did I do something wrong? Has the Account been declined?

I ran various possibilities of how I should handle any situation, comfort, apologize but what came next was not among the list. I catch Robert with a long blonde figure leaning toward him while seated on his desk whispering something that makes Robert give off a disapproving remark while she giggles and it was as if Robert was no longer there. A pang of pain hit me and I try hard not to flinch or run away and cry. I’m guessing the merger went quite seemingly. What was so urgent that I had to be here? Is he deliberately trying to kill me?

“Mr. Sleigh, Sorry to disturb you but Scarlet told me you were looking for me? I didn’t know you had company. I can come back later.”

“Angela!” Robert looked flustered and a bit red faced and panicky, I stare at him blankly

“I - I need you to arrange accommodations for Ms. Costa.” He says and like the movies where everything went in slow motion she flipped her gorgeous blonde hair and bam her gorgeous triumphant face hits me like a punch. It took me awhile to regain my thoughts and Robert just looks at me.

“Where would you like to stay, Ms. Costa?” I ask looking at her straight in the eye.

“But Alex, I prefer staying with you. I’m sure you have an extra room.” She whines completely ignoring me

“I’m sorry, Carina, but I think it would be best if we lived separately for awhile.” Robert says endearingly painful

“Ok. I wouldn’t want to keep you from work.” She says playfully completely ignoring my existence. She leans and whisper something in appropriate judging from the sheer embarrassment Robert has plastered in his face. Get a room! Should I just come back when you need me.

I cleared my throat and Victoria throws me her vicious viper like look for interrupting her inappropriateness.

“Your preference?” I ask again

“Is there any units available in The Centurion? I want to be close to my Alex.” she throws me a look that made me want to strangle the living crap of her.

“It’s full.” I reply and Robert looks amused at my reaction, Victoria looked like she was about to pick a fight so I quickly added to avoid conflict

“I checked.” I held up my phone

“The whole building is occupied as of the moment.” I continue

“Well, where do you recommend I stay?” She asks me in a bored way. Well I prefer you to crawl back to wherever you came from and stay there.

" How about the Warner penthouse at the four seasons?”

“How far is it?” She asks Robert ahh could you stop ogling?

“7 minutes” I say oh dear Lord let her stop what she’s doing!

“Oh goodie!”

“If that’s all Mr. Sleigh?” I ask starting to head out

“Wait. Uhm, get me a reservation for lunch at the night dock. I have a meeting.” He continues as if I needed to know his reasons.

“Very well, Mr. Sleigh.” I say and before he could say anything else I head out the door and out of the office lobby up to the roof deck of the building to go breathe.


I screeched when I heard the comment and hastily wiped my freaking face and quickly faced the source of the voice.


“Yeah, hey I’m sorry if I scared you.” She timidly says

“What are you doing here?” I ask fixing myself up

“Well I saw you rush and thought you might need something. So I followed you in a non stalker-ish way but a kind of helping you and butting into your life kind of way.” She says and I laugh at her babble

“Thanks.” I say exhaling very loud.

“It’s ok to cry. I get it. I’ve been there.” She says

“Thanks Scar.”

“You know Lina told me you changed Robert and for that she’s totally on board with you and him.” She suddenly says

“Lina? Carolina Sleigh?” I ask

“Yes, we’re best friends, she recommended me to work for Robert.” She says

“Oh, so you’re still in college?

“No, I actually graduated business school. My family knows Lina’s family we bonded in a party and been friends since then,” She says

“I just don’t know what to do and I am a bit lost.” I say feeling like I’ve donated a bucket full of blood.

“Why don’t I take over a while, what’s a day’s work. Tomorrow’s weekend you don’t have to show yourself to anyone until Monday. I’m sure by then, you’ll come back stronger.” She says

“Thank God it’s Friday, right?” I say and we both giggle.

“You sure you’re ok?” I ask and she gives me a knowing smile.

