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Fire, rage and confussion

It has been 4 months that I wake up with music blasting in my ears, along with becoming a third wheel on dates with Mr. Sleigh and some girl while I shadowed Aunt Brenda and learn the ropes of being this gazillionaire’s assistant. Weeks of testing what time I should wake up to be able to work sufficiently, getting to know the various managers of restaurants to be able to make A last minute reservation, booking of flights and finally taking over Aunt Brenda in the office and learned all the clerical works.

It’s 4:30 in the morning and I had to be quick. I rushed to my bathroom and took a bath. After placing my deep chestnut brown hair in a ponytail, placed some powder, mascara and lip-gloss I grabbed my black and white patterned blouse with a pencil skirt and put on my black peep toe heels, grabbed my planner and bolted out the door. I placed in the key card to the Penthouse suite on the 17th floor and the elevator rose.

I enter with caution careful not to wake Mr. Sleigh. I walked from the elevator lobby to the main doors. As I walked in, I searched for the living area for some garments for me to send them to the cleaners. I moved slowly but my heels were clacking on the marble floors. I took them off and placed them near the main door. I found discarded garments on the floor and I examined them and thought how in glamorous my job was, tidying up for a child.

“Good morning Ms. Morley.” I freeze and hoped I wouldn’t be fired.

I turn to face Robert clothed in house clothes sitting by the breakfast nook. Judging from his tousled locks I’d say he just woke up. I find myself mesmerized at how cute he looked outside those suits and ragged looking sitting by the breakfast counter. He looked like a regular guy, who is extremely good looking.

“Mr. Sleigh. I’m sorry to have woken you up.” I apologize looking down to stop me from being distracted.

“Don’t worry. I just wanted to grab a glass of water when I saw you examining the clothes on the floor.” He says seems to have been amused at what I was doing. I’m glad I amused you, but I need to send these to the cleaner. Now where is that trash bag?

“Again. I’m sorry to have waken you.” I say walking towards him and looked for the, pantry.

I walked pass him and opened a pantry by a hallway. I found trash bags, took one and went back to the “crime scene”. Ignoring Mr. Sleigh, I turned the bag inside out and gathered the garments together and in one haul I managed to place them all in the bag.

“There. All done.” I say quietly to myself.

I walked pass him again and dropped the trash bag down the laundry chute.

“I’m off for a coffee run sir, would you like anything?” I ask him as he sits there just staring, I’m not sure why but I guess he’s a bit hung over.

“A Muffin.” He says still not showing anything for me to read.

“Very well then sir. I’ll be back later for the briefing.” I say and walk towards the elevator doors. I grabbed my phone and called Glenda.

“Glenda, it’s Angela, I already sent Mr. Sleigh’s laundry – yes I need it right away. Thank you so much Glenda.” I say

I headed down the Centurion and walked a few blocks for coffee and a muffin. When I went back I dropped by the cleaners in the building and met Glenda. She’s a woman in late 30s and is the nicest person you’ll meet.

“Hi. Glenda” I greeted her. She and I has developed a close bond after months of getting to know each other. She talks so much of her kids and how happy she was Mr. Sleigh is a kind person.

“Angela, how are you this morning? Who is This?” She asks me handing me a cleaned wrap dress on a hanger and folded underwear in a bag.

“I have no idea, she might be the dinner reservation last night at the Alta. Found any chocolate stains?” I joke around

“As a matter of fact, I have.” she says laughing.

“Ugh! Glenda. that is so mean. I was joking.” I tell her grossed out with thoughts that I did not want to think about.

“I know. Have a great day.” She calls out to me as I leave the room.

“Thanks, Glenda. Say hi to Micha and Sally for me.” I say

I dreaded to go back up and finding a half naked girl in his suite again, but this is my job. Somehow very demeaning yet I needed this job. When I reached the 17th floor, I looked for signs of the girl or Mr. Sleigh. I readied myself for all the possibilities that may happen and went in the living area. I was greeted with a tall blonde, model like figure dressed in a familiar polo shirt walking to the kitchen table.

