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Bowling it is!

Maxine brought me to a sandwhich shop, near the bowling alley to grab a bite to eat. A place called the Num Pang sandwhich shop, it was a small shop but the sandwiches was exquisite. I had a coconut tiger shrimp sandwhich that really hit the spot. After we were both satisfied with our late dinner, we walked around the corner and here there was the Bowlmor lanes. As we walked in, I was extatic and thrilled to have found the perfect venue for aunt Brenda’s party. Maxine and I asked around regarding corporation parties and set the date, luckily for us Friday was free. If neither of us didn’t have jobs in the morning we’d be playing, but we have a very demanding job, so we decided to call it a night.

I walked through th lobby doors of the Centurion, ready to floop unto my comfy bed. I walkedin the elevator and smiled with the eagerness to sleep. The elevator doors closed, ready to rise up to my floor when the doors slid open, revealing Mr. Sleigh and Ms. “Bimbo-incredibly-hot-model” Sarah.

“Mr. Sleigh?” I ask high pitched rather caught off guard at the sight of him.

“Angela, late night dinner? I thought I told you to take off early?” He says equally shocked.

“Oh, yes, something like that and I couldn’t possibly let the paper works pile up.” I explained as clears her throat.

“Angela, this is Miss Sarah Jackson.” He says as they enter the elevator car.

“Oh yes, Angela.” Sarah says giving me air kisses and I smell the most flowery scent yet, making my nose hurt.

“Ms. Jackson. The pleasure is all mine,” I lied. How can this man have such weird taste in women, I mean, I guess the body and all that leg has something to do with the lack of something upstairs. Angela Morley, how could you judge that woman harshly? my mind scolds me.

After seconds of mixed emotions and weird electric connection in the elevator. I couldn’t help but think maybe The electric feeling was the hormonal rage that probably is filing awkwardness was killing me. I couldn’t be happier to hear the sound of the elevator doors slide open to my floor.

“Mr. Sleigh, Ms. Jackson.” I bid the good bye as the doors closed. I felt my whole body shiver at the thought of what those two were going to do the moment they reach their floor.

I quickly went into my apartment, grabbed a throwpillow, dug my face into it and screamed my emotions away. I cant believe myself, after all the lectures I have myself about admiring him from a distance, was useless to the fact that seeing him with someone was torture. After moments of contemplating I decided to pour my frustrations out by planning the party. After a few hours, I sank in the plushness of my couch and dozed off.

A loud buzzing noise disturbed my sleep and nudged me out of my couch. It was my phone ringing telling me to get my lazy butt out of the couch and work. After my rude awakening, I freshened up and readied myself for another encounter with the Boss. Creeping my way in the living area of Robert’s suite, I arranged the papers that needed signing on his modern coffee table where we usually discuss regarding his calendar. Today was especially, stressful with all the meetings and in between party planning; I had to be precise and productive.

I had ran to the coffee shop and grabbed our coffee and the usual muffin for the lady. There was one thing missing today though, there were no clothes in sight but aside from this curious event, I was unusually early today and had time to sit and wait for Mr. Sleigh to be up. While waiting I made emails to remind the caterers and the venue of the party and also the all-important invitations since I only had two days left.

“Angela, your early.” Mr. Sleigh in notes my punctuality.

“It’s just I have a lot to do today, with planning and all.” I say and nodded to greet him good morning.

“I’m sure your to early to check on everything, seeing that every store and office is still closed at 5 in the morning.” He says

“I really just wanted to make sure everything is in place, but if I’m to early I can come back.” I say preparing to stand.

“No need. Just stay there. Make yourself feel at home.” He says bringing his coffee and the muffin to the coffee table and sat on his side opposing me.

“do you want some muffin?” He asks as he peeled off the paper from the muffin.

“No thank you, but, If you’ll excuse me Mr. Sleigh.” I stood.

“Where are you going?” He asks genuinely puzzled.

“To get another muffin for Ms. Sarah. I’m afraid I only bought one.” I say feeling very incompetent. Oh gosh, I have fallen so low in my butt, comparing my competency with a miss calculation of muffins to purchase.

“You don’t need to, Sarah left last night.” He says gesturing me to sit back down.

“Oh?” Intrigue has taken me over as to why she left, but that is way to personal to ask and what is the information of use to me? Honestly I feel like a president of a fan club, having to know so much about Robert Sleigh.