Without a warning I took off. I arrived in my place, drew a warm bath soaked in the tub and just thought of nothing else, then I wallow in my plush bed sank under my sheets and just wept until in fell asleep.

After a dreamless sleep a nudge woke me and to my surprise it was my most favorite person in the world.

“Aunt Brenda! I’m so glad you’re here!” I say sitting up and hugging her close

“How are you dear? I think you need to eat something my snowflake. Come on, off that bed there’s no use in wallowing in sorrow.” She says pulling me out of bed and unto my breakfast nook.

“What time and day is it?” I ask disoriented

“It’s Saturday and it’s 9 in the morning.”

“When did you get back? I thought after the cruise you were travelling?” I ask

“Well, I was about to head to London and visit the old house but I got a very concerned call from Maxine.”

“What did she tell you?” I ask wondering how much Aunt Brenda knew.

“Well, she told me you were depressed and I needed to come she didn’t say anything.” Aunt Brenda says taking out some containers of food.

“Come on now, spill.” Aunt Brenda says

We talked all day about everything and even the Paris trip, the real story. She made me feel lighter and content. I felt my compass pointing in the right direction again.

“He’s a fool to not want you, dear.”

“Aunt Brenda, come on that’s what a proud parent would always say but in some cases that statement is not true.” I whined

“Ok. You want the truth. I think your both being cowards for not trying. Things are so clear but you prefer to complicate things.” She says and it made me realize that she was absolutely right

“But we couldn’t risk it. It’ll be harder for us both.” I reasoned

“What risk? Keep telling yourself that my dear.” Aunt Brenda says

“Well then boo.”

“You wanted the truth my dear.” Aunt Brenda says giving me more food

“Well? Any magic solutions?” I ask

“No, just time. It’ll get better and easier if you take up the courage and face your hurts and fears rather than cowering under your bed.” Aunt Brenda says

“My dear, Robert has issues with placing himself in a vulnerable situation he can’t stand the loss. He looks strong but is very fragile in the inside. He can’t trust people, it’s a miracle that he needed me before. He always preferred to do things his way but ” Aunt Brenda says sitting across me reading my emotions

“As I’ve said it takes time to let him realize which path he should take. Will he fight the fear of loss and be vulnerable by staying away or; risk everything to spend every waking moment with you and never deal with regret. Either way all you can do is move on. Don’t wait around for him just go on with your life and you two might meet along the way.”

“Well, I really want to just let things go but it’s getting really difficult to do that.” I say as I take in the last bite.

Aunt Brenda and I spent the whole afternoon on the couch just chatting. She told stories about her travels. Places she recommends I go and how at every restaurant she went into she thought of how I would be giddy to taste everything on the menu. The afternoon was delightful until Aunt Brenda had to go so she could catch the cruise trip she had booked.

The moment she walked out my heart sank and thoughts of what Robert must be doing or who he was with and If Victoria was with him. I couldn’t get myself to think. After that night in Paris and after his apologies, he has really made it clear for me to just stay clear of him by bringing Victoria along. I’m moving on. What’s the point of me hoping and waiting like a pathetic teenager. I’m a grown woman, I can let go. Slowly let go.

Sunday was a blur. I could remember having a girls drinking sessions and confessions with Scarlet and Maxine in my apartment, As I am slung on the sofa in my PJs. It’s four in the morning and my head was pounding. I got up drank some Advil and paced myself to get ready. After an hour I was all set, I was a bit tired so I decided to take a nap. My phone started to scream loudly with urgency and signaled me it was time to head up and face the possibility of cleaning after Victoria.

I entered Robert’s unit and slowly tipped toed my way from the hallway, next thing I knew I was in the arms of Robert once again, as he stopped me from falling flat on my bum. Before I let the familiar hold on me, I quickly brushed him off fixing myself along the way.

“Angela, I was about to head down to your apartment. What happened to you?” He asks with face full of concern as he cups his hands on my cheeks, studying me.

