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Life is Beautiful

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This story is about two people who find each other after they lost their lives in another world. I think it is not a simple love story that you can read anywhere it's more than just love between two people.

Romance / Fantasy
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The Story Begins

“I found you again in this world, you are the one I have been looking for for so long and now you are standing in front of me.”

- If we are ever born again in this world, I want to be half of your heart again, your only love that exists in this world. Never forget how much I love you Nana.

At that time, Nana woke up lying in her bed, dripping with sweat and not understanding what she saw in the world of dreams. She got up from the bed and went to the kitchen. She went to the refrigerator, took out a bottle of water, and took a glass from the shelf. She drank some water to regain consciousness.

- It was just a dream, nothing more. - Nana repeated to herself.

“Calm down, you have to go to work in the morning, go to sleep, Nana,”- Nana reassured herself.

In the morning, sunlight was brought into the room and the alarm clock didn’t ring. It was 7:00 a.m. Nana slept so hard that she could hardly wake up, although she remembered that she had to get ready and go to work immediately, otherwise the chief editor Mrs. Marika would scold her again for being late. Nana quickly jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom, then she looked for clothes in the closet, and she put on the first thing she could find. She hung up her handbag, took the phone, and removed the key from the handle. She quickly ran down the stairs of the entrance hall and sat on the nearby moped, nodded, and went on her way. It was 8:30 a.m. and there was a morning traffic jam on the roads, as it always is in the morning when everyone is going to work in their cars.

Nana easily drove between the cars on her moped and was at work in 15 minutes. She worked as an assistant to the editor of the publishing house “Women’s News”. It was a magazine for women, with various life tips and articles written for them.

- Nana, where have you been until now, I already thought you moved to another planet, - answered Mrs. Marika, who seemed to be in a bad mood again, although she was never kind to anyone in the morning, everyone tried to avoid her.

- What do you say, Mrs. Marika, I came just in time, - replied Nana.

Mrs. Marika looked at Nana with a persistent look and added to the matter to everyone who was staring at her. Everyone returned to their work, Nana sat down at her desk, and opened a file on the computer where her article was unfinished “Women’s Role in Society”.

Since childhood, Nana thought differently from other girls, she believed that women are more interesting and talented than others think. His mother Maya Chikaidze was a housewife, she always did the necessary things for the family, like all housewives, she also prepared the children for school in the morning, Nana and her older brother Giorgi, her husband Nodari’s clothes were cleaned and ironed, breakfast was prepared. Nana didn’t have many friends at school, she preferred to be alone and didn’t communicate much with her classmates, but one girl, Lika Korkia, was her best friend and always stood by her side if someone promised to offend Nana.

Both SEU (National University of Georgia) were together at the university, studying at the Faculty of Journalism. They dreamed of changing public thinking about the attitude toward women. However, as you can see, they still haven’t managed to fulfill their dream. Lika decided to continue his master’s degree in America, and Nana remained alone, but he kept in contact with her. Nothing interesting was happening in her personal life either, he had no relationship with anyone after she was a student. In the end, Nika loved her fellow student, and they met for a year, but the story ended here, Nika left her for another girl. Nana suffered from this story for a long time, but she gathered her strength and continued to live because she had her own goal. After finishing the university, he was looking for vacancies, he sent his resume to many places, and she got one or two answers, one of them from the publishing house “Women’s News”. At the interview, Mrs. Marika liked her and Nana got the job, although the magazine was about completely different topics, which did not appeal to her much, but what other way did she have? Nana never forgot her goal, she tried to add her article to the magazine, but Mrs. Marika did not like it and rejected her articles, so Nana had to redo everything. Because he lived separately from his parents, he felt more comfortable, he rented a room not far from work, although he was always late for work.

- What happened, why are you so sad - asked Sophie, who was always trying to play the role of a psychologist and nurse for her colleagues, because she was always interested in the news.

- Nothing, I just slept badly, my mind is confused, I don’t know what happened to this article - answered Nana.

- I thought you have dating someone and something interesting was happening to you - Sophie added with a smile and looked at her work.

Nana was trying to finish her article, writing several sections on women’s news, small topics of their conversations, daily activities, appearance care, and other such things. After all, the topic was about feminine and interesting stories, of course not for Nana, she was not interested in all this at all, but it was her job, so she had no other choice.

- Will this article help women in anything? - Nana said ironically to herself and smiled.