“Good morning, miss – ” I say a little louder. She turns towards me a bit shy and a bit scared as she saw me holding up her clothes.

“Sarah.” She finally says

“I’m Angela, Mr. Sleigh’s Assistant and here are your clothes freshly laundered.” I say handing her, her garments.

“Thanks.” She says as she gets them. She blushes and I am now certain that she’s embarrassed. As she receives her clothes Robert comes out looking his usual gorgeousness in a midnight blue suit, gone is the messy hair replacing it his pushed back hair that made him look fiercer an much more in command.

“Good Morning Mr. Sleigh.” I greeted him.

“Morning.” He greets back looking at me and from what I can see he examines me.

“Here is the Muffin you ordered.” I say handing him the paper bag.

“So shall we?” I ask

“Yes. Have a seat” He says gesturing to the sofa

“I’ll just be quick.” Sarah says to Robert and kisses him. Really? Get a room.

We both walk to the living area, he sits down on the sofa and I sit across him on a modern looking chair.

“Now, you have a 10:00 meeting with Mr. Nozuka, At 2 you are meeting with your Financial Adviser Mr. Harvey. Everything else was moved for tomorrow. The proposals have been printed out and needs your signature. Any feedback from Mrs. Amy Cahill has not yet arrived.”

He nods as he listens.

“For Lunch, Where shall I have a reservation for you?” I ask in a plain voice that I perfected after alot of practice. I seem to find him uninteresting anymore. After the stunt that he pulled the first time we had dinner, I decided he was a passing phase that I got over with.

“No, Angela I’ll maybe order in.” He says with a searching face.

“Very well then, Mr. Sleigh I’ll meet you at the office.” I say standing up.

“No. we’ll leave together.” He says mirroring my actions.

“But, Mr. Sleigh, You do have company.” I say stating the obvious as Sarah walks in through the double doors.

“Sarah, make yourself at home, Isaac will accompany you to your work place.” He says to her and as if by magic, Isaac shows up from nowhere.

“Will do sir, your car has arrived, sir.” Isaac says, I glance up and nod toward his direction and he acknowledges me with a smile.

“We’ll be leaving now.” Robert says to Sarah as she clings to his side and kisses him.

“See you later.” She says and walks off to the kitchen while Isaac sees us out.

As we enter the elevator, Robert gives Isaac final instructions, afterwards steps in and we descend down to the lobby. I moved swiftly trying to keep up with Robert’s pace. We reach the front door and the door man greets us.

“Mr. Sleigh, Ms. Morley.”

“Good morning, Joseph.” I say.

A black Aston martin rapide greets me and my mood lightens. Robert looks back at me as he gestures for me to get in. I am so not going to refuse. I feel all giddy inside and this happens when I get to ride an Aston Martin. Robert let’s me in the front passenger seat, he then passes in front of the car looking all cool. Not even my mad brain was able to resist the fact that he looks damn good in the driver seat. The thoughts I was having sent my blood rushing to my cheeks. I look down trying so hard to hide my enthusiasm and looked away.

“You better buckle up.” He says to me. Feeling my face cool from the air condition, I looked up and nodded. I grabbed the seatbelt and strapped myself in the plush leather seats.

After easing out the driveway, I completely melt in my seat. The car resounded alternative music and his scent was in the air. I took a peek at him and for a second he acted his age, he even was banging his head to the beat and it was refreshing. For a second I realized he was just as young as I was, but was forced to grow up.

“What is it?” He asks conscious that I was gazing at him.

“Nothing. I just- it’s just- I like the music.” I say shrugging and looked straight avoiding his gaze.

“Me, too.”

“Really?” I asked in a hushed voice hoping he hasn’t heard it.