“I’m fine. What are you talking about?” I ask pulling back once more. Stop doing this! What’s the matter with this guy!

“I was with my family when I heard that you were sick.” He explains.

“Well, I’m not anymore. Relax. I just caught the sniffles. I’m all better now, you don’t need to be overly dramatic.” I say striding pass him unto the living area, surveying the place for a “crime scene”. Thank fully there wasn’t any trace.

“Anyway. I came to give you your itinerary, All your meetings has been laid out and I already took the privilege of giving you a lunch break and yes I already made arrangements. Should you choose to take the break or not, Isaac has been notified.

Robert looks at me flustered. He stood there looking at the schedule and back at me.

“Did I miss something?” I ask concerned that I might have.

“No, It’s all in there. Why don’t you sit.”

“I can’t, I have to grab your coffee.” I say

“No. Sit. I have coffee here.” He orders me.

As I sit, he goes to the kitchen and moved expertly making the two steaming cups of coffee. He then brings it over to the coffee table in front of me and sits opposite to me. He gestures for me to take the cup and so I did. The coffee smelt so good and I felt more relaxed. I took a sip as I looked at Robert across from me.

“What?” I ask

“I’m glad you’re ok. You shouldn’t take your health lightly.” He says

“I’m ok now that’s what counts. Is there anything else I could do for you? Any meetings, events that I need to pencil in?”

“Yes. Victoria is new in town and doesn’t know the area that well. You and Isaac are going to accompany Ms. Costa today.” He says. Are you freaking serious? What is it with this man and stupidity?

"Before I forget, There’s an auction benefit, Next week on Thursday. Are you attending? The invitation just arrived.” I show him the invitation of the benefit, Where half of the proceeds are going to be donated to the remote areas that needs a school. Which I think is a good cause.

“Sure.” He says sipping his coffee and calmly sitting on his sofa.

“Is that all?” I ask trying to sound calm and collected.

“Yes, Ms. Morley. That’d be all.” He says and I stand eager to leave the room and throw a fit in the elevator.

I step out of the lobby and find Isaac waiting for me. He gave me a concerned look and I assured him I could handle it.

Minute later we arrived at the Four seasons. As she headed out Paparazzi flocked around her taking photographs. Isaac was able to push the men back and let Victoria in safely.

“Good Morning. Ms. Costa. I’m-”

“Angela, I know.” She says annoyed.

“Where do you want to go, Ms. Costa?” I ask like a good servant

“Monique Lhuilier’s.” She says preoccupied texting

Isaac inputs the destination on his GPS then proceeds to move out the driveway. The car ride was silent, apart from Victoria’s giggles and lively conversations with her BFFs. This is going to be a long and tiring day.

The gray and all white interior was far from what you’d expect, entering a brick faced facade. It surprises you as you step in. Victoria didn’t waste any time and started to fish out beautiful gowns from a colorful rack, contrasting all the white gowns behind them, I sat on a plush high back chair outside the changing room and checked all the emails and the schedule, I was deep into work, until Victoria calls me.

“Angela, could you put this on? I need a live mannequin to see which dress I should choose. ”

“What’s wrong with the one you’re wearing?” I ask her looking very sexy in a metallic art deco gown with sheer pieces showing off her wonderful body, making me ache deep down inside because, I could never compete with that.

“Ms. Costa, Don’t you think it’s best if someone who looks more like you should try it?” I ask gesturing to the sales rep on my side.

“Don’t worry she’ll get your size.” She says waving for me to get a move on. What in the world? I’m not paid enough to be dressing up in a dress meant for a taller, slimmer body figure. The dress will look frumpy. What is it with these girls and dresses? Doesn’t she just have to fit it and choose?

I went out in a rosy pink structure high-low dress, that fit me just right. Victoria call for me to step out a little further and have me face the mirror as we were standing side by side. She observes the her dress then looks at what I had on.