Finished the article and emailed it to Ms. Marika for approval. When he looked at the clock, it was already 2:30 p.m. and there was no one around. They all went to the cafeteria for lunch, maybe they told him too, but as always he didn’t understand. He was also about to go to dinner when Mrs. Marika called him and asked him to enter the office.

- Come in, Nana - Mrs. Marika told her.

- I read your article and I can’t say that I liked it, it seems that for you it is all one thing and you write things that do not fit into the topic.

- What do you mean? - asked Nana

- What didn’t you like, in the article I combined all the facts and stories about what our topic was.

- You find all this interesting, read what you wrote about. You’d better start rewriting it now or you won’t be able to write anything. - Ms. Marika shouted angrily.

Nana could not answer, she needed this job, and that’s why she tolerated such an attitude. He came out of the office, sat down at his desk, and didn’t know what to do. At that moment, his cell phone rang, it was his mother.

- Hey mom. - answered Nana

- Did you want something? - Nana asked.

- Nana, my daughter, how are you? how are things?

- I’m fine, mother, don’t worry.

-And how are you? How is the father, how is his heart, is he still worried?

- We are fine too, father’s heart... - the voice on the phone stopped.

- What happened, mother, did something happen to father? - Nervousness was raised by the mother’s silence.

- Nothing, he is fine for now, but he needs to go to the doctor to find out the answers, he was tested a few days ago. I don’t know what to do, I’m very worried about what the doctor will say.

- Don’t worry, mother, everything will be fine, I will see you on weekends.

- Well, I will prepare something delicious for you - there was a question in his mother’s voice, but as it seemed, she did not dare to say it.

- Good mom, see you on weekends.- said Nana and was about to hang up when her mother added.

- You know your brother is getting married. - said Nana.

- Getting married? He hasn’t even got a job yet, and what a wife. - Nana was surprised by Giorgi’s decision.

- I know, I told him that too, I argued well, but he doesn’t listen, he says he loves her and I want to marry her. Father agrees, you know his attitude towards such a matter. - said the worried mother.

- The most important thing for him is that a man has a wife to take care of her - Nana answered ironically to her mother.

- Well, we decided to celebrate the wedding and invite a few guests, they will sign and spread a small table this Saturday, June 28. That’s why I called you, I hope you will come - said her mother.

- This Saturday, so soon... I don’t know, mother, I have work, I will come if I can. Excuse me, I have to go, I have things to do - Nana added and hung up.

She was not in the mood for a wedding, but she had to go, it was her only brother’s wedding. Before that, she had to attend the article, which was criticized by the boss and had to be redone. She didn’t even make it to dinner, but she completely forgot about it. All employees were busy with their work, and the sound of keyboards was heard alone. It was already almost 18:00 p.m, and the working hours were ending, but Nana still had to stay for a few hours to finish the article. She changed almost everything in her article, approached the matter with a banal female theme, and wrote as it seemed that all women thought. She e-mailed the article to Mrs. Marika and got ready to go home. The article was positively evaluated by Mrs. Marika on another day. Everything was ready for the launch of the magazine.

When she came home, Nana’s mind was so disconnected that she didn’t think about anything, she went to the bathroom and took a shower to regain her senses. There wasn’t much in the fridge, she made a sandwich from what he found and took out a can of beer. She sat down comfortably on the sofa and turned on the TV, the news programs were on, followed the channel, then he found a movie and sat down to watch it.

You know, there is a moment in life when you want to not exist in this world at all. Sadness and nostalgia overwhelm you, you remember the past life, what good and what bad it brought you. But at some point, you realize that all the sad feelings don’t matter when you feel alive. The world is so beautiful and unappreciated that we don’t notice it in our everyday life and everything around us loses color. We need some kind of switch to wake us up and see this beauty, to give us happiness.

Nana fell asleep watching the movie and drifted back into the world of dreams. It was so calm and pleasant there, she felt happy, suddenly she saw the silhouette of a man from somewhere, he couldn’t make out his face, he only heard the words: “I found you, you are the meaning of my life, Nana”.

At that time she woke up, her face was scared as if she heard the voice in a dream and not in reality. She turned off the TV and got into bed to sleep. It was already 2:00 AM.

At 7:00 am the bell rang.

