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There's something in the air

I arrived at the Mansion and the atmosphere changed as lights hung to the trees sparkling in the darkness. The house lit up and valet has set up on the driveway. I drove off to the garage and parked the car. Got out and quickly head to the pool cabana, that was decorated with a bunch of flowers with the pool waters reflection danced on the walls surrounding it.

After cleaning myself up, I readied myself for the party. I wasn’t at all nervous, because first of all this party wasn’t about me and I was just a minor attendee, it’s not like I was filthy rich and everyone wanted to be my friend, I was the assistant so there is nothing to worry about, I tell myself over and over.

I paced my hair on a low bun with a few strands framing my face. The safe and usual up-do I managed to learn from Maxine, whom I was hoping was here. As I was apply last minutes touch ups to my face the sky turned dark and Hits of standards started playing in the background setting up the classy mood of the party.

“You are so not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.” I quote the famous line the seemed to fit my current situation.

I changed from my robe unto a delicate black-laced dress that Aunt Brenda has given me. I took the gift giving as a hint of what I should be wearing instead of my original plan just to wear my usual work clothes.

I took a last look at myself and surveyed for mistakes. To my surprise I actually looked decent. My Black lace and beads cocktail evening dress, had enough sparkle and made me look thinner than I actually am. I loved the tasteful way my skin is seen through patches of the dress that was left sheer and the scoop cut on the back lined in white pearls and a black ribbon tied at the end. Aunt Brenda always knew what suited me and I smiled at myself satisfied and accomplished.

I took my knuckle clutch, holding my phone, my tinted lip balm, and head out the door making my way to the Mansion that was slowly filling up. I head to Robert’s room before anyone saw me. I slowly made my way to the corridor, knocked on Robert’s door and the door swings open.

“Angela?” he says looking quite baffled and off guard.

“Hi, I thought you said we’d met up before the party.” I explain as to why I was standing at his door.

“Oh, yeah. It’s just um- you clean up nicely.” He says looking

" Thanks.” I say shrugging at him

“So what do you think? Deep blue? Or deep blue?” He asks me while holding up two identical colored ties with two different patterns.

I grabbed the crossed line pattern in deep grey, placed it around his neck and began to tie it in a single Windsor and meticulously pat it in place. Placed down his collar and admired my creation. Robert looked at me with a quizzical look.

“Oh. I’m sorry, It’s just I’m used to do this to my dad, whenever he dresses up for something.” I explained.

“No, you did a great job. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. Do you need anything for tonight?” I ask as we walk towards stairs.

“No, Angela, it’s a party. Try to enjoy tonight. Come.” He says leading me down the stairs.

A bunch of people was clustered in deep talks and mindless gossip. As Robert and I descended to the hall some eyes strayed towards us. As we reached the bottom of the steps Robert was immediately surrounded by an eager crowd with women wanting to meet the bachelor, men wanting to be like him and business men pitching him stuff. In a moment I was lost in a sea of strangers not knowing anyone and some giving me a head-to-toe look that was so uncalled for and so darn uncomfortable.

The party was accelerating into a lively one; everyone was getting bite size sandwiches and a glass of champagne and chatting away. Robert was still surrounded with what seemed like paparazzi hounding him for a scoop. To calm myself I head to the buffet table with miniature sandwiches and sushi and helped myself. As I was eating, the crowd was pretty much engrossed with their peers so I took a chance to search for Aunt Brenda.

A beautiful middle-aged woman with blue eyes, hair in a perfect chignon, jewels dropping from her ears on her neck sparkled beautifully, gracefully dressed in white, perfectly manicured from head to toe approached the table and started to talk to me.

“Good evening.” Her calm sweet voice resounds

“Good evening.” I say back bowing my head in respect

“I’m Catherine and you are?” She says holding out her hand

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m Angela Morley Ma’am.” I say shaking her hand the way I do on an interview.