“She had to catch a flight back to Paris, she was just visiting.” He says

“You look really refreshed today, I thought you’d be tired after staying out late last night” He asks out of nowhere and caught me off guard. Took me awhile to realize, Is he complementing me awkwardly, for a guy so smooth with the ladies he couldn’t come up with a better complement, I mean seriously refreshed?

“Oh. I can still focus with less sleep plus It wasn’t that late.” I say plainly, setting aside the fact that my late nights doesn’t concern him unless if my late night affects my competence and efficiency.

“You had a late night yourself. Mr. Sleigh.” I continue and to counteract the awkward to talk of personal business, I checked my IPad and drank my coffee.

“Point taken.” He as if accepting defeat.

I looked up at him and he seemed to be intrigued regarding our current topic. So I decided to put him out of his mystery and told him I was with Maxine searching for the perfect venue. Not that he needed to know that.

“Good.” He finally says and continues munching on his muffin.

As we both sat in silence me checking the emails for a response and him eating his muffins and reminding me of the urgent meetings that has to be moved in the morning. As i took down notes a pop up notified me of a new email. I quickly opened them and it was from my dear friend who is a wiz at designing invitations, telling me I can collect the mass produced design.

“Mr. Sle - Rob, I need to go ahead if you don’t mind, I’ll catch up in the office, I need to get this invitation from my friend, so I could pass them out today before the office opens.” I said tugging my bag with my things.

“No problem, I’ll see you at the office.” He says showing off a soft smile at me.

I rushed out the Centurion and Isaac met me.

“Ms. Morley, I mean Angela, Mr. Sleigh told me to bring you to the printers.”

“It’s ok, Isaac. It isn’t that far anyway.” I say.

“Please, Ms. I insist, Mr. Sleigh instructed me to do so.” He says holding the opened SUVs door for me.

“Was he like this to Aunt Brenda too?” I ask and he nods back at me.

“We’ll, she was way mature than I am, surely a grown woman like myself could walk 3 Blocks from this building without strain. Please. Isaac, I’ll meet you in the office.” I explained and pleaded.

He nods once again with a weary smile and I was off.

“What is he going to get a lashing from Mr. Sleigh?” I smiled amused at my thought and then stop to think of the possibilities but I reassured myself that he couldn’t be that mean.

After a few minutes, I finally reached the apartment of Luke Fletcher, My childhood friend who is very talented with invitations, photographs and art. We were in sync when it came to those subject. I rang his buzzer and let me in. He and I got separated when he went to New York and studied advertising, but we still saw each other during christmas vacations but after a few years after he moved he hardly visited us. I was really excited seeing him again.

I hurried up 3 flight of stairs and reached his door. I knocked and he calls out to let me in.

“Hello?” I say expecting to see a studio apartment but instead was greeted by a full blown studio with photography stuff and state of the art equipments.

“Snow!” A familiar voice greets me behind a pile of boxes, hasten his steps and hugged me.

“Luke!” I say surprised at seeing my childhood friend who seemed to have grown up and changed so much over the years.

“My you’ve changed!” I say not being able to hold my enthusiasm. Really changed. The old rugged without a care, who wore the same shirt one week straight, is ruggedly handsome and cleans up nicely with his button down shirt. I can not believe this is the same guy who used to be my playmate.

“Change is good right? How about you you’ve changed. You look hotter than I remember.” He says eyeing my office ensamble.

“Mhm. Go on make fun, that’s the Luke I know.” I say feeling goof to know someone in this big city.

“Honestly, Ange. I’m not kidding.”

“We’ll, thank you I appreciate it, but right now I’m rushing. Can I see them?” I ask excitedly.

“Anything for you.” He says and disappears out of sight.

In a minute he rushes in and gives me a bond paper with a bowling pin on the center and a poorly handwritten come to my party sign. I guess I look horrified because he laughed so hard at me.

“Well, it’s creative.” I say praying this wasn’t the invitation.

“I agree, inventive even.” He says studying me face.

“But I do think the five year old brother of my girlfriend has years before he develops his style.” He says laughing and his face lit up and it made him even more gorgeous. too bad he has a girlfriend, but I could never picture us both together it would be weird like dating my brother.