“Yes, why is that such a surprise? What did you think I like? Classical music? Mozart? I’m not that old Angela.” He stifles a laugh

“I didn’t say you were old, mature maybe, I just – um figured you like something else.” I struggle to explain.

“I am just 27, Angela. 27 and 24 are just the same.” He says.

“Point taken, Mr. Sleigh.” I say to end this weird conversation.

“And didn’t I tell you to call me Robert?” He asked curiously looking at me.

“Yes, but I do think, Mr. Sleigh is much more appropriate.” I say.

“Yes, in the office maybe, but here, we’re just conversing.”

“I’m sorry, Robert. I’ll take note of that.” I say.


Before any other conversation could strike the façade of Sleigh Holding Inc. saved my uncontrollable prying. The car halts smoothly and I unbuckle my seatbelts. Mr. Sleigh got out and so did I. As soon as he walked pass me, I followed. We made our way to the lift and like magic the elevator doors open. Only the two of us rode in the car lift. In this very moment I am once again in torture, standing side by side with someone I have strong feelings for and who has no absolute concept of monogamy.

“Before I forget Angela, after my 10 o’clock appointment, walk –in. We have matters to discuss.” He says as soon as we were standing in the reception of our floor. I am stunned and shocked not wanting to move my now heavy feet.

Mr. Sleigh walks ahead, leaving me dragging my feet towards my desk, which I’m not sure that I’d be able to use anymore. I stow away my belongings, grabbing the planner with me and started up my computer. A thousand scenarios just went through my mind and it all ended up badly. I could not think of anything but Mr. Sleigh firing my unprofessional person. 10 o’clock on the dot and the first appointment arrives and I announce him in.

As Mr. Sleigh and Mr. Nozuka discusses business, I was busy sending emails, worrying about my meeting, taking calls and adding to the calendars. He wouldn’t fire me. Surely not to fire me. I mean I haven’t even done anything drastic for him to fire me. Have I? I argue with myself while working. Quarter to 12 the doors open Mr. Sleigh show Mr. Nozuka out.

“You can expect your full support on this new venture.” Mr. Nozuka gleefully shakes Mr. Sleigh’s hand.

“Thank you, Mr. Nozuka, till we meet again.” He says and without another word Mr. Nozuka leaves.

“Angela?” He says facing me. I take a deep breath and stand, Mr. Sleigh gestures for me to go in and I obey.

I enter the room and he brushes pass me after he closed the door. He strides towards his chair and offers for me to sit opposite to him.

“Angela, we need to discuss regarding your arrangement.” He opens

“Please don’t fire me. I really need this job.” The words just came blurting out and I couldn’t stop.

“What are you talking about?” He says taken a back.

“Just because I was calling for a meeting with you doesn’t mean I’m firing you.” He further explains as I breathed in relief in my seat.

“We’re discussing your residential arrangement and transportation.” He says

“Oh. I really thought I was getting fired.” I say in a relieved demeanor.

“No. You’re actually doing great. Your aunt has picked well. Since Brenda has found a new place, is moving out the Centurion to retire somewhere in the Hamptons, you need a place to stay.” He says

“Yes, I was thinking about that too, I have started to look for apartments near to the Centurion.” I say

“You don’t need to do that Angela, Since you are my personal assistant, you have to stay close to me, therefore you are going to replace Brenda in her apartment and you’ll have you own car, for you to run errands in case if you need it.” He says sounding very insistent. I thought about it a moment and I can not in any circumstance live where he lives, this is just too much, i dont think i could stand running into him with a girl by his side.

“Mr. Sleigh, Robert. I appreciate the offer, but I cannot afford aunt Brenda’s rent and I can travel via taxi or walk.” I tell him convincingly.

“It’s not an offer, Angela. I will be paying for your apartment and Car, as I did with Brenda’s.” He retorts

“Well, that is unnecessary. Mr. Sleigh.” I insisted.

