Under The Mistletoe

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Ryan Webster, a columnist from New York was sent to Fairbanks, Alaska at Christmas time to write an article on the small town. There was a rumour that the real Santa Clause lived there. He was to find out what makes the town and the people that live there so special. Since he was single and had no one to spend Christmas with he agreed to go, if he did well he would get a big promotion, making him the head columnist. A huge jump in salary, it would give him the first chance to pick his assignments and to travel the world. He never believed in Christmas or all the hype surrounding it, that was until he met Maddy Davison. The moment she bumped into him and he looked into her eyes he knew she was special and wanted to get to know her. His life was about to change drastically, for the better. He learned so much in the short time he spent in Fairbanks and about the people who lived there. Ryan did his best not to fall for Maddy, knowing he would be leaving right after Christmas. What will happen when his time there is up, will he leave or stay?

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Chapter 1

Ryan stepped into the building where he worked, shaking the snow from his coat. Going up to the second floor he walked past Sue, the office secretary. “Good morning Sue.”

“Morning Ryan, Karen wants to see you right away.”

“Is the boss in a good mood today?” he asked, stopping to find out.

“Seems to be, but that will change if you don’t hurry up.”

Giving her a wink he walked toward Karen’s office and knocked. He entered to find her behind the desk going over some papers. “You wanted to see me?” She was a woman in her late fifties and was still a looker.

“Yeah, sit down,” she instructed, not looking up.

He sat there waiting for her to speak, she had a habit of making people wait, something he found irritating. But what could he do? After all, she was his boss.

She finally looked up. “Ryan, I have a new assignment for you.”

“I’m listening,” he replied.

“Yes, it’s in Fairbanks, Alaska.”

“Alaska, are you kidding me?”

“You know I never kid. I need you to go and check out the town and the people that live there. I’ve heard it’s a special place at Christmas time. I want you to interview them and find out why people are saying it’s a magical place. There are rumours of a real Santa Clause that lives there and something about a mistletoe.”

“That’s ridiculous, there’s no such thing as a Santa Clause and what’s this about a mistletoe?”

“Well, the townspeople claim there is so I need you to go and find out what’s going on. As far as the mistletoe goes, they say certain people fall in love when they kiss under it.”

“Why me and not someone else?”

“Because you are the only one without family. You always say you don’t care much about Christmas. All your expenses will be paid and I have arranged for you to stay in one of their cabins. Think of it as a vacation, a way to get out of the city.”

He thought about it for a few minutes. It was true, he didn’t have any family to celebrate the holidays with. He had broken up with his girlfriend over a year ago and it would be nice to get away from New York for a while. “When do you want me to go and for how long?”

Karen’s face lit up with a smile. “I’ve booked your flight for early next week. I expect a report from you every week. Get to know the community and see what you can find out about this Santa Claus and the mistletoe. You’ll be back by New Year’s Eve in time for the party.”

He left her office and went to his own and sat down behind his desk. He opened his laptop and looked up Fairbanks Alaska. He was a little confused when he saw that there was two Fairbanks, one appeared to be a city and the other one a small community. He wasn’t sure which one he was going to but he assumed it would be the community one. It hit him that he was going to have to go and buy some warmer clothing. And since all expenses were paid he knew that Karen would authorize his clothing budget.

When Saturday rolled around he went to the bar with some of his buddies. After having a few drinks a cute little brunette walked over to him and asked him if he cared to dance. He looked her up and down and liked what he saw so of course, he took her onto the dance floor. Later he sat and had a couple more drinks with her and ended up going to her apartment. They had sex and he spent the night.

In the morning she made him breakfast and hinted around about going out again.

“I’d like that Sandy, but I’m not going to be around until the end of December.”

“Oh, are you moving away?”

“No, I have an assignment in Alaska. But I really enjoyed myself last night and this morning.”

“Well, perhaps you could call me when you get back.”

“I’d like that. In fact, I’ll be back for my company’s New Year’s Eve party and I was wondering if you’d like to go with me?”

Her eyes lit up and she nodded her head. “I would love to go with you to your New Year’s Eve party. I hope you’ll call me before that and let me know it’s still on.”

“I will, I promise,” he said as he gave her a kiss goodbye.

It wasn’t that he was that much into her but he figured if he was going to the New Year’s Eve party he might as well take her. It wasn’t like he was going to meet anyone else and he didn’t want to go to the party alone.

Sunday he spent the day packing, taking the tags off of his new winter clothes and jacket. He made sure to take his laptop, his charger and everything else he would need to work with. That night he laid in bed going over everything he could find on Fairbanks and checked out pictures of the cabin he would be staying in that Karen had gotten him. It was small but looked cozy. Being used to living in the city with all of the nightlife he was sure he would be bored to death in Alaska. But he did hope that he would find something to help him pass the days and nights.

The next day before leaving to catch his plane he checked to see that he had everything. It was going to be a seven-hour flight and would not be arriving until sometime before midnight.

When he arrived in Alaska and had gathered his luggage he was glad that Karen had arranged for a cab to be there to pick him up. He thanked the driver for helping him with the luggage and got in the back seat.

“So you’re that reporter from New York who’s come here to check out our little town.”

“Yes and I’m looking forward to meeting everybody. Have you lived here long?”

“Born and raised. Your cabin is ready to move into and some of the women in town cleaned and even bought a few things for your breakfast.”

“That was very nice of them but they didn’t have to do that.”

“Well, they knew that you wouldn’t be getting in until late and wouldn’t have time to shop. This way at least you’ll be able to have a bite to eat in the morning before you head into town to get whatever supplies you need.”

“Just how far from town is my cabin?”

“It’s only a ten-minute walk, but if you need a taxi we do have a couple. You’re most likely get me seeing the other fella takes too much time off so he’s not reliable.”

It was an hour’s drive to the cabin from the airport and when they got there the driver whose name was Harry helped him inside with the bags. When the driver had left he checked out the rooms. It only had one bedroom, one bathroom and a small kitchen. The living room was a decent size with a fireplace, there was even some wood piled up against it.

It was very clean, which he greatly appreciated.

He even noticed that there were clean fresh towels hanging in the bathroom and the bed also had fresh linen on it. After unpacking he took a hot shower, threw on a pair of sweatpants and went into the kitchen to see what was in there to eat. He found bacon, eggs and bread. There was also coffee, milk and sugar and a small package of biscuits. Since he had eaten on the plane he wasn’t hungry so he just went to bed and figured he’d get up early in the morning and go get some groceries and check out the small town.

Climbing under the blankets he was surprised to find that the mattress was so comfortable and it didn’t take him long to fall asleep.

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