Love Planner

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Riley's in red. Angela is blue

Crunch time. Just as promised Jill’s workers arrived right on the dot. 7 am and the place was filled buckets of flowers by the florists, the mounds of table and chairs, caterer raiding the kitchen. The place was lively and all of them, answers to me.

I put on my best professional face on and face the problems head on. First I went to the kitchen and check on the catering areas first. The tent was now filled with Waiters all dressed in whimsical costumes made me think I was in a Cosplay of Lord of the Rings. Riley was busy instructing them and made sure everything was ready. After a few remarks Riley met me and introduced his Sous-chef who will be managing tonight’s event.

After hanging out with Riley I went to the backyard and checked on the placements of the tables that seemed to have been magically perfected and polished under the large white canopy with hanging lights adorned with flowers. The whole placed looked like a fairy kingdom all we needed were flying pixies and tinkerbell and everything would be perfect.

“Everything is amazing. Angela I should recommend you to some of my clients.” Jill calls out from behind me as I check on the centerpieces.

“Oh Jill, You are the one whose amazing, everything is perfect. I’m sure Lina is going to be so happy with things. Thank you so much for helping us create this beautiful vision.”

“You’re welcome. I’m glad to hear she’s happy. Next time if you’re free call me, we should work together again.” She gleams.

“It seems everything’s ready, we’ll see you tonight right?” I ask

“Oh dear, I wish I could but I have an event that I need to attend to as well, but I’ll have someone come over to overlook things, so you won’t be stressed all night.” She says and bids me good-bye with one last look of her creation.

After talking to Jill I took out the place cards that looked like it was picked from the forest, a bark with written names of guests wild flowers frame the bark, some ornate with tiny mushrooms and some beautiful flowers and of course sprinkled with a little pixie dust, and placed them on the tables as quickly as I could.

“Ms. Morley where do you want the glitter tattoo booth?” a petite girl holding boxes of glitters asked me.

“Oh over there by the picture booths.” I say pointing to near the entrance after a man small bridge over streaming waters. Boy this party is over the top, these people sure put in so much effort for a party.

“Ms. Morley, everything looks so beautiful. You did an amazing job.” Mrs. Sleigh surprised me.

“Oh, thanks but really I’m only helping the genius of it all, your daughter and Jill.” I say fixing myself up hoping I look at least decent.

“Nonsense, your amazing with this, Rob is lucky he has you to help him. This party turned out beautifully.” She says I felt the rush of blood color my cheeks, yup totally embarrassed.

“Oh thank you, Mrs. Sleigh.”

“Oh, darling. Please call me, Catherine.” She says touching my shoulder and I gleam at her returning her warm and welcoming smile.

“You must be Angela Morley, everybody’s been talking about, and I’m Charles Nicholas Sleigh.” He speaks from behind me making me face him immediately.

“Oh, Mr. Sleigh, It’s nice to meet you.” I say shaking his hand.

“The pleasure is mine. I would like to commend you on your work. Lina is very happy. I just saw her gleaming.” He asks

“Oh, All this is Lina’s idea, I just helped.” I say

“And my dear, your help is very appreciated.”

“Thank you.” I say

“Now what time will this party start?” He asks

“Two hours just adding the final touches and we’ll all be set.” I say placing the last place card.

“Well, we’d better get ready.” Mrs. Sleigh says and they disappear into the house.

A ring made me jump, it was Lina and she wanted me to go up and see her. I placed the baskets in the living area of the pool house and went on looking for Lina.

“Lina? Are you in here?” I knock

“Thank God! I need you now.” She speaks from behind the door and as she opens, her gown looks phenomenal. She looks like a nymph floating with her long flowing gown. Her straps looked like tiny branches resting on her pale skin. Flowers, branch like fabric and dropping crystals sprinkles down her pastel colored tulle skirt.

“Your brothers are going to kill me. You look too gorgeous.” I say as I look at her observing herself in the mirror.

“Really? You think so?” She asks looking at me.

“Of course. Your hair looks beautiful.” I added. Her hair was up in an intricate side braid with beautiful tiny flowers strategically place making it look effortless and soft.

“Thanks. Now it’s your turn, Sasha will do your make-up after you change. You can take a bath there too I’ve already asked Maggie to bring your stuff that you’d need for changing.” She instructs me. My, my, she has that stern talk of command like her brother.

