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Margaret Quinnlin Meadow was running from years of abuse, fighting fear and anxiety, she begins to start a new life yet again as Quinn Gordon. Wade Asher is living life on his terms. He has no interest in his Father's company or that corporate life after a terrible break up. He's happy working with his hands as a mechanic and on his farm. Grant Mayfield is working his way along in the corporate world. Working for his best friend's Father isn't always easy, but he enjoys it. When he's not working, he likes to spend his time with the ladies, never spending more than a night with the same one. When Quinn shows up in their little town, she rocks their world and has them exploring things they never thought of and breaking all the rules. Can the three of them come together in what's considered a taboo type relationship, to break barriers and live the life they choose? Or will Quinn's past continue to haunt her and keep her from the happiness she deserves. She left one horrible man behind for two who will worship her. Will she let them?

Romance / Drama
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“Shit! Fuck. Dammit!” I cursed as the car sputtered to a stop on the side of the road. “C’mon! Please!” I tried pleading with my old clunker to no avail. I was headed to a job interview, which I desperately needed. I steered the car as far off the road as possible, holding tight to the steering wheel and trying not to let any tears fall. Wearing a black pencil skirt and heels with a white button-down shirt and blazer, I wasn’t exactly dressed to be walking down the road. I pulled my phone out of my purse, scrolling through my few contacts.

I decided to get out of the car and pop the hood; why? Well, I don’t know. I had no idea what I was looking at. Smoke rolled off the engine once the hood came up. This car had been on its last legs when I bought it a few months back, and I had hoped to have the funds to fix it up. Obviously, that didn’t happen because, well, here we are. A truck pulled up behind me as I was standing there, staring at the engine. I welcomed the help, but I was also nervous. It was hard to trust anyone these days, and with my luck, I was probably better off walking.

“You okay?” I heard a southern male voice call out.

“Never better.” I snorted, walking from around the front of the car just to see the sexiest man I’d ever seen walking toward me. Total cliche, right? He was gorgeous in the country boy kind of way. Dark hair with a baseball cap on, a tight shirt showing off muscles, and jeans with scuffed-up boots. It had been a long time since someone looking like that had been anywhere near me.

“Oh, yea? Breaking down on the side of the road, midday was on your to-do list?” He smirked as he stepped up next to me. He smelled like cedarwood and mint, delicious and distracting. I tried not to stare while also drooling when looking into his emerald eyes. I was going to blame the heat and the stress of the situation on my lack of brain control at that moment.

I shrugged. “Might as well start planning these disasters since they keep happening.” I groaned. “Sorry, it’s been a rough day, and I’m going to miss a job interview because of this.” I gestured toward the smoking engine. He nodded in understanding.

“Well, I don’t think I can get you back on the road right this minute, but I can give you a ride if you’d like?” He offered politely as he glanced around under the hood. I debated taking his offer; I mean, I watched enough Dateline and shows like that to know how dangerous this could be.

“I should probably just call someone.” I stuttered out, knowing I had no one to call, at least no one reliable enough to help me. “Call a cab or something,” I mumbled.

“You have someone who can come get you? It’s not exactly safe hanging out on the roadside like this. Are you new around here? Cabs aren’t really a thing.” He chuckled.

“Yea, I’ve only been here a few months.” I looked at the cars whizzing past, then checked my watch again; I had twenty minutes to get to the interview. “Could you maybe drop me off somewhere? I’m sorry, I hate to ask. You were kind enough even to stop.” I turned, looking up at him again. He was quite tall, a few inches over six foot, I’d say.

“Of course, I offered.” He slammed the hood down on my car and turned to me, extending his hand. “I’m Wade, Wade Asher.”

I took his hand, his shake firm but gentle at the same time, his hand swallowing mine. “Quinn Gordon.” His eyes seemed to shine as his smile widened when I took his hand and introduced myself. The second his hand left mine, I felt a coldness I’d never felt before despite the heat.

“Well, Ms. Gordon, let’s get you to your interview.” He slapped the top of the hood, and I nodded. I quickly leaned into the car, grabbing my purse and keys, and anything else of value. I knew I didn’t have the money for a tow and had no idea how long the car may sit here. I closed the door with my hip and locked it up, not that it was really worth stealing. I held my belongings in my arms and raised my brows at Wade to signal I was ready.

“Here, let me help.” He started grabbing things to carry before I could protest. He led the way to his truck, where he opened the door for me. Once inside, he handed my things over and then hopped in. “So, where should I take you?” He started the engine, and I immediately relaxed, feeling the cool breeze from the air conditioning hit my face.

I pulled out my phone and opened the map app I had been using rattling off the address to him. He paused for a moment, then nodded. “Is that too far? I’m sorry I’m being such an inconvenience.” I watched for a reaction.

“Not at all, please. No need to apologize. It’s just a few minutes up the road here, no trouble at all.” His accent was panty-wetting, everything the movies made it to be, and more. “How’d you end up here in our neck of the woods, Quinn?” He asked me as we began the drive. I enjoyed how he said my name a little too much for someone I’d just met.

“Just looking for a fresh start.” I lied, partially. How do you tell someone you just met that you’re running from a deranged ex who tried to kill you and an alcoholic Father who was useless? You don’t.

“Well, I hope you can get that fresh start” He winked at me. I felt the heat rush up to my cheeks, nodding with a smile as I watched out the window as we cruised down the road.

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