“It is necessary and I can provide. I need you close, in cases of emergency and urgency. It is not negotiable. I am only informing you of the arrangements.” He says this time looking very stern and business like.

“Very well then. Is that all, Mr. Sleigh?” I ask.

“Yes. You can leave now.” He says not looking up, too busy reading proposals and signing documents.

It was a good thing it was lunch break, so I leave as quickly as I could out my cubicle. I needed air to breathe. He is such a controlling monster. He does not own me. He is such a piece of work. Why can’t he just let me be, I still can work efficiently by being far from him.

“You’re just worried, you’ll hurt yourself” I reminded myself.

I walked fast and not minding anybody, got out the building and the rush of air made me relieve the tension that was building up. A few breaths calmed me down and I continued looking for a good restaurant or diner.

“Angela!” A familiar voice resonates in my ear. I search through a sea of people and I spot the red head that was waving at me. Squinting I realize it was Maxine, my new best friend she is really fun and manages to lighten my mood whenever I feel down.

“Hey!” I call out to her as she makes her way to me. She was in her work clothes, straight shoulder length bob and her smile made her face more angelic as it already is.

“Where are you heading?” She asks reaching me.

“Well, I was going to eat lunch but I guess I’ll just grab a sandwich at Starbucks since it’s nearer and faster.” I say

" I’ll come with” She says grabbing my arm and starts walking.

“Sure, I’d be delighted if you’d join me.” I say feeling my mood lift after my whirlwind of emotions when I’m with Robert.

We reached Starbucks and the place is buzzing, there were barely seats left for us.

“I guess we could take our lunch up in the pantry.” Maxine suggests

“Yeah, I think we should.” I say.

We both thought of what we should get as we laughed with her story of a run in with her exboyfriend we laughed so hard and we ended up bumping the guy in front.

“We’re so sorry.” Maxine says since I had my back towards the guy.

“It’s ok.” The guy says cleaning up his shirt and then looked up.

“Oh.” Maxine managed to make a sound. His eyes were partially covered with brown hair but his smile is infectious. He looked like somebody out of a magazine cover of the hottest men in America.

“We’re so sorry again. How about another cup of coffee?” I ask ready to tell the cashier our orders.

“Well, how about if you guys accompany me for lunch?” He says his voice smooth as silk and I can tell Maxine is mesmerized.

“Oh, I can’t I have to be back right away – but Maxine doesn’t have to be back soon.” I offered.

“Deal.” He smirks and I feel jealous for not joining them.

“I’ll go grab a table.” He says and then walks away. How is he getting a table? oh, well.

As we were waiting for our orders, Maxine and I marveled on the fact that he looks really good, like a model for a high end brand almost European looking.

“Oh My! He’s so freaking hot.” Maxine says fanning herself with her hand and we both laugh.

“Be careful you might get burnt, Max.” I teased as she continued describing every bit about him.

Our orders were called and I took my bundle. Maxine was giddy as we neared the table the guy reserved for them.

“So, I guess I’m leaving. We’re really sorry again for the ruined shirt.” I say tucking my hair behind my ears, really nervous facing his gorgeousness.

“Good luck at work. I’m Riley by the way.” He says holding out his hand

“I’m Angela and she’s Maxine. It’s nice to meet you again.” I say shaking his soft, soft hands, I almost didn’t want to let go and face another stern look from Robert.

“Till next time we meet.” He says and gestures for Maxine to join him.

“Bye, Angie, I’ll visit you later?” She says

“I’d love that.” I say kissing her on the cheek.

After all the goodbyes I was left to go back to the office alone. The place was quiet than usual, the fact that almost all employees were taking their lunch or taking a break. I rode up the elevator and searched the bag of goodies. Excited to eat my sandwich and drink up Arizona Green tea and honey I leaped out the elevator and headed to my desk.

Since the floor was deserted I decided to eat at my table. I placed all my belongings in my little nook behind my desk. I sat and unpacked my food, curious whether Robert was still in the office; I rose up and grabbed the extra sandwich that I bought for him and tipped toe to the double doors of his office.