“Please call me Catherine. You really look beautiful tonight dear.” She knows me? Maybe she’s another one of Aunt Brenda’s friends.

“Oh, thank you so much. You look immaculate tonight, if I may say so myself and I love your broach.” I say admiring a huge pink rock beautiful surrounded with a diamond studded curled feather.

“Thank you, dear. I was a gift from my son.” She smiled endearingly at me.

We chatted for a while about her son and her daughter that came home, when I heard my name uttered behind me. I turned and I see Robert in his dashing self in a midnight blue suit that fit every inch on him perfectly and the tie I picked out tied the outfit all together. No wonder a crowd was mugging him.

“Oh, Rob, um this is- ” I half explained when he gave me a confused look and I immediately felt conscious. Oh my! Did my mascara run? Do I have something in my teeth? Gosh! What is it?”

“Mom, I was looking for you.” He says kissing her cheeks and retrieves by my side. So so Stupid! Mom?

“Oh, I was just here, chatting with this delightful young woman. Why didn’t you bring her sooner to meet me Robert.” She says really looking pleased at Robert and I realized she got the wrong information.

“Oh my- Mrs. Sleigh, I’m so – so- sorry to not have recognized you. Um, I’m not - He’s- ” I babbled in a panic to explain the confusion

“Mom. She’s not with me. She’s my Assistant. Angela.” He says in his formal voice

“Oh. My mistake. I thought you were his date, Maggie didn’t mention you as, his assistant.” She looked apologetic but sincere and still very polite.

“Oh, Its ok.” I say looking down to get the courage to speak clearly again.

“Dear, you must forgive me. I really thought this time Robert has FINALLY brought a decent girl that I could meet.” She says caressing my right arm.

“Mom.” Robert says in clear embarrassment

A beautiful blonde ran up to us and leaped for Robert shocking me in the process. She touched the ground and kissed Mrs. Sleigh on her cheeks, then turns her attention towards me. She looks too young to be Robert’s lover but she’s gorgeous nonetheless. Her curls bounced as she moved, her green eyes framed in long luscious lashes.

“Oh, my. Who’s this?” She says with a wide grin, quickly placing her arm around me and turning me to Robert as if showing me off to him.

“Angela, My Assistant.” He says schooling her.

“Angela, meet Carolina my, younger, annoying sister.” He says gesturing towards her sister.

“Younger, better looking and beloved sister, to you Mr. Robert Sleigh! You can call me Lina.” She says teasing his brother.

“She’s really beautiful, are you sure, you’re his assistant?” Caroline asks me looking really curious.

“You two stop. Lina, there are some people looking for you. Why don’t you mingle?” Mrs. Sleigh says as Caroline removes her arms off my shoulder and takes her mom’s arm.

“Angela, if you’ll excuse us.” Mrs. Sleigh acknowledges

“I’ll come find you later.” Caroline says giddily

I watch the people make room for them both and greeted them, later they were engulfed in the crowd. Awkwardly standing with my back at Robert I grabbed a small plate with my food and spun around to face him.

“Sandwich?” I ask offering him

“It’s ok.” He says sipping his glass of sparkling wine and as what I can see, perusing me.

“What’s wrong? Do I have something on my face?” I ask whipping my cheeks with a napkin.

“No. You look good, the dress suits you.” He complements me again and I flush. I try to distract myself and look around. I refuse to blush!

“Thanks, You look quite dashing, yourself.” I say in a half joking voice but I so mean what I just said. I immediately looked around catching the longing glances of Robert’s guests.

“So, can I get you something?” I ask

“No, Angela, You’re my assistant not my maid servant. This is a party. Come, let me introduce you to our clients and some of the family ties.” He says leading me unto the crowd.

We spend what seemed like hours of mingling. Starting very awkward talks that usually start with, this must be your- and Robert ending the sentence with –my assistant, and then the usual apologies follow. He casually gives me glances and I smile back, I spent the first part of the night learning how Robert mingles and makes his way smoothly across the crowd. For a moment I had a glimpse of his glamorous but demanding life. Makes me happy to not have so much people counting on me, or having limitless wealth that I’d have to live a lifestyle synonymous to great Gatsby’s parties.