“Ok. I’ll be quick.” I say appealing to her since it’s her day anyway.

After what seemed like forever in a make-up chair being done up, I was finally finished. Lina ordered me to dress first before I look at my self. So I exchanged my robe for something much more appropriate for the occasion. I finished changing and emerged from her closet as she yanks me towards her full-length mirror.

I was standing face to face with myself not being able to absorb what had just happened. My hair is now in a bun somehow tousled yet elegant with loose hair artfully taken out in places and curled; and to top it off I had a pale pink flower stuck in the lower side of my bun, my make up was subtle and yet I looked polished like the rest of the people in this house. The dress was perfect for me to run around in and I wouldn’t even worry about tripping.

“Angela, you look so beautiful.” Lina says as I continue to gawk at myself mesmerized at the person I could actually attain.


“You’ll look great on stage tonight.” She says casually

“Uh- what do you mean on stage?”

“You’re joining the Auction, it’s for my charity.” She says fixing up her dress

“What? Lina, Lina, Lina. Please, I can’t I’m very busy; I’m needed to watch over things so everything goes smoothly. I can’t be auctioned off, plus I wont be able to bring in some money.” I explain frantically

“Are you kidding? You’re gorgeous, all the men will fight over you.” She says. Right fight me off the stage is more likely to happen.

“You don’t need to worry, Riley will help you, I promise. All you have to do is enjoy.” She says

Before I could react a knock on the door and I knew it was time to run all over the place hopping everything goes smoothly. My stomach is in knots as I went down ahead in the back stairs towards the kitchen to check with the preparations. As I arrived in the kitchen Maggie who stopped me at my tracks greeted me.

“And where are you going?”

“I’m going to check on the food and all that needs preparation not to mention the cake and few other stuff.” I say wanting desperately to distract myself from the news Lina has told me.

“This is Priscilla, she is the in-charge now with all the back of the house preparation,” Maggie explains as a girl appeared out of nowhere beside her.

“Oh, are you sure? I mean I could help.” I say desperately

“Deary, you’re already dressed up and you look really lovely, you wouldn’t want to ruin that now do you?” Maggie says pushing me towards the great room.

“But –”

“No buts, Robert will be here any moment now and He might need you. I’ve got your back there’s nothing to worry about.” Maggie says as we finally ended up in the great room where most of the people have gathered waiting for a signal that we could all go towards the lawn.

I searched for a couple of people that I would know but there’s none. So I quickly made my way out to check on the booths and the tables. I pass the open great doors and was greeted by Riley, Who looked dashing in his ruby red suit that shimmered in the light; he saw me and started to approach.

“Wow. What a vision.” He says taking my hand and kissed it.

“Stop, you already saw me, Crazy. You look lovely as well with your red suit. Very head Chef.” I teased to deviate me from blushing from his complement

“Very funny, now where might I ask, is our demanding celebrant?” He asks in a weird old-fashioned manner.

“Well, my good sir, I don’t know. Now I have to go and check on things before your dear brother hangs me in the dungeon for not placing the place cards right For all I know I might have placed him next to an ex-girlfriend.” I played along and we both laughed.

“Now that would be a show but I highly doubt Robert would react in a manner that’d lead to a dramatic scene.” He says rejecting his first thought

He offered to help me check on things while he tells me how incredibly well organized the whole party was and what a great outcome the planning was. He also discussed his strong feelings towards the color motif of the dress code.

“Mr. Riley Sleigh, you look good in your suit. You’re on fire tonight. You might just send the adoring fans’ blood blazing with delight.” I exaggerated.

“Nice.” Riley says as he leads me to the now forming large crowd on the lawn facing the steps to the great hall.

“Riley is everything ready? Is the food enough?” I ask fidgeting

“Yes, everything is fine. Don’t worry.” He says squeezing my arms as a sign on encouragement.

After a brief introduction from Mr. and Mrs., Sleigh, Carolina emerged down the staircase and the media photographers clicked nonstop while all the eligible men in the crowd couldn’t stop eyeing her. She gleamed widely as she addressed her guests welcoming all to the party. She then introduced her family as she shared how supportive they all were. Thanking Riley for the food he has prepared and then he thanked Robert, whom I did not know arrived, for funding the event.