He then hands me a very retro looking invitation, ingenuity clearly was visible. This was the best invitation so far and in just a small amount of time. I was thoroughly impressed.

“This is really you. That’s why I only trust your genius. This is amazing and just a short amount of time I mean this was two days? I don’t even know how this would look if I gave you a week.” I saw marveling at the beauty of this invitation.

“So where will I place the rest?” He asks.

“Here, I hope it fits in this.” I say pulling out the foldable cardboard box that I brought in my oversized satchel.

“Perfect.” He says and once more disappears.

I looked around figuring a couple of intricate invitations will take long to arranged in a box. I stared at his work station and looked at the photos he took of various places in New York, I stood there awed at the sight of them. My eyes traveled further and saw a picture in a cartooned pool frame and smiled. It was me and him as teens in a small pool. That was the day where I wasn’t allowed to go to my friend’s bash in her rest house for a spring break party and Luke stayed behind with me. We both were searching for something to do and found the inflatable pool where we both used to play as kids and decided to have a mini pool party, that day was one of the best spring break I had.

“I see you found our spring break with jello shots.” He says reminiscing as he handed me the box.

“Oh yes. It was better than the party Jessica Loren threw. We were the envy of everybody.” I say receiving the box.

“Thank you so much for this, I really appreciate this.” I say handing him the check.

“Anytime. hey, Why dont we get together? I’d love to let you meet Natalie.” He says holding the check.

“Yes. I’d love that too. Do call me, here’s my number.” I say expressing my joy, I gave him my card and he led me out his apartment.

After our brief good byes I headed quickly to the office taking the subway, I arrived at the office breathlessly and met with Maxine who I called on the way to the office. I was lucky enough she was happy to lend me a hand. Together we hastily left the invitations on their desks before people came in. After our rush we rested in the pantry.

“This is quality work Ange, must have cost you a fortune.” She says appreciating the invitation and studying the card.

“Nope. Luke is the best at this. I only trust his work.” I say drinking my coffee.

“Luke? Wow Angie, two guys? Rawr.” She teases.

“Please, hardly Luke is my best childhood friend.” I say showing here the clear disgust in my face.

“Well, I’d better be off, Robert is arriving any time now.” I say

“Ok. Catch you later.” She says.

I hurry out the pantry and head out the door off to Roberts’s office. I entered the office and placed the invitation card and his schedule unto the table.

“Where have you been?” He asks with a stern voice.

“Mr. Sleigh! ” I shrieked in surprise.

“I was distributing the invitations to the staff and grabbed a coffee before you arrive. I didn’t figure you’d be here so early.” I informed.

“No, I meant earlier, before you arrived at work.” He says coldly I feel the frost bite from his tone.

“I got the invitations, from my friend” I say

“Yes, I can see that but didn’t Isaac inform you that he’d be driving you there and to work.” He says impatiently.

“Yes, he did and I refused. I am completely capable Mr. Sleigh, I was going to my friends studio not to a murderer’s den.” I say at the heat of the moment, then and there I wished I hadn’t spoken at the look of his face I knew I’ve gone to far.

“Those orders were not for you to refuse, I am liable to anything that could happen to you, I take your safety seriously as I did with Brenda’s. Harm might come your way because some people are out to get me and you’re the easiest access and they will not hesitate to use you to get to me.” He scolded.

We were both silent and I knew I had done something wrong, I did not think of the scenario that he has slapped me with. Also got me thinking that this scenario was way more far fetched to be real. I didn’t know what to do but apologize formally and get the heck out there before I tell him he was over acting.

“I am sorry, If I have overstepped, Mr. Sleigh. I just came here to leave you, your invitation for tonight’s event. Also I have drafted out your appointments today, since I was unable to brief you this morning. Call me if you need anything I’ll be sorting out the final draft before your meeting after lunch.” I say and left the room, avoiding eye contact and head out the door.

The morning dragged on and time was not on my side, I had already finish proof reading and sorting the files. Punched, compiled and stapled the living crap of the merger documents and I feel as if the clock has been 10:00 for hours. There were no signs of Mr. Sleigh and I was grateful, because after all the worry I cause him. Although I think it was more of a company liability suit he was thinking than pure genuine concern of my welfare.