“Rob, come and look, which one should I get?” She calls out again and I panicked at the name that I froze not even wanting to see Robert.

Robert stays behind the both of us, as he studied the dresses. I couldn’t move and I was pretending not to be affected, as he studies the dress I had on. I wanted to run out of there risking going to prison by stealing a gorgeous dress, I felt like a goldfish again, as Victoria talked about how the color might flush her or it was too subtle, she asked if she should try the metallic one they had on the rack. But Robert stood there observing. Stop with the torture.

“I think, this is not your style. It’s too simple for a gala.” Robert finally takes his eyes off the dress and I breathed out. Great Ms. Frumpy of the year is here.

“You’re totally right. That just wouldn’t do.“Victoria says. She planned this! Such evil. What is wrong with this girl?

“But, what about this? Is this ok?” Victoria asks twirling for Robert who took one more glance at me and back to Victoria.

“Yes, that is definitely the one.” He says and Victoria giggles and throws flirtatious looks at him.

“Ok then.” I said heading quickly back in the changing room, humiliated, feeling like a frumpy girl, in a dress that made me look like a kid. As I hear Robert leave.

I went out dressed in my office clothes and waited around for Victoria changing, She went out followed by the attendant whom she ordered to make the purchase. She then sits down checks her phone.

“What’s Robert’s next meeting Angela?” She asks as I check Robert’s calendar. She won’t like this at all.

“He’s in a lunch meeting with Ms. Jackson.” I say in a fake I’m-sure-it’s-nothing way.

“Ugh- That Sarah, could not take a hint.”

“She usually meets with him when she’s in town. I’m sure they’re just catching up.” I say

“She should understand that Robert does not do relationship apart from me.” She snickers and I nod

“Why is that?” I ask out of curiosity

“Well, I know Robert before anyone ever knew him. We understand each other and over the years we have grown fond of each other.” She explains and I silently nod.

“So, are you interested?”

“What do you mean?” I ask, not because I was confused but I was appalled that she’d throw that question on me.

“You and Robert.”

“Ms. Costa, I have no idea what you are insinuating but I assure you, all I am is his secretary. Nothing else.” He’s made that clear.

“Come on, you think I’m blind, I see the way he looks at you. But don’t flatter yourself Ms. Morley, you don’t mean anything to him but a prize to be won and once he succeeds your nothing but a mere trophy.” She says going at me

“I’m sorry Ms. Costa, but I fail to see how this conversation has something to do with me. As I have said clearly, I’m his employee. I don’t know how or why you feel any threat to a mere glance that I get from Mr. Sleigh. He was looking at your dress.” I explained getting close to my boiling point.

“Threatened? Ha! Please, you’re not even in the race. I was simply letting you understand that there could never be you and Robert.” She bashes looking at me like I’m beneath her.

“You know what Ms. Costa, I have had it with you and you’re kind. I’m sorry if you feel that need to tell me off. I don’t think I’m the once you should be talking to, I was not the one staring. Now if you have a complaint about Mr. Sleigh’s actions don’t take it down on me. I could pencil you in for a meeting though if you’d like.” I say irritated

“How dare you talk to me like that” She exclaims towering over me

“Well, Ms. Costa, If you’re unhappy I suggest another PA to take my place. If you’ll excuse me, I have much more important things to attend to than your insecurity.” I say taking my things with me and started to walk out

“I’m telling Robert, about this. You’re so fired.” She exclaims and I stop in my tracks, I turn to see her with a huge victorious grin on her face.

“Ms. Costa, If you’re smart, you wouldn’t do that. Why? Because If Robert really has feelings for me, as you suggested, and you start talking badly about me, don’t you think that’d reflect badly on you and make you sound too clingy?”

“and if he doesn’t have feelings for me wouldn’t you come off as a paranoid girlfriend? I mean, who would want that?” I continued and she was dumbstruck

“If I were you I’d talk less of me, don’t you think? Excuse me.” I say and leave towards the door as she shrieked like a five year old who couldn’t express herself.