Then I see him emerge from behind; He looked really handsome even in a colored suit. His Purple almost gray shade suit was looking really good on him. He smiled at the crowd. This time I wanted him to look my way. He’s just so- Wait a minute. Who is that girl?

“Man that guy’s lucky, what more could he have?” I heard a guy talking to his companion

Is that his girlfriend? Great! She looks really beautiful with her bouncy blonde curls and that body hugging purple silky dress with an intricate corset and a high slit slightly showing off her mile long legs; She makes everyone look so common. She’s just his type. Model-like, gorgeous beyond belief ugh!

“Angela, come let’s sit.” Riley says snapping me out of my misery and leads me to the tables in the tent.

Riley and I found our place in the family’s table; opposite Riley and me were Robert and Victoria, who were seated beside Mr. & Mrs. Sleigh. Other guests who were I guess important to sit on our table. I was thankful for the elaborate centerpiece that I had angled myself as to not see Robert and Victoria. Why hadn’t I noticed the place card? At dinner everyone were talking, all caught up with animated talks and I had the privilege to just sit back. What was curious was Robert hadn’t addressed me the whole time. I would catch him glance and then he’d shift his attention.

“Angela, don’t worry.” Riley says looking at me, somehow knowing what I was thinking earlier. He was probably reading every feeling I had plastered on my face.

“What? No. It’s just um I don’t know if the chef has enough food to serve us. What If I forgot to double-check the number of people?” I say covering up my change in mood in mindless talk.

“Everything’s fine no one has complained yet.” He says encouraging me to eat my scrumptious meal. The delicious taste made me want to scarf it all down to find comfort, If only I wasn’t wearing a gown and had to act all dignified. Why did aunt Brenda have to leave me and go on her tropical island trip?

“You’re right, I’m looking forward for the Choco mint surprise. I hope the portions are right this time.” I say lightening up my mood and Riley chuckles

“We’ll just have to see.”

The waiter served the cake and Lina was ecstatic and thanked Riley again.

“Nuts. This is just too small you’ll have to give me yours.” I kid

“Over my dead body.” And once again Riley and I found a way to amuse ourselves.

After Dinner everyone has clustered and gossiped. I was alone, since Riley wanted to explore the seas, until Lina called me from the picture booth and I approached.

“Come get a glitter tattoo, but first take a picture with me.” She says pulling me, for a petite girl, she has strength of a lion.

All smiles then the photo session was over. She introduced me to some of her friends who gushed about how the party looks amazing and them wanting me to plan for their party and me telling I didn’t plan the whole thing.

Lina and her friends talked me into getting a glitter tattoo. I chose a beautiful stencil of birds in flight and had it applied on my wrist. It’s beautifully rendered in a gradual tone of dark blue, purple to pink. As Lina started disappearing in the crowd of her friends I decided to head back and go check on something.

I passed on the Bridge on the way back. I stopped in my tracks when I saw Robert on the end of the bridge looking right at me, or pass me, I couldn’t tell he had a look that I don’t recognize. I decided to play It casual what else could I do jump off the bridge?

“Mr. Sleigh, Good Evening. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to tend to you.” I say smiling at him

“No, It’s ok. You did great. Everything looks really authentic. I’m glad to see you haven’t packed” He praises me. With his colored suit on he seemed different, relaxed even.

“Thanks. Oh my bags are actually waiting in the pool house just incase.” And he gives off a slight chuckle

We stood there in silence. I was looking around for his date wondering where she was. I tried to distract myself but the awkwardness was killing me. Speak. Order me or something, He looks at me and I feel really uncomfortable, it was as if it was that job interview all over again.

“Excuse me, Mr. Sleigh, could I take a picture of you.” The photographer says and I tried to step out of frame.

“Miss, you too.” The photographer invites me to join the picture.

Before I could say no, Robert has swiftly moved to my side placing his hand on my back and I awkwardly place my hand arms on my sides as he moves closer. I freeze and try to hide my deepest joy of having Robert actually holding me close. The photographer encourages us to smile and so I did but not to be so obvious that I’m over the moon happy about my situation right now.

“Thank you Mr. Sleigh and Miss?” the photographer asks after a few snaps

“Angela Morley” Robert informs him

The photographer left and we were left close together. Robert slowly moves away, he places me in arms length, and I look at him curiously.