The music ended and someone speaks on the microphone. From what I can see a very poised man maybe in his 50s with the same manicured look to him. I then somehow know he was The Mr. Sleigh. He has the same features and the same strong, commanding presence that Robert obviously took from. He welcomed all his guests and he was charming and acted like any good hosts would.

After his speech, everyone was lead out to the lawn and some of the younger guests over spilled to the beachfront. I checked my phone to see if Aunt Brenda has tried to contact me as Robert leads me to a table near the temporary stage.

He pulls out a chair for me, I paused and faced him, and worried I tried to call Aunt Brenda. Robert holds my hand before I could listen through the speaker of my phone and points at someone behind me. Aunt Brenda gives off her warm smile at me and I finally relax. Robert lets go of me and greets Aunt Brenda and pulls her a chair for her to sit. As she sat I followed.

Robert motioned to sit beside me when Riley comes into view and takes the seat next to me.

“You snooze, you loose brother.” Riley says childishly, Robert rolls his eyes as he sits beside Aunt Brenda.

“Nice of you to join us Riley.” Robert greets him

“I can’t just let you enjoy all these beautiful women tonight. Especially, you, you look great.” He says to Robert and turns towards me.

“Uh- thanks.” I say feeling all eyes on the table were on me, including one piercing stare from Robert. To my disdain I wasn’t able to control my blood from rushing to my cheeks.

It took a couple of minutes for everyone on the table to survey me and give me kind glances, like I was a lab rat in a cage before they went on to their business and continued to talk among themselves.

“You should dress like this more often, I know lots of gents are itching for a chance to know you, but don’t worry as long as your with me they wont even dare to come close. I’ll protect you” Riley silently this time, but just enough for Aunt Brenda and Robert to hear, I caught a quick glance at Robert and his facial expression is as cold as winter. I wonder what he must be thinking?

“Ha-ha, You’re such a kidder Riley, by the way how’s Maxine? Did you have fun yesterday?” I ask him and laughed sarcastically, hinting of my resentment of his inappropriate comments.

“Very fun, the crowd was awesome last night but after that we both decided to just be friends, we have a lot in common, we’re both independent and really out-going but I don’t think we were meant to dive into a relationship just yet.” He says. You are both weird.

“Oh. If you’re both happy.” I said in sadness, I was sure they both liked each other; well I guess I was wrong.

The whole place was buzzing, Riley was busy talking to Carolina, Robert was catching up with Aunt Brenda and I sat there just taking the majesty of the party and how I was in a different world. In a few minutes the waiters has served the different course meals, that was scrumptious and out of this world, or out of my world.

“So, Ella, you don’t mind me calling you Ella?” She asks

“Yes, you can call me Ella.” I say afraid of what she’s going to ask next, these siblings have an act of nonchalantly asking really personal questions.

“How is it working for Rob? Is he such a pain?” Carolina turns to me.

“Oh, Mr. Sleigh- uh Rob, is really kind and he makes working for him easy. I think Aunt Brenda could attest to what I’m saying.” I say to Carolina

“Oh yes, Robert very kind and thinks of others before himself.” Aunt Brenda says as she placed a hand on Rob’s shoulder.

“Why is this conversation about me? Change of topic, Lina how was Paris?” Robert says this time he seemed to be back to his usual self.

“j’adore Paris, c’est très magnifique.” She says in fluent French. As what I can see in her expression, Paris was awesome.

“bon à entendre” Robert says, hearing him in that French accent just makes me melt. He is really dreamy right now; I just hate it when he does something like that and having to know he can never be mine.

“Stop speaking French, for all I know you could be mocking me.”

“Says the guys who only uses French to go out with women.” Lina says as we laugh.