I ran through emails, for any pending requests and any signs of things to do but nothing. I practically finished my job for the day in just 3 hours. After reorganizing my desk and cleaning up emails and answering phone calls, I finally relaxed until I remembered that I haven’t even thought of what I was going to wear for tonight’s party.

Before I could even think about the crisis, Mr. Sleigh finally stepped out of his office.

“I have a meeting before the Merger, Take your lunch and be here before 12, we have a ling day ahead of us and I don’t need you fainting in the conference room. Inform Maxine as well.” He says and leaves before I could even acknowledge what he said.

Maxine and I met up at the coffee shop again since it was the quickest way to refuel our growling stomach.

“So, Angela, have you decided what to wear tonight? Or are you just going like that.” She says pointing at my business attire and regarding it with a disgusted look.

“Hey, this attire is perfectly put together.” I say defending my suit

“Yes, if you want to bore a couple of guys tonight at the party.” She points out to me

“Well, to tell you honestly I haven’t even thought of my outfit, I was so occupied I missed that detail, plus I don’t think dressing up like I was going to a party is not a fitting attire for a company party.” I say

“What? A sexy bondage dress can never be wrong in any occasion.” She says while taking a bite of her sandwich.

“Says you who has perfect long legs to show off. ” I complement her as she nods and grins agreeably at me.

“What I don’t get though, why didn’t you model instead? I mean you don’t even look like an accountant.” I ask as I finish off my sandwich.

“I guess, I love the thrill of numbers, I’m pretty good at it and I never thought of Modeling.” She says drinking her venti Choco chip Frappuccino. With looks like hers I could model and retire at the age of 30.

Maxine is a couple inches taller than I was. She never fails to accentuate her amazing body and always look so elegant. She could be in a magazine cover yet she chose to sit in a desk and punch numbers. She is never afraid to speak her mind and is very comfortable with her own skin, which I on the other hand, need to work on the self-esteem department.

“Ok, but I do think you should try modeling.” I encouraged her.

“Sure, when I get tired of all the attention, handsome suited men showers me every day.” She says laughing.

“What do you think about us, trying on clothes and getting ready together before the party?” Maxine opens

“Uh- Yes. I would absolutely love to. You’re my fashion icon, I’d be honored.” I say excitedly

After our nice short bonding, we hastened our steps towards the building and got ready for the meeting. Maxine has already prepared her charts and numbers while I set up the meeting room and placed the agenda folders for the delegates that were showing up. Maxine briefed me regarding my duties during meetings and briefed me regarding the pending merger.

“Are we all set?” I ask Maxine as we wait for Mr. Sleigh to arrive.

“Completely, all we need is the convincing powers of Mr. Sleigh and for the future partners to show up.” She says as we wait patiently.

Mr. Sleigh arrived together with Mr. Nozuka and Mr. Clay and other men I couldn’t recognize. They headed to the conference room, Max an di followed. Minutes later Mrs. Amy Cahill arrived with her own men and the meeting began.

As I took down notes and recorded conversations, I was impressed with the way Robert handled the meeting. His determination and passion for this merger seemed to be eminent. Maxine was also very in command especially with her prepared numbers and charts she was unstoppable. Both teams bantered back and forth as the afternoon dragged on and finally Mrs. Cahill agreed with Sleigh holdings incorporated terms. As everybody celebrated, I was relieved and ready to get out of that meeting room.

After all the consultants and the new partners have gone, Robert, Maxine and I were left in the conference room.

“Thank you, for both your efforts and together we have succeeded.” Robert says

“You’re Welcome.” We say in unison.

“Well, I guess we could all call it a day. Seems we have a Party to take part of.” Robert says with his satisfied smile.

“Thank you, Sir.” Maxine stands filled with gratitude and excitement.

As we both leave Robert calls “Angela”

“Yes?” I say as I turn towards him.

“I’ll need that report on Monday.” He says.

“Yes, sir.” I say and bid him goodbye.

Everyone in our department has left early. Maxine and I headed to stores and stores of amazing clothes for inspiration as she says and headed back to her apartment. Her apartment looks as elegant as she is, her place screamed of romance. I sat on a plush couch as she brought out clothes.

" So, you are going to try these on, they’re perfect for your size.” She says

“Wait, that couldn’t fit me!” I say refusing her offers

" Just because you flaunt your assets with your suits doesn’t mean you have a great body, which I know you do” Maxine encourages me and cheered as I tried on dress after dress which surprisingly fit me except when I wear them I needed to take off a few inches from the dress.