Before I could get it in and check the doors swing open and I fall back on my butt.

“Angela, Christ what were you doing at my door?” Robert scolds me as he places his arms around me and lifting me up effortlessly and settling me down on my desk.

“I was about to give you this.” I say handing him the sandwich and clutching the left side of my forehead as it suffered the harsh blow from the door.

“You didn’t have to get me that.” He says taking the sandwich away from my hands and placing it on the table.

“I know it isn’t much but you haven’t asked me to make a reservation for you and I figured you needed it.” I say now looking up.

“Why didn’t you just go in? Are you ok? How bad does it hurt?” He bombards me with rhetorical questions as I think he was nervous.

“I’m fine. Really, no need to –” I stop as I try to stand and failed, plus my head is throbbing.

“You need to rest; you can stay in my office. Rest your head on my couch.” He says not even asking permission and scoops me up and transfers me to the couch. As I was in his arms I was in total bliss just enjoying the strange feeling of him cradling me.

“I’m ok. I’ll just go eat.” I say adjusting my outfit as is settled on his couch where i first met him.

“No problem.” He says rushing out the door and placed the food I got for us on the coffee table in front of me.

“Honestly, Mr. Sleigh. I’m ok. You can go to your other prior commitment.” I say creeped out on how special he was treating me.

“I was about to eat lunch but you were generous enough to bring me this. So, I’ll accompany you. I wouldn’t want your efforts to go to waste.” He says, unwrapping the sandwich.

“It’s ok. You really don’t need to. I just figured, that I should at least repay you after you treated me last week. I know it’s not dinner, but-” I say embarrassed that I fell flat on my butt. I am so embarrassed I could die.

“I do appreciate this and it’s the least I can do, after I knocked you down with the door, you might slip into a comma and no one would know.” He says sympathetically.

“I don’t want your pity.” I retorted quietly as I realized this was my boss I’m talking to.

“I didn’t mean to make fun of your Ms. Morley, I’m sorry I crossed a line” He says looking remorseful

“No. I mean I don’t need you to feel guilty for knocking me down, the fault was mine.”

“Your safety, Ms. Morley means a great deal to me. I after all will be held liable to anything that happens to you under my supervision both to the country and Brenda.” I laughed at the face he made after mentioning Aunt Brenda’s name. The scenario he was imagining must have been horrifying.

“I thought we’re pass last names, Mr. Sleigh.” I say distracting myself from staring at him.

“Well, you did it first, Angela.” He says

I stifled a fake laugh and began to eat my sandwich. We were silent as we ate our meals. The silence is deafening and that weird aura has surrounded the place once again. I will you to speak, Mr. Sleigh. Speak.

“Angela, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.” He talks as if he has heard my thoughts.

“What is it, Mr. Sleigh? Uh- Rob” I say. What is it? Please don’t tell me to send something cute for your latest conquests.

“I’d like you to plan a going away party for Brenda. This Friday. I’ve been meaning to throw her a soiree but I cannot simply ask her to plan it herself and seeing that you have a background of party planning, I don’t see any reason that you’ll find this task difficult.” He says visibly relaxing before my eyes, going into confident-powerful-convincing-CEO-persona.

“This Friday. That’s awfully a short time to plan but I’d love to.” I say as my head started downloading my checklist for the party but first thing first.

“I’d like to ask should it be a black tie event? Or casual? Officemates? Or friends and family?” I asked thrilled in planning the event.

“You’re decision. Whatever makes Brenda happy.” He shrugs. He looks so cute when he shrugs he looks like a teenager who doesn’t want to make decisions whatsoever on any matter. Hey I can admire him from a far as long as I keep it professional, right? I argue with the logical side of me and the feelings department is backing me up.

“Ok. I’ll plan this right away.” I say getting up.

“Angela, Sit down.” Robert’s voice is filled with irritation and concern.