“What do I have something in my face?” I ask consciously and he smiles

“No you don’t. Angela, you really look –” He starts

“Ange, Do you want to dance with me?” Riley cuts in extending a hand out for me to take, I look at Robert who casually nodded at me. Nice timing Riley!

As we were nearing the tent where the dance floor was filled with “semi adults” moving to the music, Robert spoke.

“Riley could I talk to you alone, for a minute.”

“Um, sure. Angela wait here, I’ll be back soon.” Riley says leaving me at a vacant table.

They moved out the tent where it was visible from my point of view. Good now I could spy on them. I sat on the chair slightly facing the spot where Riley and Rob were talking so I could somehow know what it was all about. Man this is hard. I thought lip reading was easy.

“Hi, I’m Tom. Would you like to dance with me?” A guy asks bringing a glass of champagne.

“Oh, I’m so sorry but I’m actually waiting for someone.” I say apologetically and then he moves on.

A few minutes later 2 other guys approached me and it was starting to bug me cause they interrupted my spying. I gave up and just looked at the crowd on the dance floor and I slightly sway with the music. A guy was approaching me when Riley arrived and sent him off.

“I couldn’t keep these moths away from you.” Riley says as he extends his hands for me to take.

“Very funny Riley, they’re just drunk.” I say

I stand and we make our way to the dance floor. The music died down to a soft mellow song and Riley pulls me closer to him. I felt a flutter in my belly as he drew closer.

“Our plan is working.” He says in my ear. Making the hair on my neck stand.

“What?” I say slowly pulling back, as to not offend him.

“He was talking me out of dating you just then, I’ve never seen him like that.” Riley says with a huge grin.

“Your crazy, you know that. Stop it. As what he says I’m his responsibility. Nothing more than that.” I say placing my head back on his chest to find comfort with the hurtful reality I just blurted out. We spun and swayed with the music, as I was perfectly comfortable my head wanted to know where Robert was and where he is.

As we spun around again, I saw Robert with that clingy blonde holding on to him like a lizard, making they’re way to the dance floor. They moved so beautifully I envied them. He really knows how to dance. Ugh, I hate her. She was really posh and elegant, a total opposite of me. She’s tall, radiant skin, beautifully structured face. Symmetry must be her middle name.

I looked away to stop myself from obsessing; Riley placed his hand on my cheek then to my chin and pushing my head slightly upward to face him. From where I was standing he looked like a god. His eyes glinting in the light and I was confused as to what he was doing so I gave him a quizzical look. His eyes rolled to the side and I followed his gaze and there it was Robert eyeing the two of us, I quickly diverted my eyes and looked at Riley back who was smiling at me. I didn’t know how to react so I smiled back at him. Was everything Riley tried to convince me, true? Did Robert care for me more than just his responsibility? Did he like me? What about Riley, Is he, am I- ?

Riley pulled me back in his arms, when I saw Robert and what’s-her-name making their way to us. I was panic stricken not knowing what Robert was thinking or planning. Am I getting to paranoid? I’ve got to stop over analyzing things.

They almost reached me when Carolina’s voice blasted through the speakers.

“Ladies, Gents. As you all know I’m currently helping a foundation to make schools in third world countries and tonight I would love it if all of you help me raise funds to help them. So Gentlemen, take out your wallets and checks, tonight you are in for a treat, beautiful ladies could be your date if you play your cards right.” She says enticing the entire male population who were pumped up and ready.

“Ladies, in participation, please gather at the back stage, we’ll be starting in fifteen minutes so guys gather round.” She continues

I turn to Riley and I see Robert and the girl coming towards us so I had to make a quick getaway.

“I’ve got to go, thanks for the dance.” I say moving back to the crowd

“I’ll be betting on you.” Riley calls back as I mouthed the words “Thanks”

I dodged that bullet now let me see if I could dodge this other bullet of humiliation. I entered the back stage and gorgeous women in ethereal fairy like gowns were giggling excitedly as they fixed they’re makeup in the mirrors. The backstage looked like a fashion show backstage with mirrors, make up and a lot of models. I spotted Carolina and raced towards her.

“Lina, What a turn out huh. These ladies are going to raise some money.”

“I know, I’m so happy.”

“So since, they’re a lot, you don’t really need me now do you? I’ll just work backstage. You know get the ladies some drinks or something.” I tried to talk her out of it.

