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Spare my thoughts Mr. Fox.. In which Rue is obsessed with her best friend's father.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Rue observed her image closely in her cracked mirror. Her hands rested on her sides as she swayed from side to side, in love with herself. She knew she had to, otherwise how else would she convince the world to love her? She wasn’t a looker, and her only worth was her youth and purity, and tonight she prayed everything would go as planned.

When the light in the neighboring mansion was turned on, her eyes peered through her window. She watched him as he walked across his room, oblivious to her prying eyes. He loosened his tie and turned to face her, she didn’t barge as she stares back at him, she wanted him to know she loved watching him, but his eyes held no recognition that he had seen her and he immediately looked away.

Rue was disappointed but that wouldn’t deter her from claiming him. She knew she had to and wasn’t afraid.

Like a robot she watched him undress until he had nothing on, then she took a step closer and hated that her binoculars had been broken by her niece. Her forehead touched the cold glass of her window, and breathed through it, her tongue swirling around it. It is like she could taste him. Her hands moved up her naked breast and folded them into her hands, she imagined them being his hands. She moaned at the thought.

He, too, stood in front of his mirror, towel in hand, admiring his endowment. She hoped he’d stroke it or touch it. Hoping he harbored perverted thoughts like her. When he wrapped the towel around his waist, she was again disappointed. When the time came, she would teach him.

As he disappeared into his bathroom she was left wet, but tonight was not the night to play with herself. She wanted that need to build up and later on together he would help her release it. Her eyes shut at the fantasy, it would be the perfect birthday present.

She groaned angry when her phone rang interrupting her. She checked the id and it was her bestfriend, Xana. She answered.

Xana: Where are you, Rue

Rue: Taking my time

Xana: everybody is here, waiting!

Rue: It is my birthday party, i am allowed to be late.

Xana: Rue....

Whatever Xana was saying disappeared between the transmission and the phone as Rue dropped the phone on her bed stepping forward when the object of her desire remerged from the bathroom dripping wet.

‘Very soon, Rue, very soon.’ She muttered to herself as she watched him dry himself and put on his clothes. When he chose the maroon dress shirt, she was ecstatic. Did he realize she liked it on him? She theorized that he had dressed up for her. He finished his outfit with perfume, hoping it was the Alchemist. She adored the way it smelled on him. She even sprayed her room with the same perfume to be reminded of him. He took a watch and put it on before leaving. When she returned to her phone, she realized Xana had ended the call. She wished she could express her emotions to her best friend, but she was afraid she wouldn’t be understood.

On her bed, she had chosen an outfit that resembled the one worn by the woman in the album on her bed. The woman in the album was Xana’s mother, and she was stunning. Rue knew she couldn’t compete with her. She dressed quickly in a violet halter neck dress and nude tights. Based on the photos, it appeared that the woman was overly fond of tights. Rue couldn’t stand tights, but she had to dress like Xana’s mother. Maybe Mr. Fox liked that, and she wanted today to be special for both of them.

She carefully ran her hand through her making her hair messy as possible.

With a final glance of satisfaction on her mirror she walked out of her room. Taking slow steps down the stairs, imagining she had a family that gave a fuck and they were waiting for her down waiting for her appearance and jump up in surprise singing to her. But again if only wishes were horses, she would be already in Mr. Fox’s bed. When she got down there was nothing new, just silence and house that looked like where Jesse from breaking bad and his meth friend lived. She looked forwarding to leaving and never coming back. That day appeared to be today.

She had decide today she would make a pass at Mr. Fox. She was confident he wouldn’t be able to resist her and there was no law he was breaking. It was her eighteenth birthday, still a virgin. She had preserved herself for him. It was every older man’s fantasy, and he was no exception. They could then be together until he was old enough to be in a home.

Rue left her house with a wave of redemption. She cat walked down her driveway. They lived in a very expensive suburbs, a decision that had left her parents in debts.

She shook her head such thoughts weren’t welcomed on such a special day. Xana’s house was just next door and it didn’t take her long to get there.

As soon as she walked in her friends jumped up singing to her. It was a song they had composed for her. It was beautiful and mellow.

“Thank you.” She said when they were done. Her eyes roaming around the room searching for Mr. Fox. He wasn’t around. But she saw him dress up. It was his idea to throw her a party at his house, he even promised her he would avail himself.

“Where is your father?” Rue asked Xana.

“He is around here.” She answered looking around to find him.

Rue smiled when she saw him emerge from the door linking the room to the kitchen. He was smiling to someone behind him and as he progressed further into the room. A woman followed behind him.

“Who is she?” Rue found herself speaking her thoughts out loud.

“The woman my father is dating.” Xana said walking up to them.

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