Freeing Joshua

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Chapter 4

I ended up visiting Dexter for the next few days. I decided I could always use another friend and kept him close. He was always thrilled to see me whenever I came over and I always left his place feeling happier than ever. For some reason, we just clicked. We got each other. We used each other for strength and hope and became one another’s rock. It was nice to have someone to spend time with during this stressful period in my life. I didn’t go by to see him on the 29th of August however, I used that day to visit Joshua. I told him all about the new break I got in the case and he seemed a bit on edge, like something was wrong, but he assured me everything was okay. We talked some more until a guard announced that it was time for all visitors to go.

“Our time together feels shorter and shorter.” I said to him sadly. “But I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“No baby don’t worry I’ll be fine. You take some time off from this place, you don’t need to come back until you submit the appeal.” He told me. It almost seemed strange that he didn’t want me to come see him again, he always wanted me to come visit.

“But I won’t be able to talk to you then.” I said to him.

“I know, but you’ll see me at home.”

That made me smile, thinking of him back at home with me. He was right, I didn’t need to come back because he would be home soon enough. I could feel it in my heart that we would win the appeal and he would be back at home with me. I felt relieved and was able to leave without feeling the least bit sad that time. He was going to come home, I just knew it.

I didn’t visit the prison again until I finished up the appeal. The day I went back, was the day of his trial. They heard the case, but didn’t reach a verdict on that day. They decided to discuss it in more depth and announce whether the appeal was approved or denied at a later date. I was anxious so I couldn’t bear to go to the prison again, I just awaited a happy phone call from Joshua telling me he was coming home. While I waited, I visited Dex some more to calm my anxiety. One day in particular, we ended up talking about his illness and he told me that he would be hospitalized very soon, but it was a good thing because the doctors told him that they could save his life. I was so happy because I would be gaining a friend and I couldn’t wait for Joshua to formally meet him.

“When does he get out?” Dexter asked.

“They announce it tomorrow. Ugh, I’m so nervous even though I know we won it. I know my baby’s coming home.”

“Do you know around what time?”

“No idea, I’m hoping early. The earlier the better because I can’t wait to get him back home.”

“Hopefully it is early then. Ten years is enough waiting sheesh I could only imagine.”

“You’re telling me.”

“So, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be planning a party for his homecoming or anxiously waiting by the phone?” He laughed.

“You’re right! I just wanted to visit a friend, check in, the usual.”

“Well I’m doing better than ever. Now go! And call me with the good news!”

“Will do!” I exclaimed and dashed out of there and back to my house.

It was so hard to fall asleep that night. I kept tossing and turning and thinking. It was as if my brain wouldn’t shut off and go to sleep. Normally I could sleep just fine but that night in particular I couldn’t relax. I had an unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach, but I simply brushed it off as nerves. It was common to be nervous at a time so crucial. Eventually, I was able to get myself to fall asleep, but not for long. I woke at 8am to sit by the phone just waiting for it to ring. I had butterflies in my stomach and the more time that went by, the worse the feeling I developed in my gut would get. Something was wrong, I thought. But I decided to just immerse myself in my writing so that the book would be done as soon as possible. It hit noon and I started to worry, but then again it was still very early. Or maybe that was late? I didn’t know what time was normal for a court case to reach a verdict since I had never been in that situation before. I tried to keep busy, but I always ended up apprehensively staring at the phone just waiting for it to ring. I needed to get that call. I wanted my nerves to be calmed. What in the world was taking so long?

And then finally, the phone rang.

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