“I’m ok. Mr. Sleigh. That knock in my head is hardly something I’d be worried about.” I say assuring him that I was okay and I also secretly wanted to look f there was permanent damage printed on my face.

“No. Finish your meal and you can go. ” He ordered.

I sit back on the sofa and picked up my sandwich. As I was eating I planned things in my head, I thought of activities that aunt Brenda would like. An idea popped in my head and it made me smile recalling precious memories.

“What is it?” Robert interrupts

“Huh? What?” I say snapping out of my thoughts.

“What are you thinking?” He says brows knit.

“Just mentally planning that’s all.” I say taking my drink and sipped.

“So, where do you plan take old Brenda’s farewell party.” He asks as he relaxes on his chair.

" I have ideas, you’ll just have to wait for the invitation.” I say teasing him. After a week of this I finally relaxed in front of him. No more tongue-tied-love-sick puppy-Angela, but a confident-admiring-him-from-a-distance-Angela.

“Ok. After all this company has witnessed in terms of outings, it’s always a surprise. Archery contests. Paintball. I’m sure anything you’d be able to do would be much more enjoyable.” He says sighting examples of weird outings for a company.

“Oh, I was thinking in the lines of bungee jumping, or sky diving. Something on those alley.” I say nonchalantly. I look at his action and it is in sheer shock. Priceless.

" I think a little less adventurous. Don’t get me wrong that all sounds nice, but I think we might have a world record of most heart attacks.,” he says gleaming seemingly hiding a stifle of laughter.

“I guess. ” I say giggling at the sight of him being so uncharacteristic.

“I’d better get back to work. I have some planning after all.” I say standing up and gathering our food.

“Sure. Let me help you.” He says.

After much resisting on my part not to let him help, after all we were just tidying up the table, it’s not much of a hassle. Everything was going smoothly until a spine tingling moment when our hands first touch. I held my breath and trying to act affected with the situation. We both were silent and hands still in the same place, I mind wasn’t able to think straight to find a exit strategy until.

“Mr. Sleigh, I’m sorry to barge in, but-” it was Maxine and we both look at her still stuck in our position. Robert quickly regained his poise as he looked at Maxine.

“Oh, I’m sorry to have interrupted. I’ll go.” She says wide-eyed looking at me.

“No. You’re not interrupting anything. We’ve just finished. Come.” Robert says as he walked to his chair as Maxine following him to the table and gave me a quick giddy look.

Rolling my eyes, I quickly finished up cleaning and walked out the office not making any loud noise. I quickly threw the trash in the bin and sat back down on my desk. I processed what just happened in there. I examined my hand, still tingling from his touch, somehow my body longs for more. I closed my eyes recalling the sweet sensation and the look he had on his face. It was like that scene In a movie where the guy holds the girl’s hands for the first time but its 10 times more. So that’s how it feels. Angela snap out of it, it meant nothing. You’re just over analyzing. You watch too match romantic movies.

Minutes later, Robert walks out of his office.

“Angela, I’m going to an important meeting. Just stay behind and brief me with my schedule tomorrow.” He says

“Yes, Mr. Sleigh.” I say nodding

“And oh- send flowers to Sarah.” He says before he leaves and disappears from my sight. See, over thinking my mind lectures me.

“Right.” I say looking for the right flowers shop to deliver wonderful flowers to that bimbo.

“What was that, when I walked in?” Max asks sitting in front of me. I totally forgot she was there.

“Nothing. We were just cleaning up.” I say blankly.

“Nothing? I saw that we-got-caught-look of Mr. Sleigh. It was priceless. Why were you eating in his office in the first place?” She asks curiosity peaked.

“I got back and offered him the sandwich and I fell flat on my butt because he opened the door before I got in and bam! Then he offered me to stay and eat with him after all my troubles and then we cleaned up after ourselves and that’s it.” I say as fast as I could

“Nope, there was some aura in that room. I felt it. It was very strong.” She says surveying my hot glowing cheeks.