I went back in the office feeling in control, and hoping Victoria would take my advice. When I arrived Maxine was at Scarlet’s desk as they were talking in a hushed voice.

“Lunch anyone?” I ask and they both lunge at me, hugging me like I’ve been gone for a year.

“How are you?” Scarlet asks.

“Better, thanks.”

“I heard you were assisting Victoria today. How was it?” Maxine asks concerned

“Well. Long story. I’ll tell you over lunch?” I say getting hungry from that messy situation.

After a scrumptious meal, I started talking about the whole morning and what Aunt Brenda has told me. I also thanked them for being such sweet friends and for always looking out for me. Which made it harder for me to tell Scarlet that she might be Victoria’s new assistant.

“That was epic.” Maxine says

“So, now. I think Scarlet might be next in line to accompany her.“I cringe

“That’s fine. I like taking on a challenge. Plus I could do a bit of sabotage and I could spy on her.” She says, I was surprised and so was Maxine.

“You truly are amazing. No Sabotage though. I’m not stooping to her level. ” I say to Scarlet.

“No Sabotage? Ugh.” She acts annoyed and then we all laugh.

The day ended and As I suspected Robert handed being Victoria’s Personal Assistant to Scarlet. The week became a blur as the whole Sleigh holdings office was working tirelessly as the merger was almost closed. Maxine was even too busy to see either me or Scarlet. I on the other hand focused on one thing, Work.

The night of the benefit came fast, people were leaving early to prepare and I stayed behind. Robert just finished his conference call and came out his office. He was surprised to see me still on my desk.

“Angela? What are you still doing here?” He asks

“I’m just finishing this report and then I’m going.” I say typing away the last few sentences.

“Do you still have time to prepare for the benefit?”

“Oh. I’m not going to the benefit. Scarlet is.” I say saving the file and clicking away to shut my computer down.

“Why? Do you have plans? ”

“As a matter of fact. Yes, I do. I already briefed Scarlet of the procedures, she’s actually on her way to the Centurion, as we speak.” I explain grabbing my things.

“Where are you going then?” He pries

“Well, if you must know. I’m meeting Luke.” I say facing him ready to leave.

“Fletcher?” He asks exasperated

“Yes. He asked me to meet him after work,”

“I’ll drop you off.” He offers

“I’m fine, Rob. You have to get ready. Remember you are the face of Sleigh holdings we can’t have you looking haggard from answering phone calls. You also have a PR company under your wing, we wouldn’t want to make a bad impression now would we?” I tell him and he smirks at me.

“Fine. Did you bring your car?” He asks

“Nope. Luke will fetch me.”

Moments later after Rob rode off to get ready, Luke arrived. He greeted me with a hug, then he hails a cab. We then arrived at this Restobar and ordered quite a few selection of food.

“We haven’t changed a bit, Luke. Look at all the food.” I say excited to taste everything

“That’s how we do it. Order almost half the menu.” He jokes

As we were tasting the scrumptious, mouth-watering, cholesterol filled fried food, we started talking.

“So Why’d you call me all of the sudden?” I ask

“I have news.” He grins so wide that I’m afraid he might hurt himself, I gesture for him to keep on talking while I ate my calamari.

“Well, I just want to tell you although we have fallen apart for about five years, that I’m glad we were able to reconnect. You’re the only person who knows me deeply and I figured you’d be the best person to be my Best man.” He blurts

“Nuts and crackers! Yes! Dear Lord thank you for giving my best friend a fairytale ending!” I exclaimed sat beside him at the booth and hugged him tightly. I was so happy and over the moon.

“Thanks, Ange.”

“There’s also something I wanted to ask.” He continues as I went back to me seat,


“Will you may be put together, our wedding plans? I know you’re busy and all , I just wanted to see if you could maybe create a guide for us? You don’t have to run the whole wedding.” He asks with a childish grin

“Ugh, Yes. For you. No problem.”