“No, no, no, no, no, every girl counts, don’t you want to help children who are in need of education lose their chances of a better school?” She guild trips me and it worked. She’s just as powerful as her brothers, what is up with this family, do they always get what they want? Uh- yes?

“Fine, but do I really have to? What if no one bets on me, I’m embarrassed enough.”

“Don’t worry Riley is all set, he’ll save you. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to announce something.” She encourages me.

“Ladies, you will all be called one at a time, Alphabetically, so get ready.” She says and disappears unto the stage.

I looked around and everyone was frantic, even more frantic when the first girl was called. I chanted while applying my lip balm as my retouch. Think of the Children. Think of the children.

“Hi, I think we never got the chance to meet.” A very elegant intimidating Italian accent spoke behind me and I snap out of my chanting, unable to speak when I turned she continues.

" I’m Victoria Costa, Robert Sleigh’s girlfriend.” She says proudly. Current girlfriend. The voice matches the face. She looks like a victoria secret model how can a girl compete with that? Ugh.

“Oh, Miss Victoria, I’m Angela Morley, Mr. Sleigh’s Assistant. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I say in an I’m-an-assistant-tone snapping out of my reverie

“I know. So how long have you worked for him?” she opened

“Almost a year.” I say observing her closely and she doesn’t seem to mind, I guess she’s used to longing observatory looks thrown at her.

“So, how’d you two meet?” I ask stupid you don’t want to know that!

“It was a long time ago, we’re family friends with the Sleighs. We have always been very close and we had the same taste in lifestyle as well. We just decided to get to know each other more.” She says. Great. Someone who knows him more than I do.

“Now, I hear you plan his dates, so listen, I love yachts and blah blah blah” Was all that I could hear and before I knew it she was called to stage and she graciously bid me farewell. I have to see this.

I crept at the side of stage and observed Victoria Costa flaunting herself effortlessly. She stood with command and gleamed beautifully making more guys bet on her. I looked at the crowd one guy from another bouncing five digits around like a tennis ball and I noticed Robert wasn’t betting. Curious. A guy so eager to have her as a date called in one hundred thousand making everyone gasp. Incredible. I stood there dumbfounded.

And just when it was going once “Two hundred thousand.” Sold to Mr. Robert Alexander Sleigh. Victoria looked triumphant and she was so radiant it was as if she was radioactive.

She passed me buy just as Carolina called my name. “Good luck” She says in a superior manner like it was a competition or something.

Think of the children. Don’t trip. I kept chanting, one step and a spot light hits me blinding me. Forget the children I have to save myself. Just when I was about to run off the stage Carolina grabs hold of me and faces me towards the crowd. At least that’s where I think I was facing. The light was blinding that I couldn’t see the faces clearly.

“Lets start the bidding with five thousand.” Carolina says in confidence. I was about to argue with her that I wasn’t worth that much when a guy called the offer, just when I thought it was over another bid a higher price.

My eyes adjusted to the harsh light and I saw the crowd. Where’s the blinding light when you need it. I searched the crowd and locked eyes with Robert who looked bothered and gave me a weak smile. I’m so getting fired, what did I do? It’s Lina’s fault. She forced me in this. Does my contract say I can’t date while working? Not wanting to linger at his sight I searched the crowd for Riley and there he was betting on me. I gave him a “thank you so much for doing this” smile.

It later hit me that actual men were actually going back and forth with their offers, and this time the price just hit five figures. I looked at the men who bid and they were easy on the eyes, not Robert Sleigh but close. As handsome as they were I didn’t want to go on a date with either of them, apart from Riley who I hope wins. How much money does Riley still have? Doesn’t he need his money?

“One hundred twenty thousand.” A guy calls I search him in the room and a ginger haired man who had a cool vibe, incredibly good looking and if I may say so myself hot.

“One hundred and thirty” Riley counters.

“One hundred forty.” Another guy offers

“One fifty.” Riley offers

“One seventy five” Another bids

The guy looked like he was backing of when ” Two hundred fifty thousand”. Everyone fell silent and I was stunned, this guy offers two hundred fifty to date me? That’s fifty thousand more than Ms. Perfect Victoria. He must really like me. Who was this guy? Will I end up being dug up on a beach somewhere?

