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Love is not about keeping close. There can be love in giving up.

Ashya Abhayadasa
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A shortest story.


A very short story...

“I can’t. I can’t. I can’t do it. For God’s sake tell me not to do it. Cloyd. I can’t do it..”

Laura screamed and cried. At that sound, a pair of baby birds on the roof of a peach branch on the other side of the window quickly flew away. Laura’s tears melted Cloyd’s socks, but not a single ear of Cloyd was changed.

He is motionless and staring straight ahead. The heat of Laura’s tears could not warm the dry veins of his legs.

Yes, Cloyd Fernandez. A cripple. A disabled person. An ill person who can’t do anything. But that’s Laura’s world..Laura’s breath...Laura’s everything.

Cloyd is a very handsome young man. And a very good young man. Cloyd had a passion for car racing since childhood. He made that dream come true as a child. As time went away the little girl who lived in the house across from Cloyd’s house, came to Cloyd’s mind when he grew up.

Long copper hair, the bluest blue eyes, and cheeks that wrinkle when she laughs. Laura brought a strange beauty. So Cloyd started to see that little girl in his dreams.

So is Laura. She had a great love for Cloyd without telling anyone. Laura definitely comes to watch Cloyd’s car race. So Cloyd wins a car race one spring amid everyone’s warm reactions. He wins the trophy and opens the bottle of champagne while looking at Laura who cheers for him.

“Laura my angel .. will you marry me . . .”

Cloyd screamed and Laura’s eyes widened and gasped..Laura was looking at Cloyd for a few seconds, but she didn’t feel him approaching Lora. Cloyd saw the love in those blue eyes escaping through the smiling cheeks.

“Say Yrs. Say Yes..”

Laura hung on Cloyd’s neck as her friends screamed and suddenly Cloyd picked her up.

So the love story that started like that flowed very beautifully. After a love story of two or three years, the two got married forever in Saint Mary’s Christian Church in the midst of everyone’s blessings.

“My darling, from today you are my everything.”

Cloyd whispered into Laura’s ear as he laid her down on a couch in a warm cabin in the cold mountains and kissed her face.

“ you are my whole love”

Laura said, blushing shyly, burying her face in his big chest.

So, a luxurious house with a lush farm, a luxury car to travel, a loving husband, and money filled Laura’s life with happiness.

Spring passed, summer passed, autumn passed, and many seasons passed, but Laura and Clifford could not bring light to that small house. The reason for that was because of an unusual position of Laura’s uterus that existed since childhood.

“Give me permission to divorce you. You can still marry a good and good woman. I am very sure..you will become the best father in this world.”

Laura kisses that couple on the bed at night and says it not once or twice.

“Why ..this is a small child for me to take care of.”

Cloyd warms those tender lips and places a kiss on those lips, increasing the love for him in Laura’s heart.

“Not one child..we will be parents of many children..”

One day, Cloyd’s proposal brightened Laura’s eyes. So, the child detention center set up for orphans is built accordingly.

At the end of a warm life spent lovingly surrounded by small children, Laura joins Cloyd and creates without any complaints about life.

But at the same time, life changes in a very bad way, Cloyd is in a terrible accident in a car race.

In that accident, Cloyd’s sphincter is severely injured. He becomes a dead body that only breathes, turning Laura’s life upside down.

He becomes unable to do any of his work alone. He is unable to do anything except talk and swallow food. Cloyd is in agony looking at Laura’s full body lying down with her weak body, unable to scream and cry.

Because the nerves are severely damaged, even his tear glands are not working. He had to put medicine in his eyes twice a day to keep his eyes from drying out.

“Leave me, dear..the servants will take care of me..my little angel..you are still as beautiful as those days..you can make any man smile with love..”

Cloyd is looking at Laura who puts medicine on her feet and exercises for over six hours.

Even if I searched the whole world, I wouldn’t be able to find a man as handsome as you. You are still so handsome that it warms my heart.

Laura says kissing his lips passionately. Looking at his weak body, Cloyd sighs and smiles sadly at the doctor coming from afar.

So today is their wedding anniversary. 10th wedding anniversary. At the end of the dining room table in the long hall, warmed by a fireplace, Laura and Cloyd are flipping through their old photo albums. They spent a lot of time looking at those photos smiling happily and celebrating past memories.. They had memories of many places they visited in those days.

“Thank you, my dear, you took me around the world when you could.”

Laura is kissing Cloyd’s cheeks..

“Yes..if we had missed that journey for some reason, we would have lost those beautiful memories.”

Cloyd says with a sigh of relief.

“Laura my love..please hold my hands..”

Cloyd pleads very kindly, showing Laura his bare hands with his eyes. Laura held those same hands in hers as love fell from her eyes.