“I know, I have this dress that was too short for me, I think it would fit you just right.” She says disappearing to her closet and bringing out the simplest and beautiful dress.

I took them and changed I stared in the mirror and couldn’t believe my eyes when it fit me perfectly. I normally never wear thick-strapped short bondage dress number but I loved this particular dress. The hemline was a comfortable above the knee length and the way the crossing strap covers my cleavage, if I had any, made me feel very comfortable. I placed on the white wedges on to add a little height and I was ready to show the look to Maxine.

“Oh my- Angela! You look A-mazing. Not that you look un-amazing in the office, but this look screams sexy” She says enthusiastically.

“This feels good. The dress is perfect not too short for a company party, speaking of which were going to be late if we don’t hurry.” I say.

“Oh yeah, I’ll be quick I already chose the perfect party dress.” She says and disappears in her closet.

“Ange, could I do your make-up and hair?” She suggests as she comes out of the closet bringing a very daring dress that I know she could only pull-off.

“Wow, you’re legs are going to look amazing on those.” I say and immediately she rushes back in the closet and changed.

After a few minutes she finally showed me the final output with her hair styled and her make-up done. She gave me a complete makeover and I only hoped that she didn’t over due the make-up since I didn’t get anytime to check since we were behind schedule and we needed to rush to the Bowlmor to finalize the arrangements.

Minutes after arranging taking care of the last minute decisions, Maxine and I relaxed for a while before the people dressed in fancy clothes arrived and filled the place up, I had a hard time rounding up everybody in the big party hall.

“Everybody! Listen up! Thank you for coming to this wonderful party our very own Angela Morley has prepared for us.” Everyone applauded my way as Maxine spoke on the temporary stage that was set up on the corner.

“This is a way for us to thank Brenda, for being the best at her work.” Maxine goes on and tells everyone of the plan to surprise aunt Brenda. Everyone was really supportive, maybe it was because majority of the crowd were men who just adored Maxine especially with her daring, tasteful fitting dress. The rest of the crowd were aunt Brenda’s age and some were dressed to impress. everything was going smoothly as we waited for aunt Brenda to show, but Mr. Sleigh hasn’t shown up and called me. I sat in the bar drinking lemonade and checking my phone, seeing that Maxine left me to flirt with guys.

I contemplated calling Mr. Sleigh but I guess he had other plans otherwise he would have called. I scanned through messages to check if aunt Brenda has arrived yet when

“Waiting for Someone?” Robert asks me as the bar tender gives him his drink. I stare at him in shock he looks really good in his pale blue button down polo and his casual jeans he looks really good, but then again when has he ever looked hideous.

“Mr. Sleigh you made it.” I ask recovering from shock

“Yes, I am invited aren’t I? Did you think I wouldn’t show up?” He ask with teasing concern on his face.

“We’ll yes you are invited, I just thought you might have other commitments.” I asked

“Not that i know of, you hold that part of my life, Remember.”

“How could I ever forget? I gleamed at him.

“You look beautiful by the way. This look suits you.” He says in a low tone

“Oh, it was Maxine she made me up.” I say really feeling conscious as I twirl the ends of my hair around trying to deflect his compliment.

" You should really learn to take a compliment.” He says still close to my proximity.

“Thank you.“I snapped and he seems to be holding his laughter. He’s so cute.

“So, where’s our celebrant?” He asks

Before I could answer someone rushed in and announced ” Brenda is here, everybody hide.”

Robert helped me out of my seat and stupid me tripped unto him, he catches me and presses my body unto him. I felt him carry me over to a hidding place still holding me in place, I could smell his sweet, clean scent that was filling up my lungs. Before I could step off him the lights turned off and I was stuck.

I could hear his heartbeat as my head rested on his chest. What is he doing? Before I burst into flames as i felt my face turn red I took a step back to create distance from each other. Still facing him I searched his face in darkness, it was too dark for me to see. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had when he held me. He was motionless probably regretting catching me I had to clear things out,

" I’m so sorry Mr. Sleigh, I’m too clumsy.” I say softly hoping he heard me.

" Just be careful next time, I won’t always be there to catch you.” He whispers to me.

I nod and can’t help but blush one more time I had to shake this reaction before the lights turn on. I hear the doors fling open and my nerves were all fizzy like champaign.