I look at Riley as Carolina ecstatically announced going once and twice, Riley mouthed sorry and I knew he didn’t have enough funds to back me up. Well I couldn’t blame him; he was just trying to help. So I gave him a look of gratitude.

When my turn was over, I headed back to the back stage and went off to freshen myself up in the pool house before meeting with that gorgeous hunk of man waiting to whisk me away in his yacht or bury me in a ditch, Either way I wanted to look decent. I didn’t rush since there were still more girls to be auctioned off.

I head out the door of the pool house and over hear the last girl to be auctioned off, the celebrant herself and cries of men was heard. I decided to go back to the tent when all I really wanted was to rest and sleep. I sigh looking back at the house and headed back.

The auction concluded and the guys who won were allowed to enter the area on the garden where us girls waited for our bidders. The other girls’ bidders arrived and the whole space came to life. I looked at the entrance and waited. Sit on the marble bench and waited for my date. I’m nervous and excited to actually being the one who’d be dating rather than being the third wheel. I wonder what it would be like?

I sit there looking up as the fireworks lit the sky. I saw Lina, Robert and Riley on the gateway and saw they were talking to the gingered haired guy, who took off after they talked. Where is he going? Is he taking off? Riley approaches me as Robert greeted Victoria who was ecstatic.


“Hey. Um, Where? Uh-” I paused mid-sentence not knowing how to ask Riley where my date has gone.

“Oh, Kyle had to attend to an emergency, work related. Lina and Kyle has set up a make-up date with you.” Riley caught on fast.

“Oh good.” I say hiding my disappointment. I’m confused how could a man spend so much on me and then bail for work? Was I just a charity case? So much for excitement.

“Since, your date is still next week, would you like to hang out with me tonight?” Riley asks gleefully

“What do you have in mind?” I ask


“But we just had dinner” I say

“Right” he says acting like he was thinking

“How about Movie marathon?” I suggested, it was as if our minds synced because we both laughed at the memory out on the dock.

“Horror? Suspense? Or Sappy love story?” He asks, but before I could answer Robert and Victoria joined us.

“Angela, since your date isn’t present, I need you to accompany us. After seeing Victoria off I want to discuss something with you regarding the upcoming merger.” He says. What? Bad timing. Seriously drag me along again? I wanted to retort when,

“Can’t this wait in the morning?” Riley asks trying to talk him out of taking me and I was on his team.

“I’m afraid not.” Robert says in a calm fashion.

“We leave in 5 minutes” He says and leaves with Victoria who kept looking at me weird, was she pissed off because I got to get more money for the charity? I don’t really care.

Riley and I said our goodbyes and talked of when we’d get together for our movie marathon. He comes with me to the Limo and opens the front seat door. I slide in and was greeted by Isaac, my company whenever I was a third wheel. He and I now share a special bond of gossiping about the girl, Mr. Sleigh was dating.

“Hey, Isaac. Another night?” I ask

“I don’t think miss, were just dropping off Ms. Costa.” He says making a face as he said her name and we both shared a little giggle.

After a few moments Robert and Victoria slid unto the backseat. I didn’t even bother to look behind. Victoria was talking in Italian, as did Robert. It sounded as if they were making love in the backseat. I get this, instead of spending a fun time with Riley. I’ve got to say Robert sounds really sexy speaking in foreign languages and I ache deep inside. They could have pulled up the window and talk sexy all they want sheesh.

“Isaac, do you mind if I listen to music? Could you wake me when we reach the airport?” I asked in a hush voice.

“Sure, miss. Don’t worry.” He smiles at me.

I take out my phone and listened to my ROAD TRIP playlist that I compiled. Ever since I worked for Robert I found that a playlist is appropriate for long travels. Old sentimental songs played on and yet Victoria’s voice was ringing annoyingly in my ear. I closed my eyes and let the music take me to another place.

Isaac wakes me and I regain my sense. Victoria was now silent; I took a look to see why. The window separating the backseat and the front seat was now blocked. Blocking all sound from either compartment of the car.

“So that’s why it’s so silent. Thank God. I couldn’t stand her talking all sexy.” I say to Isaac

“I agree, but I do think that’s how they really sound.” Isaac shrugs.

I look out the windshield and we arrive at the airport. In a few moments the car parks in front of an unfamiliar private plane. I’m guessing it was Victoria’s. The car came to a stop; Isaac and I got out the car and waited by the car door.