“Max! Come on. Stop it. If there was something, I wouldn’t be buying flowers for the blonde.” I say to her holding up the sample photos of the flowers to order.

“he was just maybe trying to measure your jealousy, But you’re a one way mirror-” she teased

“I know there’s something there. Admit it. it was strong. Sexual tension maybe.” She says laughing

“Max. You are hilarious, please the only tension there was stress.” I say laughing along with her.

“Angela - Maxine.” Robert surprises us and I don’t know how much he heard us conversing about him.

“Mr. Sleigh, I was just briefing Angela of the other meetings you’ll need to meet with, now that Mrs. Cahill has made her decision. I’ll be leaving now.” She says and bolts out the lobby.

“I, forgot to tell you to book a dinner in the Mercer kitchen and Alison is about to come up to bring files and I need you to sort them out, doublecheck all the merger papers that everything is in track. papers that need signing bring them back to the apartment.” He says standing infront of me. Really the Mercer? how annoying. To hide my obvious irritation I hid under my planner and jot down what he just said on the notepad opposite my Ipad mini.

“I got it. What time shall I book you?” I say looking up hidding my irritation.

“8 or 9.” He says non chalanlty

“Will that be all?” I ask still writing down as slowly as I can so I could not meet his eye.

“Yes. And pick this.” He says leaning in close and pointed the simple bunch of white roses in a delicate ribbon.

“Yes, sir.” I say lookIng up and findinup him very close to my person and made very uncomfortable. As soon as he retracts and leaves, I place my head on my hands.

Seconds after totally getting caught at slacking, gossiping about how Maxine think how I feel about our Boss, My boss barging in I almost fainted. As I was catching my breathe, Alison walks in with a tower of papers and I’m thinking overnight.

“Am I dreaming or did I just see Mr. Sleigh smiling?” Alison asks me as she sets down the papers on the clear apart of my desk.

“Probably, because he loves to torture me with work.” I say lifting up the first folder from the files.

“I guess. Well he looks pretty damn good. You are so lucky to be able to see his face everyday.” She gushes.

“You have no idea.” I say thinking of the crazy things I have been through for the two weeks that I have been working for him.

“Ok. So if you have more questions just call.” She says leaving the lobby.

After Alison left, I leafed through the mountain of files and started sorting the papers out. Afternoon came and my eyes were aching, I paused and checked the time, it was pass 8 and my stomach gobbled in cue. I was about to pack up when Maxine walked in.

“I thought you might be here.” She says setting here bag on my desk

“Max! What are you still doing here? Work finished hours ago.” I interrogated

“Same reason why you’re still up here. the big merger with the Cahills.” she says slumping on the guest chair.

“Who are they?” I ask

“Only one of the top real estate corporations in the city. Mr. Sleigh has been battling other corporations to get a merger with the, but I guess he’s that good.” She answers.

“So I heard you’re planning Brenda’s goings away party. Any ideas as to where that is?” She continues

“Yup. Bowling. Aunt Brenda and I used to Bowl whenever we get together. Do you think this company is up Thor a little bowling competition?” I ask

“Yeah, that is great. a little competition, some team work, where were you when we had to do archery?” She says excitedly and seemingly remembered a horrible incident with horrified look she had on.

" Good. But one problem, I really don’t know where I can find the perfect venue.” I inform her.

“I’ve got the perfect venue. Do want to grab dinner and see it yourself?” She offers

“I would love to. I’m starving, but let me finish this last one and then we can go.” I say

I finished the last paper and filed it correctly. I placed all the papers in a secured filing cabinet inside my desk. Placed all the paperworks that needed signing in my satchel, thankful that the papers fit perfectly, and grabbed my coat.

“I’m ready thanks for waiting.” I say to Maxine

“It wasn’t that long. Now lets eat.” She says and we he’d out the office.

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