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Can Luna Hart stay strong ? Will she able to make the right decision ? What would you choose ? Feeling loved or loving someone ? A forbidden love or your best friend ? Guilt can crush someone and can even crush the people around you. Luna and Nick are best friends , they hold a deep secret. Nothing ever went wrong between them. Until he came.

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Chapter 1

“ What the fuck Luna, move your arse.”

“ I love the way you say arse.”

“ Shut your pretty mouth and give me a hand.”

Nick jogged down the stairs and I followed him.

“ You are the man of the house, well apartment.”

“ So?”

“ You are an ass.” I grabbed a box and climbed the stairs.

To think we just got here we are already fighting. My best friend Nick wanted to move away from his city for college , so I followed him. I only chose a class , my book takes to much of my time just one lesson a week is more than enough for me.

“ Howdy.” Nick said saluting a couple of girls , obviously they giggled and fought with each other to whom he actually paid attention , poor girls, they are in for the Nick assassination.

“ Is your dream in life to be a cowboy , Nick?” I said grabbing another box.

“ It may, depends on the girls around there.”

“ You make me puke.”

I pretended to puke.

“ Well you love me.”

“ That I do , that is why I followed you here mister so if you could help me with these boxes it would mean the world to me.” I said tilting my head sideways and smiling my angelic smile.

He chuckled and picked another box.

“ How much luggage did you bring?” Nick complained crashing on the sofa.

I handed him a beer and crashed near him.

“ What time do you start Monday?”

“ At 8 in the fucking morning woman.”

“ Well I’ll kick your ass out of bed, if I have too , you want to be a doctor , then go to school.”

He sighed.

“ You wanna know what ?”

“ What?” he said putting his head on my shoulder.

“ Chicks love doctors.”

He chuckled and tickled my tummy , too bad I am not ticklish and he knows it well but still tries.

“ Hows the book going?”

“ A total dish , well the main character at least.”

“ Does he resemble me ?” He sent me a wide grin.

“ No , he is more handsome.”

“ I am the hottest of them all.”

“ Sure you are.”

“ I’ll go get us dinner.” He got up and pulled his shirt on.

I know what you must be thinking. Are they like friends with benefits ? Let me tell you the only benefit I get from him is that he has hot guy friends I can hook up with. Nick’s parents took me in when I was little he is more like a brother than a friend mainly , I know him like the palm of my hands.

I cleaned my room , it was bigger than the room back at home and I loved it. The sea was blending with the horizon and the forest swaying with the wind. This view will help me in my writing , I can breath here. I put my laptop on the table and the typewriter on the windowsill , my clothes all fitted into one box so I didn’t have much so in half an hour I already finished arranging my room.

“ Luna.” Nick shouted as he crashed the front door shut.

Typical, I feel sorry for the doors or the furniture around the house back home I think he actually crashed some of them. He can’t control his strength , guys usually bet against him in fights , cause he looks like a playboy and only has his dick on his mind but he is the total opposite. He crashed an opponent with one single blow. Oh I forgot , he is a professional fighter , well was , now he wants to lay back and study to be a doctor. His mother cried tears of joy and hugged him for half an hour , his father on the other hand kept quite and didn’t utter a single word. But from that attitude I learned that he must be more proud than his wife of their son , his way of showing love is to not show it at all. Me on the other hand got finally an opportunity to write and wanted to keep my mind into writing from morning till dusk but Nick’s parents insisted I took at least on class and so I did, I took history which to tell you the truth is my other favorite thing.

“ Tacos ?” My stomach growled

“ Poor guy who is gonna end up with you has to hear that dreadful sound everyday.”

I threw him a lettuce straight in the face. Nick is also known for his retorts , he always has one no matter what I say, he pisses me straight off. One day I kick him in his groin just to pay him back for a stupid retort.

“ No retort , no kick ? Come on I love your kicks. Are you feeling sick?” Nick reached out and touched my head.

I grabbed his wrist and twisted but as usual I get hurt not him. He laughed so hard he also chocked on his food. This side of Nick is only known to me , outside he is cool and collected no hair undone , but his goofy character always comes out one way or another.

“ Eat and go to sleep.” I said putting my plate in the washer.

“ Mum , please let me be free.” He sang.

He twirled , he actually twirled and put his own plate in the washer and kissed me on the cheek.

“ Tomorrow , you cook. Money is an asset.”

My eyebrow shot up and punched him in the stomach. Hard rock muscles crashed my hand.

“ Goodnight Luna.” He said making his way to his room laughing.

“ Night.” I mumbled.

Stupid ass.

I took a seat on my table and opened my laptop , Thea has to choose between Josh and Luke , I need to keep the suspense up.

A soft knock on the door startled me , I looked at the time it was already 2 in the morning.

“ Luna ?” Nick said opening slightly the door.

“ Nightmare?”

He nodded and crashed on my bed.

“ Can I sleep here ? You will probably write all the night.”

“ Yeah.”

“ Thanks.”

He finally had a week without nightmares , I am scared that he won’t be able to sleep again for a while.

I turned back to my laptop and put my head in the book.

“ Thea ran and jumped on Luke’s back, making them crush on the sofa.” I mumbled.

“ No.” Nick mumbled.

He turned and twisted , no not again.

I ran to his side , he screamed. His screams always made me cry , he sounds so torned.

I grabbed his shoulders and shook.

“ Nick.” I said.

He didn’t respond.

“ Nick.” I said more loudly.

He golted awake this time. His heartbeat was over the mile and his breaths were uneven.

I laid near him and hugged him to me.

“ Nick , I’m here.” I whispered in his ear.

He put his arms around me and pulled me to him. His breath evened out and he fell asleep.

I put my hand on his head checking for a fever. Thank God he didn’t have one so I took a deep breath and calmed myself.

This has been going on for a year already , I don’t know how much a human body can take.

Having me near him seems to always calm him down and sleeps like a baby , thankfully he wakes up with more energy than ever. I know he is scared after-. I shook my head I can’t think about it no not with him near me.

“ Good night Nick.” I kissed him temple.

I guess no more writing for tonight. I closed my eyes and dozed off.

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