“What can I say femmes m’adore quand je parle français.” He says with a not-so fluent French.

“Women.” Robert says shaking his head.

“Anyway, Angela, have you ever been to Paris?” Lina asks me

“Oh, No. I missed my chance years ago, but I dreamed of going there, I hear its such a beautiful enchanting place.” I say not hiding my obvious admiration of the place.

“It is, you should go sometime and if you do, call me. I’ll show you around and we could mingle with French men.” Lina says very excited.

“What made you think Angela would like to meet French men?” Riley retorts and we both giggle at his remark

“I’ll make sure to call you when I do decide.” I ignored Riley’s retorts

Dinner was over and every one has dispersed including Aunt Brenda who seems to have been caught up with Mr. & Mrs. Sleigh, Robert surrounded by business people, Riley surrounded by gorgeous women & Lina is ruling the crowd on the beach front. I on the other hand decided to take a step back and enjoy the privilege of having to be apart of this crazy lavish lifestyle.

I slid pass a couple of people with my head down and down the beachfront. The beach area was decorated like that of a Hawaiian Luau and cozier with the campfire and tiki torches strategically placed on the beach a far cry from the lavishly decorated garden area. I took off my heels and squished my feet unto the sand; I headed out unto the dock, sat on the edge of the deck and placed my heels and purse beside me. The yacht that anchored unto the dock gleamed in the moonlight. The warm white lighting of the interior shown through the windows, the sea was calm with occasional waves crashing to the dock and made me relax. It was getting colder but I was mesmerized by the moon’s reflection unto the sea. I rubbed my arms and legs as I stare unto the far island In front of me gleaming in lights.

“Cold?” I was startled and quickly looked behind me. Oh good Lord, please don’t let me get murdered.

“Riley, you startled me.” I scolded him

“Well, you scared me, for a minute there I thought someone has swept you off your feet and got you to marry him.”

“Wild imagination. Riley, I couldn’t possibly do such a thing.” I say smiling at him. In a seconds time he shrugs of his jacket and places it over me.

“Thanks.” I say

We both fell silent and I just stared at my feet inches away from the water since the tide wasn’t at all high enough for me to dip my feet into the water. I decided to take up the courage and talk first, before things get too awkward.

“Moments ago I was having the craziest imagination of a shark just coming up and biting of my legs and then you scared me, I almost fell in the water.” I say and he laughs

“Well you’d better pull up you legs, we wouldn’t want you losing it.” He continues on laughing.

In a moment we both looked at each other and together pulled our legs in closer to us and once again laughed.

“You know you watch to much movies.” He says and nudging me in my arm.

“I love movies. I love living vicariously through the movies I watch. Sometimes hoping the ending to change but never does. It’s just entertaining.” I say

“So, why are you out here alone? Are you waiting for someone? Like my brother perhaps?” He asks intrigued

“No. I just wanted to take a breathe and away for the party. Too many judgmental stares, especially when I’m with you guys.”

“Don’t mind those people, they’re just jealous, because unlike you they’d need to try harder to get to us. Plus, they have nothing on you with that dress on.” He says

“You really are funny, Riley. Extremely.”

“Honest, I wouldn’t say such a thing if it weren’t true. Judging by the fact that my brother has been stealing glances of you, I’d say I was right.”


“I’d steal you away from him like I did with his previous secretaries but I could tell he likes you very much and I couldn’t hurt my brother.”

“Riley, I think you have one too many drinks for tonight.” I say pushing him in his side.

“I’m just stating the obvious. I can tell by the way you look at him but he’s too reserved to loose his cool, but I know just how to push the right buttons to get his feelings out of his iron clad box of feelings.”

“Are you sure you’re not gay? You’re really sounding like one now. I mean isn’t it supposed to be a best girlfriend trying to help me get a guy, plus I don’t really like him that much.” I say really confused at the situation.

“You want me to prove that I’m not gay? Cause I’d gladly do it if-” He says with his face a few inches from mine.