" Hello?” Aunt Brenda’s voice resonated in the silent bowling alley. She had her phone in hand and was about to call someone when we flicked in the lights

" SURPRISE !” Everybody greeted her and she welled up in tears, I quickly ran up to her with wobbly feet and hugged her.

“Oh, Angie. This is soo sweet.” She says as we pulled away from each other.

" Your so welcome, it was all Robert’s idea.” I say

“Oh, Robert thank you dear boy.” she says expressing her appreciation to Robert who managed to keep up and stand beside me and bends down for aunt Brenda to kiss him on his cheeks.

“You deserve it, I’m sad that you are leaving but I thank you for still taking care of me even when you are retired.”

“Oh yes, I’ll check up on you time to time, after all Angela tells me everything.” She says and squeezes my arm.

After everyone has finished greeting her Maxine has once again taken the stage and proclaimed the party to start.

“I have already assigned the teams look for your names in the bowling lane and the wining team gets a trip to Hawaii! ” She says and everyone cheers.

“Hawaii?” Robert asks me in amazement.

“We’ll there was a bit more excess to the budget so, Maxine and I decided to give a little insentive for everybody. Was it too much?” I ask nervously at him.

“Its fine, Angela stop worrying, you did a great job,more than what I expected.” He compliments me

" I’m glad your satisfied, Thank you very much.” I say this time smiling.

Everyone was scrambling around to check on the bowling lanes and check their teams. I walked with aunt Brenda askingbher about her surprise party and how much she loved it. We searched the place and checked on the lists of teams as we reminisce on our trips to the bowling alley. We finally found our spot aunt Brenda and I were on opposing teams.

“I hope you’ll love your team, you’ll thank me later.” Maxine brushes up on me, she and aunt Brenda and 4 more people were already gathered. I on the other hand was with 2 more girls who were giggling and batting their lashes unto my two other team mates. I had a feeling that Maxine was playing Cupid and I was right. My eyes widened as I saw Robert’s name on the list.

“Max! What’s the big idea.” I hissed at her.

“What? Like Robert says you are to be near him at all times.” She says teasingly.

“So, Brenda’s team versus mine.” Robert calls from behind me

“I just have a question for you Mr. Sleigh” Maxine responses

“What is it?”

“Have you ever played bowling in your life? I just want to say Brenda is a champion bowler back home.” Maxine boasts

“I dabble.” Robert shrugs

“We’ll then, we’ll see who the wining team is.” Maxine says

“I got to say Robert, don’t cry if old Brenda beats you.” Brenda says as she was about to throw the first ball done the lane. The ball curves and creates a perfect strike. Aunt Brenda bows and everyone cheers. Robert gave aunt Brenda a playful bow and everyone laughs along with the both of them.

“Let’s win this.” Robert whispers to me

I nodded sillily at him, excitedOur lane was set up and the game began, our team was enthusiastic as Brenda’s team. I could honestly see the whole group having fun and being competitive at the same time.

" Mr. Sleigh your up.” The girls cheered

He got up and readied himself, walked down the lane, swung the ball and off it went flying across the lane. The ball curved but it was too much that it fell to the canal. Our group laughed as he faced us and shrugged goofily.

“Sleigh, I thought you knew how to bowl?” I ask him with disbelief, there was actually one thing he didnt know how to do.

“I did say I dabbled.” he says smiling back at me his megawatt smile and it just warmed my heart.

“Well, i guess we could kiss those free tickets to hawaii, goodbye.” I say picking up my ball since it was my turn. It wasn’t long since I bowled so I pretty knew what I was doing. I swung the ball and bang it hit all the pins and down they go. I can hear Aunt Brenda and Maxine cheering for me as I turn to Robert.

“Easy.” I say proudly as the rest of the team stepped forward to take their turn and cheered eachother.

“Since your such a pro bowler, mind teaching me a few tricks?” Robert asked holding up his ball

“Tricks? Why don’t we start with the basics.”

“Your the master.” He says submitting to my awesomeness

I showed him how to ready himself and how to swing and let go, but he just isnt getting any of it.

“For a guy, who knows a lot, you stink at this.” I say

“Here let me help you-” I continued, positioning him. I got to say I loved putting him in place. Touching him was a bonus.