“So when and where will you have your wedding?” I ask

“It’s going to be a month after Jane’s wedding and it’ll be at Hawaii. She loves it there.” He says tip-toeing and the mention of Jane’s wedding.

“That’s perfect! I have a free ticket to Hawaii. You don’t even have to pay for my ticket.” I exclaim, I just couldn’t help myself.

The night ended early partially because I didn’t want Natalie to worry but also, I was really tired. We rode the taxi to my place and we bid each other good bye. As I opened the door there was a bouquet of peonies on my table and a box with a bow. Then it dawned on me, that I forgot to send Ms. Costa’s clothes and flowers earlier. I ran up to the set up and quickly checked the card. To my surprise it was for me.

It looked beautiful on you. I figured you should still have it, even if you aren’t coming.


I quickly opened up the Box and there it was the dress I wore earlier. I sat on the couch and stared at the dress. What is happening? What is this? Am I reading too much from this? I should thank him. So I grabbed my phone and dialed his number, a few rings but there was no answer. So I opted to thank him in the morning or maybe return the dress.

Robert texted me early in the morning telling me to meet him in the office. I sighed in relief thankful that I wouldn’t have to clean after Victoria this morning and see her snarky face. He got in late, it was almost noon, I knocked at his door and he calls out allowing me to enter.

“Good Morning Mr. Sleigh.” I say cheerful

“Good Morning, take a seat.” He says and so we converged at his lounge area.

“Before we start, I wanted to thank you for the dress, you really didn’t have to do that.” I started

“It suited you well.”

“Thanks.” I feel the rush of redness up to my cheeks I was about to tell him his schedule when he asks

“How was your dinner?” He asks

“Oh, It was awesome. Luke proposed.” I smile gleefully

“What?” Robert was caught off guard

“To Natalie.” I continued.

“Oh. I guess congratulations are in order.” He says visually relaxing

“Yeah, I’ll tell him you said that.” I say and I smile at him

He fell silent all of the sudden and I waited for him to talk.



“There’s something I want to ask you.”

“Yes?” I ask curious this time but before he could answer, Victoria enters the room.

“Good Morning, Rob.” She strides to kiss Robert and sits beside him on the couch clearly marking her territory

“Hello, Angela.” She gives me her best fake non-threatening smile.

“Good Morning, Ms. Costa.”

“I’ll leave your schedule on the desk, Mr. Sleigh.” I say formally

“Thank you, Angela.” He says

When I returned to my desk, bouquet of roses was on it. I figured it was delivered for Victoria.

“Scar, Is this for Victoria?” I ask her

“Nope. I didn’t order that.” She says peeking up excitedly to see who it was from.

I searched for a card and found it cradled in the middle of the roses.


“Riley?” I ask her but before she could answer Victoria and Robert walked out.

“Wow. Flowers. Who’s it from?” Victoria asks

“I don’t know, I think it’s from Riley.” I indulge her, she on the other hand was ecstatic I had an admirer.

“Are you sure you don’t know who it’s from?” Robert asks

“I think It’s Riley.” I say

“Maybe it’s from your colleague.” Victoria says getting intrigued

Before Robert could speak Riley arrived, he strode in and gave me a kiss on the cheek like he always does.

“Did you like it?” Riley asks me

“Oh, the Roses. I had a feeling it was you.” I tell him

“Of course, were you expecting Alistaire? I told him off remember?” Riley asks. Alistaire? When did that ever happen?

“Alistair?” Robert uttered

“Yeah, but it’s cool now. He knows he can’t have Angela.” Riley says

“So, are you ready?” Riley asks

“Uh, Yes. I just need to grab my bag. Thanks for this by the way.” I say showing him the card.

“Where are you heading?” I overheard Robert asking

“Lunch, this girl has been eating me out of business.” Riley says and I just giggle as I made my way out.