Isaac opened the car doors for Ms. Victoria Costa and Robert to get out of the car.

“I wish you’d come with me, Babe.” Victoria says clinging to Roberts arm as they begin to walk towards the plane. They continued on while I stay behind and lean against the car. I seriously did not want to be apart of the loved-up, hormonal couple in a private plane with a room in it. It would be awkward and so gross, I’d rather I didn’t know what happens in the plane. Figuring they would take about a couple of minutes to say good-bye, I went on and texted Maxine about the business deal that Robert had to interfere with my date with Riley. After all that happened to me this weekend I had to call Max.

Max. I heard what happened to you and Riley. I need details and explanations. Also Robert has told me something about the merger? Well, I’d need details of that too. Anyway, I’ll be back soon. Please call me as soon as you get this I have so much to tell.

As soon as I hit send Robert sneaks up on me.

“Angela, get in. You wouldn’t want to be out here when they leave.”

Before I could head for the door in the front seat. Isaac opens the back door blocking my path and had no choice but to sit with Robert. I gave Isaac a scouring look and he smiles at me mockingly. I slid in the seat where Robert’s latest conquest sat or not sat at all. I just hope the place is sanitary.

“The party was a huge success.” Robert says

“Uh- I only did what I can to help Lina materialize her thoughts.” I say

“Angela, everyone had fun and the party was a success, because of you.” He says looking right at me and the silence was killing me. It’s a good thing the plane was making a lot of noise that I couldn’t hear my thoughts.

Once the plane ascended high up Robert opened the door, took my hand and head out the car.

“W- wait where are we going?” I ask while Robert continues to drag me across the runway track, trying to keep up with me on my heels. I look back at Isaac who shrugs at me.

Robert pulls me gently, silently and fast. We arrive at a hanger and the company jet was being checked by engineers and the pilot was seated upfront, flight stewardess began to ascend on board.

“Where are we heading? I haven’t packed, I don’t have the files and my laptop with me.” I say worried as to not work efficiently without those tools. My trusty “planner” isn’t at all going to do.

“Angela, you worry too much.” Robert says, but he still doesn’t answer me.

We get in the posh private plane. Although for the past months I have traveled around the country for business trips. I’m still in awe of how money could get you to love flying in and out of the country in total luxury. The interior of the plane is modern and very masculine, with clean lines and modern designs from the seats to the wine glasses. I sat at a single chair near a window while Robert sits opposite me. He sits there and nods as the flight stewardess informs him that everything is set up. I’m really concerned as to the arrangement. Not having to prepare for whatever we’re doing or wherever we are going is really bothering me.

“So, tell me. How did you like the party?” Really we’re still in this topic, a few venue changes and we’re still talking about this.

“It was nice. Though I wished I hadn’t been auctioned off, but your sister has the same commanding presence that you have.” With that comment he chuckles.

“Yes, well she learned early, she used to make a presentation for something that she wanted when she was young. She’d stand before us and states her case and not taking no for an answer.”

“Precisely. Can’t take no for an answer.” I say and paused as the Captain’s voice spoke in the intercom telling us that we are about to taxi’s unto the runway and we needed to put on our seatbelts.

We both fell silent as we were interrupted. The plane starts to gain speed and after a few seconds hovers off the ground and we’re off. To bad all I could see was the night sky. As we were floating thousands of miles above the ground, I pondered on how it would be like if Kyle wasn’t busy and could take me out on a date.

“Penny, for your thoughts?” Robert interrupts my montage of scenarios that are running round my head.

“Well, if you must know, I’m playing a mental video montage of what would have happened if Kyle hadn’t stood me up.” I say in full honesty.

“Do you really want to go out with him?” He asks confused.

“Well, I wouldn’t really mind. I mean he bought me with quite an amount and he just left. I mean I really don’t like to be auctioned off like some kind of meat but the children needs the money, makes parading and embarrassing myself worth it. Figures. He must have just bought me cause he felt sorry, or he really wanted Lina to like him and I was just a plot or something.” I babbled and he chuckled once again. He is really in a good mood, he looks really happy, I wonder what he’s happy about.

“What?” I asked Robert who was amused by what I had just babbled away.

“Kyle didn’t bet on you, I did.” He says and my jaw just dropped. He what? Why? Does he? No. Impossible.

