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"aurora, call me aurora now," any slight movement would lead us into a kiss. the only thing holding us back was our self-control. "aurora," river smiles, "then, you can call me axel now." "axel," i smiled. that same self-control was now non existent. "aurora and axel... i love it." ⋆.ೃ࿔* PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS AUTUMN. they meet in the weirdest, most seclusive and distant place of all times- a cemetery. a sudden downpour leads them to a bus stop. we all need to start off somewhere... right? when a high school model meets the high school jock. small hint: they're from the same high school. tw: ED, ED recovery ongoing | 21.08.22 |

Romance / Humor
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prologue: aurora

i held a bouquet of flowers in one arm while the other reaching into my pocket. fishing out my phone from it, a smile crept up my face.


ice cream ltr

anyone in




@me ?



i texted a quick and random reply while looking up to the sky.

the sky was illuminated by the setting sun, a tinge of grey with a mix of a cerulean blue and a hint of orange peeking through the clouds window as it swirled with brilliance.

despite the gorgeous canvas above me, the air was still, cold even. it had not gained any movement even after walking up the slope for about 10 minutes per say.

up the slope lies a place, filled with much of my incessant chattering;

roselawn cemetery

i hastily placed my phone back into my pocket, took a deep breath and went to my usual spot.

"hey grandma, i'm back," i brushed a hair strand to the back of my ears and gave a warm smile at the grave in front of me.

placing the bouquet of white lilies with baby pink gladiolus peaking out and a few stalks of pale beige roses, i sat myself down beside the stone slab, leaning on it slightly.

"things have been really well in school, Al, Nia and i are still really, really good friends.. hm what else.." i stopped myself and thought, "oh yeah! there's like gonna be like a game on thursday that Al and i are going to watch, Nia doesn't want to come with us tho... she said that it was for losers."

"oh right! i forgot to tell you, Al has a boyfriend now.. his name is Ky and i think he's really nice, eh actually, i don't know."

"he's kinda weird, always squeezing Al's ass when he gets the opportunity to."

"actually... he's very weird."

i brought myself back to the past, thinking of the bittersweet memories i had made in my childhood with my grandmother.

she was more of a mother figure to me than my own mother. my grandmother was a freaking superwoman as i would like to say.

she would wake up early in the morning to prepare a whole buffet for me for breakfast before going to school. she would be there to listen to my silly rant sessions about school. when i was even younger, she would bring me to the playground and i would always force her to play with me.

she was my everything.

"grandmaaa.." i dragged my words as i climbed on my grandma who was sitting on the sofa, hand sewing the tear i had made on my baby pink floral dress.

"yes, dear? and be careful, i'm sewing," grandma moved and adjusted herself for me to sit on her lap. i was only 7 years old just then.

"can i go to the playground? pretty please?" i showed her my best innocent eyes to convince her.

"no can't do love, it's going to rain soon," grandma patted my head and shook her head in disapproval. i pouted and begged her again, "pleaseeeeee?" i dragged my words once again and put my hands together.

just then, i could hear loud shouting from my parent's room. grandma hastily poked the sewing needle onto the sofa and gently covered my ears. once the shouting had died down she asked me in a calming tone, "what about we make a compromise?"

"compromise? what's that?" i blinked and looked at her, "a compromise is where you don't get the 100% but it's halved."

"halved? 50%?" i tilted my head in confusion, thinking hard, "yes dear, would you want to go to the garden? we can play there and when it rains, we go back in,"

i immediately shook my head in excitement and slid down from grandma's lap, holding my hands out, "let's go now!"

the garden was like my own fairyland. it was my favourite play area with the abundance of different flowers surrounding the little castle i built with my dad. i quickened my footsteps with my hands intertwined with my grandma, giggling when she tells me to slow down.

"grandma, faster! the tea party will start soon!"

"cut me some slack Aurora," she chuckles as we finally reached my mini castle which i had yet named it. the castle was actually just a fort but mini-me decided that i would be called a castle and i loved it. inside would be my favourite Barbie dolls and the My Little Pony figurines i would have.

my grandma was the only one who called me by my middle name, Aurora. she was the one who suggested it but my mother wasn't very fond of that idea.

nevertheless, my grandma insisted on the name and my mother decided that it would be my middle name.

my first name is Autumn because i was born during the season autumn.

Autumn Aurora Bryers. i like my middle name, i was named after a Disney princess. how cool was that?

i still like my middle name the best. no one has ever called me Aurora since her death.

i started plating the tea cups and filling them with fake tea, and by fake tea i mean, it was nothing, just air.

"well Twilight Sparkle, are you enjoying your tea?" i started role-playing with the dolls and my grandma would be chuckling to herself and role-play with me.

as time went by, we could hear the rain lightly drizzling and that playtime was up.

"grandma, would it be childish for me to want those times back?" i whispered.

and that my dear friends was how my evening went, blabbering my current life to a stone slab which holds the only special place in my heart.

as stupid as it sounded, it bring comfort to me, it made me feel safe.

"what about you grandma? how are you up dare?" i whispered out, an empty feeling swelling in me.


i sighed out and continued my story telling session.

telling her about my recent sleepover at Nia's house, some school drama going on and throwing in some trashtalking about some people.

the sky was now a mix of purple and an even darker shade of grey, it was a cue for me to head back home. the stars started to peek through the sky glistening as the clouds swirled with grace in the air.

the sun was covered by the gloomy clouds making it seemingly impossible to spot that red fireball where it was just a purplish-greyish blur.

this weather seemed to be threatening to rain since i walked up but it hadn't and maybe i'd taken that for granted because right now, it's either now or never.

i could visually see the clouds being this dull shade of grey, however, no rain seemed to fall. together with that, the air continued to be still, like there was never any movement to even begin with.

making my way over to the entrance which was now my exit, i sighed. reaching into my pockets, i reached for my phone and ran through some recent text messages.


8.30 usual spot

see ya bitches

a smile graced my face, reading the text as i reached the exit. i looked down, placing my phone in my pocket.

i have never really been the type to look at what's in front of me when i walk, and by this i say, i manage to bump and spot a pair of very gorgeous brown bright yet dull eyes.



hey sexies, thank you so much for giving this book a chance TT, i hope y'all enjoy this book as much as i enjoy writing it. this first chapter is a little boring am i right? i promise it'll get better (i hope) (i really hope)

if you are here from TikTok, hi! thank you for giving this book a chance! ❤️

btw, my computer doesn't have auto caps, so you'll be stuck with lowercaps.

the characters here will have the foulest mouth.

there would be strong themes portrayed in this story so do proceed with caution. there would be warnings for you up ahead. but this book will be exploring my main character, autumn's life with ED.

the themes include;

ED— anorexia nervosa, bullimia nervosa

Mental abuse




Addictive Behaviour, Drugs

you are so loved ❤️ my dms are always open if any of you wants to chat.

i really love you all<3

if you find any similarities with other books do take note that it is purely coincidental and i have no intention of copying other's work.

plagiarism is real and illegal so please don't copy my work. aurora can only be found on my profile and only mine on wattpad. haha.

anywho, i encourage y'all to not be ghost readers! give a comment or a vote to show your support, it'll really make my day. like for real, it'll really make my day xx.

i encourage you to give this book a try, who knows? maybe you'll like it. and if you did, thank you xx

autumn = aurora. if you didn't catch it. i renamed this book as i thought 'aurora' would suit better than 'autumn'.

i edit chapters when i feel like it so don't be surprised if you see updates that i have posted the same chapter again, and again.

once again, no words can describe how much i love you all.

with lots of love❤️,

zq :-)

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