“Nope, I’m fine.” Pushing his face away from my face and laugh.

“Angela, you can’t deny what you’re feeling. Best girlfriends are found in movies but there’s only one guy like me.”

“Why are you doing this?” I ask starting to get annoyed at his proposals.

“Because, the old Robert has returned and that has never happened, ever since our mother died he just shut off and dove into work and stayed working.” Riley explains.

“I understand but Riley, I can’t bring him back, it isn’t up to me. You are a really good brother. I’ve always wanted a brother that I could run too.” I say cheering him up he seems really serious about this.

“Nope. Those brothers are in the movies, Lina and I argue a lot but I’d still do anything for her.”

" I guess. I really do watch too much movies.” We both laugh and kept talking about movies. Riley is a very fun guy, he’s dreamy and kind if I hadn’t met Robert, I think I might have fallen for him.

As we were comparing scenarios of possibilities that could happen to us, just like in the movies, someone clears his throat and we both looked back.

“Rob! Do you want to join us? There’s room for one more.” Riley says tapping the space next to him.

“No, I’m fine I just need to talk to Angela for a bit.” Rob says in a cold voice making me chill inside.

“Sure. I guess I’d mingle with Lina, seems much more fun in the beach front.” He says helping me stand up.

I took off his jacket and the cool wind shocks my skin making this moment colder. Riley takes it and puts in on. Before he left he whispered

“I was serious about what I said. I could tell he’s flustered.”

He kisses my cheeks and taps Rob on his chest. “See you later, Brother.”

As Riley disappears to the crowd to the beach, I was stuck with a very stiff Robert Sleigh.

“Um- you needed something?” I reminded Rob whose head was somewhere else.

“Yes, I’m leaving for a few days and I need you to stay behind. Lina asked me to help her plan for her birthday party this Thursday, seeing that you have the background I decided to let you plan for this.” He says and I was caught in surprise.

“Um- isn’t it better to actually hire an event planner instead of entrusting it to me? I couldn’t possibly plan this humongous party. I mean this is something way to big from my experience. I don’t have connections, I mean – this is- um -” I say in panic

I look at Robert whose mood has changed from being cold to being amused. He looked as if he was about to laugh so hard he’d fall of the dock.

“What?” I asked

“Angela, you have finished a deadline after fainting in fatigue, planned dates for me and always delivered. This party is nothing.” He says reassuring me and smiled, this smile was different from what I have seen it was as if it could turn into a laugh.

“But Rob, I don’t have enough connections and I can’t just go at this alone, Caterers and sound system companies aren’t going to give me a time of day.” I say worried and really cold. Darn this dress!

“Angela, all you have to do is use my name. You could bring Brenda along I’ve already spoken to her of this. You can plan this party.” He says placing his hands on my bare arms. At the touch his brows furrowed, he quickly took out his jacket and placed it over me.

“Rob, you don’t have to-”

“If I don’t you won’t be able to feel you arms soon, you’re really cold. What possessed you to stay out here? The beach is warmer.” He says with concern plastered in his voice.

“It’s just really beautiful out here. It’s peaceful.” I say looking at him. In a few minutes I was growing warmer inside, engulfed in his delicious scent as I pulled the jacket closer to me, his eyes grew to a delicious emerald color as he placed his hands on my arms a warm thick feeling grew inside me, I had to break this connection. Darn You Robert Sleigh and your gorgeous eyes! I have to stop this no matter how much I wanted this moment.

" So, the party? How- how many?” I asked trying so hard to compose myself, something inside me wanted to pull this gorgeous man closer and just feel his warmth against me. You are insane Angela! Hold it together!

“About fifteen hundred.” He smiled at me in a very childish way that made me want to pinch his face. I know he’s asking me this huge favor because this isn’t part of my job description.

" You’re killing me Rob, fifteen hundred. Aunt Brenda’s party was the biggest one yet and I had Maxine and Luke to help me with it.”