“You two can join us.” Riley offers and I wanted to kick him on his shin.

“Maybe next time, we had reservations and we’re meeting common friends.” Victoria says before Robert could process.

“Ok then, We’re off! Later, Rob!” Riley says

“Mr. Sleigh, Ms. Costa.” I acknowledge both as we went out the room.

As we were heading down, I asked him what his big idea was, telling Robert that Alistair was bothering me. He just laughed and told me, competing with another party is no fun and challenging than having two competitions. I nudge him and told him to stop his scheming. We ate lunch as usual and I told him about Luke.

“Speaking of weddings. I know we’re supposed to go together.”

“And?” I ask getting sad

“Well, I have this great opportunity to travel to Italy and go on searching for new recipes. But the week falls on the wedding date. I can cancel it.” He explains looking very guilty

" Cancel? what are you talking about! That’s awesome! I understand completely. Just promise me to cook for me what you learned when you come back.” I say happy for him.

“You really are the best.” Riley says

“Nope, you are the best. I’ll be ok at the wedding,” I lied through my teeth, on the bright side Luke is going to be there.

Maxine, Scarlet and I met for drinks after a long and stressful day. We walked pass the entrance and we were escorted immediately to the bar. While waiting for our table we decided, drinks were in order.

“It’s been such a week. I’m glad you had a time to escape the demanding clutches of Victoria.” Maxine tells Scarlet.

“Well, thanks to their date. I’m off the hook and from the pretentious date of showing everyone He belongs to her. I have no idea how a man could ever let a woman run him like that.” She says frustrated out of her mind.

“Well, let’s just have fun shall we?” I ask toasting my drink

A few drinks later Maxine, Scarlet and I settled on a booth to order I heard my phone ring with a message. It was from Robert.

What did I say about food before drinking?

Not to do it?

Well, stop drinking your Cosmo and EAT.

I’m still full from my scrumptious lunch but if you must know we already ordered.

I look around how does he know I’ve been drinking cosmos? I don’t even know what these are, Maxine just handed them to me.

“Where did Robert and Victotria have dinner?” I ask Scarlet

“At the Ritz, Victoria personally ordered me, to get them a table.” She says taking another gulp of the drink.

“Why?” She asks

“Nothing.” I shrugged it off.

I was looking around the room, searching for a familiar face. None that I recognized. I drank another cosmo, this time I felt the alcohol rush through my legs. With that I drank a whole glass of water as I was listening to Scarlet rant about her day.

“Angela, where are you going?” Scarlet asks concerned as I stood up.

“I need to head to the ladies room. I think I might have drank too much.” I say giggling

“Are you ok?” Maxine asks

“Yeah, just stay there. I’ll be right back.”

I went to the back room and found the comfort room. The area was deserted but the women’s door was locked. I stood waiting looking myself at my reflection. The door still locked, I checked my phone again to see if there were more texts, but there was none.

My legs felt mushy and I somehow wobbled. I almost fell when two strong hands held me in place.

“Thanks, but I’m ok.” I say shrugging the hands of my arms

“No you’re not.” I swing around and Robert was in front of me. The alcohol somehow got scared and ran away somewhere because I felt adrenaline rush through my system.

“Aren’t y-you s’posed to be with y-your Victoria?” I slurred a bit

“You’re drunk.”

“No. I think you scared away the alcohol. You’re not answering my questions.” I say

“No, Victoria went home, to sort things out with her family.”

“Why are you here?”

“Well, Bars and you is not a good combination, seeing that you seem to forget to Eat before drinking.” He says

“How did you know where I was?”

“I know people.” He says

Finally the door opened. I rushed in and close the door behind me. I did my business then washed my face. Stared at myself for a bit.

“Are you alright?” Robert says through the door.

“Yes, I’m coming.” I say straightening up and got out the comfort room.