“Laura, my little fairy. I can’t say that this is all you have given me in this life. I owe you everything. So on our wedding anniversary, I would like to ask you for something..You will surely give it to me..”

“Tell me, what do you want from me?”

Laura said hotly, kissing his clit. Cloyd looked into those blue eyes for a moment. Then whispered words slowly.

Euthanasia …”

(Euthanasia - Voluntary drug-induced death of an incurably ill patient. This is practiced only in Western countries.)

Laura’s blue eyes widened as Cloyd said. Her rosy cheeks quivered and her lips pressed together. Holding Cloyd’s hand, they tightened their fingers. Tears filled those eyes.

“Why, my dear..why..did you miss me..was it heartbreaking..why are you waiting like this..tell me..my darling..do you want to be separated from me..”

Laura asks as tears fall down her cheeks.

“No..my love..no..it’s not like that..there is hardly a woman in this universe who has taken care of me as well as you..no husband has ever got a wife as loving as you. This is not your shortcoming.. this is God to me It’s the consent given..”

Laura collapsed with those lifeless hands on her lap. But Cloyd’s nerve-dead hands did not feel the warmth of those cups.

“I am tired of this life, my dear. I can’t say that this is the only pain that I have suffered in my heart as well as Cain without showing it to you. If I have had any happiness in this universe, it is only to see your blue eyes and your red cheeks..”

“So that’s not enough, Cloyd..is that not enough for you to live on..please hold your breath for me. I’ve never thought of a single second without you..a life without you..don’t make that request dear..in the name of God Don’t do that..”

Laura kisses those hands madly.

“My little princess. I knew you were worried. Now go to your room. Think till dawn tonight. I know you will make the best decision for me..”

Cloyd said as he motioned for a servant to take him.

“Darlin..help me get out of this pain. I want to look into those blue eyes and take my last breath like a conscious person. According to the doctors, there are many chances that I will lose consciousness soon..so I am not right. I want to Have a good sleep in your arms, my dear..a good sleep that relieves all these pains. Is there a place on earth as suitable for that as you?.. Laura..my rose. I want my love to be the witness of my death..you understand me. .the thing. I’m sure it..”

Cloyd went to leave and said that again, looking Laura in the eye. So that scary night was passing. Laura was looking at the distant moon from the window of the cabin.

“Release me from this pain, dear.”

Cloyd’s helpless plea echoed in Laura’s ears, shattering her heart. So she made that decision..She made the decision that cost her death.

You know how much my pain is worthless to me in front of your pain..

Laura whispers to the empty sky.

“Seeing you in your rocking chair, lifeless, is the only thing that keeps me alive..Cloyd..the day after tomorrow your face won’t even be on it..oh..how can I bear it..”

Laura flinched. Finally, she went to the bathroom and cried. She was dressed in a crimson nightgown just like on their honeymoon. Then she went to his room thinking he was sleeping.

“Laura..my red rose. I knew you would make that decision.”

Cloyd said with a sad smile when he saw her eyes...she hugged him...he couldn’t hug her even if he wanted to.

“I love you more than me.”

Laura pressed her lips against his, hiding the tears. Cloyd kissed those lips passionately for several minutes, just like the first day he kissed her. That night, he had to cuddle and sleep on the special wooden bed that Laura had prepared for him until dawn. But it took a few minutes for her to realize how uncomfortable it was to lie there. The two kissed each other until the night dawned. As much as a lifetime..

So even when the sun rose on that dark day, Cloyd was awake.

“I’m sorry dear..even though I couldn’t give you a beautiful life.”

“Being the witness of one’s own death is one’s own love, my dear.”

Cloyd mutters as he looks at his beautiful wife sleeping with her head on his chest.

Someone will get a good partner in your life.”

He thought so too.

So finally that moment dawned. Cloyd was keeping his head in Laura’s chest and looking into those blue eyes.

“My little fairy..you are the best woman in the world. I love you, dear. I love you so much..”

“Me too..love you, dear.”

Laura placed a short kiss on those dry lips and said with an effort to hold back the tears. She put the medicine on his upper arm with trembling hands, while Cloyd was looking at her with bright eyes. After a while, those eyes closed.

I love you, dear.I love you with all my soul.

Laura said while kissing her cheeks, which had a beautiful smile, and looking at that face once more, which was filled with great comfort.

“You have to color our dreams, my fairy. Add more little chicks to our nest. You will be a good mother to them..”

That night, when Lora asked Cloyd for permission to end her life, Cloyd said so by kissing the top of Lor’s head.

So even today, Laura Cloyd Fernandez is the mother of those small children in the rescue center and is living the dream of Cloyd. She is now a grandmother.

“Love you my love”

She mutters as she stares at Cloyd’s tomb from her cell window.

The End.

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