“Yes and I only gave you three days to plan it.” He says trying to make a point that I could really understand with all the chaos that’s going on in my mind. I thought long and hard before I could even say anything.

“Could I hire a company of party events and supervise them instead? I think it’d be better plus faster that way. ”

“Well, ok. Just make sure Lina would love her party, that’s all that counts.”

“Ok, how about work?” I ask him

“I’ve already asked Maxine to take over the company on her side. This party is important Angela, it’s for my Lina and she only deserves the best.” He says

“Thanks for the encouragement.”

“You’re welcome.” He says.

“Could I ask Luke to do the invitations?” I ask

“Do whatever it takes. I’ve seen his work and I approve. Just let him send his design to me and let him have it delivered here.” He instructs

“To you?”

“Yes, I have to approve his design. You just take care of the everything else.” He says. I wanted to argue in terms of the invitations because I really want to make sure it gets done beautifully.

“Ok. Is that all? What time shall I book your flight? Any Room and hotel preferences?” I ask him as I take out my planner.

“I’ve already done it.” He says still gleaming at me.

“Come, Let’s find Lina, let me warn you she’s going to stick to you like glue once she finds out.” He says gesturing to the beach.

“Couldn’t I just stay here for a bit?” I pleaded he looked at me in a way that I haven’t seen before, comfortability, if there was such thing, in that moment it seemed he and I has been through a lot and it just hit him.

“Wish you could but I’m leaving after the party, you can see this view again tomorrow and a few more days after that.” He says leading me towards the beachfront.

“Yes, while you go away to a beautiful country and do a little business and bask in your luxurious life.” I teased

“Well, its not all fun and games, Angela.” He says

“Yeah right, you’re intelligent, you’ll close the deal in under a minute and then you’d get to go around the city.”

“You overestimate me sometimes.” He says and we walk in silence. As we neared the beachfront he spoke again.

“It’s very refreshing how it took you so long to warm up to me, and talk to me like a friend, it’s very uncommon usually, women warm up to me almost instantly.” He says in amazement

“Well, I guess you’ve just figured it now, Mr. Sleigh that I’m not like any other women you have encountered.” I say amused at his thoughts.

“So, it seems. I like it when you talk to me like this. It seems you’re the only one who can talk to me in complete honesty. Snow.” He says and my whole body clinched and tingled when he said my name. I looked at him surprised; no one has caught on in saying my second name except for Luke in occasion and my mom whenever she gets mad at me.


“Nothing, it’s just that I’m not used to anybody calling me Snow.” I say

“Oh would you prefer Angela?” He asks

“No- no it’s fine.”

“I just thought it fitting, by the way you call me Mr. Sleigh all the time” I caught on to what he was pointing out and let out a sound of realization.

We reached the beachfront and found Riley and Lina on the beach dancing around the bon fire with other teenagers. Bunch of Lina’s friends were admiring Riley from a far and some were lucky enough to dance with Riley. As soon as Lina saw us she ran up excitedly.

“Is she doing it?” She asks Robert with excited eyes.

“I’m afraid, she wont be doing it, we’re just really busy.” Robert teased Lina whose eyes fell to the ground.

“Oh. It’s ok I’ll just ask mom to find me a caterer.” She says with hopes crushed and trampled on the ground.

“Lina, he’s kidding. I’d be honored to plan your party.” I say placing my hand on her shoulders. As soon as I told her, she glowed so much with glee that it seems as if she was radioactive. She jump up and down giddy.

“Oh, I can’t wait. Thank you so much!” She says hugging Robert tightly that he almost lost his balance.

“Ok, now go on with your party you can start pestering Angela tomorrow.” He says, after all the thank yous she returned to her friends.

Robert and I were offered a coconut drink with a straw and a tiny umbrella. I took one and Robert refused. We stood there for a couple of minutes looking at the teenagers just living a carefree life of partying.

“So, do you think Hawaii is going to be this fun?” I say drinking my refreshing coconut drink.