“I need to go back to Maxine.” I start

“Sure, go ahead. I have company as well. I might need to get back.” He says leaving me.

I went back and already the two had company at our both. I slowly approached the table, when Maxine called me out and introduced me to a striking young man, who looked like he was from wall street, smart suit, I can tell he was very active judging from his stance when he stood to greet me and seated right beside me.

As we were talking my phone beeped.

Who’s the goon?

A friend. Don’t be mean.

I don’t like the way he’s looking at you.

I search the room for him and found him behind a glass wall partition by the bar with friends or business partners and I throw him an it’s-none-of-your-business look.

What’s it to you?

I need to protect you from lunatics.

He’s not a lunatic, he’s from wallstreet, Jason Miles. Now stop bothering me.

The night was fun, Jason was very courteous. I didn’t know if that’s the way he usually is or maybe he was hoping to stay with me tonight. Robert on the other hand respected my wishes and butted out. I glanced to see if he was still there but there was no sign. Jason and I were laughing and talking. He was a bit like Riley except he couldn’t cook.

The night ended with me and Jason on the sidewalk fronting the restaurant. Maxine and Scarlet with their pairs decided to go clubbing. Naturally, I refused, clubbing was really not my thing,

“Jason, thank you so much for tonight. I had fun.”

“No, thank you.”

“You really didn’t have to accompany me. You should have gone with them.”

“I didn’t want to go clubbing anyway.”

“Angela, this was a great. Could we maybe do this again? I’d really like the chance to get to know you better.” He says getting closer this time as his hands held my face, all I could do was wait for it.

“Angela, We better leave.”

“Huh?” I opened my eyes and found Robert standing in front of us.

“Who are you?” Jason asserted himself

“I’m Robert Sleigh.” He says shaking Jason’s hand

Instead of being mad Jason, praised Robert and told him how he looked up to him and wanted to achieve what Robert has done. I on the other hand was left hanging, furious at Robert who just ruined a perfect good night kiss. As soon as they finished conversing. Jason left and gave me a peck on the hand. Nice.

“Come on.” Robert gestures me to his car.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you still here? I thought you left?”

“So you could make out with Jason?” He asks furious

“What do you care?”

“Angela, I need to protect you from men, like those, who’s going to not remember who you are in the morning.”

“Robert, I didn’t ask for you to be a hero. I was not in a bad position. In fact I liked Jason. At least he knows what he wants.” I scolded him

“If he and I ever do it, then great! It’s better than waiting. So yes that kiss would have been ok.” I got furious really not meaning what I said. Of course I wouldn’t let someone whom I just knew for a few hours be my first.

Before I could be more furious Robert lunges at me holding my face and kissed me so passionately that I felt my legs like Gelo. Before things got out of hand I pushed him away.

“What in the world do you think you’re doing?” He had a smile plastered on his face then his eyes were hooded and smoldering.

“What do you think we are friends with benefits?” I say annoyed. He approached me and held my face near his and said

“That was so you’d Shut up and get in the damn car. Do you want me to do that again?” He says in a low voice

“Getting in the car. right.”

We reached my door at the Centurion as he suggested to walk me home before another loser finds me and make me swoon.

“Ok. We’re here. Now go.” I say waving my hands for him to go. He started to come at me again but I caught him stopped him with the most force I could muster.

“I think maybe, you’re drunk.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Well, that’s the last time you’re stealing a kiss.”

“Who said I stole it?” He says looking at me like he was innocent in all this.

“I did. You didn’t have my permission.”

“Well then, could I kiss you good night Ms. Morley?” He asks jokingly, I hoped.

“No. You have a girlfriend. Now go! before I ask for a restraining order.” I joked

“Ok. Good night.” He says took a quick kiss on my cheek and I smacked his arm

“Ow. That was on the cheek,” He laughs

“Good night.” I say getting in my room and closing the door on him.

“He was drunk.” I said as I prepared to go to bed.

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