“You cost more than my date, I guess I’d have my stylist to blame.” He continues amused by my reaction no doubt

“Wait, so you bought me at the auction, and also bought me this dress? I thought this was Lina’s dress. You really didn’t have to do that Rob cause Aunt Brenda and I was about to buy.” I explained, all confused. My mind is flashing images of me and Rob together and I had to suppress it down due to the fact that I was over thinking again.

“My stylist, Colin, was ecstatic to buy women’s clothes for once, Lina on the other hand was dying to tell you the whole time. I wouldn’t let her cause I knew if you knew you wouldn’t want to wear it.” He explains, tonight he really is out of character it feels like I’ve known him forever.

“Well, I could have if you ordered me to.” I say and his expression changes and his brows furrowed

" Angela, I don’t like to boss you around and tell you what to do. You really don’t have to say yes all the time.”

“It’s nothing personal Rob, this is my job. Please I didn’t mean to offend you.” I retract my words.

“Good.” He says smiling back

“Rob, you really didn’t have to buy me at the auction, Riley had promised to help me.” I started

“I knew Riley would help, but at the rate of the guys betting on you Riley could have lost and you’ be out dating some guy who’s looking to have a good time. Riley has not enough funds to help you and he was pushing it tonight. If Riley lost and you’d be out on the date, I don’t know how far I could protect you.”

“But you spent a lot of money.”

“I was going to donate as much to Lina anyway, so I figured-”

“Oh, well. The kids will be happy to know that they’ll be having new schools, I’m sure they’d be glad to know that.” I say trying not to make a big deal out of things. He doesn’t know how far he can protect me? Is that really all? Are his feelings towards me platonic? God when will this flight end? Wait where are we going?

“When we arrive New York, Have a day off. Ok?”

“We’re heading home? My clothes and other stuff are in the pool house.” I say really concerned.

“Don’t worry about it, its being packed and sent to your apartment.” He says

“Ok, but don’t I have to go in and check on the stacks of work I have since I missed out a lot?” I asked baffled

“No, that end has been taken care of by Alice, you’re assistant. Don’t worry.” He says.

“I have an assistant? What for?.”

" Angela, you have proven to be of much use to me both my personal life and work, but When I pull you out like what I did when I let you plan out Lina’s party, someone has to assist in the office. You worry too much.” He says smirking at me.

“Which reminds me when you arrive back at the office you can delegate some of your work to her. Maxine is In charge of her for now. Maxine knows quite a lot about the company since Brenda and her are close.” He continues on.

After a while, we arrive at the centurion and I flop on my bed the moment I saw it. Not bothering to change my clothes and shower. After awhile I wake to the sound of the busy streets of New York. When I woke it was already 2 in the afternoon. I really didn’t know what to do on a day off but work, I called Maxine.

“Angie! Your back?”

“Yes, I am. Earlier but I was exhausted with the trip. I’m so sorry I haven’t called you.” I say

“No worries, I was busy too I got your message and were working on it. Be assured we’ll have the papers In time.” She says.

“How bout a girls night out tonight? Let’s talk over dinner?” She offers me

“Sure. I’d love too I have so much to ask you.” I say

“Ok. I’ll call you after work.” Then she hunts up as I bid her farewell.

I got up took a long shower. It’s been awhile since I wore color, so I decided to mix it up and changed in to the bright colored sundress I had, added on accessories and head out the door for a little browsing and book buying. I missed going out unto the streets and finding books and window shop.

“Rob?” I see him as I was heading out the elevator; he looked taken aback for a moment before he approaches.

“Oh, good you’re up. I’m sorry to catch you off guard but we need to head out very important business for the merger.”

“Oh. Um- sure. I have the planner with me I’ll just have Maxine send over the documents. ” I say. Yes, I walk around New York with work still hidden in my bag. I’m crazy like that. There goes my book splurging.


We rode in the black car again and off we go. I look out and wonder where we are heading because we aren’t heading to the office. And my clothes, don’t I need to change, what if were heading to a meeting? We arrive at the hanger where we got off earlier in the morning and now my mind is really going haywire. I follow him as we stay on the plane again; I sat in the same place I sat earlier. Not this again, I haven’t got anything packed.

“Is anything wrong?” Robert asks with a quizzical look.

“Where are we going exactly?” I ask in a hush voice.

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