“Maybe, I don’t know I haven’t been there.” He says

“What? The well traveled Mr. Sleigh has never been to Hawaii?” I teased

“Yes, I’ve been working no time for vacations. Maybe I’ll use that trip to Hawaii soon but I haven’t got the time.” He says thinking his mind off somewhere again.

“Well, you need only ask, I’ll clear your schedule if ever you want the much needed vacation. By the time you’re thirty you’ll look like a 50 year old man from working and overstressing yourself.” I say biting on the straw of my drink. This time he blurted out a real laugh, and it was music to my ears.

“Ok, Dr. Phil. Enough I need you to sort out things first before I leave, do you mind?”

“Not at all.” I say and we turned towards the steps to the adult party.

I was about to step up when- “Angela, stay for awhile.” Riley says gleaming at me inviting me to the crowd. I look at him and back to Robert who seemed to have change his demeanor yet again.

“Oh, sorry I kind of need to get things done first.” I say

“Oh, ok. See you tomorrow then?” He asks with a perfectly staged longing look. Gosh he really is pushing through with his plans. Darn it, Riley!

“Sure. Yeah. Maybe.”

After all the weaving we had to go through and saying good bye to Aunt Brenda and other guests, we finally reached the pool cabana that was left deserted due to the fireworks display that lit the skies behind us. I turned for a quick look and above me shone the fire works of assorted colors.

“I don’t know what it is about fireworks that makes happy.” I say

Not dwelling too much on the firework display I quickly turned back to the pool cabana and opened the door, ushering Robert inside.

“So, what do you need me to ready?”

“Maxine has emailed it, could you print them, I need to review it before my meeting tomorrow.”

“Ok, why don’t I head up and print it out for you and just relax.” I say as I head up quickly logged on the company’s mailing engine and retrieved the file Maxine has sent. As I was printing it out, I sneaked a quick look at my face hoping my make-up hasn’t betrayed me. My make-up looked fine but my hair was disheveled, pieces were sticking out so I quickly smoothed it out.

The printing was done and I went down. Robert was sitting on the couch.

“Here, Maxine sent two mails so I printed them both and sent them to your email. Do you need anything else?” I ask as I handed the papers to him.

“No, thanks. Should we head back? Riley must be looking for you.” He says

“Riley? Oh, he’s perfectly fine basking in the attention of his fans.” I say to lighten up the sudden drop of the mood earlier.

“Riley seems to like you though.”

“Oh no, he’s a kidder. You know your brother. I’m sure by now he’s met someone.” I say

“Ok. Just be careful ok? Guard yourself. Saves you form being hurt.” He says getting all flustered again.

“Honestly I’m fine. Relax, Why are you all worried? I’m seeing wrinkles on your forehead now.” I say and he forces a smile.

“Aren’t you heading back?”

“I don’t think so. I’ve had a taste of luxury for one night to last me a lifetime. Plus everyone is heading home. I need to search for party concepts and caterers, I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow.” I say as he heads out the door.

“If you prefer it then. Good night.” He says standing close, while looking down on me.

“I prefer it. Unless you need anything else.” I say looking straight at him. Nice progress Angela! It felt like minutes as we stood there facing each other. He looked like he was about to say something but he shrugged it off.

“I can manage, from here. I’ll see you at Lina’s.” He says gleaming at me.

“Maybe, if the whole party isn’t a complete disaster, but if it is, this might be the last time you’ll see me.” I say jokingly, hopefully he’s going to catch on.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine. See you then.”

“Good night Mr. Sleigh, Email, skype, contact me if you need anything. Have a safe and productive trip.” I say and he nods and starts to walk away.

I looked at him walk away and I can’t seem to stop the feeling of wanting him and it irks me. I hugged myself and realize I was still wearing his jacket, I started to call to him to retrieve it but I just love being warm and cozy and it’s the only time I could bask in his scent. I grew tired so I decided to call it a night.

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