- Work again - Nana mumbled upon hearing the call. She was so lazy to get out of bed that she didn’t even understand how she got up, got ready, and left the house. - Oh, this instinct of the body - she muttered to himself. Her scooter had a flat tire so she had to travel by bus. It was Friday, you know what happens in the morning on public transport, it’s crowded. But somehow she got up and found a place to sit down. She sat by the window and fell asleep. At the next stop, most people got off and eased off by the bus. There was an empty seat next to Nana, and a young man sat down next to her, carrying a briefcase and wearing a suit. But his scent was unusually familiar to Nana, she looked towards him and stopped looking at the man out of surprise. The bus stopped and suddenly Nana realized that it was her stop, she suddenly got up and ran off the bus, she was late as usual. But this morning was unusual for her, an unknown man who somehow seemed familiar. Was this the one who was looking for him in his dreams?

- What nonsense, what I’m thinking about?- she said to herself. It entered the editorial office, and a new issue of the magazine was released today. All its browsing was turned on and they were waiting for the rating on the site. People’s evaluations showed how interesting the number was. Nana sat down at her desk and rested her head on the table.

A woman in search of happiness sometimes does not understand how beautiful the world around her is, she is always looking for what is right and what suits her heart and mind, but at this time her mind is disconnected and she cannot perceive reality.

At the time when the spark of Nana’s happiness was extinguished, her best and only friend Lika Korkia appeared. Lika’s call surprised and pleased Nana. He really needed a friend by his side now.

- Nana, how are you, friend?

- Lika, my friend, how I miss you, I don’t care. How are you - asked Nana with a smile on her face. He was pleased to hear Lika’s voice.

- I am very well. Do you know where I am now?

- Where?

- I’m at the airport and flying to you. - said Lika

- Are you flying to Georgia? - asked Nana.

- There are some things to be done at home, so I have to go back.

- I was very happy. When you will be in Tbilisi, tell me and he will meet you.

- No, it’s not necessary, Nana, I’ll definitely see you when I arrive, so see you soon.

- Ok, I’ll wait for you. - said Nana and hung up.

She finished her office work so happily and returned home in the evening, on the way she went to the supermarket and bought products.

It was already Friday, which meant that she had to attend her brother’s engagement tomorrow. She did not like crowded places and parties. But it was impossible not to go. She didn’t have many holiday dresses or anything nice to wear in her closet. He put everything on the bed and began to adjust. She tried skirts and plain tops many times, but they didn’t suit her. Finally, she decided on one of her favorite bird dresses, which she loved and showed off her body.

- It’s good, the clothes are ready, but what should I do with this hair? - he said to himself while looking in the mirror.

She hung the dress on the hanger and went to bed. It was a summer night outside, the stars were shining in the sky and the moon was illuminating the road for those on the street. Little wind also flew, reaching through the open window of Nana and gently touching her body. She was in the world of dreams from which she did not want to return, she was creating a world of happiness that he could not feel in real life, and she heard that unknown, gentle, and at the same time familiar voice calling her and looking for her. Nana was walking in the beautiful garden and felt the beauty of nature when suddenly she heard that voice behind her.

- Wait for me, I will be with you soon. I am looking for you in this vast world. In every corner of my mind, your land will follow me and fill my soul. You are the one my heart misses and needs so much. - said that unknown voice to Nana.

She wanted to turn around to see who was saying such words to him, but she was suddenly awakened by the ringing of the phone.

- Well, let me see the end of my dream at least once - she muttered when he woke up. But suddenly her mood changed when she looked at the phone and saw Lika’s call.

She suddenly got up and called, but Lika didn’t answer, she hung up the phone as it seemed. Nana went into the bathroom, got ready and put on the prepared clothes, applied light make-up, made coffee, and gave her a piece of bread.

It was already 11:00 a.m, she had time to go to the engagement. So she calmly drank her coffee and tried to call Lika again, this time she answered.

- Lika, I saw your call, how are you, did you fly already? - Nana asked.

- Yes, but I’m still at Tbilisi airport, waiting for my luggage, there’s some delay.

- I will probably see you in the evening before I get home and get ready.

- Good Lika, I am going to my brother’s engagement now, I forgot to say that Giorgi getting married today.

- Really, congratulations - said Lika.

- Thanks.

- Well, then see you in the evening.

- Well, my friend - Lika added.

Nana left the house and since she could not ride the scooter in such a dress, she stopped the taxi and went to her parent's house.

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