After what seemed like forever it was his turn again and he got up the courage to take his turn. He picked up his ball lined up, slowly walked to the lane swing his arms and released the ball to the lane that flew really fast and smashed all the pins aside. Everyone cheered him on and I ran up to him and stopped, I really had a huge urge to hug him. everyone sang praises at him. It made me think, no one who stinks improves that easily, unless.

“You’re joking right? You tricked me to teach you to bowl.” I say sitting beside him as I sipped on my lemonade.

“Me? Never.” He says animatedly and it made me laugh. Who would have thought that Strict, Bossy, Mean, tycoon, Mr. Sleigh would have this side.

“Since, you tricked me, I challenge you to beat me.” I say

“Game. Loser buys winner Dinner?” He says with his negotiating voice

“Just dinner? To add how about winner dares loser anytime they want.”

“Deal.” He calls my offer.

“Ok, but I don’t know how you’ll ever win over me when you flopped your first throw.” I say scaring him, as if its possible.

“You’ll see.” He adds drinking his soda and munching in some fries waiting for his turn, as he watches the team try their hardest to hit a strike.

It seemed like hours of fun and laughter with the whole company and Aunt Brenda was so happy at the turn out. Everybody got a chance to mingle and just be jolly. Halfway through the game, presentations from aunt Brenda’s colleagues entertained us so much. The food was excellent, drinks were best sellers.

It was Robert’s turn and his phone rings.i quickly hand it to him before he could throw the ball. He sped out of the bowling alley and unto the street. Our team relaxed since Mr, Sleighh was still out and I had a chance to talke to Maxine and Aunt Brenda. They teased me non-atop and I deflected their teases with change of topics.

“You can not change this topic, Angela Snow Morley.” Aunt Brenda insists

“Yeah, we could feel your attraction to one another. Why are you still fighting the urge?” Maxine encourages me

“Come on, you guys why can’t we be two friends who just gets along due to the fact that I handle every end of his life that he couldn’t handle.” I blabbed at them convincing them there was nothing between us.

“You can’t hide the connection, Angela” Aunt Brenda says and then leaving us both as she takes her turn.

“You guys are delusional.”

“Speak for yourself, but honestly I think I did you some good, Robert hasn’t taken his eyes away from you ever since he came in the alley.” Maxine teases and we laugh together. It’s been awhile and Robert still hasn’t showed back up so I stood up and looked for him. Going out of the bowling alley, I grabbed my planner and them my phone to check if Robert has called.

“Angela, hey! Are you leaving already?” Robert walks towards me.

“No, I was looking for you. It’s your turn.” I say to you pointing back.

“Oh. Right. Angela, I need you to cancel all my meetings next week I’ll be out of the country. I need you to manage the office for awhile.” He says looking really concerned and disturbed.

“What? Why what’s wrong?” I ask him concerned and scared for my life, as Isaac pulls up to the curb.

“I have an emergency meeting tomorrow and I’ll be gone the whole week.” Robert says leading me in the car

“Let’s discuss my schedule do you have your book with you?” He asks me.

Robert checks all meetings for next week and personally called the important meetings himself to cancel. After few minutes, I got off the phone with all the accommodations he needed for his trip

“Your flight is ready for you anytime as scheduled. All hotel accommodations are all set luggage has been prepared by your personal shopper and is on the way to the airport as we speak. Do you need anything else?” I ask looking at him in the dim lighting of the car. He looks at me for a while and talks.

“No, you’ve thought of everything. If I need anything I’ll call.” He says still looking right at me with an expression I’ve never seen before.

“Now, Angela, this is your first time to handle business in this magnitude. Any questions never hesitate to call me or email or text. If I could not be reached call Brenda, she’d know what to do. Have you got all the things you needed?” He asks me

“Yes, I guess so.”

“Ok. Give my best to Brenda and tell her of my apologies for leaving so early.” He says relaxing in his seat.

“Ok, then. Good night Mr. Sleigh, have a safe flight.” I say opening the door for me to head out.

“Wait, do one more thing for me.” He says clutching my arm to stop me. I freeze at his touch that sent electric current through my body. He looks really ravishing in dim lighting.

“Win the game?” He cuts me off my thoughts that made me blush, in my

“I’ll try my best sir.” I say

“Good night, Angela.” He says